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Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen add
Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa
Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa add
Mononoke Hime
Mononoke Hime add
Tonari no Totoro
Tonari no Totoro add
Mushishi add

Favorite Manga
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa add
Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases
Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases add
Zaregoto Series
Zaregoto Series add
Gunnm add
Omoide Emanon
Omoide Emanon add

Favorite Characters
Himura, Kenshin
Yukishiro, Tomoe

Favorite People
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Takahata, Isao
Takahata, Isao
Suzuki, Toshio
Suzuki, Toshio
Hisaishi, Joe
Hisaishi, Joe
Kanno, Yoko
Kanno, Yoko
Arakawa, Hiromu
Arakawa, Hiromu

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Studio Ghibli is the JUSTICE LEAGUE

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"To believe in something, doubt everything"
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Jacut | 04-20-14, 12:02 AM
Wow, this deluxe edition is different from the French one I guess, but pretty amazing with the hardcover, artworks etc...

I should check the new Mushishi at least I guess, but I couldn't properly marathon the first series because it's kind of difficult to do, so I'd have to finish it first before starting the second.

Yeah, JoJo is one of my favorite shonen ever, and with a delicious "old school" feeling to it too ! Studio David's take on it is a bit weird in its animation but kind of... awesome at the same time. Haikyuu is an excellent sports anime, one of the best I've seen lately.

Oh and btw, I just watched Mirai Fukuin yesterday, and it was tuly a superb epilogue and a great movie, thanks for recommending that !

Oosran | 04-19-14, 8:12 AM
My favorites this season are totally messed up.
  1. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - As long as Madhouse does this properly, it's going to top the season.
  2. Isshuukan Friends. - Just strangely soothing to watch.
  3. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? - I feel so conflicted about this. I should hate it, but I like it.
  4. No Game No Life - Fabulous art, not so much plot. At all. Pretty badass main character. ( ¬‿¬)
  5. Captain Earth - Yeah, totally Star Driver all over the place. That's a good thing.
Also, what I like the most about Hitsugi no Chaika is [url=]this[/url], for which the URL-tag doesn't work, apparently. Of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with the show itself, but it's funny to see where they're getting the names from. ( ¬‿¬)

Jacut | 04-17-14, 7:11 PM
Sorry for the delay, been very busy recently...
Yeah, KLK is a huge step down (especially in terms of script) from Gurren Lagann, but it's still a very good series for this year's standards ;)

I actually haven't watched Mirai Fukuin, downloading now ! And the Nausicaa Deluxe must be a thing of wonder. I bought the normal French editions like 12 or 13 years ago when they were just released, but I know the publisher made some better versions with the original paper used on the Japanese edition etc... Must be awesome.

By the way, what are you watching in the new season series ? I didn't start a lot this time (mainly because I don't have too much time, but also the quality wasn't that great apart from masterpiece Ping Pong) : Brynhildr, Haikyuu!!, Jojo 3, Mekakucity, No Game No Life, Ping Pong, Sidonia & Soredemo Sekai ha Utsukushii.

Oosran | 04-13-14, 1:07 AM
But really, is prefer if there was some uniqueness to the show to make it stand out a bit. Though I guess it's fine as long as it's well made.

Oosran | 04-12-14, 9:02 AM
Why am I reminded of Valvrave when you say "results to a series which is needlessly convoluted"? ( ¬‿¬)

Oosran | 04-11-14, 8:38 AM
Yeah, if I hadn't already known it was White Fox, I most likely wouldn't even have checked what studio was doing that show .-.

I changed my mind about Chaika. It doesn't have to be about a I-153. It can also be about Trabant cars. ( ¬‿¬) Of course, that won't happen either.
But you know, I kind of see Hitsugi no Chaika as a kind of generic fantasy show with no really unique elements to make it stand out. But hey, it's Bones so at least it most likely won't be bad.

And in that sense, Knights of Cydonia (yes, I'll just call it that because it's a good song) isn't really unique either, I guess. For example, it kind of reminds me of both Macross and, more recently, Gargantia, in several ways. But we'll see what happens.

