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About Deer50
Yes, I have extremely high standards for many things. Though I wish I could be as easy with ratings and like anime as much as most other people, that's not me. I'm very nitpicking person and that's the way I am.
*Listening to music- I listen to nearly all types of music. I try to explore with different genres when I can. The genres I don't personally like are rap, country, and screamo.
*Doing things on the computer- Mostly visiting my favorite websites and reading everyone's blogs, reviews, articles on any subject. (I love hearing opinions)
*Acting- This is a big pastime I do almost everyday since I was 8. My sister is the only other person involved in this. (I don't do this in front of anyone but her) When I watch an anime that has a character I really like, I will include him/her in this pastime. I will think up skits, dialogue, etc. for that character and act him/her out (I change voices too). When I'm that character I can get into their mind and think and feel what they do. That sometimes leads to me to getting so into them that I'm crying or bursting with rage other times. Overall getting very absorbed into different roles. Acting can also help me grow to like characters that I originally didn't like. Acting helped me connect/understand characters and even people better.
It's really hard for me to find a character I REALLY love. :/ I like secondary characters. Mostly ones with alot of background and development.
I don't like archetypes, one dimensional, or flat characters.
There has to be something unique to distinguish the character from others.
Otherwise they will NEVER be on my fav list.
I usually dislike episodic shows or shows that focus entirely on comedy. Not that I hate to laugh. Just that I like shows that are memorable. I like the type of shows that lead up to something big.
I'm not a fan of anime that are too long. Even if I like the show. I just dislike sitting through too many episodes. The most I would rate those type of shows would be an 7.

My first anime I watched when I was younger was sailor moon. I got back into anime somewhere around middle school my first anime (after so many years) being Naruto which got me into watching anime again.
You can ask me stuff. Like why I liked or disliked a certain show, etc. Just be mindful not to get aggressive or upset on my reply. It's just an opinion. I dislike people who pick fights over opinions.
I like to give suggestions to people.
I never drop anime because…
1. I like to give anime a full chance.
2. I don't know why but dropping an anime would bother me. I just hate to leave things unfinished. (OCD) <.<
3. If I don’t finish it I could be missing the best anime or ending of all things and I would never know it.
Ratings: I only rate things based on enjoyment. Not music, animation, art etc.
Enjoyment for me is mostly an engaging plot. (Engaging plot for me has to have a beginning, middle, and a REAL ending.

10- So amazingly good, I would watch it again. I loved all the episodes and I anticipate going to the next episode. I never get bored of it. When I give something a 10 it doesn't mean I think it's perfection. I don't think anything can be perfect. A 10 (for me) just means highly enjoyable to the point where I couldn't stop watching. The flaws are minimum or don't take away from the enjoyment.

9-It's a just like a 10 except I wouldn't have the same amount of enjoyment the second time around.

8-Has a overall well developed storyline. Has a beginning, middle, and real ending.
Filler is very minimum or doesn't steer away too long from the plot. As good as the anime is it didn't get to the point where I got completely absorbed and wanted to immediately go to next ep.

7- Given to anime that keep my interest with a good story. Anime that could have been an 8 if not for certain factors. Here are examples of some of those factors:
- Anime is too long
- Lack of a real ending
- Needless filler added
6- I barely liked it. Had a decent idea of a story but was poorly executed. Lack of a real ending. Something holding it back.
5- I liked it and disliked it (mediocre)
4- Most of it was boring but not a total waste.
3-A story I don't get at all or it's boring and dull.
2- I don't like the characters and it has an extremely boring story.
1-The director didn't seem to put any effort into making it good and/or can't remember anytime it had an enjoyable moment.

Characters I'm extremely fond of and why:

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Phraze | 06-01-13, 11:30 PM
You're welcome~

Phraze | 05-31-13, 11:25 PM
Hi, thought I could drop by and wish you happy birthday. ^^

Batpuddingman | 05-17-13, 6:46 PM
i hope to have many fun conversations with you in the future

Batpuddingman | 05-16-13, 9:16 PM
Thank you very much for accepting the friend request, your crieria i found are very interesting and i can agree with almost all of them meaning i do look for most of those things myself. its great to meet you

Moon_Filled_Sky | 04-03-13, 3:29 PM
Why thank you, for the comment and membership ^_^
I'm quite fond of your serene deer picture.

Maur | 02-24-13, 3:42 PM
I agree with you o those 3 tropes. They are also annoying/tedious. Of course it could be a very very long list if I went into all the repetitive recycled material that appears in most shows lol

Phraze | 01-02-13, 9:55 AM
Thanks for accepting the friend request. Happy New Year and have a nice day! :)

Ramfield | 08-28-12, 4:23 PM
sorry for the late reply and no problem :)
if you look at the comment section on my profile page ( I have like 2 pages of comment , not so much really ) the first two comments on the second page are yours :p

Ramfield | 08-18-12, 1:57 PM
haha Hi there , remember me ? :p
we used to have more Anime compatibility than 56% xD

Gorim | 07-30-12, 10:17 AM
I cant understand either people who find it their task to defend their favorite anime or characters in a way that they can't even hear out what the otherside has to say.

