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Days: 37.0
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Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru
Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru
Yesterday, 10:05 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored -
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Yesterday, 7:47 AM
Watching 8/24 · Scored -
Taishou Otome Otogibanashi
Taishou Otome Otogibanashi
Nov 26, 2:53 PM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
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Days: 15.7
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Nov 25, 12:36 PM
Reading 334/? · Scored 7
Nov 22, 9:40 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Nov 18, 2:16 PM
Reading 84/? · Scored 9


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yura2096 Yesterday, 8:24 AM
hmm i don't really think i have one. but i really like one of the levi episodes, one of the first ones. leaving aside the fact that he's my favorite, that guy is just something else, lol

i will!

i was just thinking about that.. and you know? it's really sad. not everyday you find a game that has such a great plot and enjoyable characters, without necesarilly basing itself on fanservice. i actually really regret not playing it earlier, because the server is shutting down.. i will watch the anime though
so? are you planning to move to the japanese server? i'm sorry if you mentioned it before, i tend to forget things easily
me personally i don't work well with japanese games, which is such a shame because i am dying to play hypnosis mic and idolish. to be honest at this point i don't even know what idol based rhythm games i could actually play, lol. besides the japanese only ones. the only one i'm playing right now is utapri shining live, hehe. i love it a lot. i tried playing bang dream and d4dj groovy mix too, if you've heard of them, but bang dream and its characters never appealed to me, and while i still like d4dj i can't keep up with it. well, it is that it is

i actually haven't! how is it?
makech17 Nov 26, 1:59 PM
i do play A3! only the eng version but... you know. i follow the story/contents from the japanese one, however.

Favorite vispri character so far.... probably robin or saga?? we haven't met them all properly yet so i'm waiting for my final judgment on them. i hope you're enjoying it, too!?
Caschan16 Nov 25, 3:53 AM
Thank you! For now, I’m taking it relatively easy since none of my faves have been featured in events for a while and I’m waiting for Tsumugi’s and Hisoka’s birthday cards.

Hmmmm good question, at first he looked like my type physically (glasses, casual clothes, short hair) but, after I read act 5 my view on him made a 180. His development throughout his act was amazing, made me cry. While I do love his shadier side, I can’t help but admire how far he’s willing to protect his family.
Zuclyn Nov 25, 3:48 AM
Hello! Sorry, I'm reading this com only right now, lately I have no many free time due to my school duties and wasn't active. Overall - everything's good. Last weekend I watched one of the best movies I've seen in my life, A Beautiful Mind. Also I started writing some MXTX related ffs which I want to publish on AO3 soon. AND last week I watched first chinese drama in my life - Word of Honor - what's now on my top 3 ever-watched TV series. I'm participating in action in my school abt protection of human rights and in mini Oxford debates.

And whassup there?
dazaikunbsd Nov 20, 3:43 AM
hey tysm for asking <3
im doing well school is taking over my life rn and im trying my best to design a good schedule that can bring some balance to my days
this year is my last year of high school so all of my grades matter which makes it kinda annoying tbh but well its just a year
will def get back to my mal comments when all of this is done
hope ur doing good as well
sending u love and support <3
ashlynww Nov 19, 7:22 PM
Hey!! its been so long wow, im doing as well as i can rn lol how are you?
peachytomori Nov 18, 4:46 PM
Thanks ^^ I think it’s not much better than the 8th grade one. If I could, I want to jump to 10th grade ahaha. Yeah, it’s really different, so I don’t understand about school system in Europe and US. Ah okay. Yeah I agree with you! I think the 6th grade last year didnt do the government exam, because the very first pandemic situation make people panic. Idk about the 6th grade this year, but I hear the 9th grade did the government exam (only 6th, 9th, and 12th did government exam). Yeah I hope so too. Ah you’re so lucky, can go to school and meet each other ๐Ÿ˜ญ yeah I’m still doing online school. I only went to school at august and september when I got vaccinated. I met some friends.


Yeah! I would like to watch it many times.

I never try to watch on a faster speed ahaha~ maybe I will try it soon. Maybe I will try x5 speed~

Wow nice! I like mystery, might I try it soon. Ooh I see! I want to watch Monogatari series, but it’s a long series like BNHA and HQ. Hm, sometimes the manga has better story than the anime, it’s really weird. Remain is really good, but I sometimes hate Kiyomizu, because he really arrogant. When he lost his memory, he’s such a nice guy.

Nice! I really glad that Suzune doesn’t give up. Rena is so kind recently, different than before. And it’s weird because Suzune doesn’t wear swim suit, make her vote decreasing, i think people should support an idol from their talent, not their body. Yeah!
FallenAngel13666 Nov 17, 10:15 PM
Yeah I am. You?

