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Death Note
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Ookami to Koushinryou
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Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit
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DOLL: IC in a Doll
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Kawajiri, Yoshiaki
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“Mine has been a life of much shame. I can't even guess myself what it must be to live the life of a human being.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“Whenever I was asked what I wanted my first impulse was to answer "Nothing." The thought went through my mind that it didn't make any difference, that nothing was going to make me happy.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

The Raid is hands down the most INTENSE action flick ever created, complete with AMAZING fight choreography and music that matches the fight rhythm superbly.

“I have always shook with fright before human beings. Unable as I was to feel the least particle of confidence in my ability to speak and act like a human being, I kept my solitary agonies locked in my breast. I kept my melancholy and my agitation hidden, careful lest any trace should be left exposed. I feigned an innocent optimism; I gradually perfected myself in the role of the farcical eccentric.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“As long as I can make them laugh, it doesn’t matter how, I’ll be alright. If I succeed in that, the human beings probably won’t mind it too much if I remain outside their lives. The one thing I must avoid is becoming offensive in their eyes: I shall be nothing, the wind, the sky.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“All I feel are the assaults of apprehension and terror at the thought that I am the only one who is entirely unlike the rest. It is almost impossible for me to converse with other people. What should I talk about, how should I say it? - I don't know.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

"I was afraid to board a streetcar because of the conductor; I was afraid to enter the Kabuki Theater for fear of the usherettes standing along the sides of the red-carpeted staircase at the main entrance; I was afraid to go into a restaurant because I was intimidated by the waiters furtively hovering behind me waiting for my plate to be emptied.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

"What frightened me was the logic of the world; in it lay the foretaste of something incalculably powerful. Its mechanism was incomprehensible, and I could not possibly remain closeted in that windowless, bone-chilling room. Though outside lay the sea of irrationality, it was far more agreeable to swim in its waters until presently I drowned."
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human


“People talk of “social outcasts.” The words apparently denote the miserable losers of the world, the vicious ones, but I feel as though I have been a “social outcast” from the moment I was born. If ever I meet someone society has designated as an outcast, I invariably feel affection for him.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“For someone like myself in whom the ability to trust others is so cracked and broken that I am wretchedly timid and am forever trying to read the expression on people's faces.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

“Even now it comes as a shock if by chance I notice in the street a face resembling someone I know however slightly, and I am at once seized by a shivering violent enough to make me dizzy.”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human


"The small upper window in my room was open, and through it I could see into the room. The light was on, and two animals were there. In a daze I told myself as I gasped for breath that this too was human, that I shouldn't be surprised, this was an aspect of human beings, forgetting to save Yoshino and just standing there on the stairs."
Yozo Oba, No Longer Human

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“Is it not true that no two human beings understand anything whatsoever about each other, that those who consider themselves bosom friends may be utterly mistaken about their fellow and, failing to realize this sad truth throughout a lifetime, weep when they read in the newspapers about his death?”
- Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

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Malfegor | 05-31-15, 3:46 PM
I'm not gonna go into that thread for now, for fear of spoilers, but i shall keep it in mind. You don't have to tell me about simple dumb reasons for liking something, i'm the king of that. My entire reasoning behind liking Parasyte was basically "reminds me of 'the Thing', 8/10".

Yeah, until Aji Tae finally explained that he ate the king the day Munsu left, i was right there with Munsu in terms of confusion and actually started wondering whetever or not the King ever existed in the first place. So good on them for achieving the desired effect, i guess? There was also that third guy, the inquisitor or whatever, that was kinda part of the confusion as well.
I suppose your fire superpower analogy made the entire thing make a bit more sense in my head. Then there is Kye being killed twice, which was confusing as well. I suppose there no point in thinking to hard about the 'science behind the magic' for this series, i'm just kinda going with the flow at this point.

I thought it was mentioned somewhere that the king also came from a 'lower class' or something? I may be mis-remembering that, maybe it just meant 'lower than king'. Should really give that gaiden series a read then.
Just thought it was cruel how Munsu really didn't want to consider the girls feelings at all, she obviously wanted to be with him. Not like a general/national hero is that bad of a catch ... still, i suppose that's the material tragic love stories are made of.

Hard to take Aji Tae seriously once he basically revealed himself as a cackling mass murderer. I was hoping his motivations would be made clearer with time, instead they seem to get more confusing.

