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The God of High School
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Rsurect Aug 30, 11:32 AM
if you ever want or need to talk feel free to hit me up or on discord any time
Rsurect Aug 26, 10:58 AM
if you still use discord you should message me on there sometime, it has been a while
Rsurect Aug 21, 9:54 AM
did you have a good birthday?
Rsurect Aug 19, 4:02 AM
happy birthday!
Ashhk Aug 18, 7:57 AM
Happy birthday! :D
Phareux Aug 10, 7:29 PM
Exactly, man. That's one of the things I loved is that it was very subtle in its direction because that's how we as humans grow. It's rarely abrupt and obvious. Although his life was chaotic and crumbling beneath him at times, simply riding was such a getaway and a bridge to peace.

It really is a gem of a story, much different from anything i've read. And it's not a problem bro, had to pay my respects after this one.
I'm sorry to hear that, honestly. Glad I was able to lighten it up a bit for ya and hope things get better :)
Phareux Aug 10, 5:12 PM
Oh yeah, gorgeous. The character progression for Takashi was honestly the best i've seen in a while. And how his view on his surroundings gradually began to change as he grew older hit really deep.

This was an amazing experience that touched me, being a young adult myself. I can definitely see this being Takahashi's magnum opus.
So thanks again.
Phareux Aug 10, 12:41 PM
Thank you for stressing the fact to read Bakuon Rettou. It was exactly the type of delinquent story I was looking for. Although heavy and dreary to read sometimes, it truly is beautiful.
Damuzen Jul 25, 4:14 AM
Hey !
Dungeon Meshi is a hidden gem itself, it's like seeing the Konosuba cast exploring a dungeon (and, against all odds, are doing it pretty well)
Marcille is byfar the best character of the manga, her disgusted reaction each time she has to eat a new monster is priceless (and that frog skin arc was indeed hilarious)
Robinne Jul 23, 1:52 AM
Hm, saying I'm terribly opposed to it is a bit of an exaggeration but I'd rather not have a lot of strangers and people I never talk to in my fl, that's why I leave pretty much everyone in the pendings.
Sados59Maxi Jul 13, 7:40 PM
the review on the good manga
Phareux Jul 9, 12:18 PM
Lol yeah I think I can grasp what you mean but ofc, I'll only understand until I read it. But I'm starting to get into more grounded storylines regardless and it doesn't seem all there. I think Boichi does scenery and backgrounds very well when it's highlighted. But for his women, they are bland but that's pretty common with a lot of mangaka. His objectification gets really old really fast and his style of comedy isn't all that funny. I thought he did the story for Dr. Stone too and that was supposed to be his change of pace but nope, written by someone else. But yeah he should just stick to art anyway.

Well, with time, all regions of the world will go through culture shifts. With international conflicts, technology expanding, the economy, etc. But despite that, history is always told throughout each generation and about the way of life which was common at that time. But with the scarcity of real delinquent life that doesn't play on comedy or shounen, it's kind of interesting how they don't find the value of telling the real story. The same with the yakuza. Like you said, it's more of an idolization of the style which it lives on from. That ruthlessness is rarely ever displayed or displayed properly.

Tbh, that glorification is an issue with the individuals themselves, despite how common it is. There are western films that show organized crime and some are guilty of glorifying. But there are those that show the harm it has on the people around them as well as their psyche. True stories too. But yeah, purposely putting groups like that on a high pedestal is a mess of itself.

Haha, you're totally right about Takahashi. Skyhigh was definitely the weakest from him i've read. But i'd be lying if I said I don't like that rambunctiousness from him! The dude is wild and his stories are so out of left field. You never know what you're gonna get. But i'm hyped if you praise Bakuon Rettou to that extent.

Oh, okay. That makes a lot more sense on why the police genre in manga is as scarce as it is. Simply playing to its strengths.

But appreciate the help man, you've given me a lot to think about.
Phareux Jul 8, 9:45 AM
Ah, I can definitely understand that. Common tropes used in shounen to humanize the villains to an extent but it's very cheap. And I cannot even emphasize how much I despise unrealistic elements in a realistic setting. Vinland Saga is insanely guilty of that and continuously rips me out of the narrative. But from your description, it does sound very similar to Sun-Ken Rock. I haven't read SKR in years but I can say that Boichi is not a very good writer. But I highly respect his art: the level of effort he goes through messing with photography for perfect lighting and physics for fluid movement for that single perfect panel is titillating. But that's where it ends, sadly.

Lol I started Kingdom in my first year of high school, skipping class simply to read so it has a special place in my heart~ And I just love history and conquering stories. So i'd say my love for it is different but I see what you mean. I'll definitely still look at TR but appreciate the warning signs.

That's kind of interesting how Japan and essentially the Eastern culture shift reevaluated the value in those types of stories? All in all, the Crows universe is pretty massive from what i've seen so i'll probably be busy with that if I like it but Dokgo seems right up my alley so i'll give that a look too. Bakuon Rettou will most likely be my next read lol. Takahashi is an interesting mangaka for me. I love a hit or miss type of creator. I adore some of his works while others are quite lackluster but I still admire those faults. He's just unique asf and his storytelling honestly reminds me of Jiro Matsumoto. But I prefer Matsumoto's style and artwork.

There's a ton of police anime I can think of at the top of my head and a lot of them are great. ID: Invaded and Babylon were amazing to me, albeit Babylon had heavily flawed writing in some parts. You think it's because the police genre just doesn't translate that well in manga form? Only one I can think of is Manhole, which was pretty good, and Switch, which I have yet to read. It's no secret that superpower shounen is a top seller but that gives no reason for realism like crime and delinquency to be nearly overshadowed.
Phareux Jul 7, 6:25 PM
Damn, sorry to hear that. It seems 2020 has been kicking all of our asses. But I do wish for your continued prevalence in everything you do.

Gotta say, your thoroughness is next level. I appreciate the amount of time and effort you go through! My main reason for coming to you as well as being the most versed I know in manga. I personally feel our tastes are similar on top of that. I spend a lot more time into anime but the craft in manga is a lot more personal and i've been wanting to invest more into it.

Haha, I have yet to try out Tokyo Revengers but what specifically did you not care for? It's been suggested to me a ton but I tend to avoid ongoing manga for multiple reasons like not being able to binge after catching up, forgetting when I let chapters pile up, having to constantly reread to refresh on the plot: the usual suspects. But ofc, if it's that enticing, i'm willing to ignore it.

Ngl, you really opened up my eyes on the vagueness of the genre "delinquent". When I think of it, I usually think of territorial conflicts, rebellious, serious tone type stuff. But it really is a lot broader than that. I'm definitely going to look into all of the ones you suggested, though i'm a semi-slow reader so might take me a good year or so lol.

Yeah I've read a few of Tsutomu Takahashi's work and he's pretty brilliant. He has a large bibliography [mangagraphy? lol] and a few friends of mine highly regard the works I have yet to read, including Bakuon Rettou. But i'd love to dive into him more as a creator.

Hm, wasn't aware that police thriller manga were as bare as it is. Some of my favorite anime are police thrillers but they tend to be originals. But again, appreciate the effort anyway. I'll try again to see if I find anything else.
Phareux Jul 7, 9:28 AM
Hey man, how's it going? Hope you're doing alright.

Do you have any good delinquent/police manga worth reading? I've been highly interested in both genres.
As you know, "delinquent" isn't a genre on MAL and the police suggestions are a bit lackluster to me.