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Days: 385.4
Mean Score: 9.06
  • Total Entries1,969
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Gunjou no Magmel
Gunjou no Magmel
6 hours ago
Watching 7/? · Scored 10
Zero no Tsukaima
Zero no Tsukaima
11 hours ago
Watching 1/13 · Scored 10
Kurokami: Tora to Tsubasa
Kurokami: Tora to Tsubasa
11 hours ago
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Days: 195.6
Mean Score: 9.95
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  • Chapters35,206
  • Volumes2,164
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Tonikaku Kawaii
Tonikaku Kawaii
8 hours ago
Reading 61/? · Scored 10
Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
8 hours ago
Reading 173/? · Scored 10
Yancha Gal no Anjou-san
Yancha Gal no Anjou-san
Yesterday, 12:27 AM
Reading 36/? · Scored 10


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GoldenDevilGamer Nov 2, 2018 10:08 PM
Thanks ^_^
Surprisingly I survived another year. I thought university would kill me by now :P
Raging_Berserker Sep 11, 2018 4:46 AM
Anytime fam!
Raging_Berserker Sep 8, 2018 12:31 AM
Happy Birthday man
Raging_Berserker Jul 6, 2018 5:11 PM
Hahaha Life is Good? Nas, is that you?!!! I'm just messing with ya, don't take me serious.

It's safe to assume I don't know any K-Drama that existed or is in existence after the year 2014. I haven't heard of the show you mentioned, I don't think I'd fancy it, sounds like Romance all over. Anyway, never that. Around 2 weeks ago, I started re-watching Jumong series after never finishing it back when I was in high school. I didn't last long on the re-watch though. Hopefully, I continue at some point in time. I hardly get time to watch movies or TV shows to be honest, when the fact is I got tons of free time. I'm on my long vacation after all. They don't freak me anymore to be honest.

I'm not a fan of Romance across all boards on Entertainment media. I guess I can give it a pass in terms of music, but outside of that, nahhh fam. All that feel emotional shit ain't for me dawg, I'm too stoic.

I will say around 2014, I did watch a K-drama series. I can't remember the title any more, may be you might know it (I might carry out a lil research after sending this reply of mine). Lemme try recalling what I remember about the story-line. It was about a seperated couple that were both in the medical field. After a while, they started working in the same hospital and they eventually got to fall in love with each other again. I think the dude didn't turn up on their wedding day because he wasn't feeling the babe anymore or probably the jitters? However, fact is, they didn't get married any more. The babe after the whole issue (it was bad for sure, she's the weak emotional type) decided to chase her dream of working as a nurse (having no experience in the field at all right? I can't recall), so she became an intern (I think?) at a hospital. It also served as a means to toughen herself up. The dude was a doctor though (or not?), if I remember correctly. They both didn't know they was gonna be working at the same hospital after the whole fallout and not contacting each other anymore. So, plot starts up, they find each other working in the same hospital. The whole awkwardness thing plays out between both of them, she being a total clutz in the hospital, she being labelled as a bit of an old hag by her colleagues (including the ex-fiance) and others. Over time, her kindheartedness and dedication did help her succumb and gain trust a bit from others in the hospital. The ex-fiance started falling for her all over again, they found themselves in a few scenarios. If I remember correctly, the dude was younger than her and he is tagged 'the hot doctor', so he was definitely getting attention from the opposite sex. I guess by now you get the whole series, it has the ER or Greys Anatomy TV show feel (if you know both of them). I liked it because they kept the medical practices in the show fresh and not overly about the rekindling of the relationship between two ex-lovers. And now, I'm done from all that typing haha.....

I recently started rereading Imawa no Kuni no Alice. I haven't been reading comics overall in weeks. My friends online were getting worried lol. I'm not with comics right now unfortunately. I already don't watch anime and other shit, as I've said before. I just stream videos on YouTube and listen to music on my PC nowadays. Fuck! And yeah, working. Outside of that, I literally feel like a NEET and I do got a job. IMAGINE!!!

How was your week fam?

EDIT: I found the title of the show. It's Emergency Couple.
Raging_Berserker Jun 29, 2018 9:23 AM
I'm alright G. How's life treating you so far?
Raging_Berserker Jun 27, 2018 6:05 PM
Yo! What's up man? Just checking up on you. Been a while huh?
Raging_Berserker Apr 8, 2018 4:04 AM
Sweet baby Jesus, it got through this time.
Raging_Berserker Apr 8, 2018 4:03 AM
Damn! Apparently, my internet sucks to the point my previous comment wasn't posted. *sigh*

Basically, I got 5 days to finish 4 huge course works of mine. One being a group course work and we got its lecture tomorrow, we gotta present an almost finished work (if not finished already) to our lecturer for a final feedback session before the Friday deadline. I got an exam in May tho. I was doing this coursework from like 7pm yesterday till 6am this morning with my group member (who came to my place to tidy up our shit before Monday) before we decided to get some sleep. We're gonna continue later though, it's 3pm over here.

