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Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
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Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades
Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades
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Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Nov 27, 8:54 PM
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Nov 27, 8:54 PM
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ZephSilver Yesterday, 11:46 PM
God that review of mine was horrid, there's so many errors in it, I need to revise it and most of my old reviews... but like you laziness also gets the best of me lol Haha I'm not sure my name being associated with negative reviews in necessarily a good thing but I'll take that as a complement. Now that I think about it that assessment isn't really off as I've probably only given about 10 reviews with a positive score so far as appose to the 50+ others that isn't on the good side. I might review Area 88 which I liked so maybe next time you visit I would have a positive review for you. MAL improved the review system but it's still the same fanboys vs snobs reviews being churned out, shit will never change lol
Overhype is worse than SAO to me, what a shit stain of a anime lol but but but we can be Gankutsuou/Jamieson Price fanboys together and go skipping off into the sunset. Price was ear sex to me but the JVAs were pretty solid as well.
Tentacle Waifu was great, the sound effects for her sounded like a squeaky balloon. I think my fav part of sidonia, other than the insane bishounen cock fights, is the sound effects. man that opera squeal music is good shit lol alien harem with a tentacle =...... butt rape?.. yikes.

I've seen quite a bit I've given a 7+ rating to believe it or not. Mononoke, Ping Pong and Kaiba are three of them. And yea I like OPM, it's the most fun I've had with a 2015 seasonal anime since Jojo "OHHHHHHH SHIIIIITTTTTT"
Moune Yesterday, 2:12 AM
I've read the manga, stopped at part 2. I thought it was okay, but honestly those weird stances fucking annoy me.
I've decided I'll give it another chance, so I put JoJo on my PTW.

Btw, why haven't you continued Hajime no Ippo? There's two full seasons ahead of you, mate.
ExplicitlyHuman Yesterday, 1:17 AM
ModeratelyHuman sounds nice. I think I will change my name to that actually. Goddamnit I am always too impatient with this stuff and dont think it through.
ExplicitlyHuman Yesterday, 1:12 AM
IDK who this fetish guy youre talking about is. I really wanted to change my name to "IntermediatelyHuman" but it was too long and I couldnt think of anything else to choose so I just used something random. Not too big of a fan of my new name actually and I think i i will change it again.

As for WA2. It wasnt particularily amazing. But the way it portrays romance is in a much more mature way that matches exactly what I want. The ending to it is fucking savage as hell as well. The entire reason I gave it a 9 because of the ending. I spent a long time debating on a 8 or 9 though. Its more of a high 8 or low 9 in my opinion and i just decided to be generous this time.
ZephSilver Nov 25, 7:59 PM
it's only been 9 whole months, no biggie lol It was a good 5 days. Haha good to know sir, that makes me happy to hear that, I shall continue my crusade on anime and deliver the scores that these anime rightfully deserve. I mean if I don't do it who will? :) Yes we Jamieson/Gankutsuou fans are a rare bunch but we're still around. In fact it was Jamieson's performance as the Count that made him a favorite for me. Nice to see I'm not alone in this small little circle.
I appreciate the +1! Every +1 I receive is like a tip in my proverbial reviewer bucket. I think my Sidonia S2 character section was the most fun I had writing about characters so far lol Don't mind my score, as schlock entertainment I found Sidonia to be quite good.
Moune Nov 25, 12:13 PM

Malfegor Nov 23, 1:40 PM
"video not available in your country"

enjoy this stupid ass video

(god bless the comment edit feature)
wandererofnorth Nov 22, 1:24 AM
Yup, that's right. Like I was saying in that game thread in Forum Games, I have many issues with that manga. And by the way many people are saying that the anime is an accurate adaptation of the manga.

