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No random friend requests. I'd love to be friends with people on this site but I have to talk to you before or have seen you around in the community. You don't just get friends, you earn them. Talk to me and I'll likely accept. Hell, I might even sent you a request.

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200 Days of Anime Watched completed - 7/29/2012

300 Days of Anime Watched completed - sometimes during July (damn MAL's stats glitch)

400 Days of Aniime Watched completed - 9/20/2014

300 Days of Manga/LN completed - 8/23/2014

500th Anime Completed: Saikano!

600th Anime Completed: Dennou Coil!

666th Anime Completed: Chrono Crusade (ironic much?)

700th Anime Completed: Nodame Cantabile OVA 2

800th Anime Competed: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead OVA (on Halloween lul)

900th Anime Completed: Hellsing Ultimate

1000th Anime Completed: Momo e no Tegami

100th Manga Completed: Shinobi Life
200th Manga Completed: Arisa
300th Manga Completed: Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de
1000th Manga Completed: 6 no trigger


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LoomyTheBrew | Jun 26, 8:30 PM
Jeez man, your layout for your anime list is so damn pretty with the Steins;Gate stuff! I need one like that =/ It's so awesome!

keragamming | Jun 24, 10:10 PM
Ok, thnx! I guess I'll just wait for two to three month and hopefully the manga will be ahead by then.

keragamming | Jun 24, 12:12 PM
Thnx, that's too bad. I guess I'll have to wait for a while for the manga to catch up to the anime. I'm not really a LN reader so I guess I'll just wait.

Btw, how often does the manga release a chapter? Every week? Every month?

Jicetus | Jun 24, 11:48 AM
Hello mate, you're part of the News Team and I'm wondering if they change the name for it, or has it always been 'News Team'? I had a feeling it was something completly different before but I don't remember what. xD

Tohka_Yatogami | Jun 23, 4:08 PM
There is a manga that I would like to recommend you.

Yuridanshi means a yuri fanboy.

For yuri fan girls, I think I should go with the term "yurijoshi."

keragamming | Jun 23, 12:43 PM
Hey stark, since you're caught up with the latest manga chapter of Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka, I would like to know if its ahead of the anime version, since the manga is an adaption of the LN. And if so, what chapter do you think the final episode of the anime will be in the manga?

Jonesy974 | Jun 22, 5:14 PM
Hell yea cant wait! I assume they will be since they've been pretty faithful so far (from what I've been told). I'm not sure which is better, spring or summer. A LOT of shit I read is being adapted in summer, but my opinions will be based on whether they get butchered or not.

julyan | Jun 22, 6:09 AM
Kinda busy with school stuff and reading some series~ ^^

It's like Douluo Dalu - a fantasy magical story about leveling up. He is a prodigy, but one day he stopped progressing. The reason behind that will be explained early on in the story, but after that, he found a way to get back in track with the help of his master which is a ghost/spirit.

The fun part is how the MC humiliates the people who brushed him aside when he was still on a slump. It's the kind of satisfaction you'll get when you prove the people that doubted you wrong.

Imo, unlike Douluo Dalu, it has a clear defined goal and the odds of it getting off track is slim. However the supporting characters here are a tad fewer and will mostly focus on the MC, his master, and the "current" heroine. lmao. Yep, it has some harem elements.

Overall, it's a decent story so far (37 english translated chapters). The characters aren't shallow, the plot is simple but engaging and there's still so much to know within its lore. It isn't a chore to read, and honestly, I prefer reading it over Doulu Dalu.

babymimi | Jun 22, 4:34 AM
Right, most of this arc's chapters were very short & had little content. That's why it was so long, I can't wait to move on.

babymimi | Jun 22, 4:21 AM
Thanks for the friend request :) nice to meet more fellow Black Butler fans!

Vexper | Jun 20, 3:31 PM
How d'ya feel about the season coming to a close fella? Any disappointments/regrets? x)

Tyrel | Jun 20, 2:40 PM
Oh damn. Looks great.

Dashiawia | Jun 20, 6:23 AM
Thanks, buddy!

Jonesy974 | Jun 20, 1:02 AM
Damn, a request from the top poster himself? Cant refuse that! lol, thanks!

Jicetus | Jun 17, 11:25 AM
Where do you read your manga mate? :3

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