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Sep 16, 2016
Berserk (Anime) add (All reviews)
If you ask a casual manga fan whether they want their favourite manga to be adapted into a show. Whether they want the breathtaking action panels to fly off of television screens. Whether they desire for colours to be added to their favourite characters’ faces. Whether they thirst for a weekly reboot of their adolescent nostalgia. The answer is always a resounding yes.

However, Berserk (2016) brings many questions—I should say, disappointments—to the Berserk fandom. It hastily brushes aside many things that made the original Berserk (1997) anime such a daring and unforgettable classic. It dulls down Guts, a multifaceted and genuine character, to a mere read more
Jun 30, 2014
Ghost Tears opens with Motoko making passionate love to her then-lover, Akira, later even featuring the two attending another couple’s wedding with Motoko wearing a rather promiscuous, alluring dress. Her colleagues, especially Batou, make fun of how fatuous and short-lasting this relationship is. How does Motoko respond? She hacks Batou’s prosthetic arms, again reminding him of how humiliating it is to be punched by your own fists.

Being the third installment to the Ghost in the Shell Arise series, Ghost Tears is quite the bombshell. A sexy and assertive Motoko leads an investigation into a terrorist organization whose symbol is the Scylla, an ancient sea-monster. read more
Jan 2, 2014
A journey into Kyousou Giga is an experience like no other. It is perhaps, out of all things, most analogous to wandering in a circus, stumbling upon the Hall of Mirrors, and coming back having witnessed a sensational light show. In other words, Kyousou Giga is a show that stands out for its use of exuberant visuals; it displays a charm that is unique and impressive.

However, looks can often be deceiving, and thankfully, this is not the case for Kyousou Giga. Admittedly, the beginning seems bizarre; lots of random, unrelated events occur spontaneously. Nonetheless, a darker narrative, which Kyousou Giga skillfully weaves with read more
Dec 20, 2013
Recently, anime adaptations of western culture have become somewhat of an outlandish trend. Not only are these adaptations capitalized by world-building over historical accuracy, but they are also filled with unremarkable plot twists that occur spontaneously. Instead of quality writing and a substantial narrative, one will find uninspired executions of characterization and pretentious attempts at making grandiose, explosive scenes seem more than they really are. Regrettably, Galilei Donna is an anime that exhibits the very shortcomings of this trend.

In retrospect, Galilei Donna had it all: gorgeous sceneries, splendorous mecha battles, and a bizarre but spectacular synopsis. It had the makings of a great sci-fi tale, read more
Nov 25, 2013
There is a common problem with character-driven stories that is often overlooked. They're supposed to engage the characters in various trials and tribulations, and by way of these occurrences, shape them into stronger individuals. It sounds simple, yet so many works fail to create memorable characters, instead relying on banal and insipid cliches to make the work seem more than it is.

Chikan Otoko is the antithesis to this trend.

It relies on the most frivolous acts and interactions between characters to naturally explicate the beauties of everyday life and characters. Moreover, Chikan Otoko never tries to be more than it is; and through its sincerity, it read more
Jun 24, 2013
Bold and cryptic, the original Ghost in the Shell movie (1995) is considered by many fans to be the apex of sci-fi anime within its decade. Over time, Oshii’s adroit directing influenced a multitude of many abstract ideas, both ambitious and creative. However, it was Kamiyama Kenji’s Stand Alone Complex iteration of the series that helped further the franchise's reputation as a result of its superb action scenes, script, and sophistication.

With that said, Ghost in the Shell: Arise is a series that needs no introduction. But perhaps in an ironic way, it is essentially the introduction for the franchise. Although the franchise is largely read more
Mar 29, 2013
The problem with creating a historical anime is frequently similar to that of adapting a manga or video game: oftentimes, the author has to resort to filler or fan-service materials to clumsily meet the airing requirements for shows. However, an axiom that directors ought to familiarize themselves with is that quality is invariably better than quantity.

Thankfully, this inference only applies to certain aspects of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, a recent adaptation of the original light novels under the same name.

Set in a time period of gruesome wars to political corruptions, Maoyuu depicts a fantasy world where humans and devils are fighting for the ultimate authority, while read more
Jan 19, 2013
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

As a retired participant familiar with competitive high school basketball, I must admit Kuroko no Basket reminded me of the exact reasons why I fell in love with the sport. Adrenaline, leadership, endurance, and most of all, team work. In a world with so many instructed paths to follow, should one rely on team work, or their own skills in a sport like basketball? Surely, Kuroko no Basket tackles this question with considerable reflexes, not with constant waves of seriousness but with tremendously well organized comedy and series of basketball tournaments, which comprises of flashy to not-so-flashy read more
Nov 3, 2012
After examining forums, comments, and reviews on Sword Art Online, it doesn't take a genius to recognize that this anime adaptation is one of the most controversial, disputable TV Series of the year. Thus, it'll be understandable if you disagreed with me at some point in this review, but please take the time to actually read it before deciding "oh, just another fan boy" or "gross, just another hater." Because, in my opinion, Sword Art Online doesn't deserve the amount of crap it gets or the amount of praises; essentially, it's mediocre.

First and foremost, the Sword Art Online TV Series is an adaptation of the read more
Oct 20, 2012
High school is essentially one of the most important four years of someone’s life. Throughout these years, not only does one fall under peer pressure, indecisive dramas, and separation into different clicks/social-groups, but you are often greeted with the unsatisfying feeling in overcoming mostly difficult, inexperienced tasks. However, the point of entering High School in the first place is to move onto secondary educations and learn not just fundamental cultures of others, but also about where you want to be in society for the rest of your life. During these times of hardships, not many people can gain true confidence; insecurities may rise from the read more