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04-13-14, 11:42 PM
and fire! haha.. no?
September 17, 2011
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lowkey is my habibi~ ♥

hi. i dunno what i'm supposed to tell you here?
i like flowers, rap, money, and tea with milk.
i dislike.. my sister-in-law and slow internet.
give me presents on October 8th, please.

DarknessOfEmo is my best friend! :)

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Favorite Japanese/Korean Songs
06-16-12, 12:34 PM Edited 05-28-13, 6:58 PM

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waalex11 | 04-21-14, 9:10 PM
Sorry for not replying with the rest for 'not so long'.
And I'll try to be less and less negative as time goes by, I promise. I can already prove it actually from my life's latest 'crisis'.
When I learned that Sat was the last day of auditions and they never sent me an email for an audition date. (Even though the worst part of fact is that they never accepted me to enter the college or the program because of my bad marks) and it made me drip a few tears.
But... surprisingly I wasn't really depressed at all, deep down I knew. That this isn't so bad at all, that I'm not in shit. That this 'little insignificant' thing isn't the end for me at all. And that I'm just getting started.

After laying on my bed, with my mom and sister comforting me. But even then before my mom tried to comfort me as she usually does. I already had my answers. I wasn't negative. This is how I felt: I'll get a job, save up some money, start working out right and get the best efficient gains I can possible, improve every time. And apply to an Acting School.
So I basically wasn't lost anywhere. I still know my path and I have my plans. And I know I'll never quit, Its like I don't know how to quit when it comes to acting. Some people realistically say that they've doubted their dreams a lot of times like everyone else, and. I gotta admit I have as well. But the thing that's different about me is that, The first time that I had a time where I doubted myself in my dream was at 17, and that's pretty late. Most people doubt themselves younger. And till this day, sure I've had other times and a lot in these past 3 years in doubting myself a few times. But they've been rare. Only, that's not the point. Every time I've doubted myself, I go to my mom and even if it takes me long I eventually don't doubt myself anymore. And... ordinarily it's always been fast.
And through my hardships I've become quicker at switching my negative into positive. At the moment I let myself be honest and cry or whatever, but once I'm done or rest for the day, the next day I come right back up in my feet. And I only keep becoming stronger from every experience I get. Starting from bullying, to adult-ed, super c, washing windows, college, my parents, call center job, etc. and the most recent one.

Basically I'm fine because from my experiences in hardships and learning from them, I've gotten stronger. And I'll only continue to do so. I just really can't wait to start, get a job first and go from there and work my way up hard! --And from my life circumstances of being spoiled, and half-assing a few things and rarely working hard with actually never working my hardest potential in 100%. I think the day has come where my life from now on will be of a man.. working extremely hard for anything and everything he wants in life and perceiving strongly. Because that's the man I've always wanted to become anyways. But the day has come. Where I'll finally start creating that man. LOL.

So finally. Ya, Mr. Scott and Mr. Williams really were great people.
I don't know how or if what I showed was enough but they saw it in me. That... I'm like a sponge, every experience I get I take it with me and evolve from it making it become part of me. --I'd love to meet a lot of them again once I'm very successful, get praised at, lol.
Oh looks like that's all there is to reply to.

So... thank you again. ^-^

LowKey | 04-20-14, 7:00 PM
You weren't stingy at all hehe.

Kuronekosama97 | 04-20-14, 7:38 AM
I usally watch those movie scenes, I think they're a part of the story and they're important. Yes, I like horror but sometimes it scares me too >.< I've been influenced by my friends, most of them love horror and so I started liking it too, but I really like watching horror film with friends, it makes it less scary.

My favourites ice cream flavours are vanilla and chocolate :3 Which are yours? I have a cat since I was 2 years old, I love her soooo much. She's always with me when I'm at home, I love to cuddle her ^^ I've had two other cats, but they both died :(
Kittens are so cute, you should take one, they're so loving!
I can cook a lot of different cakes, biscuits and a lot of typical italian dishes, my grandma had taught me everything that I know, she's a great cook! What about you? :)

RandomChampion | 04-19-14, 12:34 AM
im telling you it's not the camera but the face!

i have a blurry face

KurizenT | 04-17-14, 2:21 AM
Yeah, I'm into rock and metal songs! Don't worry, you will never missing out anymore. Try to visit although I haven't visit that site much.

That DOES song was nice. But still I prefer Donten. Oh thanks :) but Japanese Music was really wide. Maybe I'll go search for that song by myself. But I think Newold album was long long time ago. Btw, here is another song of DOES but it was old song I guess.

