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Chisuku Aug 16, 10:05 AM
alive and watching donghua now, not bad

i'm really looking forward to link click's second season by the way
(also on this note I need to check out more donghuas, they seem kind of interesting)
enema Jul 2, 12:18 PM
katsucatsu you are still aliv
NijuDoc Jun 19, 3:15 PM
Already read your review and yeah i will stop since you do be watchin chinese animes alot so you probably dont havr that much attention to one piece
NijuDoc Jun 19, 3:01 PM
man really gave one piece a 2,i get its not finished but why
ilalochezia May 22, 12:14 AM
Must say that the recent forum thread you and Recynon commented on was interesting - definitely the classic Anime Arguments thread. I think one of the things that really opened my eyes when I began interacting with the anime (as opposed to animation in general) community is that how much some people like moe things and how much others hate them. I must add that I myself belong more in the latter category, though I might straddle both sides.
Recynon May 21, 1:25 PM
Much appreciated. I read your post as well and I'm glad there's someone else who also has the same insight about the psychology of cute things in anime. I agree that it's an endemic, but what can you do right? The thing is, I would guess that most people who like overly cute things in anime don't even know why they're drawn to them, even if I explain it to them, so arguing on such threads is pointless. I just felt like blowing off steam when I made the post. Participating in the forums in general is pointless but I'm glad there are people like you, who even if I may not always agree with, are able to contribute to a good discussion and make it worthwhile.
ChouunShiryuu May 16, 10:16 PM
Ah my bad, I mixed link click with the other one. I'll start with this one, and I think i'll enjoy these too lol thank you once again.
ChouunShiryuu May 16, 11:44 AM
Thank you for these recommendations, I'll start my donhua journey with these titles.Neither mild BL or 3DCG really disturb me all that much since I kinda consume quite a bit of trap media and I've liked shows like sidonia that are like that lol.Grandmaster of demonic cultivation i'm especially interested in since you said it is kind of like Erased lol.

I'd rather take the moral relativity too since a lot of recent japanese titles have more theatrical niceness than actual values, even though I actually dislike scheming a bit. Like the isekai protagonists being the bare minimum nice when it comes to issues like racism against fantasy races lol. The less said about the justice the better too. Thank you once again for these recommendations! They sound compelling, especially demonic cult.
ChouunShiryuu May 14, 11:37 PM
I've read the mangas of tomodachi game and summertime render. I too agree summertime render might just be the most entertaining title this season for a seinen audience. Can't say the same about tomodachi game from what i've seen of it.

I thought I'd ask for some chinese titles since I'm quite ignorant of their anime lol so it's a bit of a bummer that none have been on your radar lately. I didn't want to directionlessly jump into then since it's a fledgling industry there atm so they could be producing unfaithful and slightly messed up adaptations like japanese titles into the 2000's (kurokami for eg). Also, I don't know how much I can trust scores for those titles since the ratings could be based on low expectations/feeling of novelty vis-a-vis eastern animation of newbies in the community as so many long time japanese media consumers don't even give them a chance. Our tastes might differ a bit, but it's still much better than floundering without direction.

If it isn't a bother, I'll drop by another time to see if you're come across such a title XD. Also, as for feeling discouraged, you do make points in a very clear way, Like pointing out that that if characters are objects then there is no actor to act out the plot. I'm sure lots of people get it. Thank you for taking the time out to respond.
ChouunShiryuu May 10, 11:48 AM
It's always delightful and cathartic to read your well thought out comments on the forums. The last time I saw you drive home the point about characterisation and this time you put in the effort to make the common sense point about what people actually are complaining about when they say something is like the rest. That is regardless of the fact that in neither of the two cases your point was driven across to the other party, but regardless, it was quite pleasant. If i may ask, anyny shows you think flew under the radar recently that really stand out? Or anything on the manhua adaptation side of things that was great?
TacoQZ Apr 2, 12:31 AM
My god, you really went all-in with the recommendations man, you even gave me the more diverse/specialized options (i.e. gay). You totally didn't have to spend time writing all that, but it's much appreciated. Some of the ones that sounded interesting are now in my plan to watch and I look forward to watching them.

I'm also really surprised that some of these have a massive amount of episodes considering donghua as a whole is on the "lower viewed" side of animated shows. I definitely love investing in something I know will last more than a day (12 ep lol).

Thanks a ton!
TacoQZ Apr 1, 2:45 PM
I realize now i could have clarified it a little better. I think a good example would be Full metal panic, the romance is there, but is subtle and only really plays a part every few episodes (and a little more towards the end of the show.) They actually give the characters time to develop and don't make it forced. Usually this is a base requirement I have, and need it to be present to fully enjoy an anime/donghua, so anything with a higher amount of romance would also be fine.

Even something as subtle as shokugeki would be fine, I just like when I'm given a little bit of rom. I would still be fine with anything with a lot of it though, similar to Asuna/Kirito since, that was definitely a main part of the plot.
TacoQZ Apr 1, 3:32 AM
Yo, I saw your somewhat heavily informed, or at least watch a bunch of donghua. I really like the overall "feel" of these shows, but finding a good one is somewhat of a challenge most of the time. I was wondering if you had any you could recommend that have "romance" in them, not as a main plot part, but its present in the show, similar to the little bits of romance in code geass or whatnot (idk couldnt come up with a better example in the spur of the moment lol).
SugarCubes Mar 26, 2:03 PM
I just want to say how impressed i am with your prowess, HAHA I sound a bit cringe but you really have a cool media diet “14,619 episodes” Outside of animation, do u watch any live action? It took me a long time to get into movies and tv shows, about a year ago was the first time i ever watched Forest Gump.
SugarCubes Mar 26, 1:50 PM
The fact that Chihayafurus story trailed off a lot confused me, at the time i might have been expecting more of the traditional romance anime but thats on my part since im inclined towards shoujo. The game of karuta itself also proved to be confusing to me, i hard time following along with it-granted I was young when i watched this and probably didnt pay much attention HAHA. It seems I might give Chihayafuru another try. I liked the characters a lot I just struggled with processing the story!!!
You really do have a great point there, most characters when relating to romance have no identity outside the trope itself, its not very realistic and Chihayafuru’s dynamic did feel much more natural :)