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Gankutsuou add
Death Note
Death Note add
Berserk add
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch add
NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso! add
Gungrave add
Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning
Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning add
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor add
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom add
City Hunter
City Hunter add

Favorite Manga
NG Life
NG Life add
GTO add
Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte
Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte add
Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku add
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Onanie Master Kurosawa add
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin add
Mousou Shoujo Otaku-kei
Mousou Shoujo Otaku-kei add
Gantz add
Unbalance x2
Unbalance x2 add

Favorite Characters
Kurono, Kei
Yagami, Light
Asano, Rin
Saeba, Ryo
Spiegel, Spike
Onizuka, Eikichi
Gasai, Yuno
Goto, Kiichi

Favorite People
Palencia, Brina
Palencia, Brina
Bailey, Laura
Bailey, Laura
Kawajiri, Yoshiaki
Kawajiri, Yoshiaki
Sawano, Hiroyuki
Sawano, Hiroyuki
Iwasaki, Taku
Iwasaki, Taku
Furuya, Usamaru
Furuya, Usamaru
Murata, Tomosa
Murata, Tomosa

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"I felt like I was watching a dream I could never wake up from. Before I knew it, the dream was all over."
- Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

"And that's it, isn't it? Yeah, that's life in a nutshell, right? There's nothing I can care about so much that I won't eventually see it turn to shit and betrayal. I could list 'em off. Ultima, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, fuckin' Spiderman with One More Day, comic books in general, Final Fantasy. Fuck. My job, my fucking life. Just take it from me, alright; the most you people can hope to do is die before you can see everything you take joy and comfort in rot into filth and leave a steaming, stinking hole in your soul that never fucking heals."
- Noah "Spoony" Antwiler, YouTube (Ultima 9)

"There's no cure for being a cunt."
- Bronn, Game of Thrones

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- Bison, Street Fighter

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- Horo, Spice and Wolf

"The woman I love burns with jealousy, leaps to conclusions, cries, and turns to ice. But when she laughs, the world is mine."
- Yusaku Godai, Maison Ikkoku

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- Jimba, Suikoden III

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Lylaaz | 07-26-14, 7:01 AM
Hi! what anime is your profile picture from?

hellogoodbye | 07-22-14, 3:46 PM
Everything you said about Touch was right. That is all.

FallnKnightFakir | 07-13-14, 6:05 PM
Nan? You mean like a nanny? Or is that a word that means something different in American v British English (I recently learned that "fanny" was such a word, it's an innocent word for "butt" in American that you tend to use around elementary school kids but in England...)

Wait, you thought Zuko was Zoku? And I don't understand the English confusion, do you have trouble with American accents or something?

Oh and Legend of Korra was greenlit for 4 seasons total as of now, so season 3 definitely won't be ending it. On the plus side, we have already seen Zuko, hooray! 5 eps in, it only seems to be getting more awesome!

Yeah, those so called "spoilers" you wrote in bold about Zuko finding his mom in the comic aren't true in the least btw. I won't tell you what is true, but that? Is not.

Guilmon totally counts! I think animals count, you know that Appa and Momo are both voiced by a human? Dee Bradley Baker, who goes on to voice some of the Ember Island Players in Aang's series and human character Tarrlok in Legend of Korra? And all the animals from both series really, I don't know how the man does it. But doing all those animals in addition to regular humans just makes him even more of a voice acting threat. He's also Cinnamon Bun in Adventure Time, a fair amount of aliens in any given Ben 10 series, some of the kids in Fairly Oddparents, and animals of all sorts in tons of other series.

Well, not all women can't do deep macho, Wendee Lee can to some degree, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is insanely good at it. I'm using Outlaw Star here as reference, Wendee Lee is the soft spoken but badass Suzuka, and MyGlynn is the incredibly badass Hilda. I've heard Wendee Lee do kids voices, she's not as bad as Palencia doing badass, but she's not great either. Well maybe Wendee Lee isn't so much doing badass as mature and awesome (she's also Faye Valentine and Fee Charmichael) but really I'd trust her with anything but elementary school kids.

I was just watching Argentosoma, which had a slow as hell start, but I stuck with it in part because I liked the dub voices a lot, which included black man of dub voicing Beau Billingsleu as well. He seems to only do one voice, but it's also the perfect black guy voice and damn does he have a nice voice. He's not listed in Speed Grapher on here, but I vaguely seem to remember him, come to think of it. He tends to do the classy awesome black dudes though. He really needs to do more roles, but he was in Tiger & Bunny as the cab driver recently, so at least I know he's still doing stuff. I wouldn't mind seeing him do non-black characters as long as they're awesome (Jet's not technically black I don't think, except for his last name). Part of why Tiger & Bunny's dub was so awesome is that used a lot of old seasoned voices to great effect, that made me quite happy. It used a few rarer voices too, including our favorite black dude and Wally Wingert.