I wouldn't know much about Naruto, but i don't mind granpa having superpowers and being a badass ('badass old man' is literally my favorite anime trope), was just surprised about the summoning thing. Once i thought it over it made kind of sense tho. He can forge the Mahai, maybe that's him channeling part of his summoning power into an object?
Which leads me to another question tho, when exactly did the Angyo Onshi 'unit' even become a thing? Munsu's Mahai was mentioned during Deeply Rooted Tree, but not the creation of the unit itself. Must have been after the fall of Jushin then?

Biggest problem with Bang Ja is that he has a fair amount of dramatic scenes, but they are hard to take seriously when he looks like a human toad. There was literally nothing positive gained from making his character design look like that. The other characters occasionally engage in comic relief as well, but they don't need to look like garbage.

What you typed about Won Sul is too true, unfortunately. His personality does a complete 180 like three times in the series, but only the one where he was introduced doesn't make sense. He was bit too gleefully evil at his introduction. Aji Tae indoctrination, i guess? Eh.

We'll see if i can prove myself against Archaeon, as long as i'm within the top four it's fine anyway. I never really expected to do as well as i did in the first place. Good thing about my Terraformars review is that it's still the highest rated one for the series, despite the meager barely 50% rating lol. Really telling about those fanboy votes. I gave LionCake's review a read now and was highly entertained. Seems like you have a way of inspiring people.
Now that i think about it, my Durarara review is my only low-rated one and i consider it the weakest anyway, so eh. Yeah, give Giganto Makhia a glance, both the manga and my review hehe.

Aww shit, an instrumental opening. You really don't see those often, weirdly enough, considering that for some series they just fit way better than anything with vocals could. I mentioned in my review that i found SnM's modern opening unfitting, something like that AnY one would be way better.
And yes, of course i notice the squirrels. Wish squirrels in real life could tell me to fuck myself.

True, there's not much chemistry between the Bride and her assassins, but at least they all get some backstory and/or a good look at their personalities. This remains one of my favorite scenes in Kill Bill:
Budd is cool <3
Then again, Kill Bill is only two movies and Berserk is a two decade old manga that's already having trouble wrapping up.
Yeh, i remember that troll rape cave. Everybody does. And that's in a series that's already filled to bursting with rape. I think Guts/Casca is the only instance of consensual sex in the entire thing haha.
And i agree, my legacy ending theory might be a bit generic, but i honestly can't think of a better one. Wrap up Guts story, no need to wrap up the entire world, basically. God Hand merging would be shite or would at least require massive amounts of effort to make work.

No safety net for anyone? I love that shit, it's one of the reasons i adore Game of Thrones. Sold me even harder on that series.

That's not my psn profile, i go by boris1600 on there. My irl name + random numbers, CREATIVITY! Wish i could change it, but Sony won't let me. Weird, pretty sure it's possible on Xbla.

Oh yeah, that chalice dungeon trophy was a bitch, everything else was kinda easy. Took me way longer to get the Demons/Dark Souls ones.
I'd honestly recommend you check out that series, they aren't as bad as everyone says, just a bit old school in their design. They are also basically Berserk games, without the license.
Case in point:
And i'm currently enjoying Witcher 3 as well, though i definitely ain't getting that plat. That game is ridiculously massive/content loaded. In a good way, of course.
I watched DSP's 'how you don't play MGS2', that's about enough for a lifetime.

I own both Raids already. The second one tried to put in more story and that was kinda eh, but i still loved it. The action scenes remained mind-blowing and that's all i watch those movies for anyway.
'action was still gud, 8/10'

RazzleDazzle | 05-30-15, 11:22 AM
Tbh I thought you'd like all the anime shit in the second movie like Baseball Bat boy and Hammer girl, guess I was wrong. Mad Max Fury Road is the best action movie this year and I haven't even seen the previous movies. I watch old movies but IDGAF about frauding since there's no "real" story.

deadoptimist | 05-29-15, 3:55 PM
Hi! Long time no see after the A.Z threads. I was going through Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance and a line inside the sole review on MAL caught my eye - the series really has this "effortless ease". And then I noticed that you're the author of the review. After your amazing crack review of A.Z I must say that I am really impressed by your contribution to the review section. My respect and many thanks! ^^

And Falsified Romance is fun - a pity so few know about it. It's especially interesting to compare it with the source novel, or at least with vague memories about it - in my case.

