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05-02-15, 8:06 PM
February 14, 1996
Vancouver, BC
February 20, 2012
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X10A_Freedom | 05-02-15, 10:09 PM
Haha, the teacher was the best.

Not even giving Ufotable a chance with UBW? I mean we both know Deen was crap.

X10A_Freedom | 04-28-15, 3:50 AM
>Kiss x Sis
>Completed at 12 of 12

Ew. :P Also, I started Twatting.

Cheesy-J | 04-20-15, 6:08 AM

Just dropping by to say that I really liked your Kyousougiga review. You write exceptionally well. It was a joy to read.

Keep up the great work!

X10A_Freedom | 04-10-15, 10:46 PM
butt cracks?

ew. :p

NotDolphy | 04-09-15, 10:55 PM
stellio i think it's over between us

NotDolphy | 04-09-15, 10:50 PM
what the fuck both teachers are amazing.

unless you mean Kimura.

Kimura is bad.

X10A_Freedom | 04-09-15, 7:50 AM

NotDolphy | 04-08-15, 9:20 PM
I like them all but

Masserati_ | 03-24-15, 1:59 AM
>Darker than Black
>One of the worst anime ever made

Jesus Stellio, fix your shit taste, seriously.

NotDolphy | 03-19-15, 2:34 AM
kendrick should fix his shitty music :)

LegalCyrus | 03-19-15, 1:37 AM
Understandable. I expected when I saw 12 minutes I expected a masterpiece like Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst. So I'm sort of disappointed in that.

Yeah, I get that. However I feel like it's mostly white culture debating on this album because of all the cool new SJW that has happened since GKMC. The message wasn't really overbearing, outside of maybe Blacker the Berry but that was really fucking great and it talks about more or less black stereotypes in America I guess. Then talking about the hypocracy of Trayvon Martin yet not mourning the fallen gang violence.

I've listened to it multiple times and I find myself falling in love with tracks such as Alright, u, Blacker the Berry, i, and Wesley's Theory. It's a really nice sounding album and I've enjoyed having it through multiple times. What did you think of GKMC btw?

I will, I had the pastebin gone so I lost motivation since those few paragraphs I've had written were hard for me to write. Dolphs is wrong but Dolphy is also right on some things.

Also new Earl next week. I'm hyped.

NotDolphy | 03-19-15, 1:32 AM
it sucks

LegalCyrus | 03-19-15, 12:44 AM
this album is another MBDTF for me.

An album with a message, and album praised as one of the greatest of all time. But I have no idea what to make of it. Lyrically this is probably one of the best. Like it's more about Kendrick and himself. The kendrick of the present rather than the one of the past which GKMC was about. (5/5 album for me. I fucking love it and would write an entire essay on it.) Musically, it's weird. Dolphy has a point about the jazz part. But tbh, I love the jazz on it. It adds sort of a weird vibe to it that makes it more enjoyable to listen to. Though some of the tracks are p stupid like BOO BOO. Plus the tupac interview was stupid. I'm going to listen to the album a lot til Jenny Death comes out. Because I have no idea what to make of it. Parts of it makes it a 5/5 but some parts are just meh. The shitstorm I've seen over the ratings on RYM, Metacritic, and TheNeedleDrop are giving it is hilarious.

LegalCyrus | 03-18-15, 11:00 PM
You could ask Cyrus about his shitty kendrick opinion. ;_;

nil- | 03-05-15, 9:30 AM
I commend you for your excellent tastes in Amber, despite her name suggesting but not meaning that her hair is red.

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