Thanks(but no :/) ^^* jup I quit my lessons :| but I think that if I pick it up again I can still do a lot of the tricks I did before…

Idk tbh I like all of them ^^* if I had to choose I think that I’d go with Kyo. His character is very interesting.

I don't read the manga and NO spoilers lol I haven't finished it yet lol
(Mangas are sooo expensive tho and they don't have them in my library :()
Meusnier Nov 17, 2:39 PM
Hello! I honestly have issues believing that it has been so much time. Thank you very much for your message, I meant to message you earlier, notably to ask you about Moriarty S2, but I found it so offensively bad (thank you for killing the only female character) that it did not seem like a good enough excuse. I am doing well, just busy with work and job applications, but the nice thing is that I have almost completed two projects, and three or more others should be finished in the next months; thanks to lockdown! Truth be said, I am happier and more productive without lockdown, and I have even restarted a few social activities at work about a month ago. I will even travel a little for work, so I look forward to it.

Also, I awe you an apology for not replying to your last comment, I do not recall exactly, but I have probably procrastinated and ended up forgetting about it... Not very brilliant, sorry about that. For my defence, time under Covid is odd, but I know that I am wrong here.

I do not read any manga by the way. Probably too late, but the only thing that I still use to remember all the formula is to draw them on a circle; as you can guess, no one knows by heart the formulae for cos(pi/2-x) or sin(pi+x) (well, you eventually do after having used them a thousand times, but this is another issue!).

How have you been? I hope that you do you regret having less free time compared to last year academic year.
yura2096 Nov 17, 5:38 AM
it's fine! i know you are on hiatus too so i understand

yeah pretty much, i almost watched the whole anime as well. even now that i don't play it anymore, i can't help but smile like an idiot at them lol. but i do, i'm pretty much caught up with everything!

please do!

as expected! and yeah.. i was thinking of quitting, since the server is shutting down.. do you have any idea why though?
Caschan16 Nov 17, 3:49 AM
Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request!

Yes, I used to play on the EN server (๐Ÿ˜ญ) but now I’m semi-active on JP server
makech17 Nov 16, 11:19 PM
yeah! i see you like tsumugi, excellent taste. i'm a banri stan myself, haha.

about vispri... hmmm this is just my personal point of view, but i am enjoying it so much... it's everything i ever wanted. it's campy, the music and outfits are not exactly visual kei for my taste but it's excellent rock for sure and that makes me happy. the characters are all either deranged, obsessed, or depressed weirdos with crushes on each other and i'm also here for that. there's blood drinking, some bloody vampire hunting and of course, a high stakes battle of the bands kind of deal going on. it's basically horny utapri with more plot, more ship-pandering, and rock music instead. i say this with lots of love.
peachytomori Nov 13, 6:18 PM
No problem! Finally you reply my message. Im doing well too! Glad to hear you doing well!


Your welcome ^^. Yes i already passed the 8th grade. Ah i see! Indonesian highest grade is 100. Woah! You’re so busy, sorry for bothering you, and i understand with it! Next year i will move into senior high school (its for 15-17 y.o here), which mean i will have so many exams, exam that held by school, and exam that held by government. But i dont sure the government exam one, because there are rumors the government will abolish it. School is going boring to me. But i enjoyed some of them ^^. Maybe next year i will stop watching animes because preparing for my exams
Are you still online schooling?

Yes i agree! I hope so too!

Yeah! It will make a bad reputation for the author. Yes i agree! Sadly to people who dont read the manga, didnt know much about Goldy Pond children

I would like to meet you if i visit UK! I will enjoying travel in UK cause it have amazing places! Movie that got me interested in UK is paddington, story about a little bear that lost in UK and were saved by one family who lived there. Seeing the view of UK in the movie make me amazed of how beautiful UK are.

Yes i agree! Well its a nice ending, no one would hate the ending.

Yeah its not really bad. Yeah its make them comparing each other. I enjoyed the story. But its too long for me, like 5th season with 24 episode. I wont watch the 6th season :(

Ah i see, i never hear bishounen tanteidan. Yeah, im lazy to check out another spring 2021 animes because some anime is dissapointing. All of them are boring, especially Sayonara and Nagatoro san :( i found nagatoro san is so cringe in the first episode :( that’s make me just skip some minutes on the next episode. For Sayonara, cause its boring, i also stop in the half way of the episode. But i try not to drop it ^^ Yeah summer is better than spring, i only watch Remain, i watch remain cause the opening song were made from my favorite Kpop boy group Enhypen. For fall i only watch 2, blue period and selection project, i like both! Blue period cause i also want to be an artist (but i can say, im lazy to do drawing and painting, its been long time since i did them) and selection project cause i want to know how difficult to becoming idol.
peachytomori Nov 1, 5:24 PM
Hello. How are you doing?
tinyfin Oct 4, 7:13 PM
thank you!!! <3 yes I did hehe. I hope you're doing well too ^^