KeyboardKafe | 05-29-15, 3:54 PM
Oh, thanks for replying!

Damn, I REALLY wanted to add more. 5 isn't a large enough number to represent all my favorite anime, heh. How have you not been harassed by any moderators for it yet?

Yeah I like his reviews a lot. Especially his Terra Formars one. I'm really active in reviewing myself, as I see you are too. after comparing our anime I see we don't often share the same opinion, but thats fine anyway.

I see you like Gankutsuou, and I've been wanting to watch it for a LONG time. Is it really that good?

Malfegor | 05-28-15, 2:17 PM
So yeh, i'm a bit farther in now (close to the end of the arc) and Munsu leaving immediately has some parallels to Guts, but the reasoning might be a bit different. That's also the reason that soured Won Sul and Munsus relationship? Him leaving and not wanting to be a general for his men anymore.

Holy fuck, you weren't kidding about that Aji Tae/King confusion. I'm confused as fuck.
Also, grandpa blacksmith has summoning powers now, whaa?
And the sacrifice spell makes no sense to me anymore. Munsu now has god-slappin powers, i guess.
And what's his problemo with giving that poor girl some lovin?
Aji Tae's motivations are not fully clear to me either. Eliminate ugliness, make everyone into demons for reasons?
My brain is full of fuck.
Still enjoying the ride, tho.

Munsu's is nowhere near as frequently angry as Guts, but that panel was indeed fist-pumpingly good.
Fucking Bang Ja, i swear. The artist in general gets really retarded whenever he switches into overdrawn goofy designs, they are always so damn misplaced. Puck i could at least kinda stand, since he's a fairy (and small), but Bang Ja is supposed to be a human dude.

No idea what's up with those images. I checked the links after i replied and they were fine, but now they're tiny. Anyway, you get what i mean.
Assistants will always be there to help with deadlines, though i'm sure the artists could do all the detail on their own, given enough time.
I have to wonder what Miuras deadlines are tho. Don't seem to be too tight.

Won Sul is a cool dude. Seeing a zombie with intelligence/determination in his eyes is a new breed of terror.

Aww shit, getting that praise from you feels good. I'm always worried about about my reviews, because i never go too in-depth, but i guess being able to summarize my thoughts in shorter/more readable way has it's merits as well.
I didn't have a huge problem with the episodic content in SnM, as episodic stuff is always hard to pull off imo, but so long as it's used for character development, it's fine i guess.
I think the reason why i idolize your stuff (amongst some others) is because you seem to strike a good balance between being entertaining and insightful, something i myself would like to master eventually, ratings be damned.
I'm sure my ratings will go down with time as well, they always seem to, for some reason. (my Terraformars review had 75% approval at one point, now it's down to barely 50%)

Is that spearfight from Akatsuki no Yona? I actually downloaded the series and have it sitting on my hard-drive now. I need to watch it eventually to find out what the deal with that squirrel is.
btw you changed your profile pic and now i can no longer pretend like all your posts are written by a cute lil squirrel in a dress.

I'm sure Isidro will play an important role eventually as well. Possibly adding to my ending theory: Guts goes full-on Skull Knight, Isidro takes up his mantle as swordsman and travels the lands with the rest of the group (should they survive) and defends people from apostle shenanigans?
I found a Berserk timeline online and apparently only two years have passed since the eclipse. Guts aging seems heavily accelerated due to stress tho.

Funny you mention Kill Bill, that's possibly my favorite movie.
Still, the problem is that Guts doesn't seem to have any chemistry whatsoever with the rest of the G-hand, which wouldn't make the fights terribly interesting either way.
Except with sexy-demon-chick, though i honestly forget what the two even talked about that one time.
Or maybe it'll be something dumb like the G-hand fusing into one huge monster or some shit, lel.

I'll be sure to give Wolfsmund a check after SAO, sounds an awful lot like Berserk golden age, which is cool enough. Except set in mah country and our cool-ass swiss neighbors.

"thanks for not raping me, hero-man"
that chick doesn't have high standards. Reminds me of Rapeman, where the titular hero rapes chicks into being better persons.

Mad Bull with english dubs it is then. Seems to make sense in this case.

I bought the PS4 for Bloodborne alone, no fuck given. Was worth it. Got the plat too.
And Persona 5/Metal Gear Solid 5, but those are not out yet.
I'll add you when i think of it, we'll e-waifu it up or something.

