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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)
Jul 13, 10:40 PM
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Dragon's Dogma
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Omniscient Reader
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The Legend of the Northern Blade
The Legend of the Northern Blade
Aug 4, 3:42 AM
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A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
Aug 3, 1:24 PM
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silversrabbit Oct 2, 8:11 PM
Hey man, glad to see that you're doing well. Personally, I've been pretty good, just been doing stuff man consequently I haven't really had as much read manga/ watch anime lately, but beside this, I have been fine. Anyway, how are you? Have you listened to the new Nas album? or any other recent hip hop albums for that matter?
Otaku-2020 Sep 22, 6:44 AM
Man you have got some great taste in manga. Just got some amazing recommendations from you...thats all
Hero_Mitsuru Aug 28, 7:49 PM
recommend me something
Naigio Aug 9, 1:07 PM
hey man i saw your Review to ikki and thought since you have completed the whole manwha that u might know where i can read the chapters from 39-66. I can't find any site which has these chapters and the story is quite captivating and it would be f@cking sad if I couldn't read it.

Have a nice day and looking forward to your reply.
silversrabbit Aug 6, 5:33 AM
Happy birthday! Have a great day!
lordvadersick Jul 11, 9:42 PM
through mutuals! nice to meet you. i saw nas on your pfp and instantly added. I'm doing well, how are you?
Soft-Toilet Mar 16, 3:53 PM
So I'm responding to this way later, I already read your message but my schedule is so tight nowadays that I really have to find time to respond. So I decided to do it now!

Wait did the electricity not work we're you live? Over here it works fine all the time. My house does have some wifi problems though. But that's not the most important concern right? First world problems lmao.

Thanks for checking up on me. Well things could always be better but disregarding that I'm hanging in there. I hope to leave my house soon as possible. I consider maybe renting something out with a friend. We kind of have the same plans so it should work out fine. I really don't want to overstay my welcome at home.
Well school's just killing me with how complicated and dumb everything is. The people that make the books for my exams are all old guys that already know everything about a subject. And they take way to many words to tell something that should be easy to understand and they go on these long winded analogies I don't get. I really hate school, all of this should be more simple. How am I else expected to know everything?
Well yeah all teachers are kind of bad, the only one that's really there for his students is my mentor/history teacher. He's the only one that knows how to teach and prepare his students for the future. All teachers should be like that. I don't get along with the other teachers though. They either try to make fun of me and embarrass me or they act in ways that don't help me with studies. Sometimes it just feels like their outing their frustration on the teens here. But well, what can you do. I'll be leaving in a few months anyway so I'll just have to endure this.

Well with angst I kind of meant social pressure I always feel. Not because I'm really under pressure but I just keep judging myself and I can't help feel a little embarrassed when around people.
This is actually something new also. I worked on my social skills through highschool years and my friend thought me how to speak with people but, now with the whole pandemic and me having to focus on exams all my social skills reverted and now I can't talk with anyone except my close friends at school. But they all have different times then me so I don't even talk when at school. I avoid all social contact and that makes people think I'm weird even more. And I can't help feel embarrassed and somewhat scared in these social situations all the time. That's kind of how I would describe angst ゜・(/。\)・゜

Travis Scott is kind nice, he's the guy that made sicko mode. But I don't like most of his music.
No wait Kanye is amazing! But, I do think Kanye has produced equal amount of not that good songs as good ones. But then again his good ones are so good that he outweighs the mad for the most part. But his new Jesus is king album was sub par and his life of Pablo album was just so appallingly bad.
But yeah I do agree I'm kind of picky with my music ⊃ο<*
But that's because I'm always looking for every song to be the best experience ever in that moment. That's kind of how I like judging music, as something that can get you to incredible highs in the moment you listen to it. I don't really think about most music after listening to it the same way I think about an anime after watching.

