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is0lated Apr 1, 2:07 PM
hey, once again long time no talk lol, sorry about that.
after a year without really reading or watching anything i'm finally back in the groove.
plan on finally getting around to fire punch, i'll probably start it within the next week. i never noticed it was only around 80 chapters, should be a relatively quick read.
how have you been? what you been watching/reading?
hope all is well
Arjon Mar 16, 1:47 AM
Raging_Berserker Mar 11, 8:03 PM
Yo, Pain!

What's popping? I'm surprised you're this responsive, back to back. I'm here typing all smiles haha. Who cares about the timing of responses? Especially when we're in different parts of this earth? Bloody difficult. It's more amazing how we've been able to form such a great friendship on MyAnimeList. I do know it took both of us being who we are for it to be like this. It's so genuine and raw, free and flowing. So, with that in view, I'm just glad I can get to engage you on any level across this time and space continuum. Oh yeah, by the way, you never told me your actual name.

Reading your response in its entirety, it seems I've been blind to the fact you're a lady. Not like it'll make any difference anyway. Well, beyond that, let's get back on track with the flow of our convo, shall we?

I'm glad you're happy to hear how well I'm doing. To be honest, even with the facts and happenings, I've already moved on. I got to realise how, in a way, I had put all my eggs in one basket with the whole Master's admission process that hasn't worked out so far. Well, the country (Ireland) where I was rejected for the Student Visa, my elder sister works there full-time and is already an Irish Permanent Resident. So, the whole goal was for me to join her using the study route (Master's). It was too good an opportunity to pass up. I needed to give you this lil background so you can get more understanding of the full picture with the whole point I'm making. With the rejection, my family and I used this as an opportunity to really evaluate things again, be more open-minded to more opportunities, and apply to other places with equally good and sensible offers for postgraduate studies. Plus, even if the Ireland Visa was successful, the rush to catch up with preparations, buying things, moving, and enrolling in school would be too tight. The programme was starting February 6th and by February 1, I still did not know my fate from the embassy. So, you can start understanding how much of a rush I'd have to rush if I were to keep up if the visa was given, right? So, with the way it is, I'm just applying to different places. Any country with a good offer, I'll consider it first. It doesn't matter where, as long as it's a good place for international students and opportunities for post-study work. You know what they say, information is power, so as I'm learning more about other countries and their opportunities, I'm more informed in my future decisions. That wasn't the case before, so I don't even see the visa rejection as bad. It's a lesson to learn from.

In a way, I'm well known for my robust (as you put it) and resilient mindset, you know, when you're used to disappointments, you do become stronger as an individual. At least, that is my belief. Some people never learn or grow from the negatives, I can't speak for those kinda people. Anyway, you've highlighted it in many words, but I'll buttress this point further - anyway I decide to majorly go, any path I eventually take, it'll lead to my positive and evolutional growth in both my studies and professional career. Nothing is changing this fact for me this 2024. My internal shock absorber is quite experienced, so I could easily pick up the slack of the rejection. No biggie. We ain't gonna waste time. Life and time wait for no man. If you stay down after a slip or fall, life will beat you down even further. So, why even give life that opportunity? Life is really a bitch, give her your ass and she will brutally destroy your ass hardcore. No vaseline. You gotta stay sharp, stay vigilant, and stay grounded for any occurrences. As you've said this is the first year you can say you're successful in your endeavors, keep it up!!!! That's how you get used to winning against life and her challenges. Keep growing stronger my friend. Keep growing and evolving!!!

Haha, thank you for acknowledging my spiritual growth. You know, religion and spirituality are two different things. You can be spiritual and not be religious. Religion is a man-made system created to break down spirituality using human understanding. That's totally wrong. So, I'd never advise you to be religious. Be spiritual. As long as you get the urge to pray, then I am glad. You should do that more so for your loved ones. It's all about your heart really. Keep refining your heart. Heal from your wounds. Reach out for help from the right people. Ultimately, there's no right or wrong way to live life while executing our free will. As long as you're ready to bear the consequences of what you do or how you choose to live, be it in this life or the one after. So, as far as your own awakening is involved, I'm all for it. KEEP EVOLVING!!!!!!!!! On that note, I'll say again, because we're real to each other as far as I can perceive, I'm free with what I decide to share with you. I ain't a punk about my shit. I am a man after all.

