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Dr. Stone: Ryuusui
Dr. Stone: Ryuusui
Dec 19, 2021 7:42 AM
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Tokyo Revengers: Seiya Kessen-hen
Tokyo Revengers: Seiya Kessen-hen
Dec 19, 2021 7:41 AM
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IDOLiSH7: Third Beat!
IDOLiSH7: Third Beat!
Dec 19, 2021 7:40 AM
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Mo Dao Zu Shi
Mo Dao Zu Shi
Sep 1, 2021 9:12 AM
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Bungou Stray Dogs
Bungou Stray Dogs
Feb 1, 2020 2:21 PM
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Masshiroi Dec 22, 2021 4:26 AM
Hi, I don't have much time these days, so I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas, lots of gifts and relax with your loved ones, and I think we both hope the next year will be a lot, lot better than this one!
Masshiroi Dec 16, 2021 12:36 PM
Hi, I am quite alright, but I have a few ongoing health issues that need to be solved, but sadly in Slovakia going to the doctors or hospital is literally mission impossible. Hospitals are full due to covid and it is common to wait 3-4months(!) to even get an appointment. I actually created a topic here, if you can give me any advice, I would appreciate it:
Thanks, Mui is a sweetheart, I am positive in a 1-2y they will animate also Swordsman village arc and that would be something to see ;) Currently I am watching KnY S2, OMG, they did such a great job with Uzui, wives look gorgeous too, poor Zenitsu just shrieking all the time:D Do you watch it, too? I have also seen 12eps of Jojo, Jolyne is actually very likeable, although I dont like her design much (green lips, green hair??), but okay. I am curious if they will save Jotaro, I guess they will but he will die later :( but that´s just my guess as he isn´t in Part 7 I have read. I Look forward to AoT as well. I also saw older anime called Garden of Sinners, the music by Yuki Kajiura was breathtaking, the story was OK, not bad but also not great - mediocre. I have also watched something Korean, but not drama, but I decided to finally watch Squid Game and it was just as good as everyone had been telling me! :D If you are into some survival/dystopic/game stuff, you should def watch it, it´s just 9 eps. And of course, tomorrow is a new Witcher coming out, so I look forward to it as well, to distract myself a bit for RL..
Need to work a bit now, so byeee
Masshiroi Sep 29, 2021 4:52 AM
Hi, so S2 of KNY should start already and I just found out that first 7 episodes should cover Mugen Ressha again. Quite weird, no? I know that not everyone had to watch the movie, but this starts smell like milking the series, but on the other hand, it might cover more details and leftover chapters from this arc. Not sure if I can handle Rengoku´s death again, though :(( BTW love your animelist wallpaper, I managed to make mine, but only so-so (I am not very good with computers lol)
Oh really? Hmm.. maybe I´ll add them to my PTW list. Currently, I was more focusing on webtoons. Read Killing Stalking - very good, but also very gore, but keen on people with psychiatric diagnoses and I finally found out how can one became a sociopath. As far as I know, you have to be born as a psychopath to become one, but anyone can become sociopath after surviving serious trauma and that is quite terryfying, honestly!
Fumetsu was great done, I am looking forward to new season. Do you watch some seasonals? I started AoT , and already fell in love with this series. The MC is not my favourite but all characters have something to offer and there is really lot of death and sadness, it´s quite psychological too and the OST is also great. So far I am on S3 and looking forward to the more of the story. Also, Jojo 6 should be animated this winter (or winter 2022, I think)! Some great news! Now I finally have time for anime, since I am on vacation and my kid in a kindergarten, so I have 6hours of free time every day :-D yay!

Masshiroi Jul 12, 2021 12:27 PM
Hi, I am back after a few months, typical for me I know :p I am feeling better, thanks, but the sadness still remains somewhere inside of me. It is a strange feeling.
Yess I have seen Mugen Ressha already, it was so f*** cool, I loved it! I need to rewatch it sometimes. When Akaza fled in the woods and Tanjirou screamed after him it was very emotional. Not to mention poor Rengoku, ah.. my poor heart. Did you watch that Valentine special yet? Giyuu is savage in there :D I also read all 3 KNY novels and they were surpsisingly good, I don´t usually read novels, but this one was great. Some backstories were presented, I appreciated especially Sanemi/Masachika backstory since this one (oddly enough) wasn´t described in the manga at all. And new arc is coming, the brothel arc, I am SO SO looking forward to it. Just one more arc and then we could see also Tokitou shine!
I heard a lot about Beastars, is it good? I am not much of a fan of taking animals, I am sick of it already since I have to watch this kind of stuff with my kid, you know, how to entertain a 2y old.. (not to mention she is already better with smartphone and tablet than me!!)
I've seen a lot of anime recently, sadly only some of them are worth mentioning. I am watching Fumetsu no Anata e now (I read manga before so I know what I am going into, but it really is beatifully made so far), then I watched Jouran: The princess of blood and snow (let´s say opening was the best part), Wonder Egg (great and rare anime, but the butchered the end the evangelion way, so I wasn´t pleased), and A place further than the universe (if you like coming.of.age stories, you might want to chcek it out). I also binged up some Makoto Shinkai movies, the most famous is 5 cm per hour, maybe you heard about that, and it was beautiful. Incredibky realistic animated, sad story about love and distance.. his other movies are good too, but this one was a masterpiece for me. Do you know it, or?