Oosran | 04-11-14, 1:27 AM
For some reason, White Fox's new moeblob show was not terribly bad. Either it's actually kind of enjoyable, or it's my White Fox bias speaking.

And Knights of Cydonia Sidonia tries to do the same as Ars Nova by going full CGI. Kind of feel like watching it partly because of that. Then we have the OP and ED, both being pretty good.

Oosran | 04-08-14, 10:18 AM
Speaking of Spice & Wolf, ordered vol.4-5 the other day, along with SAO vol.1 and Nisekoi vol.2-3. ( ¬‿¬)

Let's se, going by first impressions only (of course, excluding any prior knowledge of Mahouka), my top 3 so far would probably be
  1. Mahouka Yes, it still ends up on top, because I can't be completely unbiased. ( ¬‿¬)
  2. Captain Earth
  3. Isshuukan Friends
Totally expected to hammer both Captain Earth, and Isshuukan Friends. But in the first case, Captain Earth feels totally like Star Driver, which isn't strange considering it's the same team, but I'll be expecting some possibly good stuff. As for the latter, I only watched it on a whim, not at all expecting anything even decent. It just seems like it might turn out to be a pretty nice show.

Still expecting Hitsugi no Chaika to be about the Soviet WW2 I-153 biplane. Of course that's not what it's going to be about, but whatever. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Anyway, checking out Black Bullet sometime later tonight.

Oosran | 03-30-14, 1:33 AM
I buy all my manga from the Book Depository. And that's the link for the UK site, but they also have a US site. While it's the same company with the same selection of stuff and an account on one of them works as intended on both sites, it sometimes happens that the prices, for some unknown reason, are slightly different, so I'd recommend checking both sites. Last I bought some stuff, there was like a .03 euro difference, so it's not like the difference is huge, but could be worth looking up anyway.
And speaking of which, time to buy some more. One or two volumes of Spice & Wolf, the next volume of Nisekoi, maybe another volume of Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist (the manga's actually okay. It's not garbage like the anime.), and the first volume of SAO, which comes out soon. Maybe even the second Doubt omnibus. I did read the first, so I should read the second as well.

Jacut | 03-29-14, 6:26 PM
I actully have been a ibit disappointed with Kill la Kill, and especially its script, since the beginning of the series. However, I admire the direction/animation and battle sequences, but I think Nakashima-san could have imagined themes more fit to the series and added a bit more depth to the characters. I'll be much sadder when Nagi no Asu Kara will end next week for example.

Psych and Log s2 will be amazing indeed and I'm so much looking forward to watching them, as well as the new Kanno/Watanabe anime, which will definitely be awesome.

Oosran | 03-29-14, 5:55 AM
I sure hope you mean KlK and not KnK. ( ¬‿¬)
I still don't agree, but I can accept that at least.

And yeah, reading physical copies is a whole different experience to reading online. Speaking of which, finished the last 2 volumes of Book Girl the day before yesterday and yesterday. Best arc. And the 7th book is the best in the series. Damn, so good. You should really give it a read if you get the chance. Feels so bad to have finished a masterpiece like that, knowing that there won't be more. And I have too much to read, so I'm unlikely to get a chance to reread it anytime soon.

Oosran | 03-28-14, 12:37 PM
>finish KlK
Of course, they would have to take it into space and have galaxies and stuff. Though they didn't throw them around this time. ( ¬‿¬)

Oosran | 03-26-14, 3:08 PM
Yeah! Finally got rid of my backlog from this season. ( ¬‿¬)
So I had time to check out the upcoming season as well. ( ¬‿¬)

Oosran | 03-18-14, 6:20 AM
It would've been fully possible to get that arc in there :<
Sure, it wouldn't have been as good as the arc as it is in the manga, but still :<

Oosran | 03-17-14, 8:16 AM
You know, I've started thinking that I'm not really sure I like where BONES is taking Noragami. I feel like they're greatly downplaying the importance of Bishamon to the point of almost forgetting completely about her, while bringing their original character to the foreground. :<

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