PS: saw the Raid on your profile. Das some good shit.

ryuugi | 05-26-15, 4:46 PM

KeyboardKafe | 05-25-15, 8:39 PM

Not seen you around before; and I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time but I do have a question; how is it you have more than five "favorites?"

Also see you associate with Malfegor; he's a cool guy, fun to talk to.

RazzleDazzle | 05-25-15, 11:26 AM
The Second Raid movie is shit btw. Now go watch Mad Max Fury Road.

Malfegor | 05-24-15, 3:07 AM
Yeah, i'm through the 100 pages of war and that was indeed quite something.
I knew the Deeply Rooted Tree was coming up, the chapters have titles for this series, though i do find it weird that there is only so little left afterwards.

Here are some of my notes on the art:


look familiar? ^^
too bad Bang Ja's goofy-ass face ruins the first one.


large-scale war looks absolutely insane in both cases. I can't even begin to imagine the work that must go into drawing such a scene. And yet, i am weirdly tempted to give it a try.

Also, Zombie Won Sul looked great/badass:

Malfegor | 05-14-15, 2:26 PM
I finished Moribito now and liked it enough that i've written a review for it, which considering my laziness when it comes to writing is rather impressive.
I'd be really happy if you could give my review a read and give me some feedback. I idolize you, mang!
I'm not a hundred percent happy with it, but it's alright by my (fairly low) standards. It also contains all my thoughts about the series.

Munsu's really different from Guts in terms of physical capability, even if they're kinda similar in personality. That's enough of a difference to make it interesting tho.
I don't blame you for your comment about the art. I'm slowly growing to like SAO's art quite a lot and it's way more detailed than i had initially assumed. While i still prefer Berserk (and Vagabond), that may just be my Berserk fanboner talking and i can certainly see how someone might consider the SAO artist to be superior. The only thing about SAO's artstyle i don't get is why Chun has this constantly worried look on her face? Is it just the placement of her eyebrows? eh.

I think one of my favorite things about recent Guts is the mentor role he has taken recently, especially evident in his relationship with Isidro. Guts is the type of character that would be the cool/overpowered/teacher/power-up-generator-that-dies-at-some-point in a shonen series, but instead here he is the protagonist.

My progress has indeed been slow, but rest assured that it has nothing to do with the quality of the series. My sleep schedule as of recent has been kinda weird and since i usually read my manga before going to bed i often find myself falling asleep mid-chapter. Also, the chapters are fairly long.
but yeah, nothing to do with the quality or excitement of the story, just my body being weak. I'll definitely stick with it to the end.

Didn't know that trick with the Ps3 browser, then again i never fiddled with. I find hooking the Laptop to the tv via hdmi would be easier if i ever wanted to read manga that way.
Also, i might have to add you on psn at some point, if you don't mind. Not that either of us seem to play much online, but might be interesting to look at the tropies, you do seem to have a lot of platinum.

I'm pretty sure a Drifters anime was already confirmed. I might give it look once it comes out, but i don't expect too much.

It actually seems like all Ghibli movies are slowly getting german blu-ray releases. I own most of them too, they come in these really nice slipcases hehe.
but yeah, maybe that one didn't get one (so far) cause it has no big names attached? Anyway, i'll find a way to watch it sooner or later (torrents woop woop)

The ps2 Berserk game was even better apparently, but of course never saw release outside of Japan ...
but yeah, nothing much in that scene outside of Casca being non-retarded for the first time ever plus she still likes Guts at least.

I don't feel like not killing the entire God Hand would be that much of a copout. I guess i feel like the God Hand is basically this sort of 'enemy of god' concept that you see in every religion/mythology, except as an collective instead of a singular being. They were always part of the world, fucking with it from the shadows or something.
Griffith is the only member of the God Hand that seems to be heavily involved with humanity, all the others barely even seem to make contact with humans at all.
Or that's what i tell myself to keep me sane.
I guess another possibility is that Guts might simply end up in the same situation as Skull Knight, becoming immortal, forever wandering the lands and protecting humanity whenever the God Hands fuckery gets too much.
Maybe Griffith loses part of his power somehow and their rivalry ends up like Zodd/Skull Knight? Who the fuck knows ...
more chapters please, Miura ...

