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Jun 2, 2020
Omorai-kun is a simple gag manga, with the focus here being that Omorai, the main character, is a beggar and is covered with dirt. This is apparently hilarious, because Omorai’s layer of dirt results in: everyone avoiding him, him getting people sick when they accidentally touch him, him eating his dirt, him making a flute out of his dirty, his dirt turning everything it touches black etc.

These jokes make up roughly 85% of the manga, with the remaining 15% involving jokes about dandruff, snot, farting and so on. If that sounds like your type of humour, go ahead and read Omorai-kun, but, personally, I read more
Apr 28, 2020
TDLR; If you're a delinquent manga fan, and you've got time to get through it all, and get through the mediocre first part, it's worth a read. But don't go expecting something that's good from the get-go.

The worst aspect of Bad Boys, by far, is the art. There is some improvement overtime, and people used to older manga styles will probably find it a little less unpleasant to look at it, but, simply put, it sucks. Especially at the beginning, you're confronted with character facial proportions out of whack (the stereotypical 'anime girl' eye, massive foreheads, hella long chins etc), and often overly chaotic read more
Apr 27, 2020
A somewhat pleasant, pointless read. If you're looking for something iyashikei to read, or you want some chibi content, or want to read about some not-really-plants plants (but not in the 'Day of the Triffids' sense), you may as well skim through the 9 pages that is Plant Plan.

The one shot features three characters: Yuuya, an adult male who looks like a high schooler in typical shoujo style, and two plant-human-things: Mint and Poplar. The later two are thankful to be watered, have one small dispute about the other transpiring weirdly, and like Yuuya. They make one plant-related put, photosynthesise for a little bit, and read more
Feb 22, 2020
Sensei no Shiroi Uso is what Kuzu no Honkai thinks it is.

Before I get into why I've given it a more positive review than the other reviewers have, here's a quick skim through all the reasons this manga sucks: the plot's pace is slow, there's barely any character development (apart from the mcs getting over sexual trauma), there is an inherently misogynistic atmosphere to a lot of this manga (as one of the other reviewers mentioned), and the mc does end up preaching a little bit towards the end. And, to top it off, you get the vibe that Torikai believes society is full of read more
Sep 21, 2019
Oni Gari is a strange read.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, this is a horror manga (labelled as hentai here on MAL) by the mangaka who also set the world's obsession with tentacle porn in motion. Strange, with him, is to be expected, and, more than that, should be celebrated too.

But there's not that much to celebrate about Oni Gari.

Ultimately, Oni Gari is best described as a disappointment. The first scene is sexual, which one would presume is a good indicator as to what the rest of the volume will contain; this combined with the introduction of the ogre seems to be a read more
Aug 22, 2019
'Boys Be Zombitious' is a short read; if you're considering reading it, just go ahead. It'll take you barely more than a minute.

The plot follows the typical idea of zombies having overrun the area; no reason is given for this, but that's to be expected, considering the length of this one-shot. The main character, in the midst of this apocalyse, is looking for 'love' - both the feeling, and some badge which you can buy with chocolate. Consequently, he goes around killing zombies and giving zombie girls scores of how attractive they are, in the hope of eventually finding one with a score of '100'. read more
Aug 18, 2019
Hakkeyoi is very much your stereotypical sports manga.

It features the story of Chinmi, a sumo wrestler who wins the local Hokkaido Junior Sumo Championship, despite his small stature. Unfortunately, he receives no scouts due to his being short - instead, the head of a small sumo school in Tokyo takes him in. The plot then begins along the route towards becoming yokozuna: nothing special, but a good foundation.

The art is typical of the 90s, and is simple and clean. There's nothing much to say about it, but there's distinctions between the characters and that's all that really matters. I will say that the fights in read more
Aug 17, 2019
koko wa ima kara rinri desu is the kind of manga you read and gain iq cells from, for a change.

the main character, takayanagi, acts as a teacher towards the reader just as much as he is one with his pupils. through him, the author expresses various ideas within the field of ethics, in a manner which prevents the reader from feeling as if the authors opinions are being forced on them. this element of koko wa ima kara rinri desu could easily be considered what makes the manga shine. depth is common in many stories, but this is one of the few where said read more
Jul 27, 2019
Alas, the days of happiness are over. Miru Tights has finished airing.

Now you may be thinking that only those with thigh/foot (and so on) fetishes would ever want to watch Miru Tights. And you’re wrong. You don’t need any fetishes to start this show, for you’ll end up with all of them by the time the show’s over. Miru Tights believes strongly in exploring the niche, educating the viewer in a way that no other anime can hope to achieve. You didn’t realise there was an ear-cleaning fetish? Well, now you know, and, even better, you want someone to shove your head in their thighs, read more
Apr 12, 2019
-- story (3/10)
what story.

yeah there’s no plot in here whatsoever, which i guess is to be expected from 2 minute long episodes. they’re just a group of dudes, chilling in a cafe, less than five feet apart since they’re possibly a little bit gay. the only real ‘theme’, plot-wise, is that aoi looks like a girl. and frankly i’m stumped by whether the writers added that to make the show funny (well it didn’t work) or just because they couldn’t think of anything else. i presume it’s the later.

-- art (4/10)
well the characters look like badly drawn ocs from deviantart; they’ve got a touch read more