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Favorite Anime
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Ouran Koukou Host Club
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Higashi no Eden
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Seirei no Moribito
Seirei no Moribito add
Taiho Shichau zo (1996)
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Favorite Manga
Dengeki Daisy
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Kokou no Hito
Kokou no Hito add
Cheese in the Trap
Cheese in the Trap add
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made
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Cat Street
Cat Street add

Favorite Characters
Elric, Edward
Son, Hak
Hong, Sul
Kurosaki, Tasuku
Takizawa, Akira
Yagami, Light
Kiryuu, Zero
Mogami, Kyouko
Cadis Etrama di Raizel
Cadis Etrama di Raizel
Schreiber, Glenn

Favorite People
Kamio, Yoko
Kamio, Yoko
Lee, Nicky
Lee, Nicky
Mignogna, Vic
Mignogna, Vic
Tatum, J. Michael
Tatum, J. Michael
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Sakamoto, Shinichi
Sakamoto, Shinichi
Han, Yu-Rang
Han, Yu-Rang

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About inzaratha
Yes, I am an adult woman who reads manga.
And Yes - I read a Lot :) and this list would be longer if it included all the manhwa webtoons as well as manga.
< My favorites are not in any particular order and I really have a LOT more "favorites" than this!

167 cm tall -
169 IQ
blood type: O +
long reddish blond hair / green eyes
zodiac: virgo / sheep
birthplace: NY
lives: Arizona
favorite things to draw: horses, portraits, unicorns, dragons
favorite food: marzipan
Jungian: INTJ
About inzaratha
I have been writing an epic fantasy novel, "The Stone + The Feather" for more years than I'd like to admit and as I'm am an artist now starting doing it as a graphic novel as well. I originally came up with it while riding my horse in the woods as a kid.
My art site

I have some other ideas I would like to make into graphic novels so I am currently working on learning how to use computer graphic art programs. I get held back by computer memory and time as I work a lot of hours full time and read a lot too. I do my best thinking while doing something else at the same time, like coming up with story ideas while riding, or listening to music, or doing artwork while watching shows. I'm an introvert and a lot better at writing and being online than I am with actually talking to people...

I am a big fan of Stargate SG 1 and Atlantis, and other sci-fi shows like Serenity/Firefly, Smallville, Supernatural, etc and love martial arts movies and medieval settings.

Interests include reading manga and novels, sci-fi and fantasy, martial arts, horses - equestrian, art, music, anime and movies, good food,

or anything with good looking guys fighting. :)

I have college BA's in both fine art and history. I especially like the Black Death and the Renaissance.

I have trained horses professionally,worked in a museum, taught horse sculpture in a museum, owned an art gallery, worked in a library and in schools.
For a career now, I work with troubled teens/ juvenile delinquents in a locked residential school- Think of it like Hogwarts meets reform school in the desert. with a tan, If all the kids were Slytherin...

I like to write, draw, read and explore places either mentally or psychically and spend a lot of time online cause I don't sleep and usually busy cause I have a brain that does not shut off. I also drink lots of coffee and tea.
My favorite authors are Tolkien, Tad Williams, Mercedes Lackey, Terry Goodkind, Terry Prachett and Ayn Rand, Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Bradury, Robert Frost.
Currently taking Korean karate - Kukyidou and Judo.
In the future I would like to learn to read and or speak Japanese and Korean but I'm not much of a speaker, even in English I'm better at writing than talking. But I would like to know the language, even if I never actually speak to a human in it. My second language is French. I enjoyed learning obscure languages like elvish or runes too. I'm strange because I will master something and then move on to something else and forget it completely sort of like math, I mean I never use it.

I listen to a lot of music. Favs include Nightwish, Apocalyptica, HIM, Versailles, Linkin Park,Within Temptation, Amorphis, A7x, Bach, the Gazette - metal, classic and celtic and visual kei I like music that is actually Good Musically.

My music radio

I have a long term relationship with a musician.
his band/ songs - Luminatus (symphonic metal if you like Evanescence or Nightwish check it out)

His band is performing the opening night of Phoenix Comi-Con this year!

Webtoons - I like a bunch of ones not on MAL.

