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Oct 17, 10:32 AM
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Hataage! Kemono Michi
Hataage! Kemono Michi
Oct 17, 10:32 AM
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Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Oct 13, 3:56 PM
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Oct 17, 10:33 AM
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Inu x Boku SS
Inu x Boku SS
Oct 8, 3:34 PM
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Oct 8, 3:10 PM
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cleopawtrawr Sep 28, 9:49 AM
That's a lot of memes already, you should add more quote imo :p

I agreed that SnK manga is way better than the anime. I like the whole history behind the story, how thing related to each other and stuff.

btw nice to meet you too Osama! you can call me Ash :D
cleopawtrawr Sep 28, 5:06 AM
i dont really do this but yah i browsed around a lil bit and end up on your profile. you seems cool & nice. I LIKE THE FLEXES QUOTE A LOT btw.
Centaurs Sep 28, 1:53 AM
oh cool college-sama a new hentai title ig lol

oh cool nice taste dude

not really just chilling and having some me time i'm not in college so that's that but school tbh it's all the same a place for devil to reside lol

Henners_ Sep 26, 3:50 PM
I'll follow you now!

Also, don't take my lists or ratings seriously. I don't know how I rate them at this point.

I'm in college, but English college, so I assume it's different from your type. What's your course?
Henners_ Sep 26, 3:38 PM
I can relate so much!

Keep me updated with the manga? I'd love to talk to you more.
Henners_ Sep 26, 3:08 PM
I'm basically an old man too..

I'm happy you appreciate R+V, it's so damn underrated and the anime completely butchered it.

I just started reading Kokou no Hito and it's amazing; I recommend it if you haven't read it.
Henners_ Sep 26, 1:47 AM
Very sophisticated taste? I hope you're not just saying that haha
Centaurs Sep 26, 12:58 AM
np nice meeting you dude :3

lol i send you a request because we have many similarities, you got a magnificent one as well.

so how's it going?
Henners_ Sep 25, 4:54 PM
Nice to meet you too! I see you're a man of taste.
Surox Sep 9, 9:41 AM
Nice to meet you too, Osama :D
NonPlusedMystery Sep 8, 8:41 PM
justasadguy Sep 6, 5:10 AM
damn my nigga you really can read Japanese :0, that's called dedication
I still watch seasonal shows for the memes mostly lol, at least that's what started me, and also because I am not capable of controlling my self and wait 3/6 months to watch an anime I feel I might like :/
I am currently reading the promised neverland, I am on volume 10 since I am following the physical release
I always try to buy the mangas I read, if they are licensed in Italy and still available since sometimes they finish immediately (that I why I am still on OPM vol 7 since vol 8 still needs to go in reprint)
damn that vegan roast was awesome! they are annoying at times
I will see you on twitter my man :3
justasadguy Aug 29, 12:44 PM
first of all, I hope you are fine now my friend!
and second: I am impressed! By saying Arabian is your first language it means that you had to learn 2 alphabets since you can write in perfect English! Congrats my man!!
I'd love to study languages at university, but probably I will go for an engineering course since it would be a bit easier to find a job, and I happen to like scientific subjects (especially physics)
I have been to Sweden and Finland as a present for my 18th birthday (one of the most important ages here, since I am now legally responsible for my actions)
I hate ecchi shows, but I know klk is unique; I simply am busy right now (like I can watch only 1 ep a day...), and don't have any planned anime, I am just following the seasonals (might drop DR. STONE, or as I call it DR. CRINGE)
I read online that the hxh manga is amazing, but it is very recommended to read it all when it ends publishing (a problem it shares with berserk)
also, I am very happy we are getting Haikyuu!! s4 :3, I am planning to buy all the volumes of it with the "bonus Cultura", which is like a coupon of 500 euros that Italy gives to all the 18-year-olds to spend in books (and luckily mangas are considered books yeee)

Also, I know, I try to avoid dubbed anime, but as I wrote in my note with fmab (my score of 2 does not even count as I only watched 8 eps) the only way to find it online was dubbed at I said fuck it and I dropped it; I can't say the dub is bad, since I can't compare it with the sub, but I can definitely say that my watching experience with fmab was awful
To be honest, I don't feel like I support the anime industry by paying Crunchyroll, I simply am watching anime legally, since watching an unlicensed anime is illegal (nothing happens obviously, but it's still not a legal action). Sometimes though, I have to use fansubs. since Crunchyroll Italy has only shitty and cringey anime (literally, believe me...the best anime they have is the rising of the shield her, which imo sucks so...)
my way of supporting is by buying mangas: I have all of those not marked as scan; I also have blu rays of Gurren Lagann, Death Parade, AnoHana, Your name and Silent Voice DVD (I plan to buy Steins;Gate Blu ray)
My childhood anime was Yu-Gi-Oh!GX, which I rewatched like 2 and a half years ago and I loved it, it made me so nostalgic...
Oh and also Inazuma eleven, but I haven't had the chance to rewatch it since it's almost as long as hxh lmao
those messages are so true, she must have been courageous to make herself as a spokesman for them
Facts, vegan people can be very annoying at times, like I saw some of them online blaming people who eat meat o be responsible for the amazon rainforests fire...I also hate some feminazis (a nickname I gave them): those retards who go by slogans like "all men are pigs" and shit like that, lmao I really'd like to tell them that the phone with which they are writing their stupid twitter statements was invented by a male ;)
justasadguy Aug 9, 2:26 AM
I read your Kill la kill review, def a +1, even tough KLK is not in my plans, at least not soon :)

I am having a rough time lately, sorry for all the time I took to respond D:

Well I haven't read HxH manga, but I heard that the dark continent arc is straight fire, I m still waiting for an anime adaptation :( ... like really madhouse even only 13 eps would be alright :c

Well, I remember reading a comment which said that Gon and Killua inverted their way of being during the Chimera ant arc, with Gon being the angry and rancour guy and Killua learning to be more positive, especially in the hunter president arc
Also damn, Kurapika? That's awesome!! Wish I saw more fighting against the phantom troupe, but that Uvogin fight was enough to say Kurapika is straight up a real damn tough character

Haikyuu characters are great tough, I got emotional when
, Haikyuu is straight-up fire!! Haikyuu!! day is 19th of August, I hope they announce a 4th season, even 10 episodes, but please announce it *crying*
Lately, I was trying to watch only sub anime, and that's the reason I dropped FMAB (see my dropped section's notes)

I like old animes, I remember those Sunday mornings when I used to watch a lot of them on TV (they were Italian dubbed tough)

FUCK YEAH!! Italian food is great, and the awesome fact is that it changes from place to place: Here in Rome we have Amatriciana and Carbonara, two types of pasta; one with tomato sauce and speck (a type of meat similar to the bacon), the other with beaten eggs and cream and they are delicious! Pizza is still better though, especially Napoli's: Napoli's pizza melts in your mouth, Rome's pizza is more like a cracker; it still is good, but nowhere near Napoli's one (insert smiling Giorno Giovanna face)

DANG, them songs are lit as fuck like they are just great with them lyrics :0, second one is mood
Skittles Aug 3, 5:58 AM
LOL that's some imagination, friend. Top-quality meme, I say. We'll see if I can ever reach that level someday :^)