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Death Note
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Shin Kimagure Orange☆Road: Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari
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Vampire Hunter D (2000)
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Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
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Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
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Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
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Omoide Emanon
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Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
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Genkaku Picasso
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Death Note
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Ookami to Koushinryou
Ookami to Koushinryou add
Blade of the Immortal
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Battle Royale
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Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit
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DOLL: IC in a Doll
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Yang, Wenli
Yagami, Light
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Kawajiri, Yoshiaki
Kawajiri, Yoshiaki
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Iwasaki, Taku
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Sawano, Hiroyuki
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Palencia, Brina
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“Mine has been a life of much shame. I can't even guess myself what it must be to live the life of a human being.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

The official 'Levi is NOT a robot' theme. Yay for the OVA getting ONE all-new piece of music~!

“Whenever I was asked what I wanted my first impulse was to answer "Nothing." The thought went through my mind that it didn't make any difference, that nothing was going to make me happy.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

THAT moment when end credit music is so fittingly beautiful it makes you rate the movie higher...

“I have always shook with fright before human beings. Unable as I was to feel the least particle of confidence in my ability to speak and act like a human being, I kept my solitary agonies locked in my breast. I kept my melancholy and my agitation hidden, careful lest any trace should be left exposed. I feigned an innocent optimism; I gradually perfected myself in the role of the farcical eccentric.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“As long as I can make them laugh, it doesn’t matter how, I’ll be alright. If I succeed in that, the human beings probably won’t mind it too much if I remain outside their lives. The one thing I must avoid is becoming offensive in their eyes: I shall be nothing, the wind, the sky.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“All I feel are the assaults of apprehension and terror at the thought that I am the only one who is entirely unlike the rest. It is almost impossible for me to converse with other people. What should I talk about, how should I say it? - I don't know.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

"I was afraid to board a streetcar because of the conductor; I was afraid to enter the Kabuki Theater for fear of the usherettes standing along the sides of the red-carpeted staircase at the main entrance; I was afraid to go into a restaurant because I was intimidated by the waiters furtively hovering behind me waiting for my plate to be emptied.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

"What frightened me was the logic of the world; in it lay the foretaste of something incalculably powerful. Its mechanism was incomprehensible, and I could not possibly remain closeted in that windowless, bone-chilling room. Though outside lay the sea of irrationality, it was far more agreeable to swim in its waters until presently I drowned."
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human


“People talk of “social outcasts.” The words apparently denote the miserable losers of the world, the vicious ones, but I feel as though I have been a “social outcast” from the moment I was born. If ever I meet someone society has designated as an outcast, I invariably feel affection for him.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“For someone like myself in whom the ability to trust others is so cracked and broken that I am wretchedly timid and am forever trying to read the expression on people's faces.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“Even now it comes as a shock if by chance I notice in the street a face resembling someone I know however slightly, and I am at once seized by a shivering violent enough to make me dizzy.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human


"The small upper window in my room was open, and through it I could see into the room. The light was on, and two animals were there. In a daze I told myself as I gasped for breath that this too was human, that I shouldn't be surprised, this was an aspect of human beings, forgetting to save Yoshino and just standing there on the stairs."
Yozo Oba, No Longer Human

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“Is it not true that no two human beings understand anything whatsoever about each other, that those who consider themselves bosom friends may be utterly mistaken about their fellow and, failing to realize this sad truth throughout a lifetime, weep when they read in the newspapers about his death?”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

Final Fantasy Type-0/10: Grimdark School Fantasy HD
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Aldnoah S2 Parody Review: What Was & Was Not
03-29-15, 5:28 PM Edited 03-29-15, 8:00 PM
No Longer Human
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Elder_God_Noden | Yesterday, 10:37 PM
You're just being sarcastic right, when you were comparing SAO's art to Berserk's?

Malfegor | 04-30-15, 3:09 AM
Main characters face looking off in early manga chapters? Yeah, that sounds rather familiar:
I don't even mind him not looking heroic. From the three chapters i read it seems to fit his personality. The dude's an asshole, but i enjoy that.

Not sure why she would keep her S&M attire after getting out of the torture chamber, but eh.
And yeah, those korean history tidbits help a lot, considering i know fuck all about Korean history/mythology.

