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Days: 155.3
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Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider
Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider
Yesterday, 7:54 PM
Watching 8/11 · Scored -
Arslan Senki (TV)
Arslan Senki (TV)
Yesterday, 5:14 PM
Watching 16/25 · Scored -
Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
Yesterday, 5:14 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
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Days: 39.4
Mean Score: 5.33
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Gogo Monster
Gogo Monster
Nov 21, 5:07 PM
Completed 5/5 · Scored 5
Rokka no Yuusha
Rokka no Yuusha
Nov 20, 12:40 PM
Reading 5/- · Scored -
Nozoki Ana
Nozoki Ana
Nov 17, 5:30 PM
Reading 52/117 · Scored -


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MetalexReaper Nov 25, 8:01 PM
Me too. We are about to end this month and all months-endings we have more work than never.

I want to be a mangaka, if not a cartoonist and I'm planning a crazy story. My story has some cliches but I want to use them in a different way to make to not feel them as "cliches". If you want I will tell you about it via Private Message because I don't want to reveal this to everybody until I begun oficially to draw it. If I become a mangaka don't be surprised because I will not be the first non-japanese mangaka, have you heard about No Game no Life and Excel Saga? Their creators are from Brazil and Colombia and their stories had good reception in Japan.

Almost all the shows of every season are Harems or Ecchi crapbags with the same stupid story and same characters with same personalities. I hate the otakus, they don't do anything but think about lolis, panties, boobs, etcetera. I tried to talk with one of them in a "normal" conversation but after two minutes he begun to talk without stopping about anime girls that in my opinion, they were really hateable characters. Miyazaki said that a lot of them are working right now in the anime industry. And the result? The endless fall of the quality of the anime. Because of this I'm losing a lot of interest in the anime and I'm beginning to pick up more attention to the american cartoons. At first sight, 35 of the 50 cartoons that premiere each year in America win against the 150 animes that premiere in Japan. And why do I say "At first sight"? Because 35 of 50 cartoons are good, mean with the anime, JUST 15 or 10 of the 150 animes will be decent, even if they are popular or unknown.

Kana had potential and was interesting. Why put a character with such interesting ability and a lot of material that could be explored... just to be taken away from the story before begin the exploration? This was a fail of the mangaka, not just the anime. Murano was the classic Damsel in Distress that did nothing but spend all her time on screen: screaming, crying and worrying about Shinichi.

You're welcome. I should do this more often because I sent a friend request to lots of users who accepted it but I forgot to talk to them immediately XD ^^.
ABHISHEKV Nov 24, 10:57 PM
Sorry Dashi for not replying to any of your comments. Do feel free to say anything you have to say. I'll be sure to get back to you when I am able to. Especially if it's short. I have my Semester exam coming up next month and I have been really busy with College. So yeah. I'll be busy till January 19th pretty much. I feel bad though.
MetalexReaper Nov 21, 6:07 PM
Sorry for the late reply, my work has been killing me and I don't have enough time.

Yeah, the quality of the anime is not stopping to decay. You are right that many of the shows are clones of older titles but it is impossible at this moment to create a completely "original" story without cliches. The main problem of the anime industry, according to Hayao Miyazaki, are the otakus.

I like the anime but sincerely, this year has not been good for the anime. From the 150 shows that will premiere this year, JUST 10 of them have been decent. Even if they are popular or not.

You're welcome. Oh, a visual novel? How interesting. Yeah, Amane is really cute ^^.

Kana was my favourite character and she had potential, not like Murano, who spent all the episodes saying "Izumi-kun... are you okay?"
raxius1230 Nov 20, 6:17 PM
Hey buddy sorry for late reply busy week -.-

Ya i also as you know love Saber and then Rin more that Sakura,she is not a bad character but she was the perfect main girl for the route with her tragic pass...i may like Rider even more that her XD
Well another reason that i like HF is since it started a tragedy and it ended a tragedy like it should was a dark tale and it keep it that way without making the typical asspull to be a happy ending.
I would like Shirou even more if he was more like this in the other routes even on my top male characters but just not big fan of him in the others routes,he its not a bad MC but just can "love" him.

Its also one of my favorite parts as you said may not had being an epic battle but for me its probably 1 of the most emotional and meaningful battle in the whole game,was just so damn well written and have so much meaning to it. And well Kirei its just great character as you said he is just a a SOB but a very cool SOB.
My favorite will be probably when the whole last part between Sakura/Shirou/Illya was just so damn emotional specially since i like Illya a lot.

MMM mine its similar Saber,Archer,Gilga closely behind its Kirei and then Rin but ya in general i like all the characters its a really solid cast.
Ya a shame that anime Shirou its just not so well develop since as you said he its not that bad character and has so much development in all the routes specially HF and UBW...but normally that happens with Anime adaptations they cut all the inner monologues and the character development : /

I know hopefully its good...but well will see.

Nice! how far are you right now?? finish the common route yet? and so far how you liking it? and start liking a girl more that others??
ryouko-san245 Nov 20, 1:10 PM
OK. :)
ryouko-san245 Nov 20, 12:14 PM
Yeah I agree, I actually found Satou to be the most relatable character ,because this anime also showed me how worthless my own life has been up to this point,not to mention I also have trouble talking to people.