Yeah my biggest problem with these new wave artists is that they just make way to much stuff over to short amount if time. I think I may be part of the problem because I consume music and then move on. But I want these artists to take more time in what they make. And that's my connection with these underground rappers and why I like them so much. They aren't attached to anything so they aren't scheduled to a period of time we're they have to release new songs. Instead they get inspiration and then make something and it's very raw because they make it in the moment. But they spend as much time as they need to make that one raw song.
I didn't really have much time to check them out but I have listened to most of their popular songs. I see what you mean by lyrical content now. Being able to say these words so quickly is a weapon in itself. For me the most important thing is the whole sound experience but when they rap this fast the rap and beat become one and create a double up sound. So I definitely see the appeal because the lyrical content transcends what you can do with beats.
But I don't really think about these types of rap the same way I think of hip hop with lot's of screaming and raspy voices. But it's partly a faze. I'll grow out of it eventually. Or not(。>‿‿<。 )

Nice, my parents are also christians. I used to be but well, long story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It's nice you're this close to your family, most of mine live in other countries so the only ones I'm really in touch with are my parents. But I don't really care about the extended family. Having the same blood doesn't mean anything and I don't care for them as people. It's nice they got each other though.

I really ramble on for way too long sometimes. Back to the main topic.

Yeah I don't really like celebrating anything because unless I got everything I want fixed or achieved something to be proud of I won't want to be happy about it. Maybe it is kind of a problem with me but I can never force myself to feel happy in the moment. At least not the moment others around me are happy. I'm so disappointed in how most people work also and that's where I really think they should stop celebrating or stop whatever dumb thing they're doing.
I really don't like most people. But I'm kind of glad they exist, it weeds out competition for those that do want to make something of themselves and those that do have goals. I just kind of wish more people have ambition.

I really like this type of action but, I haven't watched nearly enough anime/manga yet so I have to find more of those. Well Kaguya-sama (love is war) is pretty great. It's about these two student council members that are madly in love but because of their pride they can't admit it and both think they can make each other admit their love first. But the way it's presented it feels really intense even though it's about something so inconsequential. It's a really good anime/manga.

I see, that's also an interesting way of looking at it. I really like the people that make anime because through their work they express their opinions and thoughts. And the people that make anime think similar about many things like me or have a very unique perspective that I can't get out of most "normal" television.
Honestly I don't know many studios but I'm trying to recognize them more. Madhouse is pretty great, they made one of my favorite animes Hunter x Hunter. I really want to watch more anime!

Well Togashi is the mangaka behind HXH and Norihiro is the mangaka behind Angel Densetsu. Their both pretty great artists and they really share my thoughts on many things. Especially Togashi. He has back and mental problems now though. I hope he gets better.

I checked your profile, I have no idea about most of the stuff on there. I'm really not as cultured as you are especially not in manga. Actually I'm way lower then a novice in that regard. And with anime there is literally so many to go and watch still. I noticed you really like Btooom. I'm actually starting with the anime tomorrow. Also you have Bleach in your favorites. Do you like it that much? I haven't watched it yet but online everyone says it sucks after the soul society arc. What do you think of this?

That's nice though, I just really prefer anime because there are just things triggered in me when I see animation and hear sound. Actually I'm so serious into anime specifically over manga that I've even considered working in the animation industry for some time. I haven't given up on it so maybe someday!
But I see what you mean though. The power of comics and manga I think is that you can experience them for the most part way faster.
Kaidashi Kikou is a pretty fun watch but again, no full adaptation. That's why I especially want to make an impact on this industry. There need to be more anime adaptation and the way the industry works right now doesn't help with anything. You probably know the crazy stories of underpaid animators and their overwork. That stuff really needs to change, then we can have more quality anime.
I would like more studios to plan things out like how Kyoto does. But I'm really serious about trying to make a difference if I have that chance. But maybe someday.

Yeah I know but Naruto is just so overhyped for being such a under mediocre series. I don't get it at least. The message I got out of it was "do you really want to chance who you are to become what everyone wants you to be" It's a nice message but I've already seen it done way better by other anime. And the characters aren't interesting and there isn't any character drama. Also their backstories don't give me enough to care for them. The character I felt the most for was Haku but even his character has been done far better by other anime. So there's just nothing to get me interested into Shipuden. So I won't watch that.

But the thing with Dragon Ball is that it's actually pretty good. And it doesn't take itself as serious the same way Naruto tries and the characters have drama going on behind the battles. It actually has more thematic resonance then Naruto does even though it looks way cuter in comparison.
And One Piece is amazing in it's characters and story. I can say so many more things and there are so many well written characters in One piece. Also the story and world are just not comparable to that of Naruto.

Even though Shipuden might mature there's not really enough for me already to have me interested in any of the characters. So I won't check it out. I have so much other stuff to watch, read and do.