Malfegor | 04-28-15, 2:20 AM
Eh, i suppose the grinning (and the other stuff i wrote) is kinda emblematic of the series as a whole: It's all fairly one note, not a whole lot of variation in anything that's going on.
And now that you mention it, it was indeed always kinda awkward when the series switched to drama. It's not particularly great at that. Even worse at comedy.
True, the animation flip-flopped a little, but unlike a lot of people i can appreciate a still-frame every now and then as long as it's drawn well. It's a 'drawing thing', maybe.

Yeah, i suppose people value Miyazaki a bit too highly since he's the face of the organisation.
Personally i always refer to them as 'Ghibli movies', not 'Miyazaki movies'. I suppose that's a distinction not enough people make. There's a lot of talent involved in those movies that isn't just Miyazaki.
And i agree about characterization, having good/likable characters can negate a lot of other shortcomings. For Ghibli movies specifically tho, i mostly enjoy their atmosphere and how immersive they are.
It also helps that i always watch them with exactly the right mindset aka when i'm in a bad mood and need something light-hearted/beautiful/immersive to completely distract my mind from real life for a while.
I find that Ghibli stuff does that extremely well. Maybe i wouldn't regard them as highly if i were to watch them with some other mindset.
And yeah, i often wish Ghibli would've done a couple more movies like Mononoke (my favorite of the bunch) aka slightly more adult oriented.
Like, i'm not gonna shit on Disney, they are still great, but i usually stay far away from any musicals. Breaking into song is never not completely awkward imo.

Ah shame, was some nice-ass coloring. Whatever, i can tell the art's good, it definitely won't fail in that regard. I'm almost done with Souten no Ken too, so i should start reading pretty soon.
Despite your recommendation though, i'll still have to resort to reading it from average scanlations. I consume all of my (non-physical) manga on my tablet and the app doesn't seem to support importing downloaded stuff from the pc. The smaller resolution might offset the blurriness tho. Eh, i shall see.
Berserk also had some really impressively drawn massive scale battles during the golden age arc, i enjoyed that a lot. And yeah, the art actually keeps improving.
Miura's perfectionism at work, that's why chapters need so long to be released, i think.

Oh yeah, i suppose the Pre-golden age comparison made me understand it better. I suppose in that case it's not really that important when i watch it.
Berserk's beginning always was a bit awkward. It works well enough to establish setting and characters, but takes just a slight bit to long to get to golden age.

I see a lot of people saying Casca will go back to Griffith should she regain her memories, but i'm still not a hundred percent convinced of that.
I could see her not going for either of the two male leads after wisening up. It could lead to some very interesting conflict. That is, if we ever get there.
I just don't see Guts getting out unscathed or even just alive. I like it that way tho, nothing else would make sense.
Accelerated aging due to stress also seems to be problem for him, whereas Griffith is an immortal god. Guts is the underdog in pretty much every way, even if he is ridiculously strong.
He would have to get some seriously bullshit shonen power-up to survive all this, and despite a lot of people accusing Miura of turning Berserk more shonen recently, i think he's smart enough to not write something like that.

Yeah see, that's a thing that always bothered me about BotI. Not even the fact that Rin seems to forgive him, but how out of character it was for Anotsu to allow gang-rape.
I get the killing of Rin's father, since that seems in line with his philosophy and motivation, but the rape always just looked like a random act of evil, that was hard for me to accept. I have a feeling this is something that Samura might retcon if he could, since it makes Anotsu less of a sympathetic villain.
Also, have you finished reading the manga? I don't wanna spoil anything by accident.

I did know Highlander was dubbed in English first, makes sense since it was funded by western producers, had no idea about Vampire Hunter D though. I'll have to watch it in
English on my next re-watch, even if i usually tend to stick to subs for my chinese cartoons.
That ANN article on Kawajiri was a good read. I'll have to make sure to pay more attention on the musical direction the next time. I'm too easily wowed by nice visuals.

I'd love to buy more anime, especially on blu-ray, but as it stands it just too expensive most of the time.
And Japan does have the worst pricing, but it's really just the 'most extreme of the already extreme'. Imo Anime pricing should be closer to comparable live-action shows/movies, but hell, what the fuck do i know about how the industry works or what is necessary to break even?