"Alas, I am so sorry to hear about what happened with school but I don't believe this is the end for you. Even just from talking to you for a little over 3 years now, I know that you have it in you to achieve whatever it may be that you want to. While this can be devasting and even kinda demotivating, I KNOW you'll do big things, if not now, then soon. Whatever ends up happening with your education, I hope you remember to keep pushing forward. Nothing can stop us. You know that, though."
Phew, this is very heavy to completely absorb coming from you especially knowing we've never met, we never grew up with each other, we don't know our real full names, we don't know what we look like, we don't know the full picture of how our lives actually look like be it past or present, BUT! This confidence that you've chronicled here already set a profound tone for our futures, not just for me, but for you as well. Thank you for this particular paragraph. It is a paragraph I can see myself coming back to reread in the future continuously, for as long as I live. I look forward to being aware of how we both grow to be accomplished in our endeavours moving forward. KEEP EVOLVING!!!!!

I'm glad everything from my mindset, to my current situation with academic progression plans, spiritual growth and family made you pleased. I can only wish you the same really in all you do as well. Family is the backbone of every individual first and foremost. The current you doing really well is reassuring. I've gotten to your paragraph detailing your 2023 and experiences with life. Life can become quite fragmented once an individual starts losing their grip on things. The more fragmented your life becomes, the harder it is to later defragment. Unfortunately, once a drastic change occurs in the life of an individual, that individual never remains the same. No matter how you look at spilt milk, it's already spilt. No matter how we try to piece shattered glass back, it's already shattered. Regardless of how we focus on recovering from lost time and going through different experiences, time is already lost. No matter how we try to heal the injuries and scars from the burns of life we have suffered, our bodies never remain the same. I'm glad you've bloomed again after everything you went through. You are a survivor. You've already won against your challenges. Grow stronger and win more!!! You're a woman. Wear your pride in who and what you are regardless of your burns, scars, and injuries sustained from life. Well, from a spiritual context, this whole world is one big kingdom of God. If you believe in God, you are a plant growing and maturing in your own way. The kick is when you evolve to become a gardener figure to inspire the growth of others from your experience, I guess.
So "I wasn't put here to tend to the plants. I was here to grow- always have been.", hmmm, for me, I'd say you were both put on this planet to grow AND to help others grow. They're not mutually exclusive of each other. However, I believe it is a question of achieving comprehensive evolution in your life where you can move into the realm of impacting the lives of others but the channel of your growth actively remains open notwithstanding. Quite the interesting aspect to ponder on. Personally, I'd just go further to say and hope you grow to be more spiritual as a person, remember, I did not say religious. You can be spiritual and not go to a church. Keep your prayers up!!! Evolve and grow in spirit and in truth, my friend!!!

Happy to hear that 2024 is shaping up to be the way it is for you and your family. Concerning my anime interests, I haven't done anything noteworthy. I only rewatched Another a few months ago but never went beyond that. I most likely would watch something old or new depending on if you want me to. What have you enjoyed watching recently?
MaxColen Mar 11, 12:19 PM
AustinJackson20 Mar 11, 4:23 AM
Thanks for friend request. I watched A Silent Voice, Akudama Drive, Another, Call of the Night, Chainsaw Man, Death Parade, Demon Slayer, Grand Blue, Horimiya, Hyouka, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Kakegurui, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Re:ZERO, Rent-a-Girlfriend, Spy x Family, Teasing Master Takagi-san, The Promised Neverland, The Quintessential Quintuplets, Tomo-chan Is a Girl, Tomodachi Game, Toradora, Violet Evergarden, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku and Your Name as well.

And likewise
Ambee_Nikoniko Mar 7, 9:47 PM
Hey! Ambee here! (*ˊᗜˋ*)ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ for choosing me to be your friend! Let's make sure to always keep in touch!
(°o°:)ᴼʰ. Right now,I'm watching Your Lie in April and I'm reading Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (❁´◡`❁)
InfiniteVoId_9 Mar 7, 12:43 AM
Thnkx for the FR! Nice to meet u
MusashiKarlsefni Mar 6, 2:25 PM
Hey! No problem, and thanks for sending one! What enticed you send one if you don’t mind me asking? I’m doing pretty good tho, how are you?

I watch a lot of seasonals, so there are a bunch of them I’m keeping up with, and I read a lot of ongoing manga as well. But something that isn’t currently airing that I am watching is Radiant since it was recommended to me for the secret santa event. I’m 4 episodes away from completing the second season, which is the last one for now.

Something I’m currently reading is Bleach, I’m close to completing that as well. I think I only have 8 volumes left. I am also catching up to the latest chapter of The Days of Diamond since 48 of them were released on Manga Plus last week. Gonna try to catch up to Catenaccio afterwards since it was released on there at the same time last week. Both are sports manga, I’ve been wanting to read more of them so they released at a good time.

