Ayano Hanesaki

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Ayano Hanesaki (羽咲 綾乃)

Hanesaki Ayano (羽咲 綾乃) is the protagonist of Hanebado! and a 1st year member of the Kitakomachi badminton club.

Ayano is a short girl with green eyes and long brown hair that she ties together with a handkerchief similar to her mother, though she originally used a hairband. At school, she wears the standard Kitakomachi High uniform with a red ribbon indicating that she is a first year.

During practice, she wears a white shirt and dark shorts. In official matches, she wears the current Kitakomachi uniform consisting of a blue one piece with white and black details. Kitakomachi is written at the back in white kanji.

(Source: Wiki)

Voice Actors
Oowada, Hitomi
Connors, Amber Lee

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