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Synonyms: High Kyuu!!, HQ!!
Japanese: ハイキュー!!
English: Haikyu!!
German: Haikyu!!
Spanish: Haikyu!! Los Ases del Vóley
French: Haikyu!!
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Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2014 to Sep 21, 2014
Premiered: Spring 2014
Broadcast: Sundays at 17:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Manga
Genre: SportsSports
Themes: SchoolSchool, Team SportsTeam Sports
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.441 (scored by 12121091,212,109 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1572
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #37
Members: 1,947,131
Favorites: 72,858

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Both are sports anime. Haikyuu is more funny too than Kuroko no basket. Both anime have a group of colorful characters and two main characters that are aiming to be the best at something . One is Volleyball and the other is basketball. 
report Recommended by Glamrgrl104
Both are top-tier shounen sport anime. In both series the cast is colorful and charming, the comedy is excellent and the story is impressively unpredictable.  
report Recommended by VVayfarer
There is a high chance that if you liked Haikyuu you will like Kaze ga Tsuyoku as well. I'm already loving them both! You can feel the similar vibes coming through. The art styles are very similar so characters like Kageyama from Haikyuu and the main character Kakeru from Kaze look very similar. Also there is something going on with the importance of being "number 10". So definitely check out one if you have seen the other since they are both Sports genre and by the same studio! 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
I love these two anime because I practiced both sports Both series shows passion for sports, Swimming and Volleyball. They value friendship and teamwork its important to win. Both have a lots of humor, beautiful men and bromance.  
report Recommended by xana14
Both are underdog stories. the main characters are very similar. Both are very inspiring, passionate, hype and action packed with a hype ost 
report Recommended by PoLoBreak
-Both have charming characters with great development. -Both have great and likable dinamics. -Team work and amazing moments. 
report Recommended by Albertender
Though of different sports focused these anime have very similar leads. You'll feel the strong connection to both anime. Fun and entertaining! 
report Recommended by MaeShareaza
Starting off with the first episode of 2.43 we see that the main protagonist, Chika is a talented setter with a similar egotistical mindset as Kageyama in Haikyuu as they both experienced traumatic experiences involving a negative outcome in their volleyball career due to their attitude and resulted in a school transfer. The only exception is that while Kageyama transfers to a different high school than preferred, Chika transfers to a different junior high school in a different prefecture of Japan as Chika's outcome as a result of his behavior is far more serious than in Haikyuu's situation with Kageyama in which it wasn't as  read more 
report Recommended by V10R
Both shows have a great amount of character development. Even the side characters get their own time to shine. Also, there are no overly unrealistic elements in both shows (no super powers). It's just about normal high school students (some with born talent like Chihaya and Hinata) working hard to achieve their goals.  
report Recommended by Enna
Lead protagonist is very similar to Haikyuu's lead. Both small and wants to demonstrate some athletic skills to be acknowledged, and grows from the tough opponents they face. 
report Recommended by Aleron
Oofuri and Haikyuu both have main characters who have unique abilities that can surprise opponents despite their silly and weak appearances. There's also a bond between the two teammates that develops overtime through compromise and overcoming each other's strengths & weakness. (Like Mihashi & Abe's battery, and Hinata & Kageyama's Setter and Spiker teamplay) If you enjoy a light hearted sports anime then you'll love both of these! 
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Very similar art, and both are sports anime. Both sports attract more of the female audience than male audience. Difference: MC in ballroom actually grows throughout the season , while the MC in haikyuu remains childish to the very end. (you can tell by how they argue with their partner, the latter's "fights" being meaningless, repetitive, and more for a comedic effect than for development) Ballroom is more for the more matured audience. Despite ballroom dancing being a sport where you can be very close to the women, there is significantly less sexualization than in haikyuu. (in haikyuu we will often see the males literally telling the girl  read more 
report Recommended by Ako-
If you have seen Haikyuu and decide to watch Ao Hashi it feels like it's a different story told by same people (studio). Or vice versa. Which is pretty cool! - Both are sports anime made by the same studio - The importance of number 10 player is still going strong - Main characters (Hinata / Ashito) are both hardworking energetic people, but of course they have their differences as well. - Both series feature crows as a symbol.  
