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Hana-Ichiban Aug 9, 9:24 AM
Hey omg ! its been long , I've reading mangas and watching anime , i need some good gl manga recommendations so if you can please !!!
Akira_18 Apr 2, 4:03 AM
hello to you too. well yes I like some yuri anime lol
Not-Claudio Feb 27, 4:06 PM
hahaha it's been a long time ... I think I've improved a lot with tennis to be happy with my game.
Good thing you play badminton ... I always wanted to practice it
Hana-Ichiban Feb 5, 6:19 AM
Hhhhhhhhh same if I find anything which has even a tinge of LGBTQIA+ content I'll watch it . I get what you mean by drama lol and violence isn't really something that bothers me so don't worry about that . And don't worry about it lol , Hhhhhh its kinda embarrassing but I remember them using sex toys in their sexual intercourses so yeahhh ... I don't like those and they make me uncomfortable , I still watched it though . It was pretty fine to an extent I guess . Netsozou trap Ahh God I really pitied the guys so much the poor dudes lol . But I guess the drama was keeping on on it lol . I have to say Netsozou trap and I have a hate love relationship lol . Mahou Shoujo Site Hhhhhhh that anime was sad and the manga is even more effed up but I enjoyed it !!
Awwww glad people read that review , I honestly thought it was gonna go un-noticed but if reviews are what lead so nice people like you to befriend me I guess I should do them more often haha >///< .
Ohhh I haven't heard about that one I WILL DEFINITELY GIVE IT A SHOT THIS WEEKEND !!! Hhhhhh I love fluffy stuff .
Ahhhhh I do say I love soft fluffy anime but that if with a great story makes them my favs . For example Eiji from Banana fish is a soft bean and the anime is just a masterpiece . I gotta be honest , though I do watch loli anime , I tend to not like them that much cause of I've watched some which have like extreme fan-service lol so yeah I guess that . Natsume Yuujinchou is also soft super good because the story is light-hearted and a bit melancholic , I adore Yagate Kimi Ni Naru because the story is a perfect mix drama and romance and funny enough its not cliche , so yeah that kept me super intrigued , I also adore the manga !!!
Hana-Ichiban Feb 3, 6:57 PM
Hhhhhhhhhh thank you so much for these recommendations , I had actually planned to watch Aoi Hana and Strawberry panic as I'd heard of them before , I haven't heard about Sasameki koto though so yayyy something new . Don't worry I am actually more in to the nostalgic art-style of anime and those soul-soothing old soundtracks so I bet I'll enjoy these . I simply ADORE Yagate Kimi Ni Naru omggg you have no idea lol . Yuu is also like my favorite ever character .

Hhhhhh I've heard of these , I'm gonna get a bit of romance with action what could be better lol ?
So I don't usually talk explicit because it makes me uncomfortable but I have to say BDSM and all those super dark topic don't appeal to me , like I will watch them but will still end up not liking them , So I was soooo glad to find Sono Hanabiraaaa , its so soft and sensual just how I like it so yes hehe and the MCs were in love , nothing was forced nothing weird was used and consent was there so yeah these things also count . I've seen shoujo sect and kuttsukiboshi both but shoujo sect had thta to*s thingy and I am gonna be honest lol these dark themes just don't appeal lol . And in kuttusukiboshi well it felt super forced and its also not my cup of tea . I am into super soft and fluffy anime and sensual and full of love in the extreme category so yeah .

Thank you so much for your recommendations though , I'll definitely check em all out one by one ~
Oh Oh Ohhhhh , you should Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu , its currently airing and honestly I'm in love with the slow-burn and super pretty and cute characters , I also did a review on it so you can check it out before you hit it ! :3
Hana-Ichiban Feb 2, 2:15 AM
Ahhh lol well , I do crave for more good gl content !!!! We need moreee !!!
Well , anime boys have good and soft characters so yeah lol , I don't blame you uwu And my main reason for liking them is their characteristics not their gender lol .
Nice to meet you too , Feel free to message me owo
Hana-Ichiban Feb 2, 12:54 AM
Ahh thankss , I watch all genres so I get a good out of everything ~
Well I identify as a lesbian , what made you ask that btw ?
ChiekoHimegawa Jan 8, 11:10 AM
Hello ^^
LeaOotori Jan 6, 7:57 AM
I usually don’t watch porn, really. It just doesn’t really strike my fancy, and I’m usually not that much of a sexual person anyways. I think women who are lesbian but watch yaoi might be more into the dynamic than the actual men themselves, since the yuri dynamic is very different from the yaoi dynamic, but that’s just a guess. I prefer a more clean cut man myself, I like broad shoulders and a wide smile and dark open eyes :)

