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Days (TV)
- Haikyuu and Days are similar in the fact that both the main protagonists just recently really started to play a sports, more so for Days.

- Both Hinata and Tsukushi are seen as "weak" in the beginning but show true potential to be great as the series goes on.

- Both Hinata and Tsukushi learn to make friends and what its like to be in a team.

- Both Hinata and Tsukushi don't let anyone get them down; in fact, they use it as a motivation. (Hard workers!)

- Overall, if you like sports anime, then just give this a   read more
report Recommended by zentoshi_
If you love sports anime with an extremely hardworking protagonist and much character/team/relationship development, then both of these series are definitely for you.
report Recommended by tearbender
Both are sports anime with underdog main characters who grow as the story progresses.
report Recommended by EvanimeMAL
Both are very powerful sports animes with a beautiful emphasis on team dynamics
report Recommended by photophobic