I'm reading a Korean novel in translation called "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor". More recently I've watch kdramas -before I mostly watched Lots of martial arts movies. I've completed over 50 Kdramas - 49 days, Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, City Hunter, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You're Beautiful, My Love From Another Star, The Heirs, Heartstrings, Rooftop Prince, Faith, Arang and the Magestrate, Flower Boy Next Door, Angel Eyes, Trot Lovers, Myung Wol the Spy, Coffee Prince, Postman to Heaven, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Full House, My Lovely Girl, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Modern Farmer, Pinnochio, Gu Family Book, Doctor Stranger, Ghost

I actually started watching some anime and martial arts as a little kid cause my best friend was a half-Japanese boy with a talking pet crow, but he returned to Japan. (I know sounds like some weird manga but my life is weirder...) I got into it again later from fantasy / sci fi and then discovered 8 years ago or so I really enjoyed reading shoujo and a lot of others. It's the perfect blend of art and story and I'm addicted to manga. lol
I have a lot of series that I love reading, and I enjoying discussing chapters with people as the people irl that I know don't read what I read, hence online.

Yes I unabashedly do enjoy shoujo! Which is odd because I am not very feminine mentally. I like romances and fantasy, supernatural stories, mysteries, but I also like to read seinen, josei and some shounen, crime dramas etc. I prefer reading over watching, but when I watch anime my preferences are different from my reading ones, I prefer more action and supernatural or fantasy or mystery and slice of life to watch.

Right now I am trying to complete more of the ones on my too huge list!
for my geeky and other interests

If you send me a friend request, please write or message me to say why.

Great lines
The assassin boss was wrongly accussed and given really bad cake!

Rodents of unusal size? I don't believe they exist. The Princess Bride

The stories we love best live in us forever.... J.K. Rowling

~Until Death Do Us Part~

Ride your own white horse - Create your own path

The Stone and the Feather - map of Emerion- hand drawn and inked by yours truly map of my story

Dengeki Daisy-

Kokou no Hito- the Climber - awesome art


The One

Bokura no Kiseki - great manga

Gunka no Balzer - historical military manga so awesome it needs to be read

Song of the Long March /Choukakou

Cheese in the Trap

This was a gift from my friend greatyu :)

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KamSung | 05-25-15, 5:17 AM
Is the guy on your profile pic Son, Hak from Akatsuki no Yona? Would you recommend me the anime or the manga?

greatyu | 05-23-15, 11:16 AM
Inzaratha-san!! Sorry for the late response! D:
How you've been? :)

Oh wow Yahoo groups huh? Oh wow the community should know about the yahoo groups- i never knew that- that's so cool XD I've always liked yahoo, almost all of the emai-addresses(lol yep i have multiple addresses) are user friendly and the interface is good. You can also get disposable mail addresses for mailing lists and what's not from one acc. I used winzip when i was a kid and shifted off to winrar- that s/w is good.

Lol well unfortunately- the tablet im going to get has Win 8 and well i'm not so happy about it. And you can't get the OS changed either :/ but i think Win 8 is more suitable for tablets :3
Indeed, god bless microsoft and Bill Gate's super computers- they are going to need a lot of it. (oh and i bet that free open office thingy is somekind of a gimmick to make money)

I agree with you- google introduced something called "Google Panda" which cuts off good content and frames adwords instead. It's a framed tactic to put the google adsense approved articles first and put others to the last. Everything these days are profit based lol

Oh my god- my deepest sympathies, my mom's best friend died of liver cancer(it was her daughter's friend who was the canadian) and my uncle died from that too.
Cancer must be like living with a live dagger inside your body- i hate it.

Oh my god thank you thank you! T T It's nothing much- but i had to read and watch a lot of tutorials to get there :/ I always dreamed of creating a scenic painting like that- it felt like a dream come true when i finished it.

oh haha- traumatized- what happened to that office networking thingy- where the updates gets installed automatically? D:
and i jinxed my camera.. . i mean i thought i did- but i charged it again and now it works fine- and the computer is maji fine ^O^
I listen to buddhist chantings from this PC( a true story) and they seem to influence the PC also! *yaaaaay*

A friend of mine is teaching me french- she is belgian but she speaks french quite well. It's a great beautiful language- If i were to choose between Italian or French- I dunno which to choose >///< all i can say now is: "de rien" and "et vous sont la plus beau au monde" D: my sentence structure is soooo fired!! T T Oh my god and i stated fangirling some Korean bands >//< umm EXO and SS- something.. The songs are soooo good- and oh my god the visuals the clothes, the cuteness!! XD And yes french sounds so fast sometimes- it's faster than Jap? D: I didn't even think about speaking in French yet! T T

