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Tenyasha 2 hours ago
Volume 6:
raxius1230 10 hours ago
I see! good luck man! the first 3-4 years of work are always the worst until you get more custom to stuff and get to a stable place were you can have free time,just have to keep grinding and grinding and you will find your reward so just hang in there buddy and again my best wishes you get what you want and still be able to keep your hobbies alive :)

Ya man agree with all you said,and thats why i cant hate Subaru specially one thing i hate most is people not believing me,so i can understand how horrible that feels that you know you are right but you cant really explain well why you know,and then add he cant because evil hands of doom really is a horrible feeling...and ya he is pathetic and he makes bad choices and he is horrible with wording himself but thats why he is a very real character and his redemption will come.
SOO what did you think of last episode??

Ya i also was surprise he took Alice so soon,but this arc is pretty good and ya they are rushing to cover it all in 12 episodes,one thing i really liked about last season was the 2-3 episode per battle since it keep the hype and build up going,now is mostly 1 episode per battle and even sometimes 1 and a half battle per episode and thats why i havent enjoyed as much as last season,still is fun no doubt but hope at least the semifinals get a good pace and specially the finals.

Is a good manga no doubt but i dont agree with some decisions one character in particular did,understand why he does it,but kinda meh me about the anime,may watch it eventually but good for now.

Well this last episode was kinda what i was scared,they pretty much put all Shizuru story in one episode.....i prefere they didnt do her route at all if was going to be like this,if you are going original go original and not merge all the stories together and butcher everything to oblivion while you add original content!!! Didnt want to get mad since i had zero expectations but still hate when they do that with VN adaptations so kinda probably will hold on rewrite and just may see it in the end or when they get to the orginal stuff.
Soge_king999 Yesterday, 5:10 PM
It's a full-time job in the animal diet preparation kitchen at the local zoo. And I earn $11 an hour as a starting wage. I'll be making mad stacks of cash considering that I easily acquired this job soon into my search.
Soge_king999 Yesterday, 2:30 PM
This guy right here will now be joining the workforce. : )
Tenyasha Yesterday, 10:42 AM
Volume 5:
ABHISHEKV Yesterday, 2:35 AM
Thanks for understanding man. In actuality, it's probably the work that I find easiest to talk about. I can't feel that way about any other work in my top 10. Well, yeah, if nothing else, Mikake Eiji has enormous talent. I wouldn't say that HakoMari is perfect. It has some dents but boy those are completely overshadowed by its various strengths. So defending it shouldn't be too hard unless the person you're arguing with simply has a different perspective altogether and you just don't see eye to eye. Same here. That's why is have restricted my MAL discussions to pretty much people that really matter and people that I talk to regularly these days since I simply do not have the time to be as active and involved as I used to be here. StyleF1re, Diogo, Ina, Solos, Soge and yourself are pretty much the only ones that I am in regular touch with on MAL. So can I :D
ABHISHEKV Yesterday, 2:34 AM
Yeah. They do but I think people are more likely to adapt some other crappy LNs up rather than these beauties which is which is such a shame. They are totally easy as long as they have a decent production team.
ABHISHEKV Yesterday, 2:34 AM
Maybe what I said didn't come off quite right. I recall that you warned me as well and possibly Ray about volume 2 before we read it. Thing is, I don't think that it's a volume that will make people (who know their stuff) shy away from the series. If anything, it actually brings things back to normalcy in relative terms. Back when I read HakoMari, it actually wasn't volume 1 that hooked me to the series, it was volume 2. Same thing with Ray. He read volume 1 of HakoMari months before I did and just stopped. When he went and read it again, he reread volume 1 and then went on to read volume 2 and only then was he committed to the series. Volume 1 is exciting and throws you into the world. It can act as almost a standalone volume but volume 2 is the one that really gets you into the story and its main duo. We get to know the inner workings of the boxes and the type of conflict that they are troubled by. It's the volume that eases you into the story. Thereafter, things can go as wild as they do only because the reader is into the whole world at this point. Take that out, and it just becomes a mess. It really does. Then it's almost possible that the reader is confused by many things resulting in loopholes and holes in the writing itself. My point is, anyone who is disappointed by volume 2 and stops reading because of it, does not know how a good story should work and as a result deserves whatever he/she misses out on. That type of downtime is required after the rollercoaster ride that was volume 1. It needs to be there. Hence even in relative terms, it might be the weakest volume but in terms of importance it's right up there with every other volume. I got that you were talking in relative terms but really, you shouldn't worry about that. Note how I never warned anyone reading HakoMari about volume 2 and there was absolutely no issue. No one I know complained about it. And it has nothing to do with a 10/10 rating really. If anything, it will act as a factor in rating it a 10 by the end. I really don't know who these 'many others' that you mentioned are but I wouldn't care for such people. And yeah, my rating for both the first and second volumes would be around 7/10. I agree with you as well for the most part. Just one correction, without that volume, the others might not have been as great/amazing as they were. Just like Origination wouldn't be as amazing without Animation and Natural. It's the same thing really.

