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X10A_Freedom | 04-11-14, 8:15 PM
Cure Honey is awesome, yo.

I'm basically only on IRC during Saturdays. This might change slightly over the next 2 weeks as I'm on holiday and might even make the odd weekday appearance. :O

Donny's like...never on though.

Oh, and datass. Oh, you.

10bit | 04-11-14, 12:19 PM
stop stealing my yuri tag - moe alt staff

Masserati_ | 04-11-14, 4:04 AM
B-but Stellio, my rating is objectively correct :(

That being said, Tachibana may yet take the position of best girl after the hospital chapter.

You totally should. I plan to watch Angel's Egg over the weekend because I've heard that that's his next best work outside of Patlabor 2 (Ghost in the Shell, whilst good, doesn't compare to how mindblowing Patlabor 2 is by comparison).

This season's off to a solid start actually. JoJo Season 2, Mushishi S2, Haikyuu! and PING PONG are all great so far. Abarenbou Kishi Matsutarou is pretty fun as well although it's had quite a controversial reception. I still plan to check out Baby Steps as well, and Knights of Sidonia because I'm quite fond of the manga of that. Akuma no Riddle is incredibly edgy with mediocre animation to boot, I want to see yuri some time soon because that's the only reason I picked it up. There's a couple of other things I plan to check out as well like No Game No Life because it's meant to be full of colours and I like colours. I may yet start on some of the mech shows that are airing...maybe.

And yourself?

X10A_Freedom | 04-11-14, 3:56 AM
You're alive! :O

RMNDolphy | 04-08-14, 10:57 PM
Ichigo is pure, yo. Nothing you can say will taint her.

yeah well okay good i didn't want you to watch aikatsu anyway

I dunno, it's really hard for me to think of Follow the Sound in terms of individual songs. The whole thing is just one large entity. Some of the more low-key songs do a great job building towards dem goosebump moments when everything comes together. It's basically a perfect album. I'd hit it from the back, hit it from the back, hit it from the back, hit it from the back, hit it from the back, hit it from the back

make a letterboxd

RMNDolphy | 04-08-14, 9:52 PM

also, I'll probably just forget and never watch it. anime is hard.

RMNDolphy | 04-08-14, 7:45 PM
I am going to watch Gokukoku no Brynhildr just to reply to you about it <3

Also, your picture has shit anatomy. Her legs are too far apart. She looks like a cheap action figure.

Masserati_ | 04-07-14, 10:26 AM
Dat Chitoge profile picture.

>Not even Tsugumi
Stellio pls

spacexplorer | 04-04-14, 10:43 PM
Your kyousougiga review was simply amazing. A work of literature in and of itself.Where have you learn to master the craft of language so skillfully?!!

aceofwar20 | 03-29-14, 11:16 PM
I just looked through them. I'm interested in Selector Infected WIXOSS, Blade and Soul (probably going to suck but i wanna play the game so whatever), Soul Eater Not, Mekakucity Actors, and DBZ Kai. Everything else I think I'll just let other people test the waters with instead of digging for gold myself.

aceofwar20 | 03-29-14, 5:08 PM
I like the whole mafia and yakuza scenario. It kind of reminds me of my bride is a mermaid, but not as funny. I think they did a pretty good job with Chitoge compared to the other tsunderes that I see so much of these days. Raku is rather unique in that he always drops everything to help somebody. I don't see that very often in characters, but that is really all that stands out with him.

All else I can think of is that the art is nice and colorful lol. It's a show that has its flaw, but it's really the only thing I've found interesting this season.

aceofwar20 | 03-22-14, 1:16 AM
Hey man, it's been a while so I figured I'd drop a line. I see your keeping up with Nisekoi. What do you think of it? I like it so far, but it can get a bet cliche every now and then.

cucumbers | 03-17-14, 3:21 AM
3dpd etc

honestly i cant really form an opinion as of right now, since im not too far along in the series, but i do like azusa the most. for the time being, at least. no guarantees that that wont change, but who knows. the series in its entirety seems pretty creative, actually. lots of stereotypical things but its all kinda turned on its head with the slight supernatural aspect. it seems fun.

also those are the coordinates for where i work, not where i live, technically. so its all good.

besides id fite them irl if they showed up and started shit

RMNDolphy | 03-16-14, 5:39 PM
I fought the twitter at first, but then the twitter won and i have fun on it now. Just download tweetdeck or something. Web twitter sucks. General twitter and anitwitter are very different places yo. y-y-y-you might have fun.

RMNDolphy | 03-16-14, 9:42 AM
small ripples make the biggest waves... in my heart...

Also, you should join twitter. It has entire accounts dedicated to legs.

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