I completely agree about Ichimaru being finest character in Bleach, competition is so weak that I highly doubt we will see anyone better ever. It is sad that Aizen was completely ruined after Rescue Rukia-arc because he seemed and was an excellent villain, him turning out to be mastermind behind everything was unexpected and well written. The problems with Aizen as you said started after Rukia-arc when Tite Kubo didn't know what to do with him and how to prolong the story so he could make more money, his inability to write long-term series was what ruined Aizen before that he was one of those villains that I liked someone who is capable of controlling everyones actions in a way that not even the boring main protagonist can stop his plans.

Gorim | 07-28-12, 4:57 AM
Im never upset for someone holding a different opinion than me, rather than upset Im happy because it leaves room for discussion and keeps conversation up. I can't say I liked any of the characters well except Temari, but I personally think their lacks and faults are minor compared to so many characters. If we take Inoue from bleach for example and compare her to Rukia: all she ever does is chase Ichigo and get kidnapped and say that she wants to help him out but after 13 episodes all she does is get in to trouble and play the role of damsel in distress and be a comic relief. Atleast Rukia does her share of fighting, her fights are interesting and you don't have to watch some FUCKING FAIRIES when she fights, but yes she doesn't fight that often but she does as often as any of the characters beside Ichigo, take even Ishida who's the least useless of the main characters he fights even less frequently / as often as Rukia. Well this is due to lack of Kubos ability to write any other kind of story than damsel in distress arcs. We don't have to take Inoue as an example but Chad as well, because Kubo doesn't know what to do with Inoue and Chad he has made them useless characters that stand in the backround doing pretty much nothing, they make Rukia seem like a major force in the series.

I agree completely about what you said and agree that all of these characters I listed are annoying but I think there are tons and tons of characters more annoying and stereotyphical. That's why I even bothered to notice the whole thing. I think that Rukia is the least annoying of the bleach main characters. Ishida is an angsty-eyeglass character, Ichigo is just another power-up goku without any hint of real personality, Chad.. I dont know why this trusted side-kick character is even in the show and so doesn't Kubo and Inoue.. oh god. With this kind of main cast there isn't very much competition against Rukia, all she had to do is remain level-headed and cool to be the least annoying. As for Temari I agree that she's pretty much plain rude and thus annoying out of the listed characters I might like here the most and I don't really know why; I think it might be because I generally like intelligent characters and she is one (despite after 100 episodes of original series she is left out and becomes forgotten and useless) or because she interacts most with Shikamaru who's the pretty much the only character that I even bother to care about anymore in the damn series.


Morridine | 06-12-12, 7:48 PM
Hey thanks :D regardless of the fact that probably 80% of the people around threw rocks at my Clannad review, I tried to be completely honest xD

Gorim | 06-09-12, 5:15 PM
Hi, nice to meet you.

I think that Medusa is one of the best anime villains ever, she's active, intelligent, (hot!), manipulative and doesn't get out smarted easily. She holds everyone as a pawn in her own game, Chrona as well. Her ruthless and cunning strategies make her even more dangerous than Kishin, she plans out everything ahead, even her own destiny. I like Chrona decently and she's very sympathetic character, someone people wish she'd end up happy. I just think that Medusa is original and great character overall I have a tendency to like villains who play their role well. Just like Joker from Batman Dark Knight, Medusa creates atmosphere of a character who just likes to watch the world burn and it works well with her. Definitely interesting character who was created to be hated and feared.

You seem to dislike lot of tomboyish female characters why so or am I just mistaken? Here are couple I noticed: Kuchiki Rukia from bleach (which I think is the least annoying main character in bleach), Temari (Naruto) Ayano and the Nanase from Kaze no Stigma and i.g. Rin from Fate/Stay. Though there were few characters I was surprised at I agreed with many of your hated characters like Kon (bleach), Lyzerg (Shaman King), Misa (Death Note) in example.

SamDiz | 05-31-12, 10:40 AM
Happy Birthday!

ZeZOo_nov4 | 05-29-12, 12:43 AM
i am doing great , trying to find new animes :p and getting closer to finish my quest to watch all the animes :ppp XD
i just wanted to check up on you :)
and about my manga story thats a side kick thing for me now :p , my super powers relies , in my deductive skills :p
i also changed alot during this last two years!
its very weird ... to be someone you never were :)
anyway enough of me boring you time :p ! let's change the topic to how deer50 was rocking the anime world :ppp

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