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Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai
Jun 11, 12:01 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Jun 11, 10:04 AM
Watching 7/10 · Scored 10
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist
Jun 11, 10:04 AM
Watching 25/51 · Scored -
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Kamisama Hajimemashita
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Jun 11, 10:07 AM
Reading 24/154 · Scored -
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Jun 11, 10:00 AM
Reading 39/144 · Scored -
Jun 9, 8:13 AM
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AnimeCreed Jun 19, 3:06 PM
Np :3

Ikr ignored those what you're passionate about :D

Haha nice but if you need more info let me know idk where the anime is rn xD
Overall how are you liking the arc?

Ah tough choices but it was right for armin being picked. OMG latest episode for AOT like god damn i'm questioning alot thing here now xD and also that foreshadowing did for episode 1 O-O

Yeah I'm watching liking it so far :D

Nice thats good are drawing digitally or by hand? Me? Hanging out with friends and family for the most part :D

Np ^^
Gin is too awesome and ty :3
tami1_1 Jun 17, 1:11 AM
Thank you! I got my marks back and I didn't do too bad!

Hahah fair enough XD

I love Phos' personality she's such a great character. Same!! Even though I still haven't finished season 1 hahah
Attackonfiller Jun 15, 12:40 PM
I'm not watching any seasonals atm. I'm hoping to finish most of the anime I'm currently watching in time for summer, so I can finally get started on all the good seasonals I've been missing out on. I'm really looking forward to it cause it looks like there's a lot of good ones this season ^^
Hunter_chan Jun 15, 4:55 AM
Haha, you know, that scene in S2 when Mob said, "I've always known, from the beginning. What my master really is... is A GENUINELY GOOD GUY." I only fangirled for an hour after that, lol. Ah, I absolutely love Killua and Alluka's relationship! It's such a beautiful, pure and lovely bond, and the only other thing that can compare is his equally great friendship with Gon, xD. No, I haven't read the HxH manga. I heard it's always on hiatus so I've decided I'll read it in the future when it gets completed so I don't have to wait. :(

I also hope we can talk more about our favorites, and honestly speaking, you're a really interesting person to talk to. :)

Omg, yes, I love shoujo! Actually I wanted a good shoujo series to watch after I'm done with my current one. Thanks a lot for the recommendations!! I really appreciate it! ^_^ I've heard about both of them and both are highly acclaimed shoujos. I even have them in my ptw list. I was confused as what to watch next cause there are so many anime but now it's easy for me to pick one, lol.
BakaChii Jun 13, 8:36 AM
Jajaja seguro que vas a estar genial :D

Ohhh no me digas! Pues me acabas de convencer! Haber si me pongo a leer el manga pronto. Sabes si queda muchísimo para terminar?

Ah vale bueno quizás la veo algún dia xD Sé más o menos lo que pasa ya que he leído spoilers online jaja

Ohh que bien, parece que promete :D Haber si tiene una buena final :3 Ojalá siga vivo :3

Oh interesante. Tengo muchas ganas de ver la segunda y tercera temporada. Como sé más o menos que me va a gustar, las he estado esperando para verlas jaja pero creo que ya es hora de verlas xD

OMG, solo viste un episodio de Grand Blue? si es la serie más graciosa que he visto jamás xDD
Todo el mundo tiene un sentido de humor diferente y me cuesta encontrar comedias que me encantan, pero Grand Blue is HILARIOUS. Se ha convertido en una de mis favoritas la verdad. Debes darla otra oportunidad y ya si no te gusta pues no es tu estilo de comedia xD
Voy a leer el manga tambien, fue tan corto la serie que la echo de menos jajaja

