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HopefulNihilist 1 hour ago
Alright, I'll try those songs. For now, I recommend "On Them Pills" by Ice Cube.

I can't believe you haven't read Vinland Saga yet. It's this bloody historical epic set in the Viking Era. I highly recommend it.

What kind of anime do you like? I like psychological, light-hearted, intense, relaxing, over-the-top (not comedies, just in style, like Kill la Kill).
HopefulNihilist Apr 16, 7:07 AM
Can you recommend me a new song? Also, who is the character of your profile pic?

I don't hate rappers with non-American accents, but I find them to sound...strange. Because I'm so used to American accents in rap.

I don't think it's just white rappers: I think a lot of rappers who are other minorities (Asian, Latino, etc) get ignored because of their race.

I think the reason why rap that's not from the US is ignored is simply because people aren't used to listening to music that's not in their own language.
Otaku329 Apr 15, 11:44 PM
oh, I see so ya will not watch the anime will only read the manga? that really will be faster i guess...

yeah in total i am watching 5 animes of this season (Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kenja no Mago, one punch man 2, Shoumetsu Toshi and Fairy gone)
what about ya?? which of this season's animes are you watching...

Savasvania Apr 14, 2:47 PM
Partly I was bored and partly I was tired of looking at it. Honestly I may change it though, or at least find a different profile pic, too bland of colors now that I look at it. Thanks for the complements though. Actually I just finished The Uncomfortable Truth a few days ago. I liked it a lot. I like the new profile pic, I felt so bad for that boy. So who do you like better Sangwo or Sungho? I think I'd have to go with Sunho since he at least hasn't murdered anyone yet, that we know of. O.o
My piss poor Warehouse board, it is hard to find good images.
Dude, I annoy myself and others when I'm not coughing. I'm good now though. Went to Ikea today. Bought an ice cream scoop, well worth the hour long drive.
Yeah, that was what a say too, she wanted to draw new covers and I'm all for it. MAL does need to be better about adding webcomics, manhwa, and manhua. Aw come on, I'm not a deviant, that was a joke. Honestly the worst thing on my bookcase is probably Attack on Titan and I am Hero and all my manga is kept at the top anyway. I do want to own all of Ten Count and that I may end up hiding. It''s not even that I have many guests at all but I'd feel a little weird just leaving something like that lying around. I'm not sure if I've stated this or not but I do have a kid, he is 4, so I am very mindful of what I have and where it is.
Oh wow that's a Haikyuu meme I've never seen before, which is saying a lot since my board is over 500 images now. I can't remember if you've seen Free! or not.
I saw your thread looking for shitty anime and manga. What's that about?
I though about Carole and Tuesday too but I cannot find it for some reason. Says it's on Netflix but I don't see it listed and I don't care enough about it to search harder than I need to. Yeah, I watched OPM and BSD last night. I liked the first episode of BSD, I will always gladly accept more Chuuya at any age. I'm guessing all the backstory leads up to the Russian guy from the Dead Apple movie since I think he is a the main bad guy this season. I do hope this season Atsushi stops moping about being a useless orphan and Akutagawa and pull his head out of his ass. I love and I mean love Akutagawa but his delinquent rep is getting old, pull your hands out your pockets. I'm also hoping we get to learn more about Mori, like what is his ability? Is it Elise herself cause he did have to fight her in the movie, so idk, but Mori is neat. OPM was okay, I can't really say if the sakuga is worth a damn cause that's honestly not why I watch OPM. I watch it for the comedy and I feel so far that still seems to hold up. Especially that 4th wall break, "I've been waiting 3 years for this sequel" or whatever it was. There were shots that I thought were kinda wonky and I really don't like the way metal looks, Genos's arms and chest, looks like trash. But like I said if it keeps being funny I'll watch all of it. Too many people are way too outraged about it and I don't feel it's warranted just yet.
Other than the artwork the other reason I wanted to own the whole Banana Fish series is to see how it's different not adapted to modern times. I heard a lot of people giving it shit because the manga is now considered "problematic" because of language and how people are portrayed. I find that complete and utter bullshit. Things were different in the 80's and the work itself doesn't suffer from when it was written. Mini rant over. I have 10/19 volumes so far. Also the anime didn't add the afterward story stuff. Man, I'd love to have the library in Beauty and the Beast. I do watch a a good bit of TV but I much more prefer reading and listening to music. Right now I'm listening to one of the season 2 OPs for My Hero Academia cause weeb.
I did find out a few days ago that the 3rd season of a normal show I like is out so I'm excited about that, Versailles. Other than anime and manga I like period dramas. Like I read Pride and Prejudice because I honestly wanted to, weird I know. What about you, what are some other things you're into?
I did rate things for awhile but after the first time someone questioned me on a rating I went through and took them all off, so yeah, you're right they were there at some point. The person wasn't rude but I don't really like explaining myself in that way. Plus I find the rating system kinda silly and I don't really look at it anymore. Or the recommendations. How in the world can you watch 1 episode of a show and recommend it, I will never understand.
Oh boy this was a long one, sorry for the mini novel.
Otaku329 Apr 13, 5:12 AM
i see that's good that ya are alive otherwise there would have been a ghost who wrote the comment lol
One piece?? that anime is still ongoing with no end in sight ya sure ya want to start it?! I'll watch it once it is finished!!