It's not just Kaori. Most of the stories...they don't have real start, it's just throw you inside of a story and you don't know why. The best example is Sayuri (Kaori's sister) arrival. I asked myself, why, I'll call it „impostor Ryo“, get hammered by Kaori's spirit inside Shanin? She's not alive, the whole point of hammer is no more. I understand in City Hunter, Kaori was jealous how Ryo pays no attention to her. But here, I mean why? What's the point. Second thing in that story is, when Sayuri went with this version Ryo to his place, and Shanin appeared, she (Sayuri) declared him as a pervert (hammer included) although he didn't do anything to make her say that. She even thought Shanin is his lover??? I mean what a hell? Most of the arcs are like that (or at least those I read so far, but I stopped reading - dropped).

Then there is Shinhon, the character with great potential, now mostly as jester service or punching bag for some characters. I don't know why, but it seems that most male main characters need to be weak is some kind in every Hojo's manga. You have Toshio - reason for my low Cat's Eye rating, then you have Tatsumi from Rash, then Masahiko from Family Compo, and now Shinhon. But this Ryo looks the same. In City Hunter you know he's making himself appear „strange“ just because he can (or to make himself less suspicious). When trouble appear, he's serious self. All the reasons why he's not skilled as he was (AH version) aren't exactly with solid foundation. He's not 60 years old! At the beginning of AH he's in his late 30s-early 40s. And yet Shanin after year of coma is still fit to escape and fight??? Even Seagal's characters (Mason Storm) had problems to get in shape after coma in Hard to Kill. This Ryo is not an imposing character like City Hunter's Ryo. What's worst (at least for me) he's not funny. Jokes are mostly missplaced or should I say, pointless?

I've read your short reviews about City Hunter, and I saw you were quite disappointed with, as you said „Kaori's repetitive anti-sex hammer“. Yup, they forced it little bit to far, but only in the anime. In the manga, that isn't like that (there is couple hammers too much, but not as near as in the anime). Especially in the last 3-4 volumes. Those volumes are dedicated to Ryo and Kaori. How they met each other (not when she was 19, but earlier - that story alone is better than Angel Heart I read so far), and how much Ryo loves her. That is yet another reason why I don't like Angel Heart. I mean, I don't know this Ryo and this Kaori, how am I supposed to know how much he loves her? But I know how much real Ryo loves Kaori :)

So in short the things I don't like in Angel Heart are:
1. looks like a mix of previous Hojo's manga, mostly Family Compo and City Hunter ,
2. stories aren't exciting as they were in City Hunter,
3. main characters aren't interesting, supporting aren't developed as much as they should be,
4. whole „Ryo is a father“ thing make no sense since Shanin has a real father (who left her to stay with Ryo to remove her from the underworld, but she's working as City Hunter who's primary work is in the underworld???),
5. I don't like the art.

Angel Heart had a great chance to become a true hit, but it should be with new characters. To build the new story on the new characters. Like this it will stay in the shadow of City Hunter forever.
I agree on your comment about how Hojo has created alternate universe to avoid fan rage over Kaori's death. It's obvious that Angel Heart is created as City Hunter's sequel.

Off topic, I see you didn't quite like Roberta's Blood Trail.
wandererofnorth Nov 21, 5:49 AM
Hello, fellow City Hunter fan. I would like to hear your opinion on Angel Heart (the anime version).
Malfegor Nov 19, 1:45 AM
yea, i don't mind the transformation into an Ao shrine.

i suppose i'll message you my thoughts on Guin Saga/HxH via psn.

for now, enjoy more Mosquito Girl. It's only fair. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Malfegor Nov 18, 8:22 AM
oh god yesss
thank you
Malfegor Nov 16, 6:08 AM
the first page of your comment section doesn't have me in it?
this cannot be allowed.

(her nips perk up as the gif progresses tehehe)
RazzleDazzle Nov 16, 1:54 AM
It has really bad pacing m8. I've seen all the key scenes that people liked in the manga, in the anime they are just done badly. Plus the dub is fucking shit too.
Akihiko86 Nov 14, 2:26 AM
thanks, friend
Akihiko86 Nov 13, 9:32 AM
i see. i think i'll read battle royale first. thx