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JDX629 1 hour ago
Pretty good how is yours? Is Bleach your favorite series? I'm currently reading the manga.
JDX629 5 hours ago
Browsing through the website. I saw your favorites and think you have good taste in anime.
Hamood78J Oct 16, 6:36 AM
Oh you are the first one I see criticise The breaker like that but I will read it and judge it myself.

To be honest I don't consider manhuas are art, in other words it is shame if I call them comics... even if some of them have decent stories I just can't get their style of drawing seriously.

Well, I use Discord only to talk with my friends who I play Among us with them.
Hamood78J Oct 15, 7:35 AM
Well the only manhwas got my attention are Nobeless and the breaker.

WOW!! I see you are an expert in this genre lol.

Yes I am on Discord
Hamood78J Oct 14, 2:14 PM
I am not really into manhwa but I will have a look at it.
Another thing: bruh stop reading hentai manga!!!
Hamood78J Oct 14, 6:52 AM
Indeed I have been busy but busy at home lol, because I am currently studying online with the university and helping my family at the same time but I always save time to watch some anime and read manga.
Hamood78J Oct 13, 1:44 PM
Hey!! How are you doing bro
TheBerserker Oct 13, 8:26 AM
Like any other day.
TheBerserker Oct 12, 9:09 AM
Thanks bro.
You gotta let that go lol
Sure, why not.
LIQfilms Oct 12, 8:05 AM
Okay time to reply to this behemoth lmao
sorry it took a while I've been tired af lately lmao

Yeah it's insane how long the conversation has been going back and forth between us both. I think the most I have between one person and myself is over 500 comments talking about films and the like haha
Also hahaha that exchange is legendary
Also damn that's a very detailed list of dropped/picked up anime/manga there man. Some good stuff there too. Whatever you pursue with I hope you enjoy it!
As for the guitar, I've barely learned anything haha. I got sidetracked by other things. Music is still a huge grey area. Maybe one day I'll dive in more but I'm more interested in anime, manga and films at the moment. Also games, but mainly with friends and the such. I'm a casual gamer in that respect. Although at the moment, as part of my English language course I have to also study a new language so I can reflect on how I learn and how the classes are taught. Ofc being the weeb that I am I went with Japanese and so far it's been pretty fun. I've learned Hiragana and Katakana so far but Kanji is some hard shit, mainly as there are at least two different readings per Kanji; the on'yomi and kun'yomi; the Chinese readings and the Japanese readings.

"Also, I can see that I recommended you some Psychological comics based on you wanting them. What's the update with them? I'll paste them all here.
Diamond Dust
Dr Frost
Afterschool War Activities
Subtle Disaster
Also, what's the update on Black Jack, Terra Formars and Battle Royale?"

tbh I haven't made any progress, sorry. I took a long hiatus throughout late 2018 and all of 2019 for anime and manga, due to depression mainly. I just couldn't enjoy anything any more thanks to my brain always being a bitch and not allowing me to relax. But since June this year I've dived back into both mediums again so I'll check them out at some point.

"Oh my gosh, we talked about your sisters hooking you up with they friends and you hooking me up with your sisters when they're old enough? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's wild!!!! WILD!!!"
lmao I don't remember this at all, but looking back I feel awkward making those comments lol

"You recommended me a movie titled Brazil. Aight, bet! I'll get to downloading it right now and watching it. I'll let you know what I think later on. It's the 1985 movie, right?"
I did? Hella. That film is excellent. I've seen a truckton more stuff since then so if you ever need any recommendations feel free to ask!

Yeah the entire thing is incredibly complicated. A curriculum or syllabus will depend on several different environmental needs, from the available resources the school or institute has, the qualifications of the teacher, what methodologies are being used, societal factors, learner needs, and expectations, the outcomes of the course, the institutional factors etc etc. And then there's the case of each individual country who will uphold certain ideas and functions in regards to language teaching. Western countries typically favor the Communicative Language Approach since a large number of materials can be created around it and it has the ultimate goal of communicative competency through interactions between students in the classroom. On the other hand, go to a country, say Japan, wherein students expect classes to be teacher-centered (as opposed to the student-centered approach of CLT) and they may find that the teacher is unfocused. There have been many anecdotes of new and inexperienced teachers going to foreign countries and deeming their methods as "backward" or "inadequate" since they adopt the grammar-translation method, even if those students speak their second language better than he/she does. But I'm getting off track now. I could talk for hours on this stuff. The different curriculums, approaches, methods, systems, needs analysis, evaluation, it all is incredibly interesting to me. But what I'll conclude this tangent is on secondary school/high school teaching as a whole. Since this tier of education is compulsory for students in most countries a moot point is hit. How do you teach a class of 30-40 students effectively while taking into account all of their specific needs? Moreover, teachers in this stage often have little say into how or what is taught in the curriculum. The Common European Framework of References for language learning highlights several levels of competencies for which students should reach, as does the government and educational institutes so it becomes more so a quest to give these students arbitrary marks and grades by any means. Combine this with the fact teachers are usually overworked, understaffed, have limited resources, and may be working in an institute that is monetary driven creates problems that aren't as prevalent for tertiary education. Again I'm simplifying this problem since it is very complex but I feel technology may be able to help, at least somewhat, in this area.