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Sk8 the infinity honestly feels like condensed Haikyuu. They have extremely similar vibes and tones and the characters are also alike. They're both sports anime and lay the themes of friendship and hard work on pretty thick. If you liked one of these shows, you'll probably like the other. 
report Recommended by Mitsumi_
The main theme for both series is the realism. Main characters from both series are beginners in their sports. Hinata=Vollyball and Maruo=Tennis. They wil grow stronger throughout the series. Great characters who support the main characters. You will learn a great deal about said sport in both series. Currently airing this year. 
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Protagonist-Raw talented individual whose ability is jumping and almost infinite stamina. Both protagonist are very lively and emotional individuals. Rival- Extremely talented individual who at first believe they can single-handedly win the game. Both anime shows how these individuals grow into a better sportsmen. 
report Recommended by Supritam_SareAce
Blue Lock and Haikyuu are two fantastic anime series that lovers of volleyball and soccer in general will enjoy. They are, nevertheless, quite different in many ways, including tone, setting, objective, connection, and message. These distinctions distinguish them and make them interesting in their own right. Despite the fact that the games are distinct, the protagonist's purpose appears to be comparable. Be the greatest by defeating your opponents!  
report Recommended by IAmGrace
These are both Sports animes with cute characters for the mc that fight for their goals, even when they don't believe in themselves. I know Yuri on Ice is pretty new, but when I saw it I was immediately reminded of haikyuu. Reasons why they are similar: -The art style is pretty and bright and colourful and new for both of them. -They are both boys sports animes -The main character is adorable 
report Recommended by mercygrim96
Both of these stories follow a very energetic main character striving to become better at what they do (volleyball and cooking). These MC's never give up no matter the cost. There are a large variety of different characters in each anime that help the mc. And, of course, there are rivals as well. The music and intensity of the matches (volleyball matches, shokugeki matches) are very similar, but Shokugeki no Souma has more comedy to it. All in all, these just look and feel very similar. 
report Recommended by Barrusu
-Sport anime -Very similar mc - small and very loud but with a good asset -Difficult sport for mc due to size being a big help -Acquaintance of mc (new friend/rival) is good at the sport/has experience -School team used to be very good in the past, now (at the beginning) basically trash -New, strong coach -Awesome female manager -Amazing progression in mc and team as a whole Honestly very similar anime with very different sports. Each episode of each anime was amazing 
report Recommended by Coldonylum
- Haikyuu and Days are similar in the fact that both the main protagonists just recently really started to play a sports, more so for Days. - Both Hinata and Tsukushi are seen as "weak" in the beginning but show true potential to be great as the series goes on. - Both Hinata and Tsukushi learn to make friends and what its like to be in a team. - Both Hinata and Tsukushi don't let anyone get them down; in fact, they use it as a motivation. (Hard workers!) - Overall, if you like sports anime, then just give this a try.  
report Recommended by zentoshi_
Red-blooded sports anime with a similar dynamic between the two leads: rivals who end up on the same team. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
Both are "real sport" anime (no powers etc), both have really funny characters and good openings, both make you want to play sports, in both you'll see the main character enjoy their respective sport and grow up with it. The main difference is that in Ippo you'll see professional sport, while Haikyuu!! shows amateur sport. 
report Recommended by Learco
They are sports anime, they´re both amazing in their own ways. Even though Inazuma Eleven was bad in the first arc (1/27) They both give you a feeling that you want to play the sport.  
