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Joker Game
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
May 29, 3:31 PM
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Pandora Hearts
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Shin Angyo Onshi
Shin Angyo Onshi
May 29, 3:32 PM
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Mahoutsukai no Yome
Mahoutsukai no Yome
May 29, 3:32 PM
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Barion-Zara May 29, 2:18 PM
Barion-Zara May 28, 11:53 PM
Oh mangahere is where I read most stuff too. Tsukkomi make it a fun experience (altho it makes it slower). Well after the mass erasure of all tsukkomi a few months ago it's sad to see how empty some pages are :/

Is 20th Century boy a fast read or is it dialogue heavy? Like what would u compare it to? Oyasumi Punpun? (In terms of amount of dialogue)
Barion-Zara May 28, 5:34 AM
Yo Dashi, I really feel like soon I'll be getting into a manga mood so do u know the best place to read Berserk and 20th Century Boys from? I hear Berserk's chps are pretty messed up in some sites.
Barion-Zara May 26, 2:20 PM
Oh yeah the Batman part was hilarious

Ep7..."U mean would I slam a baby into another baby to test its durability" #DEAD

"I'm a reasonable man just make me the best sword in the game or I'll do everything in my power to destroy ur hopes and dreams" Yeah very reasonable...

>Liz wearing a skirt complaining of cold
Kirito..."I equipped this new mountaineering item called pants, really its astounding what science can do these days" LOLOLOL

"Were the sound effects really necessary Kayaba...*music plays* "well f u"

Kirito's NONONONONONONO while Liz was monologuing her backstory was so lol

The Liz blacksmithing process with the music and the game like features was hilarious

Yandere Asuna hugging Liz and threatening her was so lol

"I don't know what Asuna told u but I'm sure it's something racist what gives u freckles and pink hair anyway? Did ur Irish dad get his dick stuck in a cotton candy machine now that's a sad romance" WTF KIRITO...

"Ur such an asshole I can't believe I wanted to sleep with u" Oh if not for Asuna she'd still want to...XD

Barion-Zara May 25, 2:36 PM
Ep6...Kirito just leaving Asuna alone with Schmit and when she got angry at him..."what part of that was out of character for me" LOL
-The "My sandwich it was Innocent" part was hilarious
-Schmit calling his show "piece of schmitt" games HAHAHAHA
-The bible stuff with laughing coffin was funny as well.
-Kirito's "I had 2 thinks to think about why need a crystal and oh shit window" XD
DAT reason tho..."She didn't make me a sandwich" and the reason of his breakdown being called Hipster LMAO
Last scene of them being scared of Greselda's ghost and it supposedly being a touching moment XD

2 more eps for this arc of R:Z...I really can't wait to see how it concludes and then onto the most hyped arc...
Barion-Zara May 22, 2:18 PM
Would u kill urself to be in such a position XD I actually just might (If I knew this is awaiting me when I wake up :3)
Barion-Zara May 22, 2:13 PM
Ep5 SAO..."We must save my family" Poor Gary killed by Kirito brutally

I usually don't like girls that are always shouting but Asuna and her Tsukkomi toward Kirito while shouting are so lol

Like the "It's the afternoon there's no stars"
"Only if ur looking with ur eyes" LMAO

Lol'd at Kirito's "So did anyone see where the candy went?" after the guy "DIED"

"I just want to save that poor girl"
"Oh really what's her name?"

"That sounds like a motive to me"
"Meh I'd kill for less" SO MUCH LOL
Barion-Zara May 22, 1:16 PM
raxius1230 May 18, 2:08 PM
Hey buddy! dont worry as you said i also being busy as well -.-
Indeed man,sucks not having that much free time anymore but again is all just getting used to it and learn how to exploit your free time more now...still sucks!

I like Nole style since is just so explosive,of course not as Federer since are 2 complete different styles but never its going to be another Federer.
Ya man that backhand is the best in the league! and really Wawrinka has a lot of stuff but his mentality is not as good as the Federers/Noles/Rafas are so thats why he hasnt win as much as he could.

Will do buddy :)
Ya a shame it ended being a bit disappointing in the end as it could be much better.
Agree in all you said man,really hope we get S2 but well probably it wont -.-
Indeed man as well happy to listen to her again with Emilia as its a different kind of character that Megumin is.

I know man! i also really really loving it so far! its also being a while since i being into a series this much in a while! like the story,the characters are solid so far and of course being a dark series that i always love my "darkness" and ya man its just going to get worse! i must said i was so into that even read the manga that its now just 2 episodes ahead and i needed to know more that i ended watching some spoilers....I WAS WEAK!! but ya man what Subaru has suffer its nothing to what its to come.....
SO! so far what are your fav characters?? and fav moment of the series?

Indeed man its a solid series and its very fun to watch,also like Mumei so far,nothing like a 12 year that looks nothing like a 12 year old >.>
I really need to catch up with Jojo,still glad that so far being at least solid so my hype gets bigger.