I just caught up to Volcanic Age's latest chapter out. I wonder if you know it. If you don't, here It reminds me of Tales of Demon and Gods with the plot itself. For some reason when I read this, this left a stronger impression on me more than the typical manhuas we got all over. I tried doing research on it, there's no web novel of it out and it's referred to as a 'manhwa', not a 'manhua' online.
Raging_Berserker Apr 7, 2018 12:23 AM
Ah I see. Well, all the comics apps (in general) I've used have the download comics (mangas, manhwas, manhuas) offline feature. I will say that I've best used the apps on Android devices though. However, pretty much all the comics apps I use are portable to iOS. The only 2 things I'd say is MangaZone (my best) on iPad makes the viewing experience better than on Android devices (for obvious reasons) and the first manga app I used years back was MangaRock (it didn't give you the ability to download comics limitlessly, you'd have to do do activities to gain download slots). I've been using MangaZone consistently for 4yrs now because of the ability to comment and discuss with other users. Also, most comics of authors are connected to each other. LINE Webtoons is a necessity for the manhwas/webtoons they got on there.

Funny how I haven't experienced what an iPod (all variations) is capable of to be honest. I mean I know all there is to know about it and have seen it up close. I haven't engaged it as I'd want to though. I guess it's clear now why I've never heard of Manga Storm - it has no Android version.

I'm not a fan of Apple in general, never saw the appeal to their products, never will either. It took my dad to give me one of his iPad's as a gift for me to own an Apple product for the first time in my life smh. Ah well.

I just caught up to Black Haze's latest chapter yesterday. It was tight fam. It was awesome seeing the backstory of my best characters in the manhwa towards the latest chapters - Lanoste and Shicmuon!!!!!

Thanks for the friend request by the way. How's the weekend going man?
Raging_Berserker Apr 6, 2018 12:51 PM
What are the attractive features of Manga Storm?
Raging_Berserker Apr 5, 2018 3:04 AM
I see, I guess it has gone long enough for me to comfortably binge. I just finished reading The Vault of Horror..... manhwa. Always nice to read such creepy manhwas once in a while. What you up to?

Do you use MangaZone?
Raging_Berserker Apr 2, 2018 6:34 AM
Hmmm I see, I'll be mindful to notice once I've begun the 2nd season of Tower of God. I'm just glad you're someone I can discuss way more than mangas with haha.

Hmmm alright, I'll give DICE some focus at some point in time, might be a while but I'll let you know. Do you read Black Haze?

I understand when someone can like anything or everything. For me, I can read anything, but I don't take them all serious. Like the different manhuas you have around - The Tales of Demons and Gods, Panlong, Shen Yin Wang Zuo etc, the list goes on and on. Once you've read a few, you've got the blueprint for the rest. I just read them and move on, but never really take it serious. I can't say I like them. It's eye candy anyway - the fights, comedy and power ups.

Oh? He was already becoming OP at the start of the second season anyway, so becoming way more OP was inevitable at that point haha. I'm just lazy to continue seeing how far it has gone off from where I stopped reading smh. It's gonna be a real chore to catch up when it hasn't ended. I probably might do it one of these days with the right morale boost though.

Ah I see, the clones' name is Mori Hui. I literally can't remember any character names from The God of High School. I basically have to start from beginning on this one. *sigh*

I stopped reading Hive at chapter 99 I think. Yes, just checked my records, that should be the end of the second season right? Yeah, the gramps is pretty badass. He still kicking forreal? Wassup?!!! PROVIDE SPOILERS!!!! What's going on in the story now? The MC's wife? The female worker that was a Queen? I don't mind spoilers at all.
Raging_Berserker Mar 31, 2018 1:08 AM
Haha I appreciate your cousin for supporting the Feng Shen Ji movement. I've been cheering people that I meet over the internet that don't know it to read it! The feedback is very positive so far.

I recently started Tower of God, last week to be precise. I'm around chapter 56 at the moment and I still don't see all the hype it's getting. It's very boring and way too overhyped so far, I do hope it gets better eventually? Ah well. I've been avoiding it for years and last week, I finally had it lol. I've been on that groove nowadays. Comics I've been avoiding, I've been starting to read them at random. What's your opinion on Tower of God?

I heard DICE is actually shit when I asked my friends about it. They say the MC is shitty as well. So I never bothered.

I stopped reading The Gamer in 2016 (or was it 2015? When the second season just began), I left it to stack up and never looked into it since then. I hear the harem elements are now so evident that it makes the comic unenjoyable. I do plan to resume it at some point tho. I don't just know when. Your thoughts?

I used to read The God of High School back in 2013. I didn't read it as much as I'd like. I put it on hold since then (just like The Gamer), I haven't read it ever since. I heard the MC started having clones and whatnot, so the original wasn't getting some attention anymore.

Over all, I do support more comics outside of mangas to get their own pages on here. It'll make my separate list of comics not on MALs database easier to maintain. Haha I guess by now you'd have noticed my bad habit of leaving comics I read for years. I'm not proud of it to be honest. *sigh*

P.S: Do you read Hive?
Raging_Berserker Mar 30, 2018 2:20 AM
Interesting, a fellow FSJ fan. I saw your poster from someone's profile as I saw browsing through MAL. I couldn't help but visit. A few manga favorites of yours are to my liking as well, so I decided to drop a comment.

Oh wow. The God of High School now has a page on MAL? I'll be fucking damned!!!
Sakisaka Mar 20, 2018 9:58 PM
When you said that you enjoy everything i thought that you were kidding, you're crazy!!