report Recommended by Takamura-sama
First off, it's a sports anime, so it's automatically in the same catagory. But the main characters of Prince of Stride reminded me so much of Hinata and Kageyama in the first episode, that I had to make a recommendation after watching the first episode. I can already guarantee that this anime will be a 10/10 for me. So if you like Haikyuu! you should try this show out and see if you like it! :) 
report Recommended by JoJowen
When you think about it, high-school students are not always nice at each other. They get into heated arguments and fights. They always want to be the best at what they do. They are selfish. But in the end, all is game and fair, and everything is worthy of respect. Both series capture these realistic elements like it's the easiest thing to do. 
report Recommended by WarlockAppa
Facing obstacles and embracing the love of a sport, both series captures the essence of growth as it chronicles the journey characters go through to reach stardom. The characters go through tough experiences and learns from their mistakes from both series. And while they focus on different sports, there’s a similar feeling when it comes to the competitions. I recommend both of these series for sports fans especially those looking for a show that has appreciable development.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Haikyuu!! and Bakuten!!(Backflip!!) are both sports series, with Haikyuu!! being about boys volleyball and Bakuten!! being about boys' rhythmic gymnastics. The MCs are similar because they want to be the best at what they do. 
report Recommended by Sleepy_Hallow
Major is a baseball anime and Haikyuu!! is about volleyball. In both series the main characters are aiming for and the passion they show is very addicting. 
report Recommended by monlitt
both are similar sports anime, I feel that it has a similarity of characters with air-head comedy with competitive vibes. strategic and power battles between teams which is the most exciting. I like the fluid animation too. both schools have the least reputation for their sports team and they will eventually overcome. bring glory to the school team. I am playing both volleyball and kabbadi since 6th grade.they are my favourite sports.this animes are giving me thrills.  
report Recommended by asinime
-Echizen and Hinata are both experience player -both are freshmen -both are short -both gain new friends and teammates When watch, the two anime reminded me of each other 
report Recommended by sadloversgirl
While watching Hoshiai no Sora, I couldn't stop thinking how many similarities the show has to Haikyuu. Both shows consist of amazing ost's that get you pumped. Interesting characters that make you want to know more about. Two main characters both learning the sport as they go. Background chants that you can recognize in both shows. The only difference between the two shows was Hoshiai no Sora felt more focused on the drama aspect while Haikyuu was more focused on the sports genre.  
report Recommended by spicyherbs
Just like Re Main, Haikyuu is an entertaining sports anime. Both shows have lovable characters, that will always give you a good laugh. You really get to see how the main character and supporting characters around them grow to the very top! 
report Recommended by a_001
Protagonist who wants to be the best at something but has something holding him back  
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Haikyuu is my favorite and many others sports anime of the spring. If you haven't seen it yet, I would definitely recommend it. I was reluctant at first, because personally I find volleyball boring. Yeah, it's about volleyball. But Haikyuu at the moment shows a great potential and one of my favorite animes of this season. They both have similar plots. The main characters (In KnB Kuroko, in Haikyuu Shouyou) both are underestimated and seem like they are completely wasteful to have on a team. Both of them are short and seem weak, but inside they have an overwhelming power dwelling within them that  read more 
report Recommended by Teppei_Ushizume
Sports anime, duo that originally dislikes one another, main character is literally Kageyama, dramatic as hell, good vibes.  
report Recommended by Kaz407
similar lovable hectic protagonist who yearns to be acknowledged. both shoyo and naruto possess a fatal physical flaw that stands between them and their goal, but instead of dwelling on attempts to fix what can't be fixed, they search for effective ways to weaponize and use it to their advantage. naturally, a black haired depressed rival guy comes with the package.  
report Recommended by sillyfang
If I were to describe Haikyuu!! in a single sentence to a friend, I'd call it the One Piece of Sports anime. Everyone knows One Piece. One Piece is an action anime that revolves around a no-name pirate who dreams big, makes an impact will not falter in his goal, has friends/crewmates who argue and get into funny situations (and pull hilarious faces) and much more in a epic story with some rivals and villains that you can't help but love because each character is so unique. And that also describes Haikyuu!! pretty well, too. Just replace "action" with "volleyball", "no-name pirate" with "short guy  read more 
report Recommended by RobHarli
- Both are masterpieces of sports anime. - Both give a similar feeling of intensity during games. - Great characters - Both have very unique humor - Both series have characters who have been friends that are now opponents. - Strong friendship with main characters. 