Oh wow good luck with it- sounds tough to me. but reworking them is the best way of making anythin perfect~

I like NY- i think it's totally stylish and it looks so sophisticated. Are the taxes really high in America? D: *lol asks that out of the blue*
And my brother's coming in July!! XD And my dog knocked my mom down! D: fortunately she is fine and had only minor injuries~

And yes- i seem to adore many of the actresses and actors who don't have plastic surgery. but i agree with what you said about them having no plastic disasters in Korea too. I mean i've never ever heard about it- but i bet since it's plastic, with age it's gonna go umm get deteriorated D:

haha American accents are the best of course- it sounds so confident XD I saw someone with french and british accent- he sounded so cute and awesome tho :P
True about the german accent- it sounds like fighting D: and when you (read) some of their words- you could see it's very different in style.

Very true about the celebrity respect for foreigners- i'm reading a travel book called "Behind the Wall" by Colin Thubron, and he mentioned that he was treated as someone with awe when he went there. I wish i could see their new year festival one day ^O^ Yep the people are really nice :3

Oh wow- that sounds interesting D: and yes i agree on the fact that spirits can be really fast. I recently took a photo of my room- it was by the mirror and there was a huge blue ball with a powerful light on it. I took a leaf out of Ghost Adventures and took several pictures quickly it was there for 2 pictures and then disappeared. I wasn't scared though- I wish it stayed T T According to our buddhist scriptures- greedy spirits can fend off anywhere- inside your nails and inside bathrooms.(which means it can be in any size i gues?) Did you notice a common factor to where they are at? like it could be like water or some particular place?

I understand about the psychic attacks- and well I'm glad that you are safe. My teacher in highschool could do that too, and she told us that it feels like really light and makes you want to stay there up long. I've only had paralysis by far- i found out that family members of my father's side has paralysis. My dead uncle seems to have had it before he died. There were many accounts of strangling in their house by an unknown force(that's what the servants said) and that house is indeed old.

I've had paralysis where there was a huge spider was near my bed- and i screamed and scared my mom. (which usually never happens- and i was so stressed that day) there was one where skeletons with black cloaks came into the room and didn't let go of my hand. the next day a cloaked skeleton was on top of me -_-

How can you rule out that he had abilities when he is schizophrenic? D: (the stalker guy)

And btw- i dunno if you know- but Nick left Ghost Adventures T T I've been depressed since :( and didn't umm watch it after the doll island episode- oh wait no- the last one they shooted was in Arizona i think! it had this mining and hotels- a ghost town.

Yep i really love that particular day related to the Mexicans- i believe that episode had a lot to do with my passion for other cultures and etc. (especially since they replayed the episode so much)
Oh i see! so he is half Finnish?! I've never ever met anyone from Finland :)

Did you ever understand that character who played the god in Punpun? you know big glasses and weird bobby hair? D: They could have at least showed Punpun's face i mean :/
And yes that girl just got blamed and died for nothing! I feel really sorry for her :( Aku No Hana is really better than that. I mean even Nakamura is better than that punpun.

Well I have this friend- he is half mexican and canadian on DA- he told me that he was very roughly abused by his step father including molestation.(for 6/7 years i think) I think well i don't know.. it's hard to keep up with him because he is very stubborn and a pro arguer at everything. I'll be honest with you- sin keeps rebounding from a person to another. Father molests step son- step son might molest someone one day.. I mean i haven't ever argued with anybody online! D: I don't want to stop talking with him- and i won't. (self assuarance lol) From the way he is talking- I don't think he can actually sympathize anyone and it reminded me of the fact that you've said earlier- that some cases cannot be recovered... it's sad.

and btw is that HAKU from AKATSUKI NO YONA?? D: it's him right? D: I knew when i watched the anime i'd seen him somewhere ^^
I really really love AKNY!!! it's soooo awesome ^O^ and Haku is indeed the best character- i think one of the best anime i've watched :3
I was thinking of reading the manga :3

OMG YESS!! so true about Lee-Min-Ho! I've noticed how most of the korean guys are so girly and cute :3 haha lee min ho dosen't have that- and indeed his complexion is very unique XD
and yes! I saw the guy from pinnochio too- and oh my god- my friends like him but i don't! D:

Oh that is an interesting face- thank you for telling me :) Tbh, i was kinda sad that when i found his real picture- considering that the skeptics of this case indeed really respected father Bowdern, he wanted to keep it secret. But it's actually one old newspaper that leaked the full name and address of the victim- which i think is totally disrespectful.

