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FireHeart Feb 5, 2019 12:41 AM
Hey! Nothing much ^_^ I've been doing alright. I haven't been very active during the past 1-2 years due to work and whatnot but I got back last month.
It's good to hear from you ^_^ How have u been these days?
FireHeart Jan 18, 2019 8:37 AM
Hello ^_^ Long time no chat!
FireHeart Dec 24, 2017 11:39 PM


I hope Santa is good to you this year because you only deserve

May you give and receive much love, joy, and peace this season.

Merry Christmas from your friend - Fireheart!

shukagari Aug 31, 2017 7:11 AM
Hello! Sorry for my late reply once again, I had the flu and I just haven't been on here much :/

I just finished the first season of BNHA yesterday and it was really good :)

Yeah, they are musical I guess - I like music quite a bit, but in comparison to them it would seem like I don't like it at all lol (one of my brothers loves it, he's really into Oasis, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and David Bowie - I like the last two quite a lot too, but I'd say that he's a bigger fan). Ahh that's really cool! What did your brothers play? And would you say you're the most musical in your family then? Thanks for asking! Yeah, I'm a uni student - I'm doing a degree in English Literature and Creative writing :)

Ah thank you for trusting my recs!! Hmm well my favourites out of the ones I recommended are Serei no Moribito and Sword of the Stranger - I just really love things that have an adult acting as a mentor to a child and being like a parental figure to them, which both of these have and they are wonderful!!! I'd say probably go with Sword of the Stranger first as it's a movie and therefore shorter, but both are really good :)

Wow, when did you first start watching anime do you think? I haven't seen Clannad, and I don't really plan to as it seems really sad, but the art style for that looks really weird lol.

oh 9 members? Cool! Well, I think I'd eat one cause like I can just swim in a river but I suppose it's bad since they're always out at sea?? so if they got shipwrecked they'd be in trouble lol. Oh my god that's hilarious, he turns into a man? Does he still look sort of like a reindeer though? Why would they even put a bounty on him if they thought he was their pet? lmao. It sounds really cool tbh, thank you for telling me about it :)

What exactly is the goal they are trying to reach? Like do they just want to travel the world, or? Oh a sea restaurant sounds really cool! One of my friends was watching One Piece awhile ago (I don't think she finished it?) but she sort of told me a bit about Sanji's really sad backstory? I can't really remember it but I think possibly cannibalism was involved lol.
Oh okay so the goal is to be King of the Pirates okay, that's a cool goal - is he close at all to achieving it? Is the current King bad? Or do they have no King?
Ooh cool so Zoro is cool without having eaten any devil fruit - I saw a gif of him lifting these massive dumbbells with his legs so like that's impressive.
Okay so actually most of the crew haven't eaten a devil fruit, nice - so really only Luffy would be in trouble if they got shipwrecked but I guess he can rely on his crew to save him? What does that mean she can replicate parts of her body? Like if she loses a limb she can just grow it back?

ah that sucks :/

I will!! He seemed really distressed at the end of his fight with Rock Lee and I'm excited to find out more about him. Also I was upset that coughing proctor guy died :'( He was killed by Gaara's team's mentor?
shukagari Aug 20, 2017 3:53 PM
Ahh that's really cool!! One of my brothers is currently learning to play it at the moment, and my other brother knows a few songs on it. They're a lot more musical than me as the one whose currently learning piano is also really good on the guitar and he used to play the saxophone (my other brother can play the guitar but maybe not as well/knows less songs, but he used to play the clarinet and was very good at it). My dad can also play the guitar really well and used to play the violin - I'm a lot more into writing, so I do like music but I'm more about the lyrics lol. So yeah I don't know where I was going with this lol, just my family is very musical and you'd probably getting along lol. Oooh yeah I can see why that wouldn't be very fun, I hope you're much happier there now!! Do you have a lot of good students? And do you enjoy teaching?