I recommend you check out One-punch Man, it's an incredibly fast read anyway. Yeah, the main joke, in that the mc kills everything with one punch, is fairly one-note, but is offset by the fact that there is actually a big supporting cast that are involved in proper fights. Also, it's not the only joke in the series, there's a fair amount of clever situations in there. I think the writer will throw a curveball in there soon enough, one of the most recent arcs already showed signs of that.
And the art deserves a comment as well, it's probably the most impressive looking recent series i can think of. I would love to buy physical copies, but it only has a digital release in the west. Eh, maybe once the anime is out ...

Oh, Inferno Cop is very much exaggerated randomness, but i dunno, it works somehow. There's something about using purposely shit animation for comedic effect that makes me laugh.
Or one guy voicing literally everything in the series, including women and robots.
I think it's sort of a meta-joke. The things happening in the series are totally unrelated to reality, but the production of Inferno Cop really plays with our expectations of what anime should be, and that makes it funny.
Ninja Slayer is essentially Inferno Cop 2, except with a much longer run-time (26 episodes, each 10 minutes long, compared to Inferno Cops total run-time of 30 minutes). It's probably the most polarizing series of the season, being literary divided into love it or hate it with no in-between whatsoever. I think this stems mostly from the fact that people expected it to be a spiritual follow-up to Kill la Kill, and not Inferno Cop (the promotional material was a bit misleading).
I'm watching it with a friend and we are enjoying it a lot. Ninja Slayer is essentially a parody of a type of grimdark Ninja story a 'gaijin' (who thinks he knows a lot about
japanese culture, but really doesn't) might write.

I'm not sure what the point of region-locking even is. I don't think the percentage of people who do import is high enough that it makes such a huge difference.
Seems more like a small dedicated group.
There's also the problem that certain movies/anime/games/whatever simply don't get a release in certain regions, which leaves importing as the only option. Or heavily
delayed release dates. For expample, Shin Megami Tensei 4 took like two years to finally be released in europe ...
And then there's the cutting/censoring of certain stuff in german speaking regions ...

Eh, i don't mind the long messages. I usually write up part of the response, then another part later and so on, so it's no big deal.
I don't get the opportunity to have this kind of discussion in real life very often, so i'm enjoying it quite a lot. My friends are mostly either casual watchers of the medium or simply have shit taste lol.
Unless of course you're bothered by the length of the comments? Feel free to take as long or seperate or shorten your responses however you like.
Also, excuse my punctuation, i know it's not great.

Malfegor | 04-18-15, 3:47 AM
Oh, i'm sure if you actually counted it, you would get a number far larger than 37.
I wrote a short forum post on the show as well. Essentially this:
"The only range of expressions characters have is 'slasher smile' or shitting their pants, the only character archetypes that exist are either murderous psycho or cannon fodder and the only way of communication between characters is pompous speeches that go on for way too long."
I have a big weak spot for hilariously over-the-top action, but Hellsing let me down a bit. At least the visuals were nice.

See, i'm actually a Ghibli fan, yet i somehow feel the opposite way about the retirement of the studio. 'They had a good track record' is what it boils down for me.
And i also bring up the Disney comparison often, except i slightly prefer Ghibli over Disney, if only because i can't stand the singing in Disney movies.

Yeah, that's definitely a nice piece of artwork. Especially on the coloring (is the manga colored as well?). I prefer Berserks excellent use of cross-hatching over blocked-in shading, but it's really good regardless.
You already sold me on the series, i'll just finish my reading of 'Souten no Ken' and maybe i'll jump into SAO right after. (the SAO abbreviation keeps reminding me of Sword Art Online, brrr...)
Doesn't take a lot of convincing for me when it comes to 'giving in to Berserk fanboyism'. So would you recommend watching the movie first or should i wait after i'm done with the manga?

I'm curious to see how Berserk/SAO ends.
My own theory is that Guts will either completely fail in his goal and destroy his own body or he will succeed in killing Griffith and forever be remembered as the 'antichrist' for essentially killing what the humans in Berserk perceive as a messiah.

And thanks for the music, that is some nice stuff indeed.

