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Days: 151.0
Mean Score: 6.08
  • Total Entries741
  • Rewatched63
  • Episodes9,325
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Oct 23, 12:38 PM
Watching 8/25 · Scored 9
Donguri to Yamaneko (1995)
Donguri to Yamaneko (1995)
Jun 4, 2:57 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Donguri to Yamaneko
Donguri to Yamaneko
Jun 4, 2:57 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 9.2
Mean Score: 8.38
  • Total Entries151
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,646
  • Volumes174
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Oct 23, 1:08 PM
Reading 198/? · Scored 10
Oct 8, 10:14 AM
Reading 230/? · Scored 10
Jul 3, 12:15 PM
Reading 9/59 · Scored 8


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Luka_Kun Nov 17, 12:44 AM
Your welcome, well good to know that you're being well and safe. I see i hope you're not putting too much stress on yourself during this time.

I see its alright, then you kind of disappeared so i was wondering if things are ok or not. Good to know that everything is great.
That is also true well he did right staying inside but being inside all the time is not good.
I have never been to a CT scan as well, So got no clue what's its like :O :O

Totally some people are taking this thing very lightly. IDK why people can be so stupid at times.
Well we just received some CORONA medicine from Russia i believe and it will be tested out now with some people.
How is the virus in your country now??

Totally that is why i have quit smoking its been 7 months now.
Plus i have started to work out as well :D :D

So, did more people got infected? Since the weather was cold??

A couple of my friends got infected but they recovered with in 14 days. That's all for me i am all good and healthy :D :D xD

Haha well that actor carrier is over now lol.

Haha i did long time ago :P I loved it, its sad that the manga author is not well i would have love to see more anime on this amazing series.
Luka_Kun Oct 27, 5:43 PM
Hey, i haven't heard from you in a long time.
I hope you're being well and safe in there. I am just a little worried.
ping me.
ivymura Sep 14, 11:15 PM
Hi, thanks for accept my FR :D
Well, i hope we can chat soon and you enjoy your shows, so i see you in the next and bye ^^
Madotsuki_Zef Sep 3, 11:48 AM
I hope you enjoyed your holidays! the truth is that no, do you have any anime to recommend me? I will watch it without a doubts

I really dislike taiga, I am surprised that many think that she is a good character, she has many horrible attitudes, they always try to justify her horrible actions in some silly way. probably the same person who thinks makoto is the worst thing ever exist, thinks that taiga is a cute loli who deserves to be forgiven for all the horrible things she does ._.xD

I haven't watch Nagi no asukara yet u.u
About the Simon couple, I think that Nia was essential to serve as a catalyst and evolution of Simon as a character, the fact that Nia never met kamina, made her the only one to value Simon as an individual and not a complement by kamina.
the others including yoko expected simon to fulfill the role of kamina and that was a very heavy burden for simon, which leads him to feel that he does not deserve to be the leader of the group.
Nia is the one who makes Simon face his problems, and she did not abandon him in any moment of Simon weaknes.
It's a case similar to what Tae Kojima meant to Kurono

true, do you have any anime that you find nostalgic? or that reminds you of some moment in your life?

Kuroda? What do you like about kotonoha? Personally she seems too passive to me, but I suppose it is congruent because of the way she lived
D_GeekGirl Aug 31, 6:03 PM
No, I haven't . Right now I am just trying to finish up season 2 of a few anime. I did see that Kubo dropped Burn the Witch issue 1. Are you going to read it? They're planning a film for it in Oct. One of the characters looks like a female Byakuya with really big boobs.
D_GeekGirl Aug 24, 3:31 PM
OK, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. I barely remember the original. Yuki probably would be a good match, but I've never thought about putting them together. I love cats so I'm partial to Kyou. He's the character I remember most from the original. I even forgot how attractive the Zodiac guys were. I am all about Hatori ;-)
D_GeekGirl Aug 24, 10:02 AM
I'm still in season 1 of Fruits Basket. I noticed the remake has a higher score than the original. It's probably like you said some people thought the old one was too slow. I've only ever shipped Tooru with Kyou. It started the moment Tooru said she wanted to change to the year of the cat, not even 10 minutes into the first episode, LOL.

Tooru's voice is kinda high pitched and I didn't realize how dense she was when I watched the original. She's beyond shonen protagonist level dense in this version.
D_GeekGirl Aug 23, 2:25 PM
Good to know you're in high-spirits about the move. Yeah, I attended university in the area. After 10 years, I was ready to move, but it's taking longer than expected so I'm still here.

Yeah, I'm sure that sucks. People can be thoughtless.

I started watching Fruits Basket 2019. The animation is better. I'm enjoying it so far.
D_GeekGirl Aug 23, 9:17 AM
It may take some time to get used to a new environment, but don't force yourself. Take all the time you need and do what's best for you. I moved from a town with less than 5000 people to a city with almost 1,000,000 people. It took awhile to adjust to my surroundings.

Yeah, your knowledge of a historical topic should come from more than one trusted source. I see people posting falsehoods on the internet all the time. Things that can easily be disproved with a Google search, but no they rather argue with lies.
D_GeekGirl Aug 22, 9:17 AM
Yeah, people are looking for 1-3 years of experience for unpaid internships. It's really people looking to get work done for free. Why do you want to move to Moscow?

3D can be divisive. Some people are 2D purist and others think 3D is the future. I prefer 2D animation, but 3D okay as long as it's done well. Let me know you think of the anime if you decide to watch it.

When it comes to history you have to do your own research. Some people like stretching the story aspect when it comes to their agenda. I live in a country where the Daughters of the Confederacy backed the textbooks in the south for almost a century. They'd only allowed history books that made the south look favorable and that slavery wasn't that bad.
D_GeekGirl Aug 22, 7:19 AM
Sorry, for the late reply. I haven't been MAL in awhile. The issue I was telling you about was from my old job. Now I teach. It's been a rough first week back. I'm still working on my portfolio. I want a job as UX writer/designer or a technical writer. I hope to get an internship or entry level job before the end of the year.

Which title did you watch? I've mostly watched continuations of shows from previous seasons. A new one I watched was Land of the Lustrous from 2017. It's on Amazon Prime. I enjoyed it. The 3D style may take some getting used to, but it's an interesting anime.
SimonVon Aug 20, 6:07 AM
Sorry i was off because of my job...How've you been?
D_GeekGirl Aug 18, 7:06 AM
Sounds like you had a good time, that's good. Sesshomaru still has it, but I am going to hold out judgement on the anime for at least 2 episodes. The only continuation series I've seen where the previous mangaka only designed the characters is Buroto. Buroto isn't nearly as good as Naruto.
D_GeekGirl Aug 18, 6:47 AM
Good to have you back :-). Did you have a good holiday? I must admit I'm really interested in InuYasha and Kagome's daughter now, plus I get to see Sesshomaru again.
Awesomezme Aug 17, 11:48 PM
It's cool! Hope you had fun on your holiday! :)
Ooo I wish they'd end up together tbh. After seeing a bunch of romance with love triangles, I wish Taichi will finally be with her and Chihaya with Arata. It just feels good inside when characters get their own happy endings :D

Really? So Chihaya finally gets to hit her blow against the queen! I'm so excited for the conclusion!! Tell me about it when it comes XD Also, every when does the chapters update? I know it's not weekly but does it have like a specific time?