Ah yeah, I can't really remember it but I think I liked it too :) And thank you for telling me!! I really couldn't remember their names lol. Have you seen Uchouten Kazoku? It's pretty good anime and very different. I've heard Shigurui(?) is very different as well, but I tried to watch it a year or so ago and gore doesn't usually bother me but there was this one bit in it that was just awful and I had to drop it lol. Oooh also have you seen the film 'Sword of the Stranger'?? Cause if you liked that you'd probably like (if you haven't seen it already) Serei no Moribito, it's sort of ghibli-esque and is about a female warrior protecting a naive prince (who is lovely! and has great character development).

With those comparisons it sounds awesome already :) it'd be cool if it did become a long-runner as I sort of like watching long ones lol (well if the characters are good I do because then you get to watch more of them :)). Lmao, aw I'm actually pretty good at picking up on them I guess? (although I had no idea who Iwaizumi was the first time I watched season one of haikyuu!! and now he's one of my favourites lol) but yay! I'm glad I got them right :) That's really good - he looks cool. Ah I hope he does! I always love some good character development.

Wow, you've been into awhile then :) Yeah, the art style does look very different but I'm generally not too bothered by that I guess?? (I used to not really like the popular shoujo style - in which the girls have really big, sparkly eyes - but then I read akatsuki no yona and it's so good so I'm not really bothered at all by it anymore). OH wow I literally did not know that all, I had no idea what one piece was lmao - does he have a lot of crew members now then, or do they not visit that many islands? Who is the reindeer? Because I was very confused when my friend told me her favourite was the doctor who is also a reindeer lol. Ah fillers generally don't bother me if I really like the characters (so I don't really mind watching aimless fluff - as long as it comes at the right time with story, cause sometimes they can spoil the tone) but if there's a lot, and especially if I don't like the characters, it may get annoying. Lmao I've noticed that Naruto does flashbacks, not that much as of yet, but it's still been noticeable. OH I love animation so that's a little disappointing, but I guess if it's the same animators - and they haven't switched over to new stuff yet - they may have gotten bored of drawing them lol. I've never watched bleach before but I was very surprised to find out it was set in modern times, and I have heard that Orihime(?) is annoying but idk if that's true because I also have no real idea who that is. The hitsuguya(?) guy from bleach looks cool though, is he a villain?

Yes, I liked it and as it was my first anime I thought it was really cool and completely different to anything I'd ever watched, but now I've watched more - I'm not underwhelmed I guess (because I haven't watched in ages I guess lol) but just not interested in it anymore (although I do occasionally still read the spoilers when I hear that something big has happened, and check up on how Jean, my fave is doing). And thank you very much! I shall look it up :) Temari is the fan girl right? And I haven't seen that fight yet but I look forward to it. And I like him too!! I thought his fight with that sound village girl was hilarious lol (when he got her to bang her head against the wall with his shadow jutsu - i still have no idea what it's called lol, i think it;s that?). I'm up to episode 54 I think so like they're still in the chunin exam, but now just the finalists are left and they're training - Naruto has just met Jiraiya :) Yeah I like her too, sort of lol - I do agree that she can be a bit annoying, but I was expecting her to be much worse (I do wish she'd tone down her sasuke obsession, and I think her falling out with Ino over him was annoying because you know why can't the girls be friends?? - and I found her to be pretty annoying during her and Ino's fight during the chunin exam, like she just came off as really smug but I mainly didn't like how strong she suddenly was because Iruka had commented that physical ability was something she needed to work on, and then she got to this fight straight after and she was just suddenly strong and determination can only get you so far - like I would've liked to have seen her determined to win, for other reasons than staying by Sasuke's side, and then have her lose pretty much straight away as determination can only take you so far and she needed way more training but you know she was just suddenly Ino's equal and it was weird to me??) but anyway yes, I actually liked her up until that point and I still do, but yeah that bit rubbed me up the wrong way a bit. Temari and Tenten are really great girls though cause they're first that have been introduced that aren't boy obsessed (Sakura and Ino - Sasuke, and Hinata - Naruto; and I know they're not on about the boys all the time, but they just constantly seem to be in background whispering the boys name whilst the boys do the fighting - although I'm mainly talking about Sakura here, but Hinata's first intro was her blushing and whispering Naruto, whilst the boys just have other stuff to do and there's no real good girl friendship yet which I'm sort of disappointed with - like there was one with Ino and Sakura, but then Sakura dropped her when she found out she liked Sasuke too and I just really didn't like that!!!) so yeah I don't hate Sakura, I see a lot of potential in her for great character development, and I just hope that it actually happens. lmao sorry for how long this thing about sakura is.

