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Alternative Titles

English: Haikyu!!
Synonyms: High Kyuu!!, HQ!!
Japanese: ハイキュー!!


Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2014 to Sep 21, 2014
Premiered: Spring 2014
Broadcast: Sundays at 17:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Production I.G
Source: Manga
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.651 (scored by 309,563 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #542
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #84
Members: 540,287
Favorites: 26,241


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Sep 21, 2014
SheasonDuerulo (All reviews)
To be honest, I'm guilty of being biased and judgemental, and more than once to boot. A few years ago I had seen my friend's collection of Naruto manga. I scoffed and even teased him a bit, having seen what appeared to be ridiculous anime promos on TV aimed at children. Within a year, I had discovered anime and manga myself. I have since apologized. Then, a year ago in the fall FAL league, I found myself incredulous at how popular and highly praised the sequel to Kuroko no Basket was. Subsequently, I stumbled across a volleyball anime with what seemed to be an interesting read more
Aug 17, 2015
0207xander (All reviews)
Uh oh, I'm about to do something not many have done: bring up problems with Haikyuu! Disclaimer: I do play volleyball, so please understand where I'm coming from.

Don't get me wrong, I liked Haikyuu! and will be watching the second season, but in this review I'm going to talk about what I didn't like because everyone else gushes over it. Remember, I did genuinely like it.

When I first found out there was an anime about volleyball (and not only that, it was really popular and well-liked) I kind of got really excited and placed it near the top of my "Plan to Watch" list. read more
Nov 16, 2014
elleyonce (All reviews)
The most important thing in a team sports is, without a doubt, the team. This holds especially true for volleyball. Having six talented players is all fine, but as long as they aren’t a team and don’t show team spirit, that talent is surely in vain. But what if it’s the other way round; is it a surefire way to win when you have one team where not everyone is talented?

Not really. But the chances are higher when there’s one team, rather than six players.

Haikyuu!!, or High Jump in English, is about Hinata and Kageyama, two players who originally stand at the opposite side of read more
Oct 1, 2014
andabri (All reviews)
So if you can tell from my score, I really freaking love this anime. I have to preface this by saying, I am NOT a sports anime fan. It's one of the last genres I look to because I've disliked/dropped over 90% of the ones I've seen. So I'm incredibly biased.

The story in Haikyuu! is what amazes me most possible.

It's all volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, yet I'm never tired of it (despite not being an avid volleyball fan). The relationships between the players develops in all aspects: the relationships between the players as friends, as teammates, as students in different school years, as a read more
Nov 6, 2014
KyoumaZ (All reviews)
“So long as I am here, you will be the strongest” – Tobio Kageyama

“Haikyuu!!” is one of the most successful shows in the 2014 season and is consistently well appreciated within the Anime community. Based on that face and that I’m indeed a pretty big fan of the sport Volleyball, I’ve decided to give Haikyuu a chance and I wasn’t disappointed at all, in fact it beat all of my exceptions I had in this Series.

I won’t go any deeper in the synopsis, because I think it’s already covered well enough by MAL.
Overall the story itself is pretty solid and well executed, read more
Sep 23, 2014
PonPonPon (All reviews)
Bring on season 2.

Jumping out of the wreckage that is the Summer 2014 anime season, Haikyuu triumphantly spikes its nakama-drenched, bromance-filled volleyballs into the chaotic mess, pummeling its viewership with its unflappable spirit and verve. In a season where anime about intergalactic war (sort of), terrorism (not really), and rebellion (or bad politics or comedy or whatever the hell Akame ga Kill is supposed to be) compete to see who can be the very edgiest, it is with some surprise that I declare to you that an anime about volleyball has turned out to be one of the best anime of the season.

This show read more
Feb 21, 2015
Stark700 (All reviews)
There’s a phrase that goes “dynamite come in little packages”. The meaning implies that someone who is small can achieve big accomplishments. Shoyo Hinata, the protagonist of the series is a perfect example of this. Standing no more than 6 feet tall but yet has a big heart, Hinata is someone filled with integrity. Witness the extraordinary journey that Hinata undertakes to prove the whole world his worth as a volleyball player. And believe me, it’s worth it especially when it’s someone named the “Ultimate Decoy”.

The anime is based off the manga of the same name written by Haruichi Furudate. What started out as read more
Sep 21, 2014
Tachii (All reviews)
Teamwork. Talent. Hardwork. Friendship. Rivalry. Motivation. Pressure. Winning. Losing.

The realm of sports usually involve all of this, and needless to say, it was told brilliantly through Haikyuu. Unlike previous sports anime I've seen, Haikyuu remain grounded and down to Earth, despite the obvious impossibility of such talent in a Japanese high school setting. But hey, if you were ever watching anime for the uber realism of it, you're probably not in the right medium.

