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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen
Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen
Yesterday, 7:53 AM
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Getsuyoubi no Tawawa 2
Getsuyoubi no Tawawa 2
Yesterday, 7:53 AM
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Ganbare Douki-chan
Ganbare Douki-chan
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Initial D
Initial D
Yesterday, 9:44 AM
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Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia
Yesterday, 9:44 AM
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Neko Majin
Neko Majin
Yesterday, 9:44 AM
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J_Tea 8 hours ago
I love that my only complaint for 3-Gatsu No Lion is it maybe had 1 or 2 many scenes of just the Kawamoto family eating. I mean... makes sense why, but it felt the same. Although seeing as that's my only gripe the rest was amazing.
Jewsus_ Yesterday, 9:35 AM
I mean I have only recently become a massive VE fan due to my rewatch of it but honestly it was probably the most needed rewatch ever. It was a show that I had watched very early on and couldn't fully appreciate the beauty of it but, THANKFULLY with my new appreciation for anime as a medium I couldn't help but fall in love with it (sorry if I come off as corny lmao)

Don't worry both shows have been some that a lot of friends have highly recommended to me especially mushishi because I am a massive sucker for atmosphere within shows. On the topic of Aria honestly it has literally been what I've needed for the last couple months and to think that people say that "Aria the Animation" is the worst enstallment among the 3 is crazy to me and if anything I genuinely think that "Aria the Origination" is going to become one of my 10's, either way I think you can tell I love it 😅.

I've heard about this and it kinda upsets me when it happens but I definitely will end up reading it, however I'm still debating on whether to watch the show and then read it or just read it and then watch it after if I feel like it, we'll see what I decide on though xd.

Thank you I love your pfp as well! This Akari one is definitely one of my favourite pfps that I've used on this site so far, only ones that are up there with it are the HnK or YKK ones I've used.
J_Tea Yesterday, 5:48 AM
Yeah. I went into the second half not expecting to like it, but hoping that I would at-least learn to appreciate its positive aspects more and I think that's happened to a certain degree.

As for Lustrous. I decided to add it despite not even entering manga only content as of yet. Just finished Winter Arc, that on its own is a 10/10.
J_Tea Yesterday, 5:32 AM
Also has your location always been set to chugging tea? 😶
J_Tea Yesterday, 5:27 AM
While I don't feel my thoughts on Mushoku Tensei will do a 180, I do certainly like the second half a-lot more than the first. I hear episode 10 is when some sort-of shit hits the fan and I guess I'll have to catch-up to see what all the commotion is about.
Jewsus_ Dec 5, 7:24 AM
Of course, thank you for accepting and it's great to meet you as well! I believe I sent over the request for the sole reason that you love VE just as much as I do; but as I look at your account more I can take it that all of your favourites are phenomenal and plus you've got some stuff that I plan on starting soon such as GLT and Mushishi that I'm almost certain I'll love to death :D.
Sualpi_09 Dec 5, 7:21 AM
You're welcome.

Is nice to meet you too!!
Revinova Dec 4, 2:07 PM
Thank you!☺️
DragonSlayer1989 Dec 4, 11:20 AM
I hope it's not Giorno, fuck JoJo if that happens lol, probably a new descended from the Joestar family, the name JoJolands is connected with part 8.
JoJolion was published for 10 consecutive years... it's hard to believe that the franchise continues even after almost 35 years, Araki is 61 already years old and about to retire, honestly, I don't think anything can impress me more than Sbr.

That's true, lmfao
Sbr art has the best aesthetics and the color makes it more wonderful.
dizzyfool05 Dec 4, 11:07 AM
Nice to meet you too!
DragonSlayer1989 Dec 4, 11:02 AM
It is the alternate version of part 4, in Morioh city, the concept of the story is interesting, the only bad thing is that there are many plot holes but maybe they will be solved in the next part.
Are you reading Sbr colored manga?
DragonSlayer1989 Dec 4, 7:41 AM
It is not as bizarre as JoJolion, but Sbr has a story with a more solid plot than the others, all the characters have their motivations and background in the story, even some are three-dimensional. The horse race is handled in an excellent way, the stand abilities and other new ones are very different from the other parts (more complex and elaborated, they are not wasted).
VioIet Dec 4, 6:01 AM
Sayaka was more relatable and impactful for me so Sayaka > Homura (biased).

So the context is Madoka became a god, leaving Homura's Soul Gem to grief, and creating a labyrinth inside of her. Homura realizing it, made her afraid of losing Madoka again. Homura's grief turned her into a witch but when she was defeated and Madoka tried to bring Homura again to the Law of Cycle Homura suddenly took Madoka's powers and rewrite reality, am I right?

Did Homura called herself the demon because of her opposing goal with Madoka (god)? And what happened to Kyubey?

Well to be honest I would be pretty happy to read your 10k words essay of Rebellion but that would cost you energy and time lol.

Indeed, and I cried a lot seeing her at Part 7.
DragonSlayer1989 Dec 4, 5:49 AM
What do you think about Steel Ball Run?
In my opinion, the perfect manga in all aspects, I hope you like it.
DragonSlayer1989 Dec 4, 4:28 AM
I'm not saying watch the entire franchise lol, just The Origin, best Gundam.

Evangelion does not have source material, although the manga started being published before the series but it was only to promote the anime.