That reminds me I actually have to get back to finishing Gintama, I think I'm only 1/4 of the way through the series.

I will thanks.
ryouko-san245 Nov 19, 2:01 PM
I agree. By the way I finished NHK ni Youkoso! and I gotta say it was a really excellent series.

Well I will try not to get absorbed into the hype when I watch it. I hope it will be an excellent experience when I watch it.

I'm also getting more into reading manga.
Link_of_Hyrule Nov 18, 7:36 PM
I'm not caught up on the more recent episodes of the season yet, but if I was, I might agree with you. OPM has been fun so far and Sakurako-san has been questionable, but with a higher upside
ZephSilver Nov 18, 11:27 AM
Yeah I've never thought of anime as a central hobby that I follow to such an extent, it's always been there of course (even growing up seeing Hellsing, Gundam etc) but I never once saw it as nothing more than something that interest me before. Within the past few years that's kinda changed, now I actively seek out titles and follow studios and it's even gotten to the point where I would like to pursue creating a anime youtube channel. I guess it's just growing to appreciate the art-form that is anime, because in all honestly that's what it is, a 'art-form'. It's something like it's own sub-culture with it's own ticks and way of telling a narrative, most can correlate back to literature and other storytelling mediums but for the most part when you see a anime or even shows and movies inspired by it it's almost immediately apparent. So over the years I've grown attached and appreciative of anime for that and many reasons, there's just something about it that you can't find elsewhere (even if the show in question is shit). I've always said objectivity is a fallacy so I agree with you, no human can truly obtain objectivity since by definition you should " not be influenced by personal feelings or opinions" which is impossible for humans to achieve. That's why I use impartial critiquing since that's similar to a judge that looks as two cases and comes to a verdict, that might be what you're practicing without even knowing it lol
Hmmm well that's interesting, I've always lumped up all text japanese media is the same basket so I never bothered to make see the difference and given that i don't read manga the difference is even greater for me. I don't really want to read any of it tbh but since I don't mind reading novels I thought I might was well add a few. But I would only read them if I purchase it, I like the feeling of pages between my fingers, reading them online is too impersonal for me.
Soge_king999 Nov 17, 8:33 PM
That's what I believe as well. And that's understandable, reasonable, and very much respectable.

It is a fantastic film. It's a mesmerizing, haunting, nightmarish, and hallucinogenic Vietnam War drama that's less about the Vietnam War as it is a journey deep into the heart of mankind's darkness. I think you might like it, honestly. It's not for the faint-of-heart though, as you can probably tell. Perhaps you should check out the opening scene to see if it seems like something you'd be interested in experiencing in full. It should give you a good idea of what to expect, as both the featured song and the introduction itself mirror the film's overall progression and style. Also, this is more or less the introductory scene to the main plot if you'd like to know a little more about that.

I'd sure hope so, and that makes perfect sense.

I definitely would. Frankly, I might have to start doing some lowering now, as I've just lowered my film scores by a sizable degree, resulting the demotions of Grave of the Fireflies and Princess Mononoke, which will possibly impact my other anime scores, especially since many of these anime are borderline or are being saved by my generosity.
ZephSilver Nov 16, 8:18 AM
I think that's a natural progression for most (some people not really). It's kinda crazy but joining MAL has made me watch more anime in 1 year than I've watch in a few years combined. I think it does something to see your list and updating it. I think many miss the point of critiquing a show altogether, if it isn't positive it's "negative" in their eyes. I watch anime for enjoyment too but I think I also get enjoyment from analyzing titles as well. To me both are rewarding depending on the series at hand.

I don't read manga/LN/VN at all, I've tried reading manga before but I don't like comic book-esc mediums, so I might try a few novels since reading books are something that never bothered me. VN are niche? I thought there was a good size market for it?
Soge_king999 Nov 15, 4:28 PM
Yeah. I'm also not a very ambitious person, and I'm content with a simple, ordinary existence as long as I can live comfortably. I certainly have. I was left awestruck by Apocalypse Now yet again last light. It speaks enough that it remains so enrapturing and powerful even on my 3rd viewing and in its inferior Redux version. Now, that is a grand work of art.

I get ya. You'll just have to stick with it until you can move to a more advantageous position, I guess.

Pretty much. I'm also not really willing to go back to anime at the moment. Especially not after that Apocalypse Now re-watch. I'd perhaps be more harsh than I should be.
Link_of_Hyrule Nov 15, 9:51 AM
Thanks pal! You have some good taste yourself
ZephSilver Nov 14, 7:57 PM
thanks :) always nice to see someone else who uses the full 1-10 scale like a reasonable person would. Also I like the rating scale description, it's like a condensed version of mine.
ryouko-san245 Nov 14, 12:13 PM
I have a feeling we'll get another season pretty soon, maybe not by Kyoto Animation ,but another company. Maybe Satelight, the company animated the Spin Off series can do it.

By the way I added OPM to my PTW list, looking foward to watching it.