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Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?
Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?
8 hours ago
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Uchiage Hanabi
Uchiage Hanabi
8 hours ago
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Tsurezure Children
Tsurezure Children
9 hours ago
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Today, 12:45 AM
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Sep 15, 10:57 AM
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Black Jack ni Yoroshiku
Black Jack ni Yoroshiku
Sep 12, 12:30 PM
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ClimaxDome 6 hours ago
It'd probably be like a 4/10 or 5/10 for me
animeiscool561 6 hours ago
I find it's hilarious you added the show to your PTW back when it originally aired in Spring 2014. Anywho, rant incoming, I'll give another one once I put it in my worst list:

As for the show itself, it's basically a lesbian edgelord assassination tournament, where a bunch of assassins are assembled to be in one class to kill this one super naive girl named Haru in exchange for whatever wish they please. There's also this dice rolling guy who constantly gives riddles to the stoic-ish main character, who grows feelings for Haru and decides to protect her against everyone else. Every episode handles things on a girl by girl basis. You learn about one of the girls, get a rushed out backstory, they try and fail to assassinate Haru, and are presumably killed and removed by the organization. It's one of the biggest culprits of the "why are talking about your plan just STAB her in the heart or face" I've ever seen. Of these, one episode stands out in particular for being like a Lesbian version of Romeo and Juliet, complete with two people taking poison and seeming to die. Once the rinse-repeating is done, and you learn a bit more of the protagonist being from a family of assassins, the head daughter of the real antagonist reveals a plot twist. Apparently it was JUST AS PLANNED for Haru to survive EVERYTHING and be protected because she's from a family as well who were determined "queen bees" to test her manipulation on the main character. Because they TOTALLY would know the main character would want to protect her the whole time and never lose.

At this point, the main character Azuma questions her loyalty to Haru. Did she actually care about her or was it all manipulation? It seems like that Azuma will try to kill Haru to prove it, but it turns out to be the antagonist's daughter in disguise as the protagonist. Azuma then kills her, and with a heavy heart stabs Haru in indecision, killing her and leaving her alone in the world. Also I should mention the riddles this one guy kept telling her were completely useless, only "what you believe in your heart". It seems like it'll go for a tragedy ending with the main character being all alone in the world but NOPE. The antagonist's daughter is still alive, Haru was protected from the stab wound because, apparently she was plated with titanium, and EVERY OTHER ASSASIN CHARACTER WHO WE THOUGHT WAS DEAD TURNS OUT TO BE ALIVE AND HEALTHY. Why? Never explained properly. Haru and Azuma get their lesbian relationship, Azuma's not in any indecision, the end. This is beyond wasted, stupid, pointless and tonally confused with the show's edgy tone. Even AKAME GA KILL had the courage to actually kill off most of the characters in the end and keep them dead! God I hate that ending....
ClimaxDome 7 hours ago
They're easily 10/10 for me (except the last one, which was hated by just about all fans). Wonderful acting in both of them despite the long time lengths.
ClimaxDome 7 hours ago
Godfather opinion?
animeiscool561 8 hours ago
On a side note I finished Akuma no Riddle. Worst ending I've seen in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Seriously screw off.
animeiscool561 8 hours ago
Don't know. The Metacritic club guy mentioned a review schedule for a review every two weeks on one thing in particular. I might review Angel Beats so it can get an aggregate score, and also because my thoughts on it are very mixed
animeiscool561 9 hours ago
Have fun if that's a part, but the show's strengths in general and specifically are also worth noting.

Yup. If you're early on that one you'll get loads of helpfuls since your reviews are pretty well recognized
animeiscool561 9 hours ago
Will you review Made in Abyss as well? You can consider it redemption for the studio and director after Black Bullet
animeiscool561 10 hours ago
Thanks for reading.
Loveop Today, 6:29 AM
Loveop Today, 6:23 AM
Nice..have fun mate!!

Also dont miss out on the Ova "Arietta" and a Special that comes after them before Origination..they are great as well..:)
Loveop Today, 5:52 AM
Oh..that's great..:>

Keep on watching my gets better and better as the seasons progress!! The 2nd season(Natural) is also great!! Though I have constantly heard the 3rd season (Origination) is the best of the lot..which i just gotta find that out myself..XD
Loveop Today, 1:42 AM
See you finished was it overall??
King_Kouta_777 Yesterday, 9:46 PM
Hey mate how have you been? :)