Yeah I'm the type that needs to plan things out or else I get stressed and then I am unable to function properly lmao. It's a double-ended sword. I get stuff done but I also am always tense haha. I think being laid-back and flexible to change is a great quality to have. In a profession such as teaching, or any profession really, it can be easy to get stuck into a comfortable routine so I think being shaken up, and the ability to adapt to being shaken up, is great. It's nice to hear that in your neck of the woods things have been handled better to the pandemic. You've probably heard horror stories about other nations, particularly America who seem to be on fire atm with both civil unrest, police brutality and the ongoing pandemic under a president who can barely tie his on shoelace.

Duuude Sawano and Yoko Kanno are fucking LEGENDS. Ama is also good too!

AFJ Oct 5, 9:39 AM

I think I talked it wrong: when I tried to say "Group B seems to be all teams almost at the same level", I thought about the level of matches, about how every match of this group seems to be really good, Gladbach and Shakhtar are good teams, even Real Madrid and Internazionale are better than they. About the groups you said:
Group F - I don't think Zenit and Brugge will be such a problem for Lazio and Dortmund tbh
Group C - City is clearly better than the others
Group D - The problem is the Midtjylland, but yeah, a strong group too

I started to read some Brazilian comics, but nothing more than that, I want to read more mangas again.
AFJ Oct 4, 7:12 AM
Yay! Now we are in October, fantastic

Well, there was the group stage draw, some really interesting groups, especially Group B, that one seems all the teams are almost at the same level

September was normal, just studying and going out somedays to buy food.
And you?
Olallie Sep 29, 11:40 PM
im just Olallie
Oduduwa Sep 28, 2:13 AM
Mehn, looking at your statement that most of what you watch is new stuff, here I am wishing I could say that it was my truth as well. Unfortunately, I am the complete opposite. Most of what I find more comfy watching in entertainment nowadays are rewatches of stuff I know I like. It's harder to get me to watch anything new in entertainment right now. Last two anime I tried rewatching was Terra Formars and Btooom!, I caved in both after their first episode. I can't remember what distracted me. I probably should get back to them two soon enough.

I rewatch new old stuff every once in a while. RIght now I'm rewatching Tenchi Muyo Rhyo Ohki when I can find the time. It's not as though I easily pick up new stuff though. I often have to do a lot of wading and checking before trying a new anime. There's still a lot of hassle, just less than when it comes to rewatching. Yeah I understand how it feels to get distracted and lose interest. Sometimes it happens even with anime I don't really have anything against. I fell off the Re: Zero train this season and am waiting for a chance to get back because I actually like the show. I just find it hard to enter the mood to watch it.

Personally, I'm not one to really rate anime much. I'm purely enjoyment-based, however, I can definitely relate to what you're saying. Since you've read Apocalypse no Toride, thoughts on it? It just came to mind since a recent friend of mine on this platform, our discussions revolve a lot around Apocalypse no Toride because it's a favourite of ours. I only included Dead Days since I'm a huge zombies fan hahaha. You should check it out, it's not overly science-fiction based, but it is sci-fi all the same in my opinion

I tend to avoid rating manga because I've read so many and it's a pain to rank them in relation to one another (my manga list is far from complete, but I can't find the time to go searching for everything I've read smh). Anime is more impressionable, admittedly, and I've seen less of it so rating it isn't that much of an issue. Thus I tend to only rate my favourite manga or stuff I find noteworthy. Apocalypse no Toride was nice if I remember, but not up there* for me. I don't think I had any issue with it per se. It just wasn't my kind of story. Maybe I'd give it a 6. Worst case a 5, best case 6.8 (but we can't rate in decimals). I can imagine myself rereading it to give it another go, but that's probably not going to happen anytime soon tbh.

Hmm, Gunmm? The title sounds familiar but I don't know it. Oh, I just checked the page for Gunmm. That's Battle Angel Alita? The live-action adaptation came out in 2019, yeah? I've seen the movie late last year, it's alright. I went ahead to watch the OVA for it, got to see where they got the inspiration to adapt the movie from.

Yup yup, Gunnm == Battle Angel Alita. Yeah it came out last year. Was better than Ghost in the Shell apparently, but that isn't saying much. I guess Edge of Tomorrow stands as the king of manga adaptations.

I want to assume you've read the Blame manga since you're into the dystopian/sci-fi genre? I massively love the Ready Player One movie as well.

I tried to actually. Didn't really settle into it for some reason. Maybe the art? To be fair though, I didn't give it that much of a chance. only looked at the first chapter or so. I have it saved on my harddrive I think so I'll do that soon.

My own ranking of media is definitely manga (and other comic types) > anime > web novels. I haven't read any Light Novels to be fair. I don't know, what's the difference between a Light Novel and a Web Novel? Hold on, I'll go read on the difference now. Ah, a Light Novel is basically a really popular Web Novel that publishers and authors have reworked/polished/edited for publication into books etc. Interesting. So, technically, they're the same. I don't think I've read any Japanese LNs then. I haven't read any Japanese novels either. I do plan to read Battle Royale novel at some point in time, I've had it downloaded for years now.

