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Days: 169.0
Mean Score: 8.26
  • Total Entries480
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  • Episodes9,982
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Hello World
Hello World
Nov 6, 11:37 PM
Re-watching 1/1 · Scored 10
Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Nov 6, 11:35 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
Black Clover
Black Clover
Nov 5, 10:38 PM
Watching 107/? · Scored 10
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Days: 51.7
Mean Score: 8.77
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  • Chapters9,303
  • Volumes552
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Nov 14, 4:03 AM
Reading 168/? · Scored 10
Nov 6, 11:47 PM
Reading 220/? · Scored 10
Black Clover
Black Clover
Nov 6, 10:49 PM
Reading 227/? · Scored 10


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Zenshii Aug 29, 6:17 AM
No worries at all :)
Zenshii Aug 27, 6:23 PM
Happy birthday :)
Kcitkat Jan 29, 5:38 PM
ikr? He acts so cold to everyone. It's not exactly scoring him points :/ I don't blame him for being wary of everyone, but he needs to prove to everyone that he's actually a good guy! He's the only true hero out of all of them.
Kcitkat Jan 27, 2:03 PM
It's cool, I've been busy too~

Hmm I still don't think I ship them, since I can't stop seeing her as little, but maybe once I get used to her being older.

It was!! I'm so happy he's finally being seen as the good guy by some!!

Love is war has been super good too.

And the promised neverland is h e l l a
Kcitkat Jan 16, 6:42 PM
Kcitkat Jan 14, 7:53 PM

IT WAS SO GOOD. AMAZING. SUPERB. I was dying from laughter the entire time, omg.

I think I'm gonna watch the anime first, and once I'm finished with that, then I'll read the manga. ^-^

IT'S SO GOOOOOD. I love the narrator, and the humor, and it's honestly so cute as well. I love it, omg.
Kcitkat Jan 14, 6:58 PM
I'll definitely keep watching the promised neverland, im super excited to see how it continue ^-^

Right!? I love him <3

AHHHH OKAY I WILLLL I've been looking forward to watching that one, it looked really good!!! XD I'll let you know when I watch it~~
Kcitkat Jan 12, 2:20 PM

Kcitkat Jan 11, 9:36 PM
Haha, thanks. I always wish to have more time for anime, but alas, life interferes.
Oof, I feel the pain :)

So I haven't watched the promised Neverland yet
I watched Tate no Yusha~

So, it was so long? like, that threw me off? It was a good length for the progression of the story line though. It definitely did a good job of developing the story.

So far Ren = Best boy 100%

I'm honestly so mad. Naofumi, out of all of them, was the only one who wanted to help, and was a nice guy, but he was treated badly because he was the shield hero, and then that awful girl tricked everyone and totally ruined him. I'm so mad!!! This is gonna be another frustrating anime I can tell, lol

One thing that bugged me though, is that Naofumi's personality changed so fast. Like, I get a traumatic thing like that would change a person's attitude, but he just immediately was acting tougher, and meaner. I mean he's still nice I think, but he's at least putting on a show like he's trying to act like how he thinks they expect him too. I wish someone could have some faith in him (I mean the shopkeeper did, so that was nice at least)

That entire episode I just kept thinking about how uncomfortable it would be to sleep with that shield though, lol. And Since he cant be parted with it, I wonder if the other heroes cant be parted with theirs either? In which case, that would be super difficult to deal with.

In any case, I definitely enjoy the concept so far. Especially how all the heroes are from different realities. It makes me think of Sword Art Online, except different concepts, but same idea with the game setup, although in this anime it's not actually a game, just- like one. Kinda like 'That time I got reincarnated as a slime'

What were your thoughts? ^-^
Kcitkat Jan 9, 9:22 PM
Haha, As all should XD Anime > things that probably should be higher on my priority list

Not yet!! DX I'll hopefully be watching it as soon as I can tomorrow and then we can! I'll also be trying to watch the first episode of the promised neverland tomorrow ^-^
Kcitkat Jan 8, 5:45 PM
Oh wowie you're watching a lot!! I wish I had time to watch that much DX
But yes! Yay! We have a bunch in common! Yes, We'll definitely have to discuss them~~
Kcitkat Jan 7, 4:46 PM
I've had a lot of fun too!! I would also like that~
Hmmm.. I'm not sure either. There's a lot of Winter 2019 anime, but I'm not sure which ones I want to watch. Have any caught your eye?
So far I'm considering Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Yakusoku no Neverland, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen, Revisions, Grimms notes the animation, and Circlet Princess.
They looked the most interesting from the new lineup
Kcitkat Jan 6, 12:49 PM

Yeah, I def just want some sort of conclusion.

But, out of everything. I definitely want some development with Hu Shi. And maybe some questions answered about sky (i dont feel like looking up how to spell him actual name, lol)


and new songs. I wanna hear Hu Li sing new songsssss
Kcitkat Jan 5, 11:42 AM
Yeah, that makes sense. I didn't think of that. I guess Je Hetian probably would help him out. I hope Chuyun would get that solo debut but with that little clip of the red head they made it seem like she's going to, which sucks. She doesn't deserve it.

ikr, he's so mysterious. i'm curious about his motives. Plus, I was a little disappointing with his performance. I mean it was good, but for winning four times in a row? I feel like he could have been beat by now. Also, I find it interesting his song was the op theme. The lyrics make me think it's about Hu Li?? Because of that lyrics about taking off the mask? Unless, he's referring to himself? Maybe he relates to Hu Li and that's why he's helping him out so much. And maybe he was lying about seeing each other every day in order to throw him off? Because, yeah I definitely don't think he saw him every day. Hu Li was always surprised to run in to him.

Yeah, I also got the vibe that there at the end Hu Shi did that in order to convince Hu Li to go. I think part of him wants to support his brother and is maybe slightly guilty about how he's been treating him. I want a second season just so they can highlight more on their relationship. Hu Li is basically raising him, but he's gone a lot. Hu Shi is always left alone and I feel like that's gonna wear on him. I just wanna see them develop more and come to some sort of understanding. At the end of the day, they're basically all they have left for family. I wonder if their mom is ever gonna wake up either. In the flashback their parents kinda seemed like jerks, so I wonder if she would be awful to Hu Li when she wakes up. I hope not.

ikr. It's really frustrating. So many questions. I also don't think we're gonna get a season two. It's not nearly popular enough. Barely anyone watched it and of those who did, not many liked it, as you said. There's a very low possibility of a continuation, but they did set it up so they could if they wanted to, so we can hope at least. I feel like instead of a season two they should make a movie that wraps everything up. I feel like that would make for a better platform for the story, get more viewers, and just work better as a whole.
Kcitkat Jan 2, 7:46 PM
First of all: I didn't really like that ending. It didn't wrap things up at all. He's gonna keep singing, great. But where was the solution to his money issues? where was his reconciliation with his brother? where was the romance with Chuyun??
Second of all: At this point it was super obvious Je Hetian was Sky and I dunno why Hu Li was so surprised. Although his whole 'i want you' thing seemed ??? Like ?? And that text at the end. Is that setting it up for more?
Third: I cant believe his brother!!!! He was singing to try to pay for his moms medical bills! He was doing it to support Hu Shi!! so??
Also Kong Que smiled when Hu Li showed up so I feel like maybe he was rooting for him?? I hope so.
In conclusion: Suran was the highlight of this entire anime. I love him <3
That entire thing was crazy. I'm- Just wow.