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Kotonoha no Niwa
Kotonoha no Niwa
5 hours ago
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Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi
Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi
6 hours ago
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Gakkou no Kaidan
Gakkou no Kaidan
Yesterday, 11:09 PM
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Shuukan Shounen Girl
Shuukan Shounen Girl
5 hours ago
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Tonari no Seki no Satou-san
Tonari no Seki no Satou-san
5 hours ago
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Sanpakugan-chan wa Tsutaetai.
Sanpakugan-chan wa Tsutaetai.
Yesterday, 9:41 AM
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waalex11 Jul 6, 9:36 PM
On-Hold Romance Manga to Complete;
- Taiyou no Ie
- Tonari no Kashiwagi-san
- ib: Instant Bullet
- Shiritsu! Bijinzaka Joshi Koukou
- Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu
- Fujimura-kun Mates
- Shall we Have Dinner Tonight?
- Kimi Ni Todoke
- Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
- Koi dano Ai dano
- AI ga Tomaranai!
- Ai-Ren
- Omamori Himari
- Kuzu no Honkai
- Superior
- Ore Monogatari!!
- Natsu no Zenjitsu
Phloup Jul 2, 10:52 PM
Same here. It's such a fun manga, but it's way too short. Hopefully it can get serialized or something.
Phloup Jul 2, 5:59 PM
Hi! I looked at your comment on Toshiya Wakabayashi's page, and it's just to let you know that Yuuko-san wa Miraretai has been added to the database.
PinkPinkSakura Jun 17, 2:24 AM
wow, i was planning to reply to this earlier, but in the end, i never did, so sorry about that!

hmm yeah, i agree. the first time i read it, i imagined her to have a tomboyish voice (not as rough as in the ova/ona though), but after re-reading it a couple of times, it makes soo much better sense for her to have a sweet voice like you mentioned, it fits her personality way better.
yes exactly, those are pretty typical when it comes to shoujo. glad they didn't go down that route.

i'd like that to happen as well. unfortunately, the manga isn't super popular, neither is the author. it's a shame, really. talking about the author, i found this really adorable picture from her twitter, i just had to share it:

i've been looking around for fan art of nekota (the manga), but there's barely any. i had to search for the japanese name of the manga to actually get some results, and then i stumbled upon her twitter. i wish she'd post more colored drawings of them, would love to use them for a forum set or something like that.

anyways, about female protagonists like mikki, i don't think there is one tbh. i've searched and searched but ugh it's so frustrating cause there's too few people that know about the manga, and the recommendations that i've gotten didn't meet my expectations, story wise and character wise. i don't even know anymore, i guess i'll give up for now on finding similar stuff, it really shouldn't be that hard but somehow, it is.

i get what you mean, drama is a pretty big part of most romance anime/manga, after all. especially shoujo, shoujo manga and anime that isn't directed towards a younger audience tend to have a lot of dramatic elements.
oooo yeah i've heard about i want to eat your pancreas before, only the anime though. i don't know, maybe i'll check out the anime first and then the manga, since you mentioned that they left out some interactions. i think if i'd go and read the manga first and then watch the anime, i'd probably be a bit disappointed, can't say that for sure though since i haven't watched/read them yet. i'll let you know what i thought of them afterwards.
i haven't heard of one week friends, but it looks interesting! i'll check out the manga. kinda sad with the open-ending though, i'm not super into those but who knows, this might be an exception.

it's okay, i haven't had any luck either when it comes to finding similar manga. i appreciate the thought though, as well as the recommendations! i'll let you know when i watch/read them.

i'd like some of your best romance recommendations actually, hit me with 'em! i don't hate dramatic romance manga/anime, as long as they're done right, then i'll probably end up enjoying them.
AshitaNoJonas Jun 14, 1:57 PM
Hi, I just read your thread from 2012. Did you build a lot of muscle since then?
gogilan Apr 27, 8:12 PM
The end of the anime is a kind of lackluster, and I believe it's a chapter in volume 4, while the manga has an actual conclusion to the romances that are being formed.
waalex11 Apr 26, 2:35 PM
April 26, 2020. Started reading Yuko-san wa mirare tai/Ghost Beside Him by Wakabayashi Toshiya, creator of Tsurezure Children.
PinkPinkSakura Apr 14, 11:36 PM
yeah i think haruna's voice actually fits pretty well, as well as nekota's which is decent, but man did i not like mikki's voice. i just don't find it fitting to her character i guess, don't really know why, it just feels odd compared to the other two.
i agree, i guess they didn't really intend to make it "perfect" since it's just an ONA after all. it's a shame, but we can still wish for a proper anime adaption to come out someday.

ooh i see, too bad it isn't translated yet. i'd love to read more from this author, but i can't say that i don't have high expectations now that i've read nekota. i should probably lower my expectations a bit lol.