I just don't watch too many new shows these days period. I'll wait and see what gets a lot of memes and is still talked about later on mostly. I think that my watching of new anime stopped sometime around 2008, that's where I think anime changed to have more moe from Haruhi's wake and got somewhat ruined for a few years. So the rare thing like Steins;Gate would come along and be awesome, but overall... I guess speaking of new stuff, Kill la Kill. Yes, I finished that one. It was over the top and ridiculous and knew how to have fun. But I think Gurren Lagann was more of all of that. Also, I was starting to watch Dirty Pair at the same time, which I find more over the top at times (the Dirty Pair will accidentally destroy shit all the time, huge space stations, entire planets, tons of other things, it's kind of awesome, plus I like Kei and Yuri). So I enjoyed it, but I don't think Kill la Kill is the instant classic Steins;Gate or Gurren Lagann were. But I did enjoy Kill la Kill's music a lot.

Last time though, I told you Genma Wars had one of the best lines ever: "And when I get back, I'm gonna beat that baby out of you", the delivery only helped with the comedy. There's more than just the problem of rape equalling instant love though. Characters will get the same shit revealed to them like ten times and be all surprised every damn time. That baby is evil? No fucking kidding! Someone just told you that in the last scene! There's logic problems too, that lady knows those guys hate the baby, yet she constantly leaves the baby with them for any stupid reason she can think of (you can take babies to the grocery store). There's terribly shitty phoned in time travel, what more can you ask for?

FormerObserver | 07-02-14, 4:07 PM
Oh btw how do you have more than 5 fav anime :O? last time i add mine it say 5 max , did they update it or something?

FormerObserver | 07-02-14, 1:27 PM
Well yup i was referring to the fight of Girge + death as ''content edit'' , oh yeah also there was some new ''scenes'' ( don't know if it is qualified as scene since it was so short or just like a few pictures ) added in the first few episode if i recall correct but it was so damn little that it was not of satisfaction . Girge fight and death was probably the most they had changed .

FormerObserver | 07-01-14, 10:08 AM
Uhmm I read a bit of your review on Break Blade . Just so you know there are new content edit in it but just not much . But still it is almost the same as the movies which makes it sad.

Tumerking | 06-18-14, 6:32 PM
Hey, yea I'm still shitty. I just got a second job so thats really been sucking away most of whats left of my soul. Being a productive member of society might kill me faster than I anticipated. At least I might be able to move out of my fathers house in the not too distant future. I'm sure that will help a little with my misery, but it'll probably also add a whole nother helping of stress on top of my life. I'm lucky that I'm at least social enough to buy weed. That and gas for my car are literally the only things I spend my money on. It helps that I get literally all my entertainment from the internet so I have no need to go out into the real world and buy tangible things aside from illegal drugs.

Hannibal is awesome. Not so much the show, just the character. I kind of wish the show didn't get renewed so the series finale would be him murdering every main character and walking away like a badass. I'm betting that since this is an american basic cable network that all the main characters will live (minus Abigail), but as long as Hannibal is still there the show won't ever be unwatchable.

I agree with you about True Detective. The first half was spectacular. The last half was merely good and there were a lot of unanswered questions. The hillbilly was also a pretty shit final boss.

I just finished season four of Game of Thrones and I'm going to say that it's the best tv show currently airing and maybe the best tv show of all time. The drama, the twists, the shocking deaths, the incredible character depth, the even more incredible story depth - I've never seen anything else like it. I'm completely obsessed with all of it. I'll never read the books because I enjoy the show too much and I can't take that away from myself. You watch it too right? What do you think of this season and the series as a whole?

Also I powered through Neon Genesis Evangelion and all the movies. The first 14ish episodes were very average, but there were a few really great episodes later on when it got super dark and gory out of nowhere. The last couple episodes were so bad though that I seriously considered dropping the series in the middle of the finale. Utter dog shit. The actual end to the series, the movie, was alright but there's so much deus ex machina magical religious weirdo bullshit towards the end it kind of ruined the series for me. At least the very final scene was real and depressing. I love when things end sadly.

I'm watching Penny Dreadful right now too. It's pretty amazing and you should watch it as well. It's dark and creepy and does horror the right way. You know how I am with describing shows. It's not on basic cable so there's nudity and gore and cursing and all that good stuff and I just know you'll like it.

Okay I'm done with words now. Back to my shitty shit shit life.

gedata | 06-18-14, 1:48 PM
hey do you mind letting me know the proper viewing order for City Hunter and the movies?

