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I judge an Anime critically on the first episode. The first episode always makes or breaks an anime, it is meant to make the audience want to continue watching.
1 - 5

Anything under 5 or less i most likely dropped, i could not watch/finish, either the animation, the plot, the characters, were not engaging enough to pique my interest/curiosity and make me want to watch more to actually know what happens,it was most likely just some mindless everyday genre that is being brought out every season that only changes a particular part, or something in the anime made me hate it, eg an annoying little pathetic weak character, thats in alot of anime.. and it really fucks my head in../ the1st episode was just completely boring and nothing exciting happens AT ALL/ the plot is tasteless etc.
6 - 7
Between 6 - 7 is a watchable to an extent anime, it has piqued my curiosity to watch what happens and then the plot just dies into some shit comedy, or it actually is engaging enough to finish it all, either the animation was to my liking enough, or the OST was brilliant enough for me to ignore the plot and just watch it for more music, the anime between these scores is just a regular joe watchable anime, they are an anime that someone will really like or dislike, and my conclusion is there just average.
8 - 10
From 8 - 10, is a must watch to perfect anime, in my opinion. the anime which are rated around this score are absolute brilliant. they are plot worthy with great OST's to back it up, which make it a beautiful masterpiece, which has made the viewer feel endless emotions, it is an anime that the audience can never forget, it will always leave a piece of itself in the viewers heart or mind, it has made the viewer satisfied in completing the anime, and has engaged the viewer in its own understanding.

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SKUUN | 2 hours ago
I've picked up Black bullet, Captain Earth and M3 :D

SKUUN | Yesterday, 9:21 PM

SKUUN | 04-18-14, 5:44 PM
dafuq you talking bout? One Piece is awesome!

SKUUN | 04-12-14, 7:29 PM
Keep calm and watch animu! >:D

SKUUN | 04-12-14, 7:08 AM
How's your uni going? How many years you have left?

SKUUN | 04-12-14, 7:08 AM

SKUUN | 04-12-14, 6:43 AM
I don't have friends, I have you guys :(

SKUUN | 04-11-14, 6:17 PM
Very very boring and I am always sleepy. I get back home and just jump on the couch and watch anime for a while before going back to sleep. Then again work in the morning. :(

SKUUN | 04-11-14, 10:04 AM
Hey there Lupa-chan. Pretty much alive and kicking people in the nuts ^^"
How are you doing?

kenshin_sama | 04-11-14, 12:39 AM
I couldn't help it. I tend to splurge when it comes to talking about anime. I can almost never write briefly when it comes to that. :P

Hope you can make it through my 2nd barrage! >:)

Man, I'll never understand why I have to do this, but if someone calls in to ask a simple question and doesn't have an account set up, I have to get his/her name, email, phone number, and address before I can answer him. I'd understand it if I had to troubleshoot a product, but that's just insane. Not only do I complain about it, but the callers do too. The only one that's happy from all this is the company because then they can advertise their stuff with an account set up. But it is pretty easy work though. :P

I see what you mean. When it comes to drama, there's certain kinds that tick well with people and kinds that don't. I'm glad you at least liked Toradora enough to not dislike it, just a shame that it wasn't your kind of anime. It does particularly well with its intended audience.

Haha, yeah! AKB has some really nice tracks going for it, and the concert animation was pretty orgasmic. Would have been nicer with less CG, but at least it didn't hamper my enjoyment to a great degree.

Ah, I see. I suppose I don't really appreciate murder themes as much as most others do. The murders in Another were still thrilling in a sense, but it was still a little less than satisfactory for my horror preferences. Might be why I was a lot more nitpicky with that than I was for most other poorly written anime (like Code Geass). I wouldn't necessarily say that all horrors are like that. Granted, the horror genre is sorta dying out in modern anime and even western series, so it's common that you'll see this kind of lackluster writing. But if you ever go back to a few classic horror stories like The Nightmare on Elm Street (1st two movies, it went downhill after that). Shoot, Monster does pretty good justice to the horror genre too. It's more psychological horror than anything else, and it has a very realistic take on the mindset of the characters. It's a lot more genuine than any other anime you'll find in the horror genre.

Well, a SoL anime can still have quirky enough characters and not have to overly rely on fanservice. Take Mikakunin de Shinkoukei as an example. It was SoL in every sense of the word, but the characters were fun, the environment was energetic, and the writing was surprisingly good. Realism can be a very nice trait to have in fiction, but unless it's an interesting take on a really interesting or uncommon bit of information, it'll likely bore me to death. I'm glad you liked it though, it definitely did what it sought out to do really well, it's just that I prefer my fiction to be a little more fictiony, lol. Speaking of realistic, any chance you plan on picking Steins;Gate back up anytime soon? Time travel still continues to exist as a pseudo science, but the anime definitely has the most realistic take on time travel that I've seen in written media. It was definitely engaging in the 2nd half too. I actually did like the 1st half more than most others, but the later episodes were some of the most thrilling moments I've ever experienced in anime.