Well kind of, I do understand why they are into it but it's not something for me. Most people don't care about well written characters or themes. They just want to see stylish looking ninjas fight. But I do think that some people take Shounens way to seriously and like it's not made for kids. But most of it is. But the thing is most people at my school I used to talk with we're way less into anime so when they saw shows like Naruto they thought it was the best show ever made.

Also have you heard about this channel called The Asura? I think he's absolute trash but he has gained so much popularity.
Also what do you think of Nux Taku? In my opinion he sucks even harder, and the guy barely watches anime (ᗒᗩᗕ)

Honestly all these fake anitubers kind of upset me. Taking these sponsorships for Naruto online and stuff and always selling out by exclusively talking about the most popular shows. Like of course they make money of, of it but at a certain point they have to ask themselves how much is my soul worth right? Selling their hearts to things they don't care about. It's really sad to me. But then again some just have plain bad taste. I try to ignore them but sometimes I do think of them.

Well I'm going to sleep. I'm really tired after such a long day. I hope days get less tiresome soon. I'll have more time to text you then, but for now I'll see you later!

Rikuson1 Mar 15, 8:15 PM
What's up I haven't been watching or reading a lot of manga just been playing a lot of video games. As far as the little I've read of XXJ I like it obviously not as much as FSJ but I want to get back in there and see if it gets up to that level if not higher
URAMESSY Mar 8, 2:06 PM

What's on your mind, you mentioned about your mood? Real Madrid problems? I've been pissed for like 10 years lmao. The thing is with Real Madrid is that you miss CR7 your primary route for goals and you're missing a prolific finisher. Furthermore, that the key players in the RM squad is aging and this upcoming transfer will determine how RM will perform within the next few years, I do see Real Madrid to go for Haaland, although there's links with Mbappe he's more of a forward I think RM need a pure goal scorer which Haaland is. At least your not a Arsenal fan like me, they haven't won the league in 17 years. I was 7 years old.

As for Messi the mentality isn't there, don't get me wrong he's an all-time great and has obviously given it his all to make it where he is now. However, look at the situation with Argentina when he did a Uno reverse card decision on his international retirement and pretended nothing happened lol so I agree, he failed in 3 consecutive finals and Ronaldo only needed one to win a international trophy. Also looking at the 2014 final and over the years - he's an introvert and isn't vocal at all which isn't a good suit for a captain he completely disappeared from those finals.

It's what people were saying this whole time, Messi heavily relied on Xavi/Iniesta and later on Neymar/Suarez and when Neymar and Iniesta that's when everything fell apart. In the summer of last year Messi annouced that he was leaving Barcelona, they leaked that Messi earnt half a billion till the end of his contract this year, he kept quiet after that and he'll definitely stay unless its to his boyhood club in Argentina.

Oh wow, didn't see this coming lol! flatmate sounds like my nigga! Biggie had excellent flow, wordplay and rhymes were on-point and beats were lit. 2Pac didn't seem to me as a rapper but more as an artist, I'll give you lyricism and his innate projection of emotion and impact in his lyrics due to his own experiences but Biggie ticks everything else. If Pac were still alive I do see him transition out of rap. I'll check out the live orchestra rendition of Illmatic, haven't heard of it though.
Soft-Toilet Mar 7, 11:50 PM
Thanks for the response! I saw you're response earlier but I just didn't have time to respond back then so I'm doing it now instead. Man school is killing me but atleast I have one good teacher that knows what's up. All my other teachers kinda suck but atleast there's one I can rely on.

Yeah indeed these underground rappers I like are really aggressive but it just helps with getting out my angsts and to not really cope with things but to help me handle situations. That's honestly also why I don't like any big mainstream rapper of these times and I'm not an oldhead but most new rappers don't appeal to me because they're either way to stuck on their formula or they get credit for being inventive while just macking whack music like Kanye and Travis Scott.

I do really like good lyrics though and I do think old hiphop excels at that. New rappers are just so mindblowingly stupid and the ones that sometimes do or did produce good stuff are deplorable like TayK or never drop anything I like or nothing at all sometimes like Cordea. And I can appreciate Kendrick Lamar but I don't at all feel for his scratchy voice and J cole also doesn't really please my interests.
I guess I'm just way to picky with this but I'm glad stuff for me exists out there.