Umm I think I am back again! D:
Sorry for the late response >///<
Stay safe :)

Sekichi | 05-21-15, 11:00 PM

BittenLips0 | 05-21-15, 3:48 PM
It's taken me so long to reply back. I'm am so sorry! OTL

I'd buy it too aha. re-read the last chapter last night and got all overwhelmed and excited by it again.

You should totally watch Ore Monogatari when you have the chance to. Ooo The Irregular at Magic High School looks interesting, I saw it whilst flicking through netflix and considered putting it on my 'to watch' list. Any good?

Ah that sounds great, I'll read it when I get the chance to (I'm not too sure if it's on the 'to read' list right now or not) The same with Akatsuki nno Yona. I believe I started reading that.

I believe Log Horizon is different enough from SAO. I honestly was nervous it would be the same plot. Which it is in the sense of the game, but it's completely different with the characters and how it's dealt with by the people. I think it's a lot better and realistic. It kind of has a ranking system and stuff.

gahhh RWBY looks and sounds really good. I'll just have to brush aside the art. Oh gosh, the poor creator, that's not good to hear.
Recently I marathoned the netire 3 seasons of Bakuman. and it was so worth it.

The art for Mushishi is gorgeous. It's why I started watching it to be honest.

(I hope you're okay and I honestly apologise once more about my delayed reply. Moving is not fun at all)

daisy- | 05-18-15, 11:12 PM
Thanks! I'll keep in mind your suggestions. I've been pretty busy lately too and especially now since I'm going to be an intern at a hospital soon so I can't watch/read as much as I would want to XD

The pain waiting for a new chapter is reallllllll
Same with Tokyo Ghoul:Re.
I just started reading it and have updated with it so XD

I'll be adding CiTT soon. I'm sorting out the manga's I've read since I've read some one volume manga or short mangas lately :D

Gal3riel | 05-17-15, 12:22 PM
hi so first of all i will stop apologizing for my late answers i might bore you xD anyway I'm fine.Lately I've been leaving a lot of stuff behind whether is great here in Italy so i tend do go out more often ^^ and in a few days the witcher 3 wil be out so I'll be dead most of the time so i don't think ill be able to keep up with anything or almost, hope your doing fine ^^ and sooner or later I'll be back xD
PS: i'd like to see you artwork sometime.

lollisheep | 05-15-15, 4:59 PM
:3 crazy... I guess it's the same as say someone reading over 1000+ books or series right? Except it's just manga/manhwa/manhua! <3
I remember when I used Onemanga!! LOL It was such a long time ago... and well, I'm starting to get into webtoons now, though the long pages still kind of irritate me cuz I gotta keep scrolling. That's the thing though, with MangaRock, it's a phone/tablet app that you can backup! You can restore the list on another device too, though my only compliant about it is that you can't sync the series you've read after you restored it on another device. As in, you can't sync the list between multiple devices. BUT, as long as MangaRock doesn't go under, the series you've bookmarked on there are relatively safe! Believe me, I panicked when MangaStorm (another phone app) kind of screwed things up...
ANYWAY, I mostly read manga on my tablet simply because I'm usually reading in bed or on the go. The quality isn't too bad, but I'm kind of used to it now and reading my laptop feels a tiny bit weird now haha

I've recently finished City of Darkness (manhua) and Gu Fang Bu Zhi Shang (manhua)!
City of Darkness is the dark horse in my list right now... didn't know I'd like it so much haha XD And as for Gu fang Bu Zhi Shang... the series stops at Book 2 but the light novel continues.. I went a little crazy and finished Vol 1 (books 1 to 3) that was scanlated then since I couldn't read Chinese, I found the audio chapters and still currently listening to it (thank goodness I understand Chinese... OTL)!