i am good too completely free nowadays because my exams are over and it's holidays gonna rewatch death note h and btw i am alive too *cheers*
Otaku329 Apr 12, 4:12 AM
hey!! long time no see or talk lol
Savasvania Apr 11, 7:41 AM
I've been working on my profile for awhile and almost sent this comment to my damn self. BTW give it a look and tell me what you think, if you don't mind. It's simple but I screened, and edited all the images myself so I'm kinda proud.
I'm almost 100% now. It's a weird infection. Effectively I've been noncontagious for almost 2 weeks but the cough and sore throat can persist for up to a month. Mostly I'm just tired but that is my state of being so no worries there.
When I have the time I do want to reread Killing Stalking. I remember in the epilogue Koogi wanted to publish it in an actual book format. I have seen some that I guess are made by fans but I'd rather have official copies to support Koogi. It'll be a fun trick when people come over and peruse my bookcase. Will they pick up the torture porn or the nice story about a deaf girl, haha. Guess I'll be rereading Warehouse too. Thanks for that info. I never really think to look at a series again whenever it gets discontinued or whatever.
I've been eyeballing Mo Dao Zu Shi for a while and just never have gotten around to it. I'll add it to my plan to read list so I at least wont forget.
Oh no, now you've properly opened the door for my mass of anxiety/general "I'm a weird person" memes.
I'm pretty sure my cat is actually a dog. She follows me around and sleeps at my feet. She's also super fat and I like to remind her 800 times a day.
Are you watching any of the new stuff airing this spring? I added the staples, One Punch Man 2, Attack on Titan 3 pt. 2, Bungo Stray Dogs 3. I also put Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fairy Gone, Carol and Tuesday, and Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin. That should keep me busy enough. As far as reading I need to finish The Blurry Viewfinder and I ordered like 4 more of the Banana Fish manga. It's so expensive but it's one of the few I honestly wanted to own and read in hand verses online.
I only have 3 people added to my friends list here. 1 of which is just because I follow them on youtube, so I honestly only talk to you and 1 other person. I found out rather quickly that most people want to fan girl about one topic then move on, or worse debate about why you dropped something or the score you gave it. I don't mind discussion but I have no time for someone to tell me my opinion is wrong, like most of these entitled children do.
Okay now I'm off to change my forum set. Hope your days are good and productive.
HopefulNihilist Apr 10, 9:35 AM
So I just listened to Welcome to the Hell Zone and...I really liked it. I really liked how minimalistic the instrumentals were: the guitar strings helped set a calm tone, while the background vocals gave a Hellish feel, making the track overall feel haunting but in a subtle way. Lyrically, the song is also really good. Standout lines include, "Kill the game, I arrive to pay respect". I didn't really like Corbin's voice though: sounded too...strange. I think it's really dumb that white rappers get hated just for being white.
HopefulNihilist Apr 10, 7:04 AM
The 1st song tells the story of Chiyo, a girl in Feudal Japan, her upbringing. The 2nd song tells the story of how Feudal Japan gets taken over by yokai.

My audio interface just came a few days ago. The problem is, it's not compatible with my current microphone and headphones, so I ordered a new microphone and headphone online.

I'm going to walk my dog later, so that's when I'll listen to the song you recommended.
MScientist0 Apr 10, 3:59 AM
Well, if you're happy with it, then go for it dude. Start grinding that reply skill, and someday, you'll be good enough to sit in front of a computer all day and manage a website. You just got to believe.