And like it's kinda hard to explain but I think pretty much any old rapper is way more lyrical and has way more substance and just fun with rhymes then any new age rapper does. And like the common argument is that it's just party music but when I hear Lil Pump say: White rice, Fortnite, pew, pew
Pew, pew, red light. Which is an actual lyric of his off-white song.
That just takes the entire mood away from me.

And yeah I really like Illmatic and I'll check out these other rappers after typing this today!

Well thanks for being that nice lmaoo. I also don't celebrate a new month I was just kidding. Honestly I don't even celebrate new year. Until the world is making improvements we as humans have nothing to celebrate so I think it's stupid to celebrate anything. I'm actually also no fan of christmas or anything else.

Seriously!? I love action in anime just as much. But I guess anyone kinda does. I do like the action to have substance and action can be defined by many things. Action could also just be one of the Kaguya-sama battles. But action is very versatile. Honestly I don't have a genre I prefer over the other because every genre could be done really well.
The way I kind of connect through anime is most of the time with people that make it and I feel the same way as these people. Like I pretty much share Togashis thoughts on humanity and I understand Norihiro's thoughts on Japanese society. The only problem kind of is for me that I haven't seen nearly enough anime yet to really be a judge of everything but I'll come there eventually.

Yeah I should check your profile.
Really your a manga first person? Well that's pretty cool. I think I enjoy anime more because of sound design and things you can do with animation that can't be done with still images but I do also love manga because so many good stories don't have anime or good anime. But whenever there is I almost always prefer the anime.
Btw Kaidashi Kikou is just an OVA so if you're reading the manga I still reccomend the 4 episodes of anime. Another manga without proper adaptation. I wish for a better industry. If I'm rich someday I'll definitely invest into anime.

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll give it a try sometime. There's still just so many anime I need to finish or start. Also I'm watching Naruto right now and it's a pretty good kids show but I don't see why people that are almost adults are this into it. But maybe that's just me.
Soft-Toilet Mar 3, 1:14 PM
I'm back!
Sorry it took me so long to respond lmao, I was kinda occupied with learning for exams and watching anime in between breaks.

Yeah Illmatics pretty good I liked his album too. I think I listened to it at least twice. I'm more of a scream rap guy though sometimes but I appreciate all types of hiphop. The ones that appeal most to me though is underground music. Do you know about Kidx and D0llywood1? I really love their music.

Happy new month to you too! I didn't even knew people celebrated every month lmao.
I hope life will change, even though all people in my country are acting like idiots and spreading out the virus. But what can you do [•.•ิ].

Hey so I haven't checked out your profile yet but what kind of anime are you in to? Have you seen Kaidashi Kikou? It's pretty good I hope it gets a full adaptation someday. It's about the world that has been completely destroyed and most humans are dead but those that are still alive live their lives in peace while nature takes back the cityscapes. It's really beautifully done and the animation and set design is so atmospheric.

The only thing about it that sucks is that it's an OVA and not a full series. This one really deserves an anime.
Soft-Toilet Feb 28, 1:21 AM
Well I was basically looking through my friends list and I thought maybe having more is nice so I clicked on their friends and that lead me to you.

Also the album on your profile pic is pretty nice.

Hey so wanna talk about some animes and things?
WesleyParra Feb 23, 10:49 PM
Yes ahahahaah about works not so bad, some places are worst in this case, but the prices of things are on the sky, and other problems
WesleyParra Feb 22, 10:32 AM
Sorry " I will eventually", I'm Brazilian and not fluent in english, I thought "pretend" was "pretendo" (portuguese word) that means " I have intention to"
URAMESSY Feb 15, 4:05 AM
I loved the KnB movie and it was great seeing Akashi being put in his place and I agree, the media paint Messi in a golden boy image, whereas Ronaldo is seen as arrogant and vain. I've always preferred Ronaldo and Real Madrid to Barcelona, never liked them tbh Barcelona always had this hollier than thou attitude when they straight up ripped of RM transfer policy in recent years. Barcelona will be finished as an elite club if Messi leaves he's the glue holding the club rn. Nas is my dawg although I'm more of a biggie fan, however my top 3 songs from his are: 1.NY State of Mind 2.It Aint Hard to Tell 3.Represent and yes Illmatic is the shit!