Lockensocke | 04-16-15, 10:19 AM
thx for the comment :)

Yeah I made a Saibi recommendation for those who like "The King of the Pigs". I first watched it the other way around, first Saibi and since i wanted to see more of the directos work i watched his previous movie. I saw that only 1 person(you^^) had recommended it so far, so i thougth that i should do so as well.

Malfegor | 04-13-15, 3:15 PM
I’ve actually had that manga on my PTR for quite a while now. Didn’t know there was movie. Even better art than Berserk? That’s a claim and a half, now I’m intrigued. As a drawing guy (always feel weird calling myself an artist), i consider art in manga to be very important to my enjoyment and, in my opinion, Berserk is pretty much the best one in terms of art i have come across so far.
Gonna go find a torrent of that Shin Angyo Onshi movie now, maybe i’ll finally get to use a manga trailer for its intended purpose, to give me a taste of the manga instead of frustrating me.

Rin’s growth was definitely the main reason the prison arc is so good. The experimentation on Manji and exploration of the limits of his abilities was also interesting. Damn, i need to get myself the physical volumes of BotI, but i have run out of room to store all my manga, comics and artbooks.

Yeah, i fear that reviews on Mal are not gonna change anytime soon. Seems like most people are actually fine with how it works now. And I might be too, if it wasn’t for quality or entertaining reviews getting the shaft in the process.

I suppose the visuals in Parasyte are saved mostly by the cool-as-fuck Parasite designs. Character designs look fine as well. But that cg. God, that glaringly ugly cg.

I still don’t think it’s a bad idea to market themselves to the west. Sure, it might not have gone super well for them so far, but the thought on itself is not a bad one. Doesn’t seem like the anime industry in Japan really allows for it though, with only japanese sales mattering in the end. Maybe if more studios would consider this as an option, something would change. Space Dandy was co-produced by Funimation and is the only example of an anime i can think of where the english dub was aired before the japanese one (only by a few hours, but still). The Knights of Sidonia was also partially financed by Netflix or something, not sure.
Maybe there is some change after all.

Also, i can tell you, anime is not dirt-cheap here in the german-speaking regions. For example, High School of the Dead blu-ray’s go for 80 euros (by comparison, I imported one from the UK for only ten euros). Or a single episode of Hellsing Ultimate goes for 25 euros. Anime Blu Ray prices in general are fucking ridiculous, when a one cour series costs more than the entirety of Breaking Bad or Lord of the Rings.

I hope Madhouse have a bit of success with the upcoming adaptation of One-Punch Man, at least. The manga is wildly popular, as long as they don’t mess up the anime, it should be fine.
I think Ghibli had a similar thing where sticking to their principles made them step out of anime in the end. They refused to outsource animation and that drove budgets too high or something like that.

You might have a point about that Ninja Scroll trailer, i’d just rather have that than nothing at all. If Kawajiri gets the chance to do something different, then sure whatever.

Oh yeah, i already watched the director’s cut of Highlander and then bought the dvd afterwards. Just wish I could own the director’s cut. Then again, I got the dvd for dirt-cheap so maybe it was still a fine deal.

I have the same thing with the internal laughter. Western comedy works at times, but the only comedy anime i can think of that made me laugh consistently is Inferno Cop. Though that’s possibly still a ‘stupid series being stupid’. Very stupid, even. It’s self-aware enough that it works.

Fucking knew the action scenes in Birdy looked familiar.

Region locking is the bane of my existence. Or at least the bane of my blu-ray collection. I could own a lot more anime if it wasn’t for that shit. Why does region-locking even still exist? If they want less piracy of movies, they shouldn’t make torrents look so attractive.

LionCake | 04-11-15, 5:08 PM
Made some more additions and reworks a while ago. Now, my review is in first place. Yuuush.

HazukashiiSensei | 04-10-15, 10:44 AM
seems like the lag was strong that day

Malfegor | 04-08-15, 2:33 PM
True, there was that moment where Hyakurin was vomiting the poison she swallowed that had really bizarre 'wacky' music playing in the background. I think that one was the most glaring music choice, i have no idea what they were thinking there.
I specifically remember reading the manga and during the early chapters/first couple fights i found the action barely readable, but they got way better as time went on, with Samura occasionally throwing in pages that looked like storyboards for fight choreography.
And i really enjoyed seeing Makie in animated glory, i really like her and her fighting style, as impractical as it seems.
I would've really liked to see the prison arc, which is my favorite of the manga (i think), animated, but alas, it is not meant to be.