Hoy he empezado a ver Orange y parece que promete. La has visto?
OoferGoofer Jun 13, 6:15 AM
LOL wait how have we never spoken?! That's insane!
Nice to meet you too!
Meteora_Fall Jun 12, 1:35 PM
Hey i've been great, it's ok no prob ;)
Yeah i started watching it in march and i've been caught up since march 15th, it has become my second favorite part.
I've also started reading the manga and i'm in part 6 chapter 118, just 40 more chapters until i begin reading the best part yet!!
Dotachin_ Jun 12, 1:13 PM
I'm liking Midara na Ao-chan xD It's a cute and funny romantic comedy with a bit of ecchi ^^

Yes, I heard about those rumors and I didn't like it very much. I hope they don't ruin the animation :(
tamoxxlevi Jun 11, 12:16 PM
thank you for a recommendation <333 i will take into account.
Mr_Sakata Jun 11, 12:07 PM
school called,beat my ass and sent me home crying ><*

so whatchu been upto lately ?
Carol Jun 11, 11:05 AM
Yes it's good because people are warned kkk.
Wow, I'll try this too!!
I do not follow the manga, but I've already felt like it.
Was also happy for Armin but sad for Erwin ;.; yes...
WOW ~ yes, I watch a lot in Spanish just because it's more similar kkk ^^
-asphyxia- Jun 10, 5:16 AM
hahaha, omfg u need to watch part 5!!!
it is so freaking good. it gets better and better each ep.
and the osts/ops/eds kill my heart
Mr_Sakata Jun 9, 1:28 PM
pls forgive, i forgot about you TT^TT
Masshiroi Jun 9, 1:25 PM
Hello :) I have a bit more free time now, at least due to my big day in September. No, I don´t have any other kids, this will be my first baby. In a couple of weeks perhaps I will already know whether it is a boy or a girl and start to pick up some names, so excited! And thank you so much for gratulations, it really rose my spirit :*
Finland won the championship but after Slovakia fell out I stopped watching actively, just looked up the results on internet. Actually, I think I never even saw wrestling. Maybe in some youtube videos, but I have no idea what is the point in there. It´s like boxing, or more similar to other sport? What are the rules for winning? It is very violent? :-o (for some reason I think yes). I also followed up Dororo already so feel free to ask or discuss whatever you want :) I can only predict that in the final probably two brothers will kill each other or what, I am excited to see the end already. Remember the scene when Dororo got stuck under that boulder? It was really terrifying imho because I honestly believed Hyakki will chop her arm off to save her. Luckily, the priest appeared and helped. As for OPM I totally agree with you that one simply can´t compare S1 and S2 in term of quality. Animation, sounds, it just seems off. I am pissed that most ost the fights (and not only Saitama´s) was off-screen like Garous vs. Watchdog. As for storytelling, it´s hard to say. I liked the martial art tournament arc, and still don´t know what everything gets to be animated and what not. The manga is def worth reading, although I didn´t read the original one by ONE because the art is terrible, just the cleaner version by Yuusuke Murata. But a lot of fans complain about the lack of Saitama and true is, he is not very often depicted in the manga. And because the manga is out on a monthly basis.. so tl:dr - if you like OPM solely because of Saitama, you would be probably disappointed, but if you like other characters as well just go for it.
You also asked about AOT, but I must confess I still haven´t seen any episode so far, it is in my PTW list but I am not sure if I will manage to watch it all before the baby comes. I just hope I will still have time for anime after that because it is really one of my biggest hobbies.
BTW there is also OVA about Rohan ( and I would love to see it but I somehow can´t find with EN subtitles, only raws.. Maybe you will have more luck than me finding Spanish version?
OMG yes, Kira´s death was a shock to me, too. I really didn´t expect that the villain of his caliber, able to manipulate even time will get his head crushed by ambulance :-o Well, maybe another great villain will appear in other Parts. Part 5 is slowly ending so we can start watching soon :3
TheBloodyMonday Jun 9, 11:22 AM
Bleach and Death Note were my first two anime series, and HxH, in my opinion, is the best anime series I ever watched in my life!
A friend of mine wanted me to watch JoJo, so I decided to give it a try :)