report Recommended by Ryuoka99
Basically Futsal is a Football version of Haikyuu. Both have : - That over-excited wanna-be-the-best MC : Hinata in Haikyuu and Haru in Futsal - That I'm-the-best-alone-dont-come-near-me MC's partner : Kageyama / Sakaki - The interaction between MC like "you're just a rookie not worth playing with you" / "I'll make you admit I'm worth playing with you" vibe. - School club ambiance & Inter-high goal Now what's the difference : - Haikyuu hit the realistic case - Futsal hit the "superpower" case.  
report Recommended by Cainael
Haikyuu!! is not as intense as attack no1, but both are volleyball nekketsu.  
report Recommended by cosmo_ray
The whole atmosphere is similar. Both series are full of jokes and cute stuff. They also have that character development thing... but main similar thing is humour style. In both series I enjoyed every single moment and wanted to make a gif :) 
report Recommended by xALEXx
Apart from the obviously different themes, these two Anime pretty much share the exact same key components that make them special and great: - Consistent character-power-levels; No random jumps in strength or cheap gimmicks (à la One Piece, Dragon Ball, Kuroko no Basket) - Great focus on training and becoming more powerful over time - Just the perfect amount of quirkiness for all characters; Every character feels unique and different, but is still believable and relatable (once again, see One Piece or Kuroko no Basket for bad examples of this) - None of the characters are unbeatable or without weaknesses - Tense fights/matches that are often won through wit - Actual  read more 
report Recommended by San0ix
Main character has hidden talent. He joins an elite school. Throughout the series, you will see them get stronger. Great characters in both series. One series is volleyball and the other soccer.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
I see a lot of recommendations for other sports anime but if you get past that superficial layer Haikyuu is much more, and on that deeper level, Gin no Saji is a perfect match -Focus on character development and growth -Realistic -Themes of hard work, redemption, and trust -Very funny and light hearted, while still able to be very emotional and tackle rough issues -Dynamic, thought-out, impactful characters I love Haiykuu because it is not just a sports anime, it a anime about people. People that happen to play vollyball, yes, but that is just a medium to initialize and view human struggle. People that have lost hope, that have given  read more 
report Recommended by theboywonder
They both revolve around teamwork and competitions where only one team can win, and make an effort to make the reader like the opponents creating a bit of a moral dilemma where you want both sides to win(Though Haikyuu does it better). 
report Recommended by ikefun
Both are sports anime that focus on highschool sports and tournaments with no "special effects". The premise with Hinata/Kageyama and Michi/Towa is pretty much the same. The characters are the centerpiece of each show and get great development. Both shows spend a long time on their matches and properly flash out the rival teams too. For the diffrences: Mou Ippon's relationships are more friendly than Haikyuu's. Plus, one is with girls and the other with boys. 
report Recommended by Bisalissy
Haikyuu!! and Diamond no Ace are both amazing sports animes. They both have really intense games that could (possibly) go on for 10 episodes straight, and maybe even more! They both deal with main characters that were at a less prestigious school that deserve to go to a better school. And in highschool their wishes start being fulfilled. Both teams in these anime aim for nationals. Also, both of the main characters aim to be the ace of these teams. Plus, both anime have and/or are getting a second season. So as you can see, there are many similarities in these anime. 
report Recommended by Shuuka
Cheer Danshi contains a lot of the same inspiring vibes that Haikyuu is wrapped around when it comes to not giving up for the sake of a long distant goal in sports. They also focus on male friends developing a set of teamwork skills together. 
report Recommended by SummerMambo
What the 2 have in common???? Volley Ball, characters who wanna be the best and a lotta drama. What the differ from???? One has hot bodies in a beach with the usual swimsuit fanservice while the other one doesn't . One was more of a double tag team of baech valley ball while the other was more of a usual team kind of volley ball. And Mikasa was the endorser.  
