Yuuko "Dusk Maiden" Kanoe

Yuuko Kanoe

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Yuuko Kanoe (庚 夕子)
Age:15 years old

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56.2 kg

A young girl who was left to die alone in the old school building of Seikyou Private Academy long ago. She has no recollection of how she died and is currently searching for clues together with Teiichi Niiya. As a ghost, she is normally invisible to the people in the school, with the exceptions of Teiichi and Kirie Kanoe, a blood relative who can also see her.

Apparently, she has grown fond of Teiichi and has expressed her desire to be by his side forever.

Okonogi is the only member of the club that can't see Yuuko and is not aware that she is the'absentee' president for the paranormal investigation club.

"Meanwhile, the surname "Kanoe" is derived from the 7th sign of the Chinese calendar, which originally meant "evening star" and also means "a person's age".

In the anime series, Yuuko is attributed to autumn leaves and the sky during sunset, which both share the same fiery hues. "

Voice Actors
Neves, Emily
Hara, Yumi
Yeo, Min Jeong

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