Also, I see you're a fan of Kimi from Horizon. Isn't she awesome? :D

kenshin_sama | 04-10-14, 10:39 PM
Probably the worst job you could ask for: phone-line customer service. Don't ask, I was very desperate at the time. The only thing keeping me on that job is my lack of interest in finding other jobs and the fact that I can work from home doing it. The pay is not too bad either.

Well, I haven't had the chance to watch the other stuff I planned on watching yet, but I do like all but one from the current season. So far, the only one I haven't enjoyed that much is Kamigami no Asobi. It's pretty damn lacking in good direction and the only aspect that really stands out are the seiyuus. But I'll still be watching it for the reverse harem stuff. :P Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii was a surprise to me in some ways. The heroine is surprisingly easy to like, the plot might be pretty good depending on where it goes, and the experience overall was very satisfying. Studio Pierrot tends to scare me at times, but I'm glad I gave this anime a shot.

Toradora isn't really for everybody, so I wouldn't be surprised if you shared my sentiments with me on how good it was. The biggest thing Toradora had going for me was its enjoyability, impact, and romance. An anime can be simple, it can be stupid, it can be hillarious, and it can be relaxing. If it loses my attention, it failed as an anime. Visual novels can get away with it because of how they're formated, but the anime medium has so much flexibility that it can be very consistently enjoyable with very few moments of dullness, and Toradora knows how to do just that. There were only a few jokes that I legitimately laughed at, but a decent comedy routine doesn't have to make me laugh so much as it can just keep me from getting bored. But the real meat behind why I consider it a great success was the amount of impact that the sad scenes had at me. Not only that, but the romance was developed really well between Taiga and Ryuuji. The scene after the Christmas party was especially nice. The ending did leave a little bit to be desired, but I don't feel like I was too let down from that.

I was into AKB0048 more for its plot, atmosphere, widespread character development, and, as with Toradora, impact. To me, a story doesn't have to be intricate, clever, well-written, philosophical, ironic, etc. The characters can be simple, the premise can be otherworldly, and it doesn't even have to make sense. It'd be a great plus if it did, but just by being entertaining, it deserves merit. The plot may have been devoid of plot holes, but it did have a few loose ends, and yet it still managed to engage me with its writing. The whole premise behind the ban on entertainment was a little wacky, but it definitely made for a good foundation for the rest of the storyline to build off of and it turned out to be executed surprisingly well. I really like how the series focused on fleshing out the majority of the cast rather than putting a lot of emphasis on just a few; it works out brilliantly for idol anime since every character is suppose to be important to the idol theme. I didn't consider any individual character memorable, but the overall cast did leave an impression on me.

You'll probably want to hit me over the head with Another too. I just can't really see much value in neither that nor Tari Tari. When it comes to atmosphere, they're both very bland. Another did well when it came to the horror scenes, but it's not particularly difficult to make cheaply directed horror scene enticing, and it wasn't as particularly as horrific as the other anime that compete with it in that genre (like Monster). Another liked to, more or less, show off its art and it made several attempts to "build up" for the next climactic moment, but it failed miserably. The director has no vision, could not pull off the suspense needed for the anime to work, and the overall pacing of the series was atrocious. The storyline composition work needed a lot of touch-ups. I know I'm not the type to invest a lot of interest in the storyline, but I tend to get touchy in the subject when there's little else going for the anime. At that point, I'm basically watching the anime to deconstruct and analyze it (I hate doing that). You can't just let people die in a public school area for several years and not let officials know about it. More importantly, it sorta felt like a severe damage to characterization when Misaki ended up knowing about everything that could help help with the curse, but ended up keeping it all to herself. >.<

At the very least, Tari Tari wasn't poorly written, it just wasn't memorable. Had a few scenes here and there, but it was a little too slow for me. The atmosphere was calm to a great excess and I was half asleep for the majority of the anime. Due to boredom, I couldn't appreciate the drama associated with the characters, and the characters don't really have that many redeeming qualities without the drama. Wien is pretty funny though. :>

You probably like lax anime more than I do. :P

Yup | 04-10-14, 7:08 AM

Hilink24 | 04-10-14, 4:04 AM
yup. i dont see how you can manage a 9 hr work day and uni :/

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