I hope you are doing fine, and enjoy summer. Looking forward to your news. :)
Masshiroi Apr 2, 2021 7:03 AM
Hi, sorry for not replying back. I had very bad luck in RL as in January all my family except me and sister had covid, and my poor father died. It was horrible. I shut myself off for a long time...
Now it´s a bit better so I came back to MAL. I hope you had nice holidays? Oh, BTW, did you notice KNY Valentien special? It was lovely, although I was kind of disappointed that they completely left out a lot of characters (Muichirou included :/) Yes I agree with you that Tanjirou pushed Giyuu up in a way he probably won´t do it by himself (I can´t explain myself properly), and he really needed a friend. I watched a few anime to give my mind a break but only light SoL or such. Nothing exceptionally good. Manga is on hiatus due to covid. How about you, any news?
Meraki1 Jan 26, 2021 9:48 PM
I haven't seen s2 for Promised Neverland yet, I should rewatch s1 first though. Horimiya is great so far, I love it. i ma watching a few other seasonals too but nothing as good as Horimiya so far.
Nurguburu Jan 19, 2021 10:24 PM
Ignora el comentario de abajo lol, pensé que eras BonyaNya, la creadora de ese thread y tras la cáida de 2018 pensé que ella perdió su cuenta y estaba usando esta porque comentaste en su perfil lol. Pero si querés hablar no tengo problema.
Nurguburu Jan 19, 2021 10:12 PM
Hello. I read your thread "Attracted only to anime characters. I don't like real people" and I want to make a comment since I don't want to necro the thread. I'm a gay guy and after several years I'm starting to feel less and less attracted to real life guys. I stopped being active within the gay community -I had a relationship two years ago- cuz I found most of them doesn't help most of them have beards especially people from my age or older and 18-29 only like older dudes. But I LOVE 2D guys, they're perfect and loyal (recién me doy cuenta que entendes español tras leer tu perfil lmao)
Meraki1 Jan 7, 2021 11:24 PM
Haha yeah I planned on doing that one too, so far only seen the first episode lol. I might try it on Promised neverland, but I want to rewatch the first season first so I can remember what it was about.
Masshiroi Dec 22, 2020 4:58 AM
Hi, I just want to wish you a merry Christmas and all the best in 2021 :)
Masshiroi Nov 22, 2020 12:13 PM
I hope I didn´t spoil much for you! I sent you a message and just then looked up at your profile and realized you are still reading it.. oops xD
I like all Pillars, even Sanemi (he got so badass in the Muzan fight) that he somehow grew up to me, too. Giyuu is great, too. They depicted him and his personality perfectly. Now I am in the mood for KNY fanfics. BTW do you have some favourite pairings? I know many people prefer TanGiyuu but I can relate more to SaneGiyuu.. Tanjirou keeps being paired with either Zenitsu, Inosuke, or Genya :D but I can´t imagine this very clearly.
Yuichirou could be a very strong character, I am sad the author let him being killed but on the other hand it was necessary for Mui to develop further. And I love Senjurou, he is so cute! Shinobu is great, too, her VA is perfect, and the way she killed that demon from the inside was unbelievable!!
Meraki1 Nov 15, 2020 7:30 PM
No i am not, I don't like watching seasonals as they come out, it feels too much like a chore to me having to wait weekly to watch it, I wait until it is over. I am excited to watch Akumada Drive, and Jujutsu Kaisen though. What about you?
Masshiroi Nov 14, 2020 12:10 PM
Hi, pretty good by now, although I am constantly sleep-deprived. But Karin is already 14months old, so I am kinda used to it already. Well, we are healthy, fortunately (had a mandatory covid testing last weekend), and I hope you and your family are doing well, too!
I would love to see the movie as well, mostly because of Rengoku :) but I guess maybe next spring. Just recently I managed to watch MiA movie from the January. I guess anime has more moments that can capture one´s heart and def better OST, but on the other hand movie needs to have a specific length and that can influence the final outcome. Did you see it, too?
As for Kanao, I must admit I didn´t like her much at the beginning and then horribly mixed Kanao and Kanae (it took me a while to realize who was who and that it is not a translator error!). But during the story I somehow grew attached to almost all characters and during battle with Gouma she was just so awesome! I was praying for her not to be killed by Muzan (the manga for finished already but I never read any spoilers and discussions). I´m glad she got together with Tanjirou and the last chapter was so sweet :)) All characters were great as well as their backstories (and demon´s backstories, too!! Akaza for example), but my personal No.1 is def Tokitou. I cried like a little when he died and almost gave up on the story. I loved his backstory and resolution and how he finally manage to find friends only to be killed one step before the end.. as the last Sun Breath descendant, he could be incredible as an adult! :(( Poor Mui. I needed to read a ton of fanfic with him to fix my broken hreat..
Meraki1 Nov 12, 2020 9:24 PM
Yeah same, although I now only have 3 hours of school so I got a lot more spare time to do/watch stuff. Although there is not much to really do with COVID so it just consists of me sleeping.
Meraki1 Nov 12, 2020 2:38 PM
Hey how have you been?