How about you, is there anything you’re currently watching and reading through?
AsiaFilipponi Mar 6, 2:22 PM
Hello! thank you for your FR and nice to meet you ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა.
lFrogs Feb 29, 6:21 PM
Haha thanks, and thanks for the friend request. I spend a lot of time working on my profile, I like to make it interesting, brings people's attentions to shows that I like and that.
I like profile jumping on MAL a lot but I never find any interesting accounts, so I'm trying to make an account I would certainly stop and browse for a while Lol
Kingofglory77 Feb 29, 12:57 PM
It's nice to meet you as well. How are you?
kanon-chan Feb 27, 6:28 PM
Many thanks and yes it was! :)
Raging_Berserker Feb 17, 3:11 PM
Yo!!!! BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read this message right now. I haven't been active on MyAnimeList for a while. Personally, I don't sweat the long period between responses, you already know. I'm simply happy you are in a position to finally reach out bruv. We all have our lives to focus on. Sorry to hear you went through all the bullshit you have. However, you're beyond it because you have survived it all. If you were still swarmed by it actively, you'd still be at a struggle to even send the response you did.

Okay, so, how am I? I am alright man. Truthfully speaking, in recent years, I mainly have been doing well. However, yeah, there were some moments where my rare screwups were massive. All in all, the good significantly outweighs the bad. This year has a lot in store for me, even though it has started off on a negative note. The good thing is that all these things are happening in this first quarter of the year. The rest of the year is gonna be great. I have declared it. I don't doubt it for one second. The work needed to be done to establish and see it, I will do. That's all there is to it.

Overall, 2023 was a rollercoaster of different vibes, emotions, evolutions, awareness, improvements, downcasted moments, disappointments, and renewed hope. The greatest accomplishment of 2023 for me was my spiritual growth. Yes, I am a Christian. Last year was for me to focus on my lacking spiritual awareness. A lot of things made sense. I can see things from a greater perspective. The woes of this human flesh and worldly occurrences have lost majority of their influences and power over me. In a way, I believe this is how each human being should grow and advance individually. It has to be hungered for though. I can confidently tell you that the Leo of 2023 is completely and utterly dead. The person communicating with you is a different version, human, more optimized, more experienced and just better as a human. Sure, some painful moments sprinkled all over 2023 and kinda creeped into 2024, but that is over. I, as a person, is way beyond my problems. I am still human, my circumstances are not what defines me however. I am who defines myself.

With all that said, I was unable to successfully resume my Master's program in September 2023. I had to readjust and focus on another school and all. The soonest I could get was a school for this February 2024 resumption. Unfortunately, my Student Visa Application was rejected in January. About a week ago, my appeal was also rejected with all the additional documents and explanations the embassy requested. Ah well, I can imagine that if I didn't grow as much as I did throughout 2023, this would've devastated me way more than I actually took it. The whole family was shocked, but we can't let that derail us. We pick up the slacks like nothing major happened and forge ahead. Currently, I'm being open-minded to a lot of other countries for my Master's. I might go back to the UK. I'm considering Germany and other European countries if it's more affordable AND they have my course (M.Sc. Data Analytics) or other close variants of it (e.g. Business Analytics or Big Data Analytics).

Concerning my family, we are all doing well. 2024 is a fresh year. A lot of projects and plans from 2023 that carried over into 2024 will definitely be sorted. We're all positive and focused. Everyone has what they wanna do, so we all are connected as a family to ensure everyone achieves their own goals. If all members of the family are doing well, then the whole family will do well. If people as accomplished as my parents aren't giving up on their hopes and dreams in retirement, we as their children, what excuse do we have? Gotta do better. The hope of every parent is for their children to surpass them (and vice versa). We all just need spiritual guidance on how to properly proceed with any endeavor we undertake.

How about you? How you been on your own? Studies? How was 2023 and currently 2024 so far gone? How's your communication with your family? Any interesting experiences or thoughts about life that you wanna share?
Drakocopter Feb 14, 9:34 PM
Stop cause I will kiss you
Vermerin Feb 14, 9:22 PM
Hihi thank you so much! I really like your profile, Asuka's really cool and I've been needing to watch the movies (I''ve been putting it off for a while lol, I'm bad with long films). At the moment I'm not really watching many good shows, I just finished Fruit's Basket (2001) which I adore because of the 2001 wholesome, innocence, and whit it has like ouran and the soundtrack is gorgeous. I'm really enjoying the first season of black butler so far but I've only watched 2 episodes so far though, I also like one piece but I know how that's not everyone's cup of tea because of how long it is which I totally get. Another anime I like that reminds me of BSD is The Case Study Of Vanitas, I don't know why it reminds me of it (I think it's the characters).
I've been watching maid sama because I've been told it's similar, but for me so far it's pretty average.
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