I understand the whole back part— rippling back muscles are a pretty big plus. And if I’m being honest, if you even saw or heard the things girls say to eachother about men, you would think we sounded like perverts too ahaha

In most cultures cousin incest was normal at some point and I know people married to their cousins so while I find it gross I don’t really view it the same as other incest. I think with a blood relations all relations are gross but the step-sibling thing is tolerable in anime if it’s not serious.
LeaOotori Jan 4, 8:42 PM
Ya, I understand the idea that only people attracted to men would enjoy yaoi, but I think that’s more of a secondary reason since I know lesbians and asexual people who live yaoi as well. Actually, according to the statistics, lesbian porn is one of the most popular among men! It’s definitely more popular among women, but it’s still in the top ten for men, as stated in the statistics of this article —>

I’m guessing in terms of porn, since it’s relatively short and meant for something “quick” lesbianism is more popular than in anime, since in most anime it’s expected to last much longer (the duration of an entire movie or at least a cour), maybe a plot more important. When a plot is added to lesbian porn (even if it’s not actually porn, but just girl x girl) I think most men might lose interest as opposed to a harem situation since harems can cater to a “plot” but still have the fan service that a lesbian porn does. In the end, I really think the disparity is because of length of each type of media, making yuri less popular. On the other hand, only a fraction of straight or bi women watch gay porn, since most seem to prefer reverse harem, shoujo, or yaoi. But even then, reverse harem and shoujo are rarely ever directly sexual— they are usually very subtle and barely go past kissing, so the only way to really get a “sexual” anime out of this set is to go for yaoi.

Gosh, that felt really long. I hope it wasn’t confusing (it’s also okay if you have a different opinion, I love discussing this, it’s very interesting!) and if it was point it out so I can explain further what I meant!!

I’ve heard some men say clitoris are like penises but it’s really not true. In my medical studies, it’s quite apparent that while both share the commonalities of numerous nerve endings, they’re not really similar in many other senses. I don’t mind seeing them in yaoi (it’s very rare... most yaoi, even when rated for sex, is mostly just implied and off camera) but I’ve probably only seen that once or twice. It doesn’t really bother me but I don’t find myself super attracted or anything.

I’ve been meaning to watch Banana Fish! Did you like it? Real life gore?? Like staged gore in porn or?? I don’t like kink-shaming but there’s things I draw the line at. I don’t know what NTR and ryona are, bht I don’t really like incest or supporting it. That being said, there are quite a few incest-ish yaoi, but they try to pass it off by the excuse that the family members aren’t related by blood, which makes it far more tolerable but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Ya, I usually watch different anime depending on my mood, actually. That’s pretty much it. I switch genres a lot because of that.
LeaOotori Jan 4, 8:27 AM <—- this is one of the shorter articles, but it has links to more in-depth analysis if you want to go down the rabbit hole!

Ya, I enjoy a perfectly good romance just as much as the next person, but when there’s tropes like dominating male characters or ones with strong personalities in general, I always worry for the female character because it tend to get very rapey, if that makes any sense. When it’s yaoi, it’s somehow different and I can distance myself from that kind of worry, though I know men are still at risk for rape and sexual abuse, I just don’t feel as guilty I guess. And also, growing up in a society that severely slut-shames women, it’s rare that women in anime and manga are sexually active, even by just implication without graphically showing it. Any josei manga where an unmarried couple is having sex, I’ve been conditioned to worry about whether the girl will be dumped and whether she will be disrespected for having had sex with someone. The same stigma is absent in yaoi so again, it feels more safe. Maybe I’m just a bad person but I really try to grow past these stereotypes that have been inculcated into me! I just fall prey to yaoi anyways.

I’ve never heard of Ookami, but I’ll check it out to see if you’re right when I have a minute!