RazzleDazzle | 06-14-14, 4:41 PM
Jon Snow and Tyrion have so much plot armour on they make Naruto characters look well written. I actually enjoyed episode 9 of S4 mainly for the fights though, Neil Marshall knows how to do them grand scale battles like Blackwater in S2. The White Walkers were pretty acceptable too early on until this whole baby stealing thing. Like when Jon Snow's friends died they were nobodies really but they've been there since episode 1 and they died in such awful ways too. GRRM's self insert gets boosted a lot too, cannot fucking stand him.

Danpmss | 06-14-14, 1:10 AM
Sorry if I misunderstood your point in the way you described your text, but even if is that so:

>Implying Break Blade is the worthless TV Series of all time

Do you even "Pupa", "Chaos Head", "11Eyes" or "Rosario+Vampire"?
They are far worse as adaptations than this, you are being the crybaby here, man.

The point of the TV Series was not follow perfectly and exactly what the manga told as story, the point was to follow the manga as close as possible in a 1-cour adaptation, don't twist your words saying like that.

If their plan was to follow the manga better, that's Xebec we are talking about. They would do a multiple season with cuts in the main material or do a 2-cour with medium quality keeping all the content they could introduce. When it comes to a 12 episodes adaptation, this could have gone waaaaaay more "terrible" (like you define this one).

Rygart is going to be captured by Borcuse with the other survivors, and he will either say that he was the one who killed Girge in cold blood back there, or even better, he kept Girge alive to discover who actually killed all those men (in the manga he couldn't say who was it either, so, yes, there is a chance, since we never saw him dying).

Your definition of shit is pretty hipster if is that so, if even I am more tolerant (and I'm harsh even with the series I love from the botton of my heart... still hurts giving Clannad AS a 9 tho, but I was fair).

Anyway, Girge's fight was untouched, and that was my main complaining about your comment, either you were refering to the OVA series or the Anime (I couldn't say, as you just wrote "anime").

If you question my ability to read, I question yours of making a point or writing a comment. If your entire point is that the anime was made to complete what the OVAs tried to do (in 12 episodes), I guess you could not be more wrong, is almost the same time limit, and is already being more well detailed, as I noticed. It couldn't be better than that in 1-cour, that's a fact.

FallnKnightFakir | 06-13-14, 4:19 PM
I enjoyed seeing Nostalgia Critic rip apart that piece of crap too. I liked how he did certain things just to piss off the fans, like purposely pronouncing the names wrong for the characters his sidekicks were playing.

There was a fan trailer, then an actual official trailer came out the next day. Fan trailer must've used footage from the leaked episodes I guess. The official trailer was the one that had Zuko I think.

Nope, no voice modulation for Guilmon, this guy goes up and talks to Steven Blum at a con, and he just does the voice on the spot:

I'm quite a fan of Luci Christian when it comes to female voices. She does the cutesy voices like Duck in Princess Tutu, but she's also badass Birdy. She does guys on occasion like Saashi in Abenobashi.

One of my favorite voice actors, who only seems to have one voice but every time I hear it I melt, is Beau Billingsleu. He does Jet in Bebop, the narrator at the start of Outlaw Star episodes, recently he was a taxi driver in Tiger & Bunny. There don't seem to be many black guys in anime dubbing. Oh and for male VAs, I can never seem to go wrong with Christopher R Sabat.

I feel like the overall quality of newer dub actors just isn't as good as the old crop. I enjoy the distinct timbres that some of them have, a lot of the new people just sound way too samey. I especially seem to dislike Brina Palencia. She can do cute young girls, but she always seems to get miscast as badass women and she always sounds like she's sheet reading them. Everyone else just sounds way too samey, within a series and between series, I wish Funimation would use different people. Tiger & Bunny's dub was great because they went back to more experience VAs. They used some new people too, but it felt like it all balanced out really well. I don't generally tend to watch newer dubs these days though. At the same time though, we don't get dubs hilariously awful like Garzey's Wing or Genma Wars or something, it all just seems so average to me, ugh. Maybe that's why I keep buying old 80s stuff that Nozomi and Discotek keep releasing? But Funimation did seem to do a good job with Steins;Gate, mixing old and new voices, so maybe they're finally getting new good people instead of new average people?

Speaking of Genma Wars, have you seen that? It is ungodly funny and at all moments hilarious for various reasons. Everything is wrong with, everything. Any character who is raped will fall in love with the rapist, the english dub is fucking epic hilarious, despite using actual named VAs, the story is awful, and it includes the line "now when I get back, I'm gonna beat that baby out of you". It was a real and true treat of bad anime, it was excellent.

