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June 3, 1988
October 10, 2010
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Would like to make friends with someone having similar interests. Everyone's welcome to write me. ^^

1st - Mahoromatic (TV1)
100th - Stairs: Houkago no Album
200th - Spice and Wolf (TV1)
300th - Natsu e no Tobira

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Foushy | 09-01-13, 4:33 AM
He was just SO SWEET the entire series. I hated MOMO by the end of it. Idiot.

Foushy | 08-31-13, 3:10 PM
/slow clap

Just saw your review about Peach girl and wanted to say THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one who was team Toji!! :)

fling | 08-29-13, 12:36 AM
Where did you watch Elfina with English subs?

RedHentai | 08-14-13, 5:18 AM
i never would have imagined such a comprehensive and in depth review could come out of a hentai. Hats off to you

AnaMustacho | 08-13-13, 2:43 AM
I read your review on First Squad and I have to agree with it.
I was also glad to find someone with a good review having an open mind and looking at it from different angles.
anyways, Nice job!

mrjag89 | 07-20-13, 9:34 AM
Thanks to your recommendation I discovered Koushoku Ichidai Otoko. It is very good :D

NOAH_FAMILY | 06-03-13, 11:00 AM
H-BIRTHDAY Arrvilja-chwaan ;)

NOAH_FAMILY | 06-03-13, 3:39 AM
thx,,, so late right?? sorry ^^

KnightRyder | 04-10-13, 11:42 AM
Lets hope that it becomes available subbed. I could buy the Japanese audio only DVD, but I would need to see if there is a subtitle group willing to do it first. I have no problem with buying it for widespread viewing. Most groups want the "hard copies" for their encoding and subtitle work. There aren't many that use raws.

KnightRyder | 04-10-13, 10:54 AM
Nagasaki 1945: Angelus no Kane has not been released. Hiroshima ni Ichiban Densha ga Hashitta is available to purchase but no torrent currently exists. I'll keep looking, though, as there may be a surprise out there somewhere. Nagasaki I think has a PV out.

KnightRyder | 04-10-13, 10:42 AM
I just found out that I have a copy of Ushiro no Shoumen Daare, but haven't watched it yet.

KnightRyder | 04-10-13, 10:40 AM
Anne no Nikki is actually a decent rendition of the Diary of Anne Frank. The others I know about but have not watched them either. Hadashi no Gen II was fair, but not as good as the original movie. I liked Hadashi no Gen much better than the Grave of the Fireflies. But that one, too, is a good watch.

KnightRyder | 04-10-13, 8:45 AM
I found a site with English subs. Its in 2 parts and I hope to get to it today or tomorrow. You compared it to Hadashi no Gen, which is a very powerful movie. I don't care about video quality for viewing. I hope it will eventually find its way on to a DVD, but that is iffy at best.

KnightRyder | 04-09-13, 2:28 PM
Where did you find Rail of the Star: A True Story of Children? What site would you recommend?

starshinesMonet | 03-14-13, 4:10 PM
Have you found any that you feel are 'quality' works of animation?

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