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Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou
Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou
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mozgow Today, 6:00 AM
Jasne, że mogę :-)

Zaraz czegoś poszukam.
mozgow Yesterday, 4:21 PM
Wchodziłem na profil i sprawdzałem listę PTW, ale zupełnie nie zauważyłem, żeś rodaczka :D
Nokkun Yesterday, 10:55 AM
I see, it is a country I don't know much about. And, what I know is mostly from History classes and some "light" reading on my free time.
I actually agree with the European factor. I'm from Portugal, and I feel like we've been thrown under the bus by EU, and are being strangled by some of its laws and the money countries like Germany leant us. So I agree Poland should try to be as much independent from it as possible. Plus, it's a bit "easy" nowadays to turn against more nationalistic and religious countries like Poland, as there is a growing force for people to be extremely open to other religions and ethnicities.
About abortion, I think it should be allowed in early stages. It's way worse for a kid to grow in a house where the parents regret the decision they made. Sooner or later the kid would figure out and would feel unwanted and awful.

And no need to stress about that, everyone has some "off" days. Just hope whatever you drank was good :P
Nokkun Yesterday, 3:17 AM
Hmm, and the reasons for that are? Maybe "protection"? Tradition?
I see, more or less what happened with me. I'm baptised even tho I'm not religious or go to church. But well, its sort of tradition.
Well, you had both German and Russian influences... But yeah, quite complex.
Nokkun Jan 19, 5:10 PM
Regarding the forum thread:
I think most people are coming from the fact Poland in overall an extremely religious country (compared to other EU countries), and if you add recent protests related to religion driven causes, it makes it quite easy to do 1+1.
Burguburu Jan 10, 4:48 PM
Thanks you! :D
fatedKujo Jan 8, 3:51 PM
lol I can see why'd you mistake it. I do have Fate/Zero scores as a 10 if you have the 9-10 requirement one.
fatedKujo Jan 8, 3:44 PM
Hey noticed you used me for the forum set requirement, my Ava is Pandora Hearts and my Sig is Gintama, Fate/Zero is nowhere to be found lol
Shiranuma Jan 4, 8:14 PM
>Not entirely a glitch art but I did add a glitch effect in some places cause it seemed fitting

Yeah, I see that you added white lines and "death green pixels at the left", It looks even more like a broken screen now XD

>And I like how the image has colors I probably wouldn't think of choosing while making an edit, it actually makes it better because it's definitely not something I'd be able to make by myself.

You mean you would have only made the glitch effect and not separate colors ? I have to confess that I watched a lot of glitch art tutorial for making this gift, It'smy first time doing glitch art so you'll probably be able do too the same if you watch some of them :)

Here my full pic before making it smaller : https://imgur.com/a/IX92V

Do you mind if i post it publicly on Imgur for see if it get some reaction?
Shiranuma Jan 3, 11:52 AM
I saw that you edited my gift, I never thought to put your name there XD it's an excellent add! The forum pic is better like that, with the flowers at the bottom, it's better, depend if you like zoom pic or not. I don't understand why it doesn't take the full size of the signature, but I love it anyways

Did you make a glitch art too for your guy ?
Sonal1988 Dec 17, 2017 11:04 AM
Yeah there's some form of lack of consent or resistance in many BL manga.
But none of my favs are like that, except maybe 1. And that exception can be ignored bc the uke here is a tsundere, and this is how tsunderes are - resistant in the beginning but okay-ish towards the end. If you read Sweet Heart, lemme know what you think.
Sonal1988 Dec 17, 2017 10:13 AM
People always say that yaoi has a lot of rape in it, but I dunno. I've read over 100 BL manga and very, very few of them (maybe 10) had rape in them.
And if you're looking for good stuff to read, you can always check out my favs!
Sonal1988 Dec 17, 2017 4:45 AM
Nice profile colour scheme!
I see you like Sorenari ni Shinken Nan desu. It was very cute. Chizu was the cutest little girl that I've ever come across!
wolfslice Dec 13, 2017 4:55 PM
Welp, you did a good job of bumping Kill La Kill way down on my PTW list ;)

I think as far as action scenes I'm only looking for 2 things
1. The action was earned through the careful storytelling (just means I have to actually care about wtf is going on)
2. I can decipher what is happening. A *little* bit of style goes a long way, but hyperstylized action defeats the whole purpose

Agree with everything you said about the end of TTGL. The "Anti Spiral Race" was given a really interesting motive and setting. The worst thing about them was their less than clever name.

And I know you didn't solicit any recommendations but I'm gonna make one anyway: Hikaru no Go. Just because I think people need a little kickstart to watch it, since it's a bit older. I see it rot on a lot of PTW lists ;p

Have a good one.
wolfslice Dec 11, 2017 6:32 AM
Re: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1690117

Took your advice and finished up Gurren Lagann. It was good advice, because the story lost the repetition and actually became interesting and fun ;p

Bumped it from a 5 to an 8, which is pretty good considering I had it dropped with prejudice. Never did gel with the action scenes though.

Favorite bit was when the mole thing jumped in the cockpit with Simon and got super fired up, putting the power over the top.

Glad the consensus was to pick this one back up over Ano Hana-- that would have been the worst ;)

Take care!