Last but no least, Ilegenes! I love it so much that when I went to Japan, I bought the entire series and lugged it all the way back to Canada. haha C: Just the amount of emotions that were portrayed, and it still hurts (the feeeeeels) when I recall Fon's expressions </3

Whatcha been reading? (:

Phraze | 05-15-15, 4:10 PM
I see. Haha, I always forget you had horses. Kinda hard to believe since I never rode one. Seen before, twice, but never rode it.

Lucky I never watched any of those horror movies. Even if I did, they were only old chinese ones. Not very scary and thorough. Phew. I read there are some new horror movies released and I definitely won't watch them. Horror is just not for me, if it's live -.- I always prefer the nice, comedic, and safe live-actions~ Though there's some horror anime I don't watch, they're really horrifying and totally weird...

Yes! I had lots of hopes especially since they animated Akatsuki no Yona! If I remember correctly, Akagami no Shirayuki Hime came before Akatsuki no Yona. So I was kinda hoping they wouldn't skip the series. But look at the trailer, it doesn't do the art justice at all.... Yeah, Mihaya and Zen for me too. Though I also like Raji, especially after he became Shirayuki's friend. Btw, what did you think of the pilot chapter of the manga? I liked it better than the rest of the series, tbh.


Just curious btw, shouldn't you use a blog or spoiler for your About Me? I end up having to scroll a lot, haha.

KamSung | 05-13-15, 1:17 PM
It makes me wonder, 'these days' he only seems to care abut his revenge but aside from that also about making money. If he really is as old as those other Long Cheng gang's leaders why would he need that much? Does he need it for a full scale war against the Long Cheng gang? I don't think so. I don't think he'll survive that long, I mean that's why Bi Lin is fighting for his father/grandpa.
Yeah precisely, remember how he killed that surgeon of his because he took too much time to complete surgery? Brutal.
Well it may be a manga and all but I'm quite sure there are people able of doing something like this. Real humans I mean.
I hope he'll sweetly get defeated. Btw don't you have that website where they release earlier or sth? How come you aren't earlier than me with opening a chapter discussion?
Yeah it's a shame that they don't show us more of the country in SunKen Rock :(
I mean in City of Darkness for most of the manga they have been in the slums, and the slums are described so good :o
And then that scene with Chen Luo Jun and Xin Yi's sister on the hanging chairs, beautiful.
Hmm yeah it could be spicened up more too, I mean in City of Darkness you have all kinds of emotions overflowing and everyone's family. In SunKen Rock you pretty juch only have respect and honor, a shame really. It's very good nonetheless.
Say what's character development in general? I hear alot of people complaining about a character missing development. Like they've done something, they made a choice which affected their lives very heavily and people complain about them being selfish(because their choice probably is).
So is that just complaints of fans, do fans want a character to develop themself into something of the fan's wishes or is it really the lack of character development?
Yeah Blood and Steel is gorgeous, ugh it has been so long since a chapter came out though. In the last two months I think I've got like 1 chapter... 😭😭
Blood and Steel's so lively, I like it alot. It's kind of a let down though that after about 60/70 chapters Yan Xiao still has yet to learn more martial arts :(
I mean Yao Lianzhou gave them some time in the last chapter to train, I hope Yan Xiao takes this chance and goes off to learn some good martial arts and improve his abilities ^$^
Hmm I think I missed Rakia, gotta search it up now, whatcha think of it?
Yeah I think so too, she might as well get a good ass BDSM torture next chapter 😎

lollisheep | 05-13-15, 7:34 AM
I ended up reading Until Death Do Us Part, Love So Life, and a few others that I predownloaded before leaving lol~~
Thank you so much for the list again! I can officially say that I've read 800+ series now haha (and people call me crazy.. ah well)
The only thing preventing me from putting all the mangas I've read on Mal is my laziness... and it takes way too long LOL I usually keep track of them on my MangaRock app OTL...