I love spies and martial arts animes! I don’t see enough of those, tbh! Maybe I’ll check out those Yuri to see what they are like! I need to expand my preferences anyways.

I also really love dark romances—- I cant think of too many off the top of my head (Chrollo and Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter maybe) that you mightve heard of, but I enjoy some good toxicity and romance that can never end well. It’s just enticing! I prefer that to pure romances, actually. I’ll also check out Kuzu no Honkai.

Itou Junji’s been on my list for a while now!! Definitely will a ke a look! And Psycho Pass sounds really cool too!

I know you said you didn’t like the yaoi you watched, but there are a few that I’d recommend if you’re more into the actual love story!

Dokyuusei— it’s a movie about two classmates falling in love. The art style is very weird, actually, but I like it. It’s not anything like regular yaoi, it’s very much realistic and concerning real struggles of gay people instead of a sex-driven premise of most yaoi.

The Poem of Wind and Trees— this is a lot older but it’s about these young boys in school together (boarding school in Europe I believe) and they all bully the main character’s roommate for being gay (this is set in like the 1800s/early 1900s) and this said roommate is actually being sexually abused by older men. It’s a story of the main character overcoming his own homophobia and trying to help his roommate, who pushes everyone away.

LeaOotori Jan 3, 9:28 PM
Ah, that makes sense! I have only seen one thing that was girl x girl I think, which was Citrus, but I didn’t like it very much. I feel like it dragged on a little and didnt really feel compelling. Maybe it’s because I’m more into guys? Yaoi is more centered on the power dynamic, and being someone who is a very independent woman myself, I really didnt think I would like something that normalized rape so much, but after watching it for a while, I really think it comes down to a psychological disconnect. When watching yaoi, I can see a fantasy of a dominating or “alpha male” partner play out without fearing for a female character’s well being (whether she’s going to be abused or assaulted or otherwise) because theres a strange disconnect. Does that make any sense? I came upon this theory in an article I read and it made a lot of sense, so I decided I support it. I can link it for you if it would make more sense explained by someone else!

I wanted to try Yuri because I thought it would be like Yaoi, but I just didn’t really like Citrus. If you have Yuri recommendations I would love to watch! I think Teekyuu is the only “moe” anime I have seen, and I actually didnt even realize it was moe! I just really enjoyed the humor and satire of it, really! Also since it was a short anime— I went thru a phase when I liked watching shorter animes bc I had very little time and an even shorter attention span ahah.

I do usually like yaoi, but I also like shounen, horror, harem, fantasy, action, psychological, and literally pretty much all those kinds of genres. I’ve never watched much moe or Yuri except what you mentioned. I don’t really like shoujo (except a few, like Ouran High School Host Club and Special A) though I enjoy some Josei (there are very few josei anime though, much more manga.)
LeaOotori Jan 2, 8:59 PM
I do tournaments but I prefer to keep my irl persona separate from my “internet persona”, if that’s ok! I’m trained extensively in jiu jitsu (Brazilian), wrestling, hand to hand, sparring, kickboxing, Kung fu, and Russian sambo especially, with jiu jitsu as my favorite, which is aimed entirely at a smaller person beating a bigger one. As a result, despite being a tiny female, I’ve been able to go up against men and beat them up pretty well, which I’m really proud of. Unfortunately, I’m not very strong (especially since my wrists are below average strength and circumference) so I tend to rely on lower body strength and technique to get through.

liking BTS was definitely because my best friend went through a Kpop phase and dragged me with her ahah! Do you have a bias? As for yaoi, at first it was curiosity (I had various boyxboy ships in other fandoms, but not any more than my hetero ships, but I knew a lot of people were into it) so I watched the tyrant falls in love, junjuo romantica, etc. I didn’t like either of them but the morbid fascination kept me watching and I found a few yaoi I adored, so thus I’ve gone down the rabbit hole ahahah what about you?
LeaOotori Jan 2, 8:31 AM
Yep, MMA is one of my first loves!! I don’t do tutorials or anything online but I do teach classes irl, usually for toddlers, though also for kids and ppl my age as a part time job. Mostly younger kids though. Do you do anything of the sort?
Tannhauser Dec 31, 2019 1:37 PM
Happy new year!