Yeah, it's one of my favorite song of Konomi-chan lol! HAHA! But it was just my own decision if I want you to share more music on you or not lol! Don't worry, since you're the second one that I've talked and shared about Japanese music since most of my friends talks about me anime and manga T.T The first one was not active much anymore. Well, here is the new song of Konomi-chan

Oh thanks! Well, I can't go lazy around with that subject. And our literature professor looks crazy lol! Me too, I almost forgot everything in Geometry (since there's lots of formula there and I'm not really good at memorizing those things) I think algebra was easy to learn except for logarithms. Yeah, I'm very thankful to my English Professor :))

Btw, do you watch any anime? :))
Sorry, for the late reply. MAL doesn't load properly in my PC T.T

waalex11 | 04-15-14, 8:57 PM
Me and my sister don't really look 'super a-like' but we don't look like were not twins either.
We have one tiny detail about our left eyebrow though.
Funny thing is I never had a class with my sister. Well, it's because I went to regular courses and she went to IPL, below regular.

And trust me, Brian really is a super dumb fuck xD
But I still accept him for who he is. He never told me about that shady friend before so I couldn't of stopped him.
Oh and he doesn't want to beat him up anymore, too risky, he's gonna call the cops for it. Should of done that in the first place. Dumbass didn't do shit yet though, I don't know what he's waiting for.
I guess he wants more proof.

Yeah but we 'bully' him behind his back not infront of his face, but we still tell him when he doesn't make sense. It doesn't bother him, we don't insult him to hurt his feelings or anything.
But Brian is totally fine.

I used to write a lot of journal entries in highschool, especially when I was getting bullied.
Now its extremely rare.

And thanks for comforting me as usual. ^-^
Btw, about that. I completely fine. Even though it sucked at the moment where I found out how I actually never got accepted. I'm fine. From all my past experiences I adapted to stay positive even when I let myself deep in a gloomy state.

I already have everything planned. --Sorry I always keep getting interruptions and the end of the day passes. I'll write the rest tomorrow.

Miyu_ | 04-14-14, 7:03 PM
It is a secret :0) that is the reality, well it won't be later this year.

Have you seen Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi (TV) ? i think you will like it :) it is one of my favorite besides Gantz, Elfen Lied, and Guyver.

Rexuto | 04-14-14, 6:50 PM
No problem and it was good, you? It's Tuesday tomorrow now.

waalex11 | 04-14-14, 4:54 PM
Lol, nice move. (On the flicking my forhead)
My favorite character of Inari... it wasn't on the manga but with the voice actress I just love Kon! (The tiny white fox) and obviously Inari, she's so cute.

And... YOU WERE STILL LATE! I'm kidding, its always nice to finally get your replies, even if they're long.
*hugs you back and waves back and forth from side to side* thankyu x3

And I do wear glasses actually, damn I should of done that. The awesome anime glasses thing like Kabuto does in Naruto and tons of other characters.
It is pretty... not amazing but interesting... the fact of memorizing lines, its a skill in of it itself. My former classmate was super fast at memorizing, I wish I knew how she did it, she only taught me one memorizing skill, but I guess its normal if she's been doing theater since 2 years old.
Oh and DEAL on each time I say I hate myself, lol.
I'll give you the links to the monologues I'm doing. For the Hamlet Monologue: (and thanks searching this actually helped me finally know the translation, lol) ...well... just when I was writing this, my friend who is actually in the program since last year. Asked me if I ever did the auditions yet... and.. I obviously no, and he replies with "the last auditions were saturday" now I feel like I'm fucked, I already kinda quit, and once again wtf. Tears. He's trying to help me, telling me to send them an email, and call tomorrow. Sent the email but.. like I said, I already kinda quit. Yesterday I memorized the modern monologue 100%, but not the Hamlet one, and I didn't master any of them yet (on the acting and what I wanna do with them) the modern monologue.

It's exagerated but I almost feel like the most unluckiest man on earth...
Anywas back to the topic. That 3% milk really is good though. I don't know how to explain the spanish recipe but... Search 'arroz chaufa. That's the recipe. My mom though does it without the onions, etc. We only use the omelets, chicken, and veggies. But not the other stuff.
Lol, hoe's do get the attention, its the aura of perfume I tell you! To watch UFC live stream I search ... I'll write the rest later

Korrvo | 04-14-14, 4:52 PM
I'd say so, especially rebellion. I watched the series a while ago, but the movies reminded me of how good it really was.

Madoka is one of those "this is why I like anime" animes, and even more o after rebellion.

PandaSaki | 04-14-14, 9:05 AM
Haha okay. Will this be a candle light dinner?

Starchaser187 | 04-14-14, 7:12 AM
I sure would, I'd go to Princeton like Carlton

RikuXPaine | 04-14-14, 6:41 AM
Wait did you call me a brat lmao

RikuXPaine | 04-14-14, 4:21 AM
Lmao I was at school when we were talking! & thnx :) I hate raisins but I like oatmeal raisin cookies lmao you can feel free to hit me haha. I prefer Pineapples :p


_ultima_ | 04-13-14, 11:46 PM
It led me to aria :/

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