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Days: 40.9
Mean Score: 8.42
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  • Episodes2,332
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Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Aug 31, 12:00 AM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Aug 23, 11:59 PM
Watching 1/13 · Scored -
Gin no Saji 2nd Season
Gin no Saji 2nd Season
Aug 17, 11:00 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 10
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Days: 254.7
Mean Score: 7.78
  • Total Entries3,503
  • Reread228
  • Chapters23,748
  • Volumes3,614
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Skip Beat!
Skip Beat!
Aug 31, 12:56 AM
Reading 227/- · Scored 10
Aug 30, 11:57 PM
Completed 27/27 · Scored 8
Naze Toudouin Seiya 16-sai wa Kanojo ga Dekinai no ka?
Naze Toudouin Seiya 16-sai wa Kanojo ga Dekinai no ka?
Aug 30, 11:55 PM
Completed 39/39 · Scored 8


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emxutaxmine Nov 20, 9:26 AM
Your manga list is very impressive!

I really enjoyed your review on Song of the Long March. I have no idea how popular it is here on MAL, because no one seems to talk about it. But it is quite the hidden gem. I wonder if you're also shipping Li and Ashina. I know I am ^^

I also enjoyed your other reviews, and I've added several to my plan to read list.

I've just read the first two chapters of Koudaike no Hitobito, and I absolutely love it! I wouldn't have started it if not for your review. I'm sorta sad that there are only 2 chapters out though.
Sasanki Nov 7, 3:18 AM
Your manga list is amazing :o I was trying to find some good manga to read and I picked some positions thanks to your tags haha, so thank you ^-~
Jicetus Oct 4, 3:23 PM
What happened dude? Weren't you a Review/Recommendation mod? D:
endormis Sep 25, 5:38 PM
mangalat--- returned?!!
endormis Sep 18, 12:16 PM

The prophecy has curious points about what already has been revealed, the principle Hiryuu was a dragon who elected to remain as a human ..... when Zeno is telling the story from the beginning, it reveals that in fact he was just a human. This intrigues me and animates, I like stories prophetic haha~ if I remember correctly, Zeno also commented that long ago there was not a reincarnation of Hiryuu waaaa where are we going?

Oh yeah! we need a new place as practical as raffmanga/mangalator were. ;; I do not know how my life will be without more AnY updates *cry*

Gosh! Should be exhausting. D:
KamSung Sep 18, 8:14 AM
No problem man! I hope you enjoyed it, or well I guess I'll find out about it after reading your post huh.
Lol that actually sounds fun, so it's like a contest huh, if you get to pick the sushi you want you win 😏
Oh :o there goes one again 😅
Hundred a year, that's one manga each 3 days 😲
I don't think that's the case with me :p got so many years left and all in all not too much to read.
How'd you get that korean and japanese stuff :o I know a friend of mine here who can read Japanese 😅
What do you know about Bruce Lee? Did you ever see him IRL? I suppose you've watched some of their movies.
I don't wanna see him as a traitor :(
All hail the Wudan master :p
The moding?
Wtf I thought the government would help with shit like that :o, or some volunteers. You gotta do this on your own?
Gay rape by bullies? Wow. I've heard enough. I got to read chapter 101 and 102 btw. Beautiful chapters, Zeno's past is amazingly sad :(
Hmm yeah might be so. I don't remember any hot females with short hair either. Hmm I'll let you know when I find one. Hahahaha I can't hate Soo-Won. He merely works in the country's interest, nothing wrong with it. That cowardly king was shit too, I thank Soo-Won for killing him.
Maybe because her father killed Soo-Won's dad because he wanted to be the king himself. If he let Yona marry Soo-Won it'd mean Soo-Won would still get the power Yona's dad didn't want him to have. Or well sth like that.
Nice to hear that :)
The pipes gave out from a small storm? Have you ever considered living in the mountains? Closer to work? Better home?
Fucking insurance. Always fucking up people's lives.
Well at least you can give your home a new look right? Just don't forget anything :p
Hahahah if it rains here only my tv doesn't work anymore. Always disrupting my soccer time.
Wow, America is amazing. :o
Sorry man inzaratha :( I hope you get through this, with a smile at that. Some good chapters lately m8.
Till next time hmmm :)
Petalview Sep 17, 9:20 AM
Thanks a lot for your recommendation of Kono Oto Tomare! I started to read it because of your recommendation and actually I'm at the latest chapter now. May I ask, do you know more similar manga like Kono Oto Tomare or Chihayafuru? I love both of them. Thanks a lot! =)
KamSung Sep 10, 7:57 AM
Btw would you happen to provide me with sources where I can read light novels?
Oh and what's your opinion on Atlantis? The place Atlantis. Do you think it ever existed?
greatyu Aug 31, 12:28 PM
Gal3riel Aug 30, 1:15 PM
hei how are you ^^? its been a while
Stark700 Aug 24, 9:11 PM
Happy Birthday :3
YukiHime88 Aug 24, 12:26 PM
O tanjoubi omedetou Inzaratha-san ヾ(^∇^)
Domyoji Aug 24, 7:34 AM
Happy birthday! Wish you all the best!
KamSung Aug 24, 5:11 AM
Happy birthday inzaratha :)
Roth Aug 24, 4:56 AM
Happy Birthday! Have a good one!