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Jul 2, 10:17 PM
February 14, 1996
Vancouver, BC
February 20, 2012
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Been busy with some projects of late but will hopefully be able come back, watch some shows and crank out a few reviews. Writing style will likely adapt accordingly.

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Don_Don_Kun | Yesterday, 12:40 PM
Hey Stellio! No worries, I don't hold grudges, so it's all good!

Anyway, I've been living the working life for the past year and aside from the long commute and exhaustion, it's been alright. I'm looking to save up enough so I can get my own place and hopefully move somewhere closer to work. Either way, it's not something you'll have to worry about for a while, haha.

Oh cool, UBC should be fun. Yeah, Toronto is rather crummy in the winter, but there's always lots to do around the city. If you're ever in the area, just give me a shout and we can hang out!

X10A_Freedom | Jun 30, 4:06 AM
b-but nerds like you can get wasted all you want in GTAV :O

LegalCyrus | Jun 29, 5:08 AM
Wowzers wanna fight kid. I'm real legal.

Yeah I fill. Drake is just muh women but more depressing most of the time. he does decent pop rap so it's fine.

Keef is bad tho, I Don't Like is GOAT material but that is it. Flocka tho.

tbh I haven't even listened to much music lately outside of some OPs and my playlists on spotify. Nothing has been good in 2015 waiting on kanye to drop. Nothing much has happened in 2015 tbh.

X10A_Freedom | Jun 29, 1:36 AM
Awww, better luck next time. I'll be pretty wasted on the 4th anyhow...

I only ever do trell review these days, any review of mine with Aria-bashing at the bottom is my signature of a trell review. :3

Stop being such a tsundere and extend your stay.

LegalCyrus | Jun 28, 7:37 PM
6 God tho. Idk, I really liked Know Yourself, 6 God, and Jungle mostly. Fucking savage shit.

But for real the nigga Yung Lean is the best you should listen to him he is the best.

I'm 18 and graduated im legal now. ;_;

LegalCyrus | Jun 28, 7:34 AM
o-oh.. Well I was running through the six with my WOES. idk, that's really one of the things I've been listening to lately that i've liked. fuck you drake

X10A_Freedom | Jun 27, 11:53 PM
I'm back Aug 3, work starts soon after but could catch you in an evening perhaps?

X10A_Freedom | Jun 27, 10:44 PM
July 14 is when I take off, when will you be in HK?

X10A_Freedom | Jun 27, 7:40 PM
Gimme dates but no LFK, I hate that stuff.

Also, DDK is younger than me so he's a kouhai. He's also very lewd and love lolis.

LegalCyrus | Jun 24, 4:47 PM

aceofwar20 | May 31, 3:11 PM
I already finished my semester a couple weeks ago but I decided to take summer classes because I'm a masochist I guess.

I liked Shigatsu a lot. I'm a sucker for Music and Drama though. I actually liked it more than I did Kids on the Slope which surprised me. The first few episodes are kinda slow, but the character development picks up and the animation is always top notch. Its pretty depressing though.

X10A_Freedom | May 2, 10:09 PM
Haha, the teacher was the best.

Not even giving Ufotable a chance with UBW? I mean we both know Deen was crap.

X10A_Freedom | Apr 28, 3:50 AM
>Kiss x Sis
>Completed at 12 of 12

Ew. :P Also, I started Twatting.

Cheesy-J | Apr 20, 6:08 AM

Just dropping by to say that I really liked your Kyousougiga review. You write exceptionally well. It was a joy to read.

Keep up the great work!

X10A_Freedom | Apr 10, 10:46 PM
butt cracks?

ew. :p

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