Yagi, Norihiro

Yagi, Norihiro

Given name: 教広
Family name: 八木
Birthday: Dec 18, 1968
Member Favorites: 303
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan.
Blood type: A

He won the 32nd Akatsuka Award for his debut work, "Undeadman."

In his spare time, Yagi enjoys things like the Japanese comedic duo "Downtown," martial arts, games, driving, and hard rock and metal music, but he doesn't consider these actual hobbies.
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Recent News

Sneaky12345 | Oct 31, 2:27 AM
Guys can somebody pls help us how can we get Claymore seassone 2 or how can i contact one of the creators of Claymore. Guys belive me we can make this happen, thank you

UknwWhu | Oct 15, 1:10 AM
I would like to thank an avatar, but to bad it won't respond huh

SheePPerson | Oct 2, 4:25 PM
Angel Densetsu is my favorite and since Claymore is finished it now would be a good time to finish it.....(I should have done it two years ago :()

xristos33 | Oct 1, 6:06 PM
Thanks for your masterpiece anime Claymore arigato seriously. Huge fan from Greece. Make it happen a remake or season 2 !

DarkNinja24 | Sep 4, 7:20 AM
Thank you for creating Clare, Galatea, Priscilla and Miria!

ItsChamp | Jul 10, 6:46 PM
im just getting in to claymore and dam i think its amazing love 10/10 best ever manga no lie

FullmetalCarrot | Apr 18, 5:58 PM
Hope he makes a new manga. Really like his art style. Angel and Claymore are great manga.

AskandtheAnswer | Apr 12, 10:44 AM
Recently finished Claymore, after i bought the collectors box set. I binge read the last 10 volumes, in a day. and i must say the story differed from what i had though it would divulge into. But i still say it was an excellent story, art wise it was superb 10/10, characters 9.5/10, story 8/10. If it had turned out a different way towards the end i feel it would have been a 10/10 but it was'nt what i thought would happen. Still an excellent manga.

kashbra | Mar 21, 6:52 AM
Thankyou for making Claymore from the bottom of my heart, it was one of the best stories I have read ever. I hope you continue working on it (there's a whole universe to explore), however if not, thankyou for making it have a great ending.

MMiyamoto | Jan 13, 11:34 AM
Thanks for your work on Claymore, Norihiro Yagi. It's been a great experience overall, it's one of my favorites manganimes I've came across. I was expecting another path of events on the later volumes but I will not complain now. :)
I will read your other work 'Angel Densetsu' at some point.
I hope I will hear news of you working on a new manga in the future.

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