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Prince of Stride: Alternative
First off, it's a sports anime, so it's automatically in the same catagory. But the main characters of Prince of Stride reminded me so much of Hinata and Kageyama in the first episode, that I had to make a recommendation after watching the first episode. I can already guarantee that this anime will be a 10/10 for me. So if you like Haikyuu! you should try this show out and see if you like it! :)
report Recommended by JoJowen
Both shows are about sports. Furthermore, they both share a similar premise, with the entire ensemble of main characters in both shows being in high school. Additionally, the characters in each show are both trying to prove themselves and their worth by participating and moving up the ranks in tournaments. Finally, many of the main characters share very similar personalities to each other. The main difference, obviously, is that Prince of Stride centers more on running, while Haikyuu!! is about volleyball.
report Recommended by -Remix-
If you liked the crazy incompatible freak duo from haikyuu, you will love Prince of Stride. Both duos are incompatible but when they're are needed, they're the stars of the show.
report Recommended by Lucario1250
It is great fun and has team dynamics that are somewhat similar to Haikyuu’s. The main parkour partnership is a bit similar to Karasuno’s famous Freak Duo, but also have a totally different relationship, so it’s interesting. The main character is super awesome and reminds me a lot of Yachi but I think she’s a bit more developed and well-rounded. It’s a comfort show and is likely to be enjoyed by fans of Haikyuu.
report Recommended by SanariusSnape
The main characters, are reunited in their schools. Both schools were powerhouses in their respective sport, but then have fallen. Both have exhilarating action Both have pretty good animation
report Recommended by LopsidedAnxiety
All of the Stride or Volleyball action respectively is really enjoyable to watch. I really like the charcters in both animes
report Recommended by Rize84