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Anime Stats
Days: 52.2
Mean Score: 6.48
  • Total Entries410
  • Rewatched37
  • Episodes3,010
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
May 6, 4:23 AM
Watching 17/25 · Scored -
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
Feb 15, 11:31 PM
Completed 50/50 · Scored -
Taimanin Asagi
Taimanin Asagi
Feb 10, 12:52 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 148.6
Mean Score: 7.25
  • Total Entries748
  • Reread25
  • Chapters24,020
  • Volumes1,326
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Shuumatsu no Harem
Shuumatsu no Harem
May 10, 1:46 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Shuumatsu no Walküre
Shuumatsu no Walküre
May 10, 1:45 AM
Reading 16/? · Scored -
Golden Boy
Golden Boy
May 5, 7:42 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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kaiji2004 May 19, 12:55 PM
hey man,what music have u been listening to lately
And what have u been doing
-Ulysses May 19, 4:50 AM
The other side of having a diploma, a house and finally becoming a real man.

I read the manga until the point that Taihei was revealed to be Aoki's little brother and he and the other delinquent started to become members of the gym. I personally liked that Ippo stopped boxing and retired (Although I'm sure he is going to return to the ring) It shows how unforgiving and unpredictable boxing can be. The that I do have is the pacing is fucking awful. The story just drags on and on. I think the creator is doing it on purpose to milk the series as long as possible so he can make a living out of it. But slow pacing is slowly ruining it for me. I mean we are 1200+ chapters in and how many belts does Takamura have? 2 out of 6? Even if the pacing starts picking up really fast from now that still means years until Takamura achieves his goal.

Miyata turning into a sadist? Haven't read that far I guess.

I'm going to drop the manga for a while so I can read the story in one go.

Hit me up when Ippo goes back to boxing ;p
-Ulysses May 11, 11:32 AM
I'll see you on the other side brother!

if something is on your mind or you just want to talk, always be free to hit me up.
RainFTW Apr 30, 3:11 PM
Yeah, they played it smart by broadening their scope and being expansive.

Yeah, it definitely was. Logic is one cool ass dude (based on my one interaction with him, lol).

I'm happy that you're graduating, my dude. I fucking hate college with a passion. I genuinely think it would be a big waste of time, if it wasn't for the job opprotunities it provides and the connections. You can learn much more using the internet, in my opinion.

It's the same shit basically, since I keep getting fucked by college. My goal is to always try to do things in the intervals where I'm not busy, and it gets really draining, but hey, complaining won't do me any good. I had time to beat Sekiro though, which is, by the way, an amazing game with a spectacular combat system. FromSoft delivered another masterpiece yet again.

What about you? Sorry for the late reply again.

kaiji2004 Apr 27, 9:02 AM
hey, how have u been
-Ulysses Apr 25, 12:47 PM
Yeah glad to know you're still alive and doing well Hahahaha.

Yes, 2 years is a long time, I, and I'm guessing you have also changed in those 2 years.
It seems that on the regard of Anime and Manga we are both the same. I don't watch it anime as much as I used (I even stopped for a year in the past 2 years.) Only picked it back up again because of the new season JoJo. I only watch other anime to check some of the new popular hyped up anime to check if they are really good as everyone has been saying. (Goblin slayer, bunny senpai, shield hero, Baki)
As for manga I occasionally read the manga that I have been following like One piece and Ippo.

And funny you should mention about the comics, the past 2 years I also have been reading comics and have been reading/watching about some cool comic characters. Mostly DC. So funny coincidence.

And lastly, I'm very happy to hear about your bachelor. It's nice to hear that you are moving on and progressing in your life and that you try to follow a good education. As your internet friend that you have never seen before, I'm proud of you bro :)

I'm also in university right now. Currently, I'm trying to get my bachelor in finances and still have a couple of years to go until I get it. But just like you, I'm trying my best in achieving it

What mayor are you studying for in university if I may ask?
-Ulysses Apr 21, 1:01 PM
Hey man, you're still alive it seems. How have you been?
ZackTyce Mar 31, 5:52 AM
Can't say I disagree. Ha
ZackTyce Mar 31, 1:30 AM
Yeah, I agree managing time is tough
ZackTyce Mar 26, 7:35 AM
been busy with my life too, lately there' a lot of studies and project for me to do too. But other wise I am also occupied with gaming too.
ZackTyce Mar 24, 9:07 AM
watching some animes as usual, don't really check on mal too much though
spirli Mar 20, 8:34 AM
What's up man it's been a while. I'm fine, my studies are going well and i been going out a little more than i used to. How about you?

As for the list, you really don't have to push yourself, i mean fuck it man just put this shit away.

Also, i noticed that you prefer manga to anime, why is that?
kaiji2004 Mar 19, 12:13 PM
okay dude ill save these nas albums then listen to them later,also i dont like Illmatic that much,what makes me like it is the Cover of the album,its just looks too great.
Im also listening to Drogas wave album ,manilla my fav song. Also,i dont smoke dude i didnt say anything about that lol,maybe you thought that because i talked about smokepurpp,thats the name of a rapper,the one who works with lil Pump. I dont think ill ever smoke,dont wanna damage my body. Ohtrapstar isnt that great but some of his songs are catchy,even though he stole bars.
I dont think im that young for WIn96 bro..
kaiji2004 Mar 18, 2:54 PM
for me bebop was a really good anime,but everyone got his opinion so its okay.
Im into lofi n things like that but i cant get into nujabes,i just dont like the music.I listen to J dilla more.
I should listen to more nas albums ,like nasir,or life is good.
I hope you do good in uni,and i hope you live a good life,the life you want.
Im still in school,just passing day to day doing the same things,playing PSP ,watching anime or movies and listening to music ,smokepurpp lupe fiasco ohtrapstar windows96 etc
kaiji2004 Mar 10, 1:58 PM
Ice cube is a goat. I love his chill songs and his gangsta ones.
today was a good day is my fav one. I dont listen to nujabes but i heard that hes the japanese legend,you should listen to anime osts,i listen to cowboy bebop ones.

Life is good,okay,sometimes its sad or boring. What about you dude?