And yes I do!!! My favourite is Rock Lee!! He is so sweet and lovely and I love him so much - his fight with Gaara was epic and I was upset that he didn't win, but it was still really cool. I actually also really like Sasuke lol, and Naruto is really cool too - Kakashi is also awesome, but I haven't seen much of him in order to make him one of my faves I say even though Rock Lee is my favourite who has had even less screen time lol.

And sorry for my late reply!! I was round at my Dad's girlfriend's house and I didn't to bring my laptop with me - I just got back today :)

shukagari Aug 15, 2017 3:59 PM
OOh that's really cool!! which do you enjoy teaching more? And that's cool, do you enjoy working in the store? I'm glad it is :)

I've seen that before, did you like it? I can't really remember it tbh lol, but I remember really liking the relationship between the girl and the samurai with the messier hair(? I can't remember their names lol, I think the girl was called Fou maybe? And the other samurai might have been Jin? But I really don't know lol). Ahh I've been really wanting to watch that as it looks really cool! The boy with the red and white hair looks super awesome (Todoroki?), and also the one who has messy blond hair (Katsuki? I'm not sure) but apparently he's also really mean or something lol, is that right? I've never seen One Piece, what makes you love and hate it? I actually have no idea what One Piece is about, like I know the characters and there's a boat but are their villains? Or are they just travelling about having fun? I literally have no idea lol.

Ah that's awesome! My gateway anime was Attack on Titan - which I'm not really into as much anymore, but I still really like Jean :) I'll have to look that up then, thanks for letting me know :) Who was your fave character in Naruto, if you had one, and what did you think of Sakura? I've seen that she gets a lot of hate.
shukagari Aug 6, 2017 11:11 AM
Ah, I'm sorry that things are busy - unless you like them that way lol, are you a teacher? or do you just work in a school?

I know! All of the haikyuu characters are amazing. I really like Tsukishima, but Tanaka is also really cool - pretty much everyone in Karasuno is amazing, although so are characters from other teams lol (I really love Oikawa and Iwaizumi!).

Ah yes, I really like OHSHC! Although I've actually just started naruto so I'm sort of watching that more at the moment as it's really engrossing and I love the characters - I've never actually watched it before but I'm really liking it so far :) What anime have you been watching?
shukagari Aug 2, 2017 7:24 AM
Thank you for accepting it!! Pretty good thank you, I'm just visiting one of my brothers at his student accommodation and it has been fun so far :) How about you? And yes I love Haikyuu!! Kageyama is my fave (although I love a lot of the characters lol), who is your favourite?
Gattsu7 May 23, 2017 3:20 PM
Yeah I probably will
Gattsu7 May 23, 2017 11:38 AM
Yeah it looks good but wasn't sure if I would like it since it's Volleyball
Gattsu7 May 22, 2017 10:59 AM
Thanks I like yours too whats it from?
howunpleasant2 May 15, 2017 3:18 PM
Thanks for the welcome! I saw that you like Tsuritama and Haikyuu!! those are some of my favorites! I tend to like fantasy-romance animes and stuff like Noragami and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Do you know any other movies like Kimi no wa a (slice of life stuff) I love those too! Also (lol I have so many questions) where is the best place that I can read Manga? I'd love to get started.
doudemoiidesu Mar 22, 2017 6:27 AM
Natsuyuki Rendezvous <3 it is one of my favorite, what do you think about that anime?
k2323 Jan 8, 2017 7:33 PM
I live on the state line so while I'm technically in Alabama, I work and go to Uni in Georgia. Sooo, Columbus-Fort Benning area. Nice to meet ya Bridget! Sorry for the random add lol
k2323 Jan 8, 2017 7:20 PM
I was randomly browsing user profiles and I liked your taste! I'm a sucker for a good romance anime. Also we're both from Georgia. So hi I guess lol.

I'm Kaleb, nice to meet ya.