I'm now trying to think if I liked any shojo with the bad boy bishie jerk type (I can think of a few with bishies who weren't jerks)... I'm still only thinking of bishies who weren't jerks or of series I hated like Peach Girl or something.

Zuko fanboys should be pleased with The Search. Remember the end of the very last episode where Zuko goes up to his dad and goes "Where is my mother?" and the series more or less ends right after? And then, you don't know this yet, but episode 1 of Korra teases us so hard on the fact that they end the series without telling us what happened to Zuko's mom, cruel, man, cruel! But yeah, Zuko and Azula are the mains in The Search. There's a distinct lack of Toph in The Search, but there's more than enough Zuko to go around (and there's more Toph in The Rift the second volume of that should be out soon). I'm still a big fan of glorious oversized hardcovers, so I'll still be buying those.

Danpmss | 06-13-14, 8:16 AM
"Anime, how could you skip Girge taking out EVERYONE, on one leg!? From psychotic to cool-as-fuck"

From 17:00:

And this entire chapter:

The circunstances were different, but this fight wasn't bad adapted AT ALL. They did not skipped his badass fight.

Also, in both cases, the fight was fast paced as hell, so, no problem here either.

Stop complaining in the forums saying that the anime is shit, for a 12 episodes adaptation, it is actually really good (even an original ending is discussable, depending of what will they do in the end of this adaptation).

FallnKnightFakir | 06-13-14, 5:19 AM
Ember Island Players = they see a play. Of themselves. And it's still somehow better than The Last Airbender. Great Divide is that crappy episode you mention though. On any Avatar rewatches, I just skip it. The Ember Island Players in that episode got to what was supposed to be that episode then they all went "look, a giant chasm!" "...yeah, let's keep moving", so the creators themselves knew it was a low-point. Well, not as low a point as The Last Airbender movie, but the second lowest point.

Well there's an official trailer for season 3 out now, and I must admit, someone with a scar who looks an awful lot like Zuko appears for a split second. So it looks like he might finally appear in book 3! His grandson has an identical voice to him in book 1 of Korra. It's funny, because we associate that voice with 16 year old Zuko, not a 30 year old guy (although Dante Basco himself is like 35).

I cannot tell you who Wan is, it would spoil cool things. Not related to Toph though, I can say that. But it's really awesome, a highlight of season 2. There's lots of other book 2 surprises that I really can't comment on, you must discover them for yourself! But there's some really cool shit.

You do know that Steven Blum also voiced Guilmon in Digimon, right?
He can do variety, but people want his sexy Spike voice most of the time, simple as that. You can't get much more opposite of Spike than Guilmon. Not his first Digimon role, he was Black Wargreymon in Digimon 02, that's a more "typical Blum" voice though.

Nope, Goong is 100% modern day. I don't recall any rape scenes though, dunno if the main girl has even had sex, maybe once, but consensually? Since it's a Korea manga, and Korea dramas will spend 16 episodes getting to a fucking kiss, I think she kept getting interrupted by various things any time she was considering having sex (usually remembering the guy was a dick about something earlier, thus ruining "the mood"). Japan seems to be way more into the "rape as romance" or "rape as tragic backstory" than Korean manhwa or K-drama does.

I could've sworn those huge hardbacks did have a slightly bigger panel size than the small ones. I like the side commentary and bonus things in the back, and getting it all in one nice thing (and I always get my shit half off), so the hardcovers make more sense to me. I think they're all worth it, but I will say they've been getting stronger as they go on. V1 of Rift that I've read (I still read them before the hardcover, the library gets them) was more awesome than The Search which was more awesome than The Promise. At least read The Search, it pleased me greatly. The Rift has more Toph! Oh and one advantage is that the artwork can't be crowded into the spine part on those hardcovers, you definitely get the full art.

FallnKnightFakir | 06-11-14, 9:52 AM
Sweetness! Some Korra Book 3 episodes leaked (eps #3-6 apparently) on some Spanish site, and someone used footage to make a badass trailer! Looks like Mako and Bolin are back, but as long as Mako isn't a love interest, I'm ok with that. Just watch books 1 and 2 already (they claim book 3 will be more like original Avatar). So speculation is that it'll premier at San Diego Comic-Con and air in July, seems likely (especially since book 2 comes out on DVD/Bluray on July the 1st)

RazzleDazzle | 06-07-14, 12:21 PM
I've been watching it since it started airing in 2011. What started off as some really good grounded dark fantasy slowly went heavier with magic bullshit every season. Oberyn was just a shitty plot device character anyway to throw Tyrion into more despair. The only fight I liked was Ser Jorah vs that random Dothraki.

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