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
Both anime series will tell you about sportsmanship; the gameplay which you have never been told or known. 
report Recommended by Grinset
All similarities that i have gathered; 1- Physical similarities of main duo 2- They are passionate about the work they do and put a lot of effort in it 3- They help each other grow emotionally and form a bond 4- All characters are friendly and soft 5- Even though they are different areas(music&sports) they teach the details and technical wordings of these areas efficiently 6- It pushes you to chase your dreams 7- Friendships in them are truly inspiring 
report Recommended by mini_pudding
You probably didn't click on Try Knights for the rugby. You wanted a sports anime with a lil something ;) (I watched the first episode, I know where they were going with that). Watch a real sports anime with 3D that doesn't make you cringe, and characters who's dialogue flows together and character design that work for the show. Haikyuu has all of those, plus it's sports heavy (even heavier you can watch Kuroko no Basket) and charming (but not as charming as Free!).  
report Recommended by biggaynojutsu
Both of these have sports as a major focus. For Haikyuu it is volleyball and for Cross Game it is Baseball. If you liked the growth of characters in Haikyuu you would definitely like the growth in Cross Game too. 
report Recommended by abhishek112525
Outside of the Sports genre, Haikyuu!! is extremely well-liked for its fun characters with varied personalities, and the interactions between friends and teammates. Outside of a sports setting, Kimi to Boku has a similar humorous and feel-good atmosphere with a fun cast of boys, and is sure to make you smile! 
report Recommended by MissJodles
Slice of life content about adolescence and friendships that is good. 
report Recommended by Perfumedpenguin
Both are heavily character-focused stories, with a wide range of well-written and memorable characters. Both begin lighthearted and warm, then grow more intense as the series continues. 
report Recommended by DekumDora
Listen, you loved how they shmoved around were very epic... Let me tell ya, this show is that. It will take some time for it to get there but it is incredibly good. 
report Recommended by Gaerrot
Haikyuu and keppki danshi aoyama mum give of rd same shounen high school sports type of felling and there funny at times and week is when needed 
report Recommended by kbokuto_4
Its way better in plot and character development and the animation is also top notch. If someone has reached here they will definitely like it. 
report Recommended by Blue-x
It is the same show lol. I just needed to put something in order to recommend it. This anime is one of my favorites and it never fails to make me laugh. It has a good balance of its action scenes with its comedy/slice of life ones. I never got bored watching it.  
report Recommended by nyecoal
If you love sports/slice of life, positive vibes, pure serotonin, wholesomeness, and healthy competition. Haikyuu and Tsurune provide an epic ride of emotions where each and every episode will have you craving for more. From visuals to story-writing to fun... these two are a total package! 
report Recommended by Kiri_Hina_Shouyo
Sports anime with a passionate and usually energetic protagonist, with bright colors and overall a very light mood. Most of the matches in 7O3X are individual, but the practice team matches bear close resemblance to the ones in Haikyuu. Similar pointy character designs. 
report Recommended by Kww_121
If you like sports then this is it!!! You will surely like it p/s: for boys only XD 
report Recommended by naim_nakano
Most of this anime is about group collaboration and development over time. There are struggles along the way and big competitions to work towards winning. Motives are questioned throughout the shows and more resolute goals are formed. Though singing and volleyball are different, I believe both shows have their charms as the groups are passionate, humorous, and supportive of each other; of course, with a competition tense atmosphere here and there. 
report Recommended by _Term
Both are amazing at what they do. They will show you the depths and intricacies of each activity and reveal the dedication and efforts of the players. They make what they do whether it's music or volleyball, feel like a battle to the death. 
report Recommended by Gaerrot
Both are sports anime with similar vibes. The MCs start of being weak, in the sense that they're not great at the sports they are playing but we see them slowly grow. Great character developments and humour.  