I as well really enjoying Netoge,as you said it the typical rom-com but still fun so far and ya Ako its very cute and the other girls are not bad as well.
I agree that Sakamoto jokes so time it fell flat but still i enjoying just how ridiculous it is sometimes of what he does.I havent watch Kiznaiver but at least glad its not that good that i missing out,as Big Order ya i heard was shit so glad didnt watch it XD as Ace Attorney so far its being an ok adaptation but really the shame its the animation and art is crap but beyond that i actually think the adaptation its being ok,could be much better but actually could be worse as well,at least they are giving it time and not super rushing it.
As me others i being watching is Stray Dogs that being solid so far,Sousei no Onmyouji that being meh so far but had its fun moments and then something just to relax as Kumamiko and the stupid harem of the season with Hundred that its bad but well need that harem fix.
But ya so far a very solid season.

I know man his videos are just so fun! watched the Re:Zero video already? very good!
kenshin_sama May 18, 12:20 PM
I take that back, the characters are starting to grow on me. ^^
kenshin_sama May 18, 10:13 AM
It was worse during my first month of boot camp where I very rarely got more than 5 hours of sleep each night. The military doesn't like letting its soldiers sleep, apparently. I was actually gonna suggest working for a different company, but I wasn't sure how you'd take to it. Good idea though. I've heard some nasty stories about how people work themselves to the bone for a company in hopes of getting a promotion, but they end up going crazy because they never get it despite the years of hard work they put in. I personally believe that if an employer is unwilling to give you the sleep you need to function perfectly, he/she doesn't value you as a worker and you're better off finding someone else. It's kinda like marriage in a way. :P

I mention Pierrot because of their work on both Naruto and Bleach. I consider either of them solid anime, but the pacing in either of them is awful and their reliance on fillers is almost appalling. I generally don't care for the studio's work, although I hear Kingdom was good. I didn't bother adding it to my list since I dropped it after the 1st episode, but I might actually consider picking it back up. I've heard people say a lot of good things about the later episodes, and it seems to have a good score on MAL, too.

Yeah, I got parts A and B. I was kinda wondering what that was about because of how Horriblesubs uploaded the series, but I caught on pretty quickly thanks to comments on nyaa. 1st episode was indeed pretty interesting. I'm curious to see how the events unfold. I'm kinda neutral on the characters so far, but the story has a lot of potential. The premise is more RPG inspired than the other video game anime I've watched so far (even .hack, albeit less interesting). Oh, and I know that this isn't a literal video game setting like SAO or .hack; I'm just calling it that because it mechanically works out that way.
kenshin_sama May 17, 5:56 PM
As someone who use to do 24-hour shifts twice a month, I know all too well how much it sucks when you can't stay on a sleep schedule. ;_; Shoot, I still struggle with sleep even without all that. :( I wish the best for you.

I wouldn't use FMA: B as an example since the adaption finished at almost the same time the manga did and won't be needing a sequel, but HxH 2011 would be right on point. You never know, it might start trending. Pierrot could take a few notes, lol.

Ya know, I wasn't planning to watch anything that was airing until I emptied out my on-hold list, but I'm actually really interested in watching Re:Zero right now. I'll get started on that tonight and watch more the rest tomorrow since it's getting kinda late. Thanks for the recs! :D
kenshin_sama May 17, 5:24 AM
Ah no worries. I just thought my last post didn't really have much to talk about with anime and wanted to give a little more to talk about. Good luck with your work and everything. :)

It really is sad. I wish more long-runners would take Gintama's approach and just put the show on hiatus till more manga content is out. Yeah, you often go long periods without seeing the anime, but it's better (and probably more budget efficient) than putting out lackluster filler stuff.
kenshin_sama May 16, 9:23 PM
Kinda had a change of plans here. I will finish this series eventually, but I don't think now's a good time to match Monster at the moment. The series seems to be slowing down quite a bit at around episode 25. Kinda feels like the plot development is being dragged out a little.

Oh, and I'm almost finished re-watching Rurouni Kenshin. As much as I loved it as a teen, I had so much more appreciation for the Kyoto arc now that I understand it more. I got the basic gist of what was going on back then, but I couldn't wrap my head around the complexities of the characters or the philosophies they held dear. Soujirou was especially shocking to me.

Thinking about starting One Punch Man back up. For the 3 episodes I watched, it was awfully enjoyable.
MetalexReaper May 16, 5:47 PM
Yes, but even if the BETA were the main and true antagonists, it is a bad idea to remove them from their place. For example: In Schwarzesmarken the people and the soldiers forget about the BETA to free their country from the Stasi and destroy the Berlin Wall to unify Germany and everybody lives happy... but so many fights, rampages and celebrations were worth for pure bullshit because according to Total Eclipse, the BETA destroyed Europe just a few years later.

Nice point that Schwarzesmarken was more serious than Eclipse, in fact, I'm planning to score Eclipse with a solid 3/10 when I finish it. I'm agree with your point of the harem, and the beach episodes were really unnecessary because they were just filled with pure fanservice (it was really necessary to make everybody forced Yui to show herself in her bikini?. Also, was really necessary to take the pilots to the Caribean islands to "test" their robots and skills? that NEVER happened) disguised as the "In-problems arc" of Yuuya, Yui and Cryska.