Yeah, that Oedo line is quite well known now.
Man, that second video made me lose my shit. That line at the end is gold. That man is a saint. hahaha
Well fuck me, i've had Mad Bull sitting on my hard drive for quite a while? Should i watch it with the english dub, even on first watch? I have no super high expectations of it anyway, but with all that gore/rape it looks almost like Police Berserk.

As for Wolfsmund, i actually came across it after reading your recommendation on it related to Berserk. I might actually give that a read after SAO, is it still ongoing?
And yeah, Austria as invading villains? Never heard that one before lel.

Malfegor | 05-05-15, 3:55 PM
wow, that chick got drawn out of the 70's straight into the 90's.
Early Guts wasn't so much amateurish, he was just uglier. Nowadays he's this sexy hunk that's threatening my heterosexuality.
Maybe morality influences your physical appearance, i should start treating people around me better to become even more handsome lel. And i guess Griffith is just so handsome that it's uncanny.
I'm not a hundred percent sure, but i think there's a scene early on where Guts just flat-out tells a little girl to go kill herself. The man did some fucked up shit in his day. Seems to have mellowed out more recently tho.

I've recently gotten through the Mandrake arc and now i've seen the 'Puck' character.
The first time you mentioned it, i thought you meant the Bat.
This guy is fucking weird. At least Puck is so small, that he's inconsequential most of the time.

Well, i'm curious to see what that explanation for her lack of clothing is gonna be. And also, how she develops as a character.
I enjoy the fact that the 'Dragonslayer' in this story is a character, Munsu isn't actually much of a fighter.

I've never even considered reading manga on the Ps3. Last time i checked that things browser is fairly slow.
So far the scans look alright on the tablet. Can't zoom in too far, but oh well.

Have you read the newer manga by the Hellsing author? Drifters, i think it's called.
Kinda wonder what it's like, but i'll probably just wait for the announced anime adaptation.

Aww shit, i forgot all about the existence of 'Fox and the Hound'. I think i watched it when i was very young, but i can't remember it at all. I'll have to pick up the blu-ray if i come across it.
And i haven't heard about 'Ocean Waves', but that sounds intriguing. Unlike almost all the other Ghibli movies it doesn't seem to have a blu-ray release. Figures.
I'll make sure to check it out regardless.

Casca's decision will be an interesting one to watch play out, should she ever regain her memory.
For the time being we have this:
Not that it reveals all that much, aside from her referring to Guts as 'my dear'. The game was written by Miura himself though, so maybe it is kindaaa canon?

Well, the thing is, i don't think any of the God Hand will even die, other than Griffith of course. Guts doesn't seem to care nearly as much about them.
The only other one i could see dying is Void, due to his feud with Skull Knight.
Skull Knight also seems to be incredibly powerful and Guts has some similarities to good ol' SK. He might be heading down the same way as him and end up at the same power-level. Not that that seems enough either.
The demon child/moonlight boy will probably play a key role in killing Griffith, that's pretty much the only thing that makes sense to me.
It's also interesting to note that Miura gave an interview a couple years back, where he mentioned that Berserk was already 60-70 percent done. We shall see, i guess.

That live-action Berserk thing is actually fairly decent for a fan-movie. Not that i think Berserk would ever work as a live-action adaptation. Maaaybe as a Game of Thrones-styled show, but that would require astronomical budget.
And that anime looks really fucking cool, holy shit. And immediately depresses me that it's status is unknown. Still looking for investors as of last year.

Well, the entire Rin/Anotsu will come up in again in the last volume, but i'm really dancing around spoilers here, so i'm gonna leave it at that.
I kinda enjoyed the all the fighting at the end, to me it made sense that the series would eventually move into a Battle Royale.
Plus there was some fun stuff in there: Magatsu vs Shira, Manji stealing an arm from someone, that one guy who everyone considered to be weird because he yelled his special-attack names ...

"Because I'm tired and pissed off, and you're a cop and I'm a con; and because it's raining out, and I forgot my umbrella, but most of all, I'm broke."
Magnificent. haha
I heard that Cyber City's dub was 'special', so i wanted to avoid it on the first watch. I know what i'm doing for a rewatch though.

Elder_God_Noden | 05-02-15, 10:37 PM
You're just being sarcastic right, when you were comparing SAO's art to Berserk's?