report Recommended by Zeers_quote
Haikyuu and K-on are both slice of life anime that have happy energetic main characters who will Put in hard work for their goals. 
report Recommended by Xcitty_katX
While Tsuritama doesn't root its focus on its particular sport, opting to go the slice-of-life route, both are shows about lovable guys who mature through their dedication to an active passion. The two also share a colorful art style and engaging character dynamics. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised nobody else has made this recommendation. Most of the people I've seen who like Tsuritama also like Haikyuu and there's a considerable amount of crossover fanart, considering how relatively unknown Tsuritama is. 
report Recommended by CureEtude
Ok, this is probably the least similar anime you will see on the recommendation list. But the reason why I think you would love one anime if you watched the other is because of the main characters. Even though Haikyuu's Kageyama and Hinata aren't a couple (yet ;)), the relationship between them are VERY similar with Risa and Otani. They both have one taller and one shorter person, they fight a lot and isn't exactly 'friends', you can say that they have a friendly rivalry. But both pairs got a very strong relationship which I think is similar enough to recommend. Both shows are also really  read more 
report Recommended by wthkagehina
Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu are both sport genres that show how to work together as a team and have a small main character who wants to be the best. 
report Recommended by LunaNoodle
Both MC's are short and are underestimated for their size, but they have amazing talent and skill to over come it. Both MC's hate to lose and will do whatever it takes to be the best. The two series show a heart warming display of friendship and teamwork through the good and the bad times. As the story unfolds both MC's become stronger and stronger with all the hard work and dedication. 
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
If you like old classic sports anime, then Gambare! Kickers would be a nice anime for you. Both Sports anime and both have a goal of becomming good/best. Kickers is an old anime tho, so the graphics are not that good as if it was an anime frm 2014, but as i said, its a old classic ;)  
report Recommended by Herst
Would you like to see anime about high school teams playing volleyball? In that case check out these two. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Sports, slice of life... They present a similar vibe. The outcome of their struggles are unpredictable. 
report Recommended by Ausp
OK, although you wouldn't associate these two series with each other as the genres are so different, the feelings I get from both series is very similar. A great cast of characters well blended together, and many intense feelings in both. The very well animated tense "action" scenes and excitement of what will happen next. The sense of camaraderie is prevalent, teamwork and strategy is needed in both. Also Hinata reminds me of Eren in that they are both very passionate about their goals, have innate talents, and are being hindered by a wall with "titans" behind it. 
report Recommended by retii
Another sports anime focusing on a male protagonist with a trump card technique, both with slice of life elements. Charismatic non main character captains in both. Soccer instead of volleyball -- older hidden gem, check it out! 
report Recommended by HorizonX
Both are about a small team and a young main character with "super sports powers" trying to win the ultimate high school sports prize. Haikyuu! follows the formula that Eyeshield established. It's funny, fun and dramatic when it needs to be. You don't have to know almost anything about football to enjoy this. 
report Recommended by Justicator
Both are sport anime where main character is short and because of that looked down upon. Also both series are filled with positivity that makes you want to rewatch the show at least twice in your life. Whistle! is however quite old anime so you must really like sport anime to watch it. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
- Both take place in a school environment - Both have characters that received some sort of loss prior to reaching high school - Both are about sports Kyudo and volleyball respectively - Both are about being the underdog in a sports competition To me both anime kind of feel the same beyond what I already mentioned. The coaches are likeable characters that are present in the character's lives prior to becoming the coach. The characters are driven to succeed within a team environment. Both anime's share the genres: sports, school, and drama. Some differences are that Haikyuu!! is also shounen and comedy. Kageyama and Onogi are both voiced by  read more 
report Recommended by Uncanny
Both shows main character is a "shorty" who wants to become the best in their sport of choice. For Haikyuu that is volleyball and in Hinomaruzumou its sumo. They are both really hard working, hard working at their sport. Probably works harder than anyone else just because they're both at a disadvantage because of their height. To counter their disadvantage, both main characters have to resort to certain techniques to win over their opponent. There are also similar events in both series, one is when the Sumo team and Volleyball team comes back from a tournament, they are welcomed back by their school for their hard  read more 
report Recommended by Kryki
Despite one show being about forming a volleyball team, and the other being about forming a rock band, both shows share a common theme of rising above adversity and achieving your dreams. Many of the characters also feel pretty similar, as well as their interactions with each other. 
