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Xenocrisi | 4 hours ago
Now i wonder how they ruined it if the game had a story, i hope the plot picks up in the second half. Yeah, they are pretty the same thing. Btw how are you? I think i've never asked you it, sorry xD

Xenocrisi | 10 hours ago
Is the game plotless like the anime? I wonder why it is so famous, it seems exactly like Monster Hunter.

Xenocrisi | 12 hours ago
Is God Eater an Anime original adaptation? If yes, i could understand why there is not plot.

gedata | Yesterday, 5:05 PM
No need to hurry I guess. Nothing terribly mindblowing. Just a bit of closure fanservice for PP fans in the form of a Hollywood B action movie.

gedata | Yesterday, 11:29 AM
Psycho-Pass's movie is out and subbed btw

Xenocrisi | Yesterday, 12:45 AM
Why do you think that the music is good? I mean, it is pretty average when there is and not really often we can hear the ost, even in the battle scenes is absent sometimes.
I think that the story can improve, but i don't think that we'll get a very interesting story.

StyleF1re | Jul 26, 10:01 PM
I was just messing. I did see it, but would like to un-see it if possible... haha

And me missing out? Hah! I never miss out or miss period when it comes to anime. I'm just that good, you know?

StyleF1re | Jul 26, 9:27 PM
Death Parade? Never even heard of that one...

Xenocrisi | Jul 26, 5:43 PM
Lol, how did you not notice it? xD

I just marathoned the 3 episodes of God Eater. Not bad, damn the animation is more than great, the OST is absent, the okay (i don't even know if there's the plot) but if there's action i am fine with it. The MC is pretty annoying, i like the girl New-type.
Your thoughts about this?

Studied | Jul 26, 2:32 PM
Oh hey Stark been awhile. Amazing chapter this month with that soft&wet.

Hope you're doing well :D

Xenocrisi | Jul 26, 11:37 AM
I don't read LN, aren't they just normal books?
I wonder why people say always that LN adaptations are terrible, does have them something difficult to adapt from?

With Rokkay, yeah, i was getting bored, i heard in the PV that a MC said "Kono naka de Hitori Teki ga Iru" so i got hyped (i study japanese so i understand a lot of things ehehe), but nothing really interesting happened since the last half of the 4th episode and i was wondering when that part (with kono naka...) was going to be animated to make things more interesting and it finally happened. I clicked by mistake a spoiler and now i know that
Interesting. I hope it gets better.

Shimoneta is exactly like Seitokai Yakuindomo, aren't the same? O_O

Congratulations for 2000 anime completed with Sora no Method!!!

Xenocrisi | Jul 26, 10:10 AM
i'll watch it but not now, maybe in future because i am not in Mafia anime, or Durarara-like anime (i dropped it), if it will catch my attention i'll give it a look.

I Haven't watched yet Charlotte's episode 4 but looks like that people started hating it more after episode 3 (that i enjoyed but was pretty rushed). I am waiting for the true plot of the anime.

Why do you dislike Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Taikutsu Sekai (i think)? Don't you like dirty jokes? I think are pretty funny since i am a bit pervy eheheh.

Can i ask you why do you enjoy a lot Rokka no Yuusha? I don't think it's all this WOW, if you know what i mean. The only things i like about it are Freya and the OP.

Sorry for my english.

Xenocrisi | Jul 26, 1:31 AM
Yeah, i hope they don't change a lot, i am still worried about the 2nd half of the anime because will happen a lot of things.

Charlotte is okay i think. People started calling it "Power of the week" but i have big hopes because Maeda said that the 1st half of the anime was slow paced.

Rokka no Yuusha another OK anime. I had big expectations and it failed in some points for me (the 3D animation is just terrible), hopefully it will get better.

I haven't watched Gangsta yet but it looks like a bit overrated (if you compare each poll thread of Gakkou Gurashi and Gangsta, Gakkou wins but has 7.78 of score and Gangsta 8.29)

Well, this is surely the best season of anime in 1 year or so (for me). Just look at all this potential that this season has; Charlotte, Shimoneta, Rokka no Yuusha, Gate, Overlord, Gakkou Gurashi, Gangsta, ecc...

Long messages are more than welcome

Xenocrisi | Jul 26, 12:43 AM
Thanks for the request!

So you are a fan of Gakkou Gurashi too? :O
your thoughts about it? Do you like the adaptation?

This season lerche is just wow.
Monster musume is funny, Gakkou Gurashi is very well done and Ranpo Kitan is...weird?

StyleF1re | Jul 26, 12:41 AM
I was thinking "Jormungand successor" or "Bebop throwback" at first, but I couldn't get invested in the characters and themes on-hand. The constant lounge-like music was also driving me nuts. Projecting it to be loaded with more gangster-of-the-week nonsense, but I may be wrong. We'll see! haha

Yeah, Winter was so bad I only dropped ONE show then. Basically, there was little even worth looking at in the first place. However, I found a few gems for myself and completely went head-over-heels for Koufuku Graffiti. That one was a feast!

Yuusha is doing well to start, jumping ahead of Shirayuki-hime for the #2 spot right at the four-episode marker. Still much to learn about the world and the purpose of the Braves though!

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