If nothing else, at least people are finally realizing Aldnoah is garbage, judging by the top rated reviews. This may be small consolation for you, and the deletion of your review is still unfair, but there you go.

I left a short post in the thread (admittedly too lazy at the time to write a long post), thanks for linking me to it! Think an admin will ever look at it?

And small side note for Parasyte: while i overall enjoyed the series quite a lot, you are absolutely right in that the animation is almost objectively underwhelming. People should be able to at least admit that much.

Ah, you just described why i like Madhouse even though i was never able to put my figner on it. Now that i look back at their output, they do seem to actively avoid otaku pandering. Nice.
Mind elaborating why partnering with Marvel is a bad move? To me, in theory at least, it seems like a really great decision. Getting Marvel/Disney budget, producing anime that already come with huge built-in fanbases and getting more recognition in the west all seem like good arguments for a partnership.
Admittedly, i have only watched one Marvel-Madhouse movie and it was quite mediocre.

It's a shame about Parasyte and Death Parade flopping in Japan, they do seem to be successful in the west. This seems to be part of a bigger problem. The way i see it, only japanese sales/popularity seem to be relevant in determining an anime success in Japan. Anime is far beyond the point where it's a Japanese phenomenon only, the industry should evolve a bit and consider western successes as well, especially since the tastes seem to be very different.
More anime studios should consider looking outside of japan for financing. I think Space Dandy did something like that.

Shit, i can't believe i have never seen that trailer before, with Ninja Scroll being my second favorite Kawajiri. It looks great!
I googled around a bit and it seems that the last comment was made last year and Madhouse was still looking for investors. That means the interest is not high, but at least they don't seem to have given up on it completely. Maybe there's still hope.
I recently bought a dvd of Highlander too. I think it's the edited version, couldn't really find the directors cut anywhere.

Oh, i can understand the boob jokes being a turn-off. Comedy in anime only makes me laugh very rarely as is and i personally absolutely can't stand ecchi either.
I understand that Watanabe is best at 'cool', but i can't really blame the man for trying to branch out either. I still need to give Apollon a look. Oh, and Birdy as well, though that's unrelated to Watanbe.

Yeah, but i was under the impression that the US blu ray would be region locked. Can't really be arsed to buy a region-free blu ray player when i already own both a Ps4 and a Ps3.
Seems like the release was pushed back a couple of days, damn it.

Mormegil | 04-06-15, 11:38 PM
Hunter x Hunter stuff:

I think you left off at Heaven's Arena, which, yeah, is very tournament-styled shonen-y material. However, there is a really good fight coming up in about two episodes...and that's also the end of the arc. The next arc, Phantom Troupe, is all about Kurapika using his wits to overcome the Spiders. So, in that sense, I'd say it gets back to the mind-games. There are fights in that arc, but it isn't a tournament or anything. Most people will tell you this is the best arc of the entire series, and I'd be inclined to agree with them. That, or a later arc: Chimera Ant.

The thing about Hunter x Hunter is that while there are fights, they come few are far between. In fact, some people(the typical shonen fans) complain about there not being enough fights.

In short: if you find yourself not liking Phantom Troupe, which is coming up for you in only a few episodes, then it's probably best to drop it. But you may end up liking it!

The anime ends only a few chapters before the current manga material, since Togashi is notorious for his hiatuses(just like Miura). The funny thing is, where the anime ends...well, it feels like an actual ending to the series. Sure, there's a few plot threads left dangling, but it's a proper ending. I mean that. To the point where even the manga readers felt Togashi should have just ended it there. But no, he leaves for 2 years to fuck over all the fans. Then comes back to draw/write 6 more chapters, then leaves again for another year or so.

Mormegil | 04-06-15, 11:26 PM
Did the mods really delete your Aldnoah.Zero review? What dicks. Pointless effort on their part, too, since it was up for so long. Like, what was the point of only deleting it now?
Thankfully, you have a screenshot in your blog. IT SHALL BE REMEMBERED!

