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Both shows have a great amount of character development. Even the side characters get their own time to shine. Also, there are no overly unrealistic elements in both shows (no super powers). It's just about normal high school students (some with born talent like Chihaya and Hinata) working hard to achieve their goals.
report Recommended by Enna
Both are standout sports anime with stellar execution (fantastic OSTs, great writing, nice cinematography and art, etc.) and a great cast of lovable characters that you'll really want to root for.
report Recommended by CookieBun
Both are anime about completely opposite type of sports but they have one important thing in common-- atmosphere; it is very similar. Enjoyed one? High chances are you will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by TragicRomance
Both are realistic sports show that don't rely on supernatural "powers" to generate excitement. They also share a great importance in the characters and their development through the series, with Haikyuu focused on the teamwork and bonds of the various teams whereas Chihayafuru is more inclined to the protagonists and with some romance elements (that aren't present at all in the former)
report Recommended by aakun4
Chihayafuru and Haikyuu!! are both great sport anime that maintain high tension throughout the episodes and seasons. They both make you cheer for the teams that strive for victory. The emphasis on teamwork and little friendship dramas are similar too. While Haikyuu!! has more of a comedic style, Chihayafuru has a little bit more romantic elements.
report Recommended by atargider
Both Haikyuu and Chihayafuru are about high school students completely and utterly devoting themselves to a single thing that they're passionate about. In Chihayafuru's case, it's Karuta. For Haikyuu, it's volleyball. Both Chihayafuru and Haikyuu have central themes that are popular among sports animes, mostly the idea that teamwork is essential. This is even more true in Haikyuu because volleyball is a sport that you can't play by yourself. The characters in Haikyuu struggle to build team bonds, overcome obstacles, all with the ultimate goal of reaching the national stage. Both main characters have special talents that make them formidable players in their respective fields (Chihaya's   read more
report Recommended by biscutpoo
Both are brilliant sports anime. Gripping, exciting and filled with characters you will come to know and care for. Chihayafuru has slightly more romantic elements with the main protagonist being a girl.
report Recommended by theadrin
Well, this might seem like a recommendation that is really "off", but it's really not, trust me. First, volleyball & karuta are INSANELY different, the sports in these two anime, yet watching Chihayafuru I got an experience very similar to of when watching Haikyuu.. Why? Because of the ultimate potential & love the characters have for the sport they're playing, they're so absorbed in it that they're unable to see anything besides it, the extreme obsession with "victory", just screaming "COME, COME, COME"... The players practicing day & night to get better at the sport, TO WIN, it's so lovely to watch it.. Honestly when   read more
report Recommended by blank
Both series present main characters that work hard to become the best in their respective sports (Volleyball in the case of Haikyuu and competitive karuta in Chihayafuru) as they find rivals and allies with similar goals. Great animation in both cases and nice character development.
report Recommended by wakame-sama
Although Haikyuu!! resembles heavily Kuroko no Basket, in practice the hype and thrill I felt during the matches resembled the one I felt during Chihayafuru. Although volleyball and karuta are fundamentally different sports, they both emphasise on pinpoint precision, striking one target at a time, rather than on footwork and full body contact, as with basket. Also, the protagonists (Chihaya and Hinata) had quite similar personalities, being naturally talented in their respective sport, a bit airheaded, upbeat and sweet as hell.
report Recommended by Krankastel
Sports anime that can make you want to root for both teams.
report Recommended by Cozye
What makes a good sports anime? Is it the sport, or is it the cast of extremely well-developed characters? I think it is more of the latter. Most people have never even heard of karuta before watching/reading Chihayafuru, but that's important to the enjoyment of the show. Both shows feature incredibly relatable and human characters that breathe life into a sport in which most of the fans have little/no experience. The stakes are balanced, the sport is made enjoyable, and the art style and the music really enhance the experience of both shows. I think that if you like one, you will probably enjoy the   read more
report Recommended by abcitsv
Characters are all very passionate about what they do. Main character is obsessed with the sport and wants to rise to the top to be the best in Japan. Share similar arc types (recruitment, training, regionals, nationals).
report Recommended by sugafan2019
Both are sports anime with really likable cast and both are easy to watch yet with degree of intensity during its game moments.
report Recommended by undamoth