How are you? :D

KamSung | 05-08-15, 10:34 AM
Hmm I'm not necessarily thinking about bad behavior, he seems to have a twisted personality with him eating human meat and all whilst watching people getting tortured and not even flinching about hearing someone die.
It still hurts deep down when I think about AV's wife getting killed and being used for adult videos 😭😭😭
Yeah that actually sounds legit, he seems to be like that, it makes me wonder why Macau's gangs accepted him though.
I mean if they wanted someone strong to compete with the Triads they should have done something way sooner, I mean Thunder's getting old already.
He should be somewhere as old as the other Long Cheng elders. I also find it a shame how that one Long Cheng elder has to put up with the others whilst he actually has mutual interests with Xin Yi.
Which setting do you like more between SunKen Rock's setting and City of Darkness' setting?
Well for that to get an answer we should look in their past, unfortunately the SunKen Rock's wikia is shit isn't the best.
I only remember Yumin getting heavily injured and everyone around her getting killed.... Not of any help 😅
Hmm now I remember he tried to kill Yumin before back when Ken was fighting that brownish guy in the abandoned flat*
He sent assassins and all, he doesn't seem like the type to fail if you look at the guy with the 1000kg bat coming at Ken, that should have finished Yumin off for sure.
So I think he's testing here instead of actually trying to kill her.

daisy- | 05-07-15, 11:23 PM
I just finished reading it all up to the latest chapter, Season 3 Chapter 94. I just feel sorry for Jung, that he had to feel that way. D:

I read the chapter summaries here: since Odd's scans were up to S3Ch44, I started on Ch45 and after reading the summary I would look at the webtoon raw to at least be able to imagine what happens.

Then crisis happened when there were no summaries for chapters 80, 83, 84 and 85. I just looked at their raws instead, and tried to understand it based on what they did but it's different if there's a summary. Chapters 81 and 82 were summarized on the forum though. And then after that for chapter 86-94, I used this site: and after reading each chapter, I'd also look at the webpage again.

A lot of people are saying that it's already nearing the end but I don't blame them, since it's already this long and even the author said that she doesn't expect that season 3 to be very long but somehow I still feel that there's a lot of things left unanswered that there's still a lot of chapters to go before we can have a final resolution.

Some people said that Jung didn't have much character development and I somehow agree but after this chapter (94), we'll see how it goes. I just really feel sorry for him because i think he has a hard time trusting others since he always puts up a facade and doesn't know how people will react with his 'weird' side. The problem is that I think, his dad or rather Dr. Bek was the one who made the assumption of being 'weird'. I want Sul to open him up so bad because even if I love Sul and In Ho, Jung and Sul should be together.

I had to update myself with this or else I would've gone mad from waiting ahahahah, I'll still read the scanlations when they come out of course, but seeing that there's already a 50 chapter gap, my curiosity is burning.

I don't really watch Kdrama, just a little bit, like Boys over flowers lol, and probably heartstrings and that kdrama with the girl from girls generation wherein they had a love story and their parents (the boy's and hers) also had one. I heard that CiTT will be made into a drama so I hope they could pick very good actors, at least, appearance wise that they'd at least give off the same aura as the characters that they will portray.

Same, I also want to learn Japanese though rather than Korean since I'm more of an anime fan I guess and I don't really watch kdramas or manhwas.

Do you have any kdramas/webtoons to recommend?
I've also read Orange Marmalade which I absolutely loved and also read Annarusumanara (I think, lol too lazy to google the spelling) but I'm not sure if the latter is a korean webtoon or not.

lollisheep | 05-07-15, 8:17 PM
-pokes- I believe I talked to you sometime back in 2013 when I asked you for a recommendations list for manga before I left for a very lengthy vacation. Hello again! ^^

RoseOfHeaveN | 05-07-15, 9:35 AM
Thanks =)

daisy- | 05-06-15, 6:20 AM
Hi there! I just started reading Cheese in the trap and I just finished reading the translated chapters by odd squad in 2 days.

I keep seeing your name on the forum boards on the manhwa so I thought you'd be crazy about this manhwa.

I also just read the summaries for the next 3 chapters so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad but what I can tell you is that it will feeeel sooooooooo gooooood because of what happens.

It's sad because just when the story is getting good, boom, the translations are done and it makes you want to learn Korean just to read the raws.

Anyway, for now, I have no idea who to ship Sul with. I really want to go for Jung but I still don't know what the heck is up with him. He's sick in the head I tell you, and scary af and very very manipulative but maybe because he just needs someone to understand him that's why I still want to see how Sul and him will go on with their relationship.

And somewhere, in the deepest corners of my heart, I'm shipping Sul and In Ho but ugh, I seriously don't want In Ho to get hurt. His temper might be bad but at least if it's being rational, I'd prefer him being with Sul.

I'm suddenly spilling out my opinions. I seriously needed to talk to someone with this since I don't really have friends who read Manhwa/Manga as crazy as I do. :D

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