We're practically identical then. Yeah I meant web novels as well when I said light novels. I see them as the same really, though the former is often more polished than the latter. Regardless they're all "anime stories" in my mind. What kind of web novels do you read then? Wuxia, Korean, fan-fiction or? What's your favourite.

I do plan to read Battle Royale novel at some point in time, I've had it downloaded for years now.

That's interesting. I've seen the manga. I wonder what you'll have to say about the LN.

Dude, I just checked your profile when you talked about the top two characters in your favourites list. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO READ ON THE UMINEKO FRANCHISE FOR AGES NOW!! Every time I try to start somewhere, I always get discouraged because there's so much stuff in the franchise and I don't even know where to begin.

Umineko is pretty easy to enter. It's not as bad as Fate tbh. The Umineko VN is "the best" starting point. But since we're both manga-lovers I'll point you straight at the manga. That's how I got introduced to it. It's got wicked paneling, the mystery is awesome, you yourself as a reader can participate in solving and the story is just grand. Frankly, it changed the way I look at the world in a few key ways. It might not do the same for you, but it's certainly worth looking at if you can. Start from Episode 1: Legend of the Golden Witch and proceed sequentially to Episode 8. I've written a few reviews on it in the past, but looking at it they aren't really good. I'm thinking of rereading the manga and writing an essay on it and Eden soon.

Haha, my guy has forgotten Hausa huh? Well shit. But hold up, you could only understand Hausa that young? Interesting. Then again, look at me, 17yrs I stayed in Yoruba Land and I can't speak or comprehend Yoruba for the life of me. I don't know why the Yoruba language never freaked or interested me to actually learn. Meh!!!! Anyway, moving on, how's life? How's your day going?

Day's going fine. I'm pretty busy because I just finished Uni and I'm putting my life together, but that's okay. Lol my understanding Hausa wasn't strange. That was just the environment, and it's what everyone spoke. I've never really been interested in learning Yoruba, btu recently I've been toying with the idea of taking classes.
LIQfilms Sep 28, 1:23 AM
Thanks man! I'm happy to hear you're winning your mental fights. The brain is the hardest opponent I know. It never lets up and just when you think you've won, bam, it will kick you in the balls when the referee is not looking and proceed to jump on your head from a ladder. That said it's still strange how quarantine didn't affect me as much as I thought it might have. If quarantine happened this time last year it'd be so bad lmao.

Yeah that's a very interesting argument I've thought about to myself, the entire "education vs. learning" scenario. It may be kind of ironic, or perhaps even hypocritical considering what career I am heading in to but I don't entirely agree, and in some instances, flat out dislike, how teaching is done in the UK. Many elements of teaching, particularly secondary level, only concern itself with the forward approach which involves a set-out curriculum established either by the educational institute or government that contains set goals for the students to attain. The teacher has very little say in establishing the syllabus for the class and instead has to rely mainly on textbook exercises. This mode of teaching isn't bad inherently, I just feel like it is kinda restrictive personally. I understand the government needs some form of standardized testing and uniform teaching across the country but a part of me wonders if there could have been a way to rectify this goal while still allowing for engaged learning. A large part of this does rely on the teacher ofc, but most of the time they're restricted in their approach as they have to ensure that students reach a certain threshold of grade. This, at least in my experience, makes lessons feel kinda detached and I've often felt that the teacher doesn't see us as minds ready to engage and learn new things but rather as numbers in a report. As part of my course, I'm studying different theories and methods of teaching so perhaps I'll arrive at a more informed answer to this idea later down the road.

Yeah man, I know the feeling of falling asleep during lectures haha. One of the problems was money for the bus and then lunch every day. It ate into my dough so bad! But one good aspect of online teaching is the fact that I am no longer tired. Since I spend far less time traveling to and from university I can spend more time reading and absorbing the content of my modules and for once it feels like I am ahead of all my work rather than desperately trying to play catch-up in previous years.

Yeah man if you told me, "this time next year we will all be in isolation, unable to leave our homes because a virus is ripping its way throughout the entire world" I would have just laughed. There has been so much conflicting information that nobody knows what to think anymore and the uncertainty of it all is what gets me the most. I'm someone who likes to extensively plan stuff out and now knowing that we could be in lockdown if cases suddenly spike up is pretty anxiety-inducing. Boris, the twat who somehow become the PM of the UK enforced stricter restrictions this past week and warns that "if we are not good boys and girls its time out time in lockdown". "Everyone gonna faces the tune of their lives". That's very true man.

haha, the SJWs are coming after ya now man. In my experience, I've typically had better female teachers than males, but yee as you say there's no concrete basis for why "x is better than y". A good teacher is a good teacher regardless of any arbitrary identifers such as race, gender, etc. I'm a complete normie when it comes to music. I mainly just blast either OSTs to anime or video games or just blast anime OPS lol