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
(and also IGPX season 2) Competitive sports: Volleyball / Mech Racing Team dynamic: Karasuno / Satomi An underdog story: both teams aren't expected to get as far as they do Rival Team featuring a Charismatic natural talent you can't help but like: Aoba Johsai with Tōru Oikawa / Velshtein with Cunningham One thing to note, I've only ever seen it Dubbed so I can't speak for the Japanese voice acting cast but IGPX has a top notch Eng VA cast. 
report Recommended by Scifikimmi
They both present a bold statement on perseverance and the miracles it's capable of. Huouoin Kyoma VS Shouyou Hinata? Very different personalities, sure.. yet that same trait they share - the talent to go for that extra step in a moment of doubt/failure/hardship - is what makes for a rewarding watch and expands on the experience of S;G0 (watch Haikyuu!! after S;G0) 
report Recommended by KillTheAlarm
This one will probably seem very out of place since it is a completely different genre, but I wanted to recommend this one for two reasons. 1. They are both by "Production IG" (which has a ton of solid works that also include Attack on Titan, but I think that would be a bad recommendation for this one) 2. They are both very pure. The main characters have personalities that make it very hard for you to hate them. 
report Recommended by nat385
Both have short stature protagonist (Hinata/Haneru) chasing his passion (volleyball/Dancing) with great motivation. Both have great and similar supporting cast as well. Tribe Cool Crew is a Kids anime though but is a good watch. 
report Recommended by A_silent_Being
Similar in the team spirit, the friendship This anime also brings the emotions to you 
report Recommended by KurtCobain
-Two characters with the dream of becoming the best in their sport -the both protagonists are frustrated because they cant find a player to keep up with their abilities -sports anime  
report Recommended by Alyssuhsama
Both share extremely high levels of bromance, beware! But no, really. They're both high quality watches. Both are typically realistic and show the beauty of failure and getting back up through the aid of others. Both are motivational and evoke MUCH emotion. To be honest, they're just great shounen and you must watch them if you haven't. 
report Recommended by Sekaiou
These are both sports anime without the extra power ups like with 'The Zone' or 'Hissatsu Techniques' from the other sports anime. If you just like to sit back and watch people play what they want and have fun while kicking butt this is for you....they both are. 
report Recommended by 1n5an1ty
Even though they are in different spheres, both are "sports" anime. Both have main characters that are incredibly skilled physically, have a dream they want to achieve, and do things by sheer force of will.  
report Recommended by thebittenone
The way the characters from Love All Play interact with each other is giving me some serious Haikyuu!! vibes. Both are sports anime (volleyball in Haikyuu!! and badminton in Love All Play) and both have a main character who didn't receive proper training in middle school but has a promising future ahead in high school. The cast of characters certainly feel dynamic and lively in both. And to top it all off, both anime have their own "royality" (the "King of the court" in Haikyuu!! and the "Prince of badminton" in Love All Play). 
report Recommended by Ckea
Both Haikyuu and BNHA give off the same vibe, every episode gives me an adrenaline rush and gets me super exited. Whilst Haikyuu is more down to earth and has amazing comedy, and BNHA makes good use of the 'superpower genre', they both almost have the same intentions behind them. They both have a massive cast, which makes way for some great ships ;). The main character lacks something that is necessary and the makes up for it/receives it and has to learn to use it. The power of teamwork is prevalent in both shows and I feel like their core values are the  read more 
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