Malfegor | 04-30-15, 3:09 AM
Main characters face looking off in early manga chapters? Yeah, that sounds rather familiar:
I don't even mind him not looking heroic. From the three chapters i read it seems to fit his personality. The dude's an asshole, but i enjoy that.

Not sure why she would keep her S&M attire after getting out of the torture chamber, but eh.
And yeah, those korean history tidbits help a lot, considering i know fuck all about Korean history/mythology.

Malfegor | 04-28-15, 2:20 AM
Eh, i suppose the grinning (and the other stuff i wrote) is kinda emblematic of the series as a whole: It's all fairly one note, not a whole lot of variation in anything that's going on.
And now that you mention it, it was indeed always kinda awkward when the series switched to drama. It's not particularly great at that. Even worse at comedy.
True, the animation flip-flopped a little, but unlike a lot of people i can appreciate a still-frame every now and then as long as it's drawn well. It's a 'drawing thing', maybe.

Yeah, i suppose people value Miyazaki a bit too highly since he's the face of the organisation.
Personally i always refer to them as 'Ghibli movies', not 'Miyazaki movies'. I suppose that's a distinction not enough people make. There's a lot of talent involved in those movies that isn't just Miyazaki.
And i agree about characterization, having good/likable characters can negate a lot of other shortcomings. For Ghibli movies specifically tho, i mostly enjoy their atmosphere and how immersive they are.
It also helps that i always watch them with exactly the right mindset aka when i'm in a bad mood and need something light-hearted/beautiful/immersive to completely distract my mind from real life for a while.
I find that Ghibli stuff does that extremely well. Maybe i wouldn't regard them as highly if i were to watch them with some other mindset.
And yeah, i often wish Ghibli would've done a couple more movies like Mononoke (my favorite of the bunch) aka slightly more adult oriented.
Like, i'm not gonna shit on Disney, they are still great, but i usually stay far away from any musicals. Breaking into song is never not completely awkward imo.

Ah shame, was some nice-ass coloring. Whatever, i can tell the art's good, it definitely won't fail in that regard. I'm almost done with Souten no Ken too, so i should start reading pretty soon.
Despite your recommendation though, i'll still have to resort to reading it from average scanlations. I consume all of my (non-physical) manga on my tablet and the app doesn't seem to support importing downloaded stuff from the pc. The smaller resolution might offset the blurriness tho. Eh, i shall see.
Berserk also had some really impressively drawn massive scale battles during the golden age arc, i enjoyed that a lot. And yeah, the art actually keeps improving.
Miura's perfectionism at work, that's why chapters need so long to be released, i think.

Oh yeah, i suppose the Pre-golden age comparison made me understand it better. I suppose in that case it's not really that important when i watch it.
Berserk's beginning always was a bit awkward. It works well enough to establish setting and characters, but takes just a slight bit to long to get to golden age.

I see a lot of people saying Casca will go back to Griffith should she regain her memories, but i'm still not a hundred percent convinced of that.
I could see her not going for either of the two male leads after wisening up. It could lead to some very interesting conflict. That is, if we ever get there.
I just don't see Guts getting out unscathed or even just alive. I like it that way tho, nothing else would make sense.
Accelerated aging due to stress also seems to be problem for him, whereas Griffith is an immortal god. Guts is the underdog in pretty much every way, even if he is ridiculously strong.
He would have to get some seriously bullshit shonen power-up to survive all this, and despite a lot of people accusing Miura of turning Berserk more shonen recently, i think he's smart enough to not write something like that.

Yeah see, that's a thing that always bothered me about BotI. Not even the fact that Rin seems to forgive him, but how out of character it was for Anotsu to allow gang-rape.
I get the killing of Rin's father, since that seems in line with his philosophy and motivation, but the rape always just looked like a random act of evil, that was hard for me to accept. I have a feeling this is something that Samura might retcon if he could, since it makes Anotsu less of a sympathetic villain.
Also, have you finished reading the manga? I don't wanna spoil anything by accident.

I did know Highlander was dubbed in English first, makes sense since it was funded by western producers, had no idea about Vampire Hunter D though. I'll have to watch it in
English on my next re-watch, even if i usually tend to stick to subs for my chinese cartoons.
That ANN article on Kawajiri was a good read. I'll have to make sure to pay more attention on the musical direction the next time. I'm too easily wowed by nice visuals.