I did forget to add Ao to my favorite character list, but she's still the best. Ao best girl, clearly. Yun best girl? I dunno.

That does sound interesting. And actually, I think NG Life is in my plan-to-read list.
*goes to check* is. I probably saw your review and how highly you rated it.
Yeah, that is really worrying. There's enough left of the manga to adapt, so it's not like a lack of source material is keeping them from adapting more. Oh, boy. We're screwed. All you can do is hope, I guess.

Indeed. At least anime/updating MAL is a good distraction from life in general.

About Psycho-Pass S2:
No problem. Good posts can easily get lost in discussions, especially in threads nowadays. These discussion threads get longer and longer nowadays. The Aldnoah.Zero threads were ridiculous. Reading one of those for longer than 2 minutes would give you an aneurysm.

The good thing about Psycho-Pass S2 is most people eventually saw it for how terrible it was. You were right to drop it. I finished it last week(yes, I know, even though it ended months ago) and it was a mess from beginning to end. Let's just pretend it doesn't exist. I think that's what most people did. No Makishima=it was doomed to be a failure from the start.

LionCake | 04-06-15, 11:00 PM
None of the characters have similar faces, only Assylum, Eldeuritouuiouou... uh the loli. Uhm. Elder Burrito. Yes her. And the random terran girls have the same generic moe face. The terran girls get like 20 minutes of screen time max so who even cares.

Lemrina has a distinctively more slim and feminine face. With more angular and less round eyes, jawline, cheeks and mouth. As well as a more chiseled and pronounced nose.

Asseylum is like, a moe blob. A circle. A pancake.

Lemrina is obviously more refined, intelligent and likable than stupid manchild Asseylum. Dont know why he goes so far for Asseylum when Lemrina is there. Seriously he already payed back Asseylum in full for everything she did for him when they were kids.

Malfegor | 04-06-15, 4:29 PM
Hey man, it's alright, take your time.

It's the longest message to me, damnit! 60 paragraphs, eh? Geez. Well, let's see how far we can push it.

BotI was pretty much what i expected.
I went in there with fairly low expectations and all i really wanted out of it was to see some scenes from one of my manga favorites in animated form.
It did deliver that just fine. Certainly not as bad as some of the harsh reviews indicate, though i can kiiinda understand where they're coming from.
The studio did what they could with the short run-time and budget they had.
The first episode was rough, the plot felt really rushed, but everything afterwards stuck very close to the manga. Too bad the real meat of the plot only starts where the anime ends.
The fights overall didn't bother me, as you said in your forum post it's not really about the fighting itself, but what's at stake.
Soundtrack was weird at times, especially earlier on, though i still respect it for being a bit experimental. I absolutely loved the Op, both in music and animation, even if i didn't really understand all the sexualization in it.
For animation, i really liked the way the character designs translated into anime, but i would have preferred a less washed out color palette.
So yeah, overall good, not perfect. Certainly didn't regret my time with it.
And apparently it didn't sell well at all, so that's pretty much the final nail in the coffin of hope that BotI might ever get a full adaptation.

but keep all the Ecchi/loli/moe stuff coming, boys. I'm sure that'll sell just fine.
Sorry, frustration.

Canopus | 04-06-15, 4:25 PM
Oh you, making me watch the entire Ika Musume series in like a day.
I-It's not like a became addicted to Mini Ika Musume or anything... ;_;
Seriously, PUK. KYU.

Maybe you already know this, but I'll act like if you didn't. Fondness for small, round and cute things happens because it activates a certain region of the brain (mesocorticolimbic system) that leads to feelings of enjoyment, extreme "awww"-ness and motivation to protect and care for such cuteness. And guess what: men have more activity in said brain region.

Therefore, fondness of small cute things = MANLINESS. :^)

By the way, you seem like a pretty cool guy, not giving a fuck about your hilarious reviews being deleted. I laughed so hard when Inahoe eye took control of him because I remembered your review. Truly a cybernetic organism coming from the future.

Maz-Maz | 04-05-15, 10:36 PM
What is up with that squirrel?

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