Oh my god. Please don't let Kingdom or Berserk end like Gantz did. Cause if it does, I'm going to rage quit manga forever (not really, since I'll probably just start reading something else, but you get the point). I bet you that Luffy's going to become the pirate king, live the rest of his days on some island, surrounded by his harem of beautiful girls. That's pretty lazy, but I'm fairly certain that was more or less the original goal anyways.

It's pretty funny here and there. There are some wholesome moments, romance, action, plain stupidity that actually works out, overpowered characters left and right, and a naked ass baby. So, all-in-all, I'd say it's your typical Monday morning. I do enjoy it though, so there's that.

My dude. You have no idea of how bae Senjougahara is. That's basically her character description, but you'd have to watch the entire Monogatari series, which I highly recommend doing right now, to understand why I can say with utmost confidence that Senjougahara is a goddess tier level waifu. Since, explaining why, is just going to be spoilers.

I'm mostly focusing on sports, but an extremely small portion of my friends still do invite me out sometimes. Like, yesterday I went to watch Shazaam with my little bros and the girl who I've liked for over 6 years now, who rejected me since she currently has a boyfriend, and we had fun. 2 other girls already made plans with me to go watch Avenger's Endgame together on the 23rd, so there's still some social interaction in my life. However, the majority of my friends don't ever invite me anywhere, cause apparently I make them look bad. Which is why I usually only get invited by girls who like me. smh

I believe the saying, "All publicity is good publicity", only applies to important figures in the entertainment business. If I was ever caught drinking, smoking, or vaping, my career would essentially be over in a heartbeat. While you're binge watching the entire Monogatari series, you might as well start JoJo's.

If there was a girl like that, for a guy like that, then I'd believe in destiny and true love.

You must have run into some pretty weird peeps my dude. The girls I've met on here have all been generally nice to talk to. If she called my dick 'kawaii' then I'd probably have to agree with her. Not gonna lie, it's not exactly smaller than average, but height don't help at all with length as much as you'd think it would. What am I into? Generally anything is fine as long as I'm in the mood for it. I'm a simple man of culture. I don't give a damn about the process. As long as she gets the job done, I'm fine with it. lol

It was a good experience. All they ask me to do is mention sometimes that I'm practicing at their place, and they require me to attend a few select events with their VIP's. They don't ask for much, since they're not giving me money. Overall, they don't really lose anything, so they're not too serious about it.

Forgive me, Sensei. I have committed a grave blunder. But, for real though. It would be so damn funny if I started tearing up and shouting, "Mina!" followed by a long apology and description about how much I love this sport, why I got into it, plus some family problems that gave me the drive to be here, all complete with flashbacks and stuff. Whilst standing there, holding a golf club, and playing an individual sport......
Seijatachiiii Apr 9, 4:51 PM
i think that sangwoo deserved life in prison, but he also needed some time in a mental health ward or something of the sort. also, even if he is psychological rehabilitated he shouldn't be allowed back into the public, even on parole. its just too dangerous.
the main reason i think sangwoo didn't deserved to die is as you said, he murdered people and it takes a lot to do that. you don't just murder because of an abusive childhood. it is because of many other reasons; peoples sadistic and/or violent desires. not everyone who was abused as a child become serial killers, only a few who become susceptible to these human desires, rape, murder. the fact that many other people who have been abused live relatively normal lives shows to be that he should be responsible for his actions; imprisonment. but not death, due to the fact this was caused by nurture, not nature.

going back before, when i said i love him, it much much more a physical attraction tbh. i would never be able to put up with him in real life- hes an asshole most of the time and the way he abuses yoonbum disgusts me.
Seijatachiiii Apr 9, 4:22 AM
I mean, I don't love-love him, its a much more love/hate kind of way. I think that he deserved better if that makes sense, if he didn't suffer the abuse from his dad or mum, especially his mum, I feel like he would of turned out to be "normal". I feel like I love him in that respect if that makes sense. but im not one of those insane people who think sangwoo isn't responsible for his actions though, the whole ordeal that happened with yoonbum is evil tbh. but *spoiler* did I think sangwoo deserved to die? no.
Seijatachiiii Apr 8, 1:48 PM
can I just say that I was stalking the forums and I saw your forum picture was of sangwoo and H O L Y S H I T I fucking love that man
(also is your main profile picture from warehouse? I haven't finished reading that but ive read a bit)
PraetorPat Apr 8, 1:34 PM
I think I'll have to pass on that one
PraetorPat Apr 8, 11:31 AM
May I suggest not thinking about it in that way ?