I'd love to buy more anime, especially on blu-ray, but as it stands it just too expensive most of the time.
And Japan does have the worst pricing, but it's really just the 'most extreme of the already extreme'. Imo Anime pricing should be closer to comparable live-action shows/movies, but hell, what the fuck do i know about how the industry works or what is necessary to break even?

I recommend you check out One-punch Man, it's an incredibly fast read anyway. Yeah, the main joke, in that the mc kills everything with one punch, is fairly one-note, but is offset by the fact that there is actually a big supporting cast that are involved in proper fights. Also, it's not the only joke in the series, there's a fair amount of clever situations in there. I think the writer will throw a curveball in there soon enough, one of the most recent arcs already showed signs of that.
And the art deserves a comment as well, it's probably the most impressive looking recent series i can think of. I would love to buy physical copies, but it only has a digital release in the west. Eh, maybe once the anime is out ...

Oh, Inferno Cop is very much exaggerated randomness, but i dunno, it works somehow. There's something about using purposely shit animation for comedic effect that makes me laugh.
Or one guy voicing literally everything in the series, including women and robots.
I think it's sort of a meta-joke. The things happening in the series are totally unrelated to reality, but the production of Inferno Cop really plays with our expectations of what anime should be, and that makes it funny.
Ninja Slayer is essentially Inferno Cop 2, except with a much longer run-time (26 episodes, each 10 minutes long, compared to Inferno Cops total run-time of 30 minutes). It's probably the most polarizing series of the season, being literary divided into love it or hate it with no in-between whatsoever. I think this stems mostly from the fact that people expected it to be a spiritual follow-up to Kill la Kill, and not Inferno Cop (the promotional material was a bit misleading).
I'm watching it with a friend and we are enjoying it a lot. Ninja Slayer is essentially a parody of a type of grimdark Ninja story a 'gaijin' (who thinks he knows a lot about
japanese culture, but really doesn't) might write.

I'm not sure what the point of region-locking even is. I don't think the percentage of people who do import is high enough that it makes such a huge difference.
Seems more like a small dedicated group.
There's also the problem that certain movies/anime/games/whatever simply don't get a release in certain regions, which leaves importing as the only option. Or heavily
delayed release dates. For expample, Shin Megami Tensei 4 took like two years to finally be released in europe ...
And then there's the cutting/censoring of certain stuff in german speaking regions ...

Eh, i don't mind the long messages. I usually write up part of the response, then another part later and so on, so it's no big deal.
I don't get the opportunity to have this kind of discussion in real life very often, so i'm enjoying it quite a lot. My friends are mostly either casual watchers of the medium or simply have shit taste lol.
Unless of course you're bothered by the length of the comments? Feel free to take as long or seperate or shorten your responses however you like.
Also, excuse my punctuation, i know it's not great.

Malfegor | 04-18-15, 3:47 AM
Oh, i'm sure if you actually counted it, you would get a number far larger than 37.
I wrote a short forum post on the show as well. Essentially this:
"The only range of expressions characters have is 'slasher smile' or shitting their pants, the only character archetypes that exist are either murderous psycho or cannon fodder and the only way of communication between characters is pompous speeches that go on for way too long."
I have a big weak spot for hilariously over-the-top action, but Hellsing let me down a bit. At least the visuals were nice.

See, i'm actually a Ghibli fan, yet i somehow feel the opposite way about the retirement of the studio. 'They had a good track record' is what it boils down for me.
And i also bring up the Disney comparison often, except i slightly prefer Ghibli over Disney, if only because i can't stand the singing in Disney movies.

Yeah, that's definitely a nice piece of artwork. Especially on the coloring (is the manga colored as well?). I prefer Berserks excellent use of cross-hatching over blocked-in shading, but it's really good regardless.
You already sold me on the series, i'll just finish my reading of 'Souten no Ken' and maybe i'll jump into SAO right after. (the SAO abbreviation keeps reminding me of Sword Art Online, brrr...)
Doesn't take a lot of convincing for me when it comes to 'giving in to Berserk fanboyism'. So would you recommend watching the movie first or should i wait after i'm done with the manga?

I'm curious to see how Berserk/SAO ends.
My own theory is that Guts will either completely fail in his goal and destroy his own body or he will succeed in killing Griffith and forever be remembered as the 'antichrist' for essentially killing what the humans in Berserk perceive as a messiah.

And thanks for the music, that is some nice stuff indeed.

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