-Kenshin- Jul 23, 11:47 AM
Oh, yeah, I should get around to that some time. I can always appreciate a good story from the "butcher", and it seems like a pretty reasonable length. You know, I think I'll swap Kikokugai with School Days on my wishlist. I know a few people that are kinda wanna how the VN compares to the anime, but I'm not particularly interested in picking it up myself. Still trying to keep my list small and focused so that I can keep my entertainment intake from going all over the place again.

Btw, a new VN patch came out recently. I'm not seeing a lot of high praise for it from critics, but Koiken Otome seems to be getting hyped for some apparent reason. I don't really plan on getting into it myself, but I just thought I'd point it out in case you wanna to hear about the new stuff. I'm actually a bit surprised the patch even finished. https://vndb.org/v10608

I'm getting close to my 300th completed anime! I'm planning on making Trigun my next benchmark anime to celebrate the occasion. I remember watching this some time on Adult Swim back in the day (the good ol' days lol) and really enjoying it at the time. It aired late at night though, so I never really got to watch more than a few episodes. But now that I'm able to marathon it on my computer, it's been a lot of fun to watch. When I think about it objectively, the episodes I've watched so far aren't entirely great, but I do love the atmosphere and storytelling in this series. I suppose it's just that old school anime charm, eh? :) Does seem like it could go somewhere though.
Tenyasha Jul 23, 10:42 AM
Volume 4:
ryouko-san245 Jul 23, 10:22 AM
I see. Well at least when I have a job I will be able to look forward to buying the stuff I want like more anime.

That's interesting, well on my end I'm only watching one show from this season ,but I'm thinking of also watching New Game! I'm a gamer so that show interests me a lot, plus I hear it's a little like Shirobako an anime I'm currently in the middle of watching.

Yeah I agree, Rena is my absolute favorite character from the series ,but Rika is a close second. Have you ever read any of the Manga or Visual Novels?
Tenyasha Jul 23, 6:16 AM
Volume 3: This time I finally got to see a bit of Daiya! And the box this time generated a survival game, which I happen to love. Game of Idleness is so far the most interesting box and volume 3 was the most thrilling volume of them all, simply because you really get the feeling that anyone can die at any minute. Got to see a bit more of Kazu's relationship with Maria and his past, what makes him want to protect his everyday life so much, which was really interesting, he's becoming a really well written character. I like how it shows how humans are pushed to the edge when put in a situation like that one, and the reveal that only one of them is really playing each time came as a surprise, but at the same time Yuuri's turn actually gave A LOT of hints about what was happening, so I had mostly deduced it was something similar when Daiya revealed it. This time Maria is completely powerless, and she was the one protecting Kazu. He depended a lot on her thus far but now it's time for him to man up and protect Maria before her turn arrives. However judging by Kamuichi's personality, plus how human nature works, it seems like it will be quite the task to avoid any deaths for eight days. Overall this volume was really exciting and it shows just how good HakoMari is. The ending of this volume with Kazu vowing to defeat Daiya was epic, and I can't wait to read the next one. I'll give this one an 8/10 once again, though this score means nothing since it's an incomplete arc for now.
ABHISHEKV Jul 22, 5:32 AM
Excuse me if I am being over excited. HakoMari is something that I absolutely love and like to talk paragraphs about. I just feel like there's so many discussion points. I spoke for hours with Ray.....
Tenyasha Jul 22, 5:10 AM
Nice! Gonna start posting my reaction to each volume in your profile too then.

Volume 2 felt mostly like a side-story but it was nowhere near as bad as some people's reactions to it led me to believe it was. I actually did enjoy it quite a bit, though it was obviously a downfall in quality from the first chapter. I digged how it went with an existential crisis as its main theme and the characters were once again explored very well, the relationship between the siblings being the highlight of the volume. I felt like certain things were maybe revealed a bit too fast compared to the previous chapter, and thus it didn't feel as thrilling. Still I'd evaluate it positively, with a 6.5/10. If this is the worse that HakoMari has to offer, then this work can very well become a favorite of mine. Just sad I didn't get to see much of Daiya but oh well, maybe next time.
ABHISHEKV Jul 21, 9:41 PM
Girls as Waifu material? Alrighty. I'll let you have that. I'll take this opportunity to mention some other females for you, The Kindergarten teacher, the boy's mother and Kouhei's colleague. So yeah, there, I strengthened your argument. ~

Yeah! About time. So am I. I mean, I am pretty sure that I asked you guys to look out for it the moment that the anime was announced. I keep a keen eye on these things. I probably will too. Barakamon is something that I really enjoyed and I don't really value its substance that much. Usagi Drop, it was a cute watch and one that I really appreciate. It's a different kind of series to Amaama to Inazuma. They really should adapt stuff like My Girl and The Friendly Winter. Those are real winners that will make you reach for the tissue box.