yeah it was soo cute, hurts my heart. i want more.
hmm i've watched kodocha and i feel like sana is really similar but it's still not the same, i feel like that's the closest it can get though (out of all the shows and manga i've read). kodocha has more drama though.

i was actually expecting to dislike haruna, irie and especially the girl that saw nekota's cat face (can't remember her name), but surprisingly, i didn't end up hating them. there weren't any ridiculous characters and they didn't try to make it a living hell for the victim, which some other shoujo does, like to the extent of brutal bullying (looking at you hana yori dango). the so-called rivals were likeable for once, and i can appreciate that.

please do so!~ really craving a similar manga/characters.
PinkPinkSakura Apr 14, 8:44 AM
edit: wait maybe it was the ONA i saw. i'm not sure, found it on youtube.

okay first of all, thank you sooo much for your comment! it honestly makes me so happy to find people that finally acknowledges how great that manga is. i'm really glad you liked it! it definitely deserves more recognition. i've re-read it about 3 times or so already.

man i agree, i really wish we could have seen a bit of them in highschool or just an epilogue in general. i take it you've already read the extra chapter, right? if not, it's here: Chapter
on the last two pages in the extra chapter there's there's a bit of a "sneak-peak" (don't know if you could call it that) of them being a bit older (and dating). i don't know, i just thought it was really cute so i wanted to point it out. i adore them.

yeah mikki is amazing! i haven't come across a character like her. she's straight forward and energetic, but it's not overwhelming and it doesn't get cringe throughout the series. i swear, some energetic characters really annoy me but mikki's an exception, mainly because it doesn't go overboard and since she's just so charming in general. i really wish there were more characters like this!
the manga in general is also very unique to me, i wish there was more stuff like this. but unfortunately, i haven't found anything. it's truly a gem in the shoujo genre as well as the romance genre, shouldn't be overlooked.

i agree. i think it has the potential to be adapted into a good anime, but it's probably not gonna happen anytime soon. i've seen the two OVA's but it can't even be compared to the greatness of the manga. it only covers a bit of the first chapter. it just kinda looks lazy in my opinion, i know they weren't gonna try to do anything crazy with it but it's just... no. it's actually kinda funny, doesn't look like they tried much, they replace almost every background with a sparkly shoujo effect which is i don't know, off-putting. it makes sense in the manga but it doesn't in the ova. i think nekota's voice is pretty spot-on though.
also, they didn't include the scene where mikki laughs at nekota while playing dodgeball, neither do they include the scene mikki rescues haruna from getting hit by the ball. would've liked to see that animated.

you're welcome! i'm really glad you liked it, i wish more people would know about it and give it the recognition it deserves.
by the way, please let me know if you find anything like it sometime, i've been trying but with no luck lol. i've been feeling a bit empty ever since i read it to the end, hence the explanation for why i've re-read it like 3 times already. i wish i could experience reading it for the first time again.
again, i totally agree on the epilogue part. would make me like it even more.

yeah i doubt it too but i'd really love to see that happen. it honestly deserves a proper adaption so much, too bad it's overlooked a lot. it could really make a good anime, i swear - as long as it's not like the OVA's. the OVA's doesn't capture the charm of the manga.
hmm haven't really looked into the author's other works yet. which one are you talking about?
waalex11 Apr 7, 7:08 PM
「Plan to Watch [Romance] Next:」
- Just Because!
- Seiren
- Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara
- Kowarekake no Orgel
ToG25thBaam Mar 24, 8:18 AM
Ah I see. I don't remember much from it either but I do know it's not as realistic as some might want it to be, and it's quite optimistic for some people's liking. The last arc was also quite, I guess, random/weird too.. Anyway, appreciate your detailed response even though it's been a while!
ToG25thBaam Mar 23, 10:39 PM
Just saw your thread pop up again in the recommendation forum and realized you rated Cat Street a 3 (based on my recommendation) and apparently you left a comment in the final chapter discussion thread, but without any reason. May I know why you think it's a terrible manga and a "total waste of time"?
waalex11 Feb 9, 12:48 AM
... [ Anime ] ...

Plan to Watch:
- Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
- Human Lost: Ningen Shikkaku
- Jitsu wa Watashi wa
- Isshuukan Friends.
- Masamune-kun no Revenge

- Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
- Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
- Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Movie: Kakusei no Houkou
- Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
- Tokyo Ghoul:re
- Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season
waalex11 Feb 8, 11:43 PM
... [ Manwha ] ...

Plan to Read:
- Ability
- Colorless Girl
- Cursor
- By Chance, We... and...
- Gaussian Blur
- Lady Garden
- Fatal Woman
- Kitsch Year
- Deep
- An Adult's Experiences
- Love Deficiency