The story of Haikyuu is fairly straightforward but with a small unique feature. A high school volleyball team which was once a strong team is now slowly rebuilding. The team is joined read more
Sep 21, 2014
bimbambusse (All reviews)
I think this anime series had a perfect mix of it all.

Story: (9)
When you get past the first episode the real fun begins. The story is simple, but wouldn't most sports-anime be?
The episodes flow into a beautiful storyline in which the pace never become particular slow.
As this has been adapted from a manga and it is 25 episodes long against 120+ chapters there is more than enough material to make sure the pace is at its best and I think it is. The series ending is great considering future events in the manga.
The games keeps ones attention throughout it and there is no supernatural awesome read more
Aug 8, 2015
Jinx-13th (All reviews)
I had wanted to see Haikyuu for a while and I was so surprised at how much I liked it. I knew I would like it but not the 'I'm going to marathon the entire thing in one night' type of like.

I don't think there was a single character I didn't love. All of them are very well done. It's like you can grasp their personality straight from the beginning and they're all likable, even if some aren't the nicest.

This show was very inspiring. It made me want to play a sport and have a team to rely on. Haikyuu is just really encouraging read more
Nov 29, 2015
chubbster (All reviews)
Wow... I was never really planning on writing a review on MAL, but I just feel compelled to share my thoughts on this breathtaking anime.

Story [ 9/10 ]
It's everything you would expect in a sport anime, and more. It's a narrative about a school that was once successful, but is on its decline. Now the volleyball team has to rise back from it's grave. But what makes the story of Haikyuu!! stand out for me is how you get engrossed in the development of each character; you actually feel for them. Also, there are twist and turns here and there to keep you on your read more
Nov 20, 2014
tachibanahotarou (All reviews)
Haikyuu is a volleyball anime that tells a story of a not-gifted-in-terms-of-height freshmen high school student named Hinata Shoyo, who dreams to become the next "little giant" in volleyball.

Just like any other sports anime, it tells a story of hope and dreams but one thing that sets it apart from other sports anime is the realistic nature of it. Without any supernatural moves like in Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu successfully make the characters' development as real as they can. Hinata's super fast reflexes, Tobio's monstrous tosses, and Nishinoya's great saves can be attain in real life with years of practice and dedication to the read more
Apr 26, 2015
Mugenftw (All reviews)
Alright, I'm going to preface this review by saying that this will for the most part be subjective, with only my final comments justifying why I believe Haikyuu is a 10.

Story (10) : In comparison to the other sports anime I've watched ( KnB, Ippo, Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield, Diamond no Ace) Haikyuu does follow some of it's fellow shows in the genre but also manages to add subtle changes to cliche'd scenes. For another thing it's about freaking Volleyball, which before watching I always thought was lame. In sports anime pacing is a huge factor in determining whether it stands out among read more
Nov 10, 2014
blueangel1986 (All reviews)
I can not express how happy I am that I stumbled across Haikyuu!!

It's really incredible how everything connects well into almost perfection.

The story is simple but at the same time manages to hook you up. I ended up making a all nighter just to finish it. The characters are so well developed and alluring that I found myself almost screaming every time they succeeded or crying when they didn't. In contrast with many of the sports anime out there, Haykyuu is real. It shows the reality of training everyday, of victory and defeat. As a former athlete I could relate to all the experiences read more
Sep 21, 2014
tekkkadan (All reviews)
In these past few years, there have been a lot of sport manga that have been emerging and are being adapted into anime for good reason. They are great, further justice can only be done to these sports manga if a good animation studio pick them up and Haikyuu was one of the very lucky ones to get picked up by a well-known studio “Production I.G”. Haikyuu as a sports anime is amazing, thrilling and something that gives a blast from the past of my High-School life revolving around sports and science.

Haikyuu is an anime about high school Volleyball. Now, I don’t play volleyball read more
Oct 13, 2014
Guesswhoxx (All reviews)
Short / Honest / Free of spoilers review
I deliver a fast way to get an opinion about this anime!

I'm not really a fan of sport anime, for one reason: its made in very similar structure and its easy to guess whats going to happen in plot. This anime makes no difference, but it has to offer something that i have rarely saw in other anime over all.

What is great in most of sport anime? You get introduced to some type of sport and it shows how that sport works in pro world. Who could thought that volleyball is so complex and strategic ? Not read more
Jan 1, 2017
Itkovian (All reviews)
Haikyuu manages to strike a happy medium between the conventional shonen sports anime and something more realistic, which leaves out the hyperbolic special techniques of manga like Eyeshield 21 or overt melodrama. It is, above all else, solid and and a competent piece of work.

As with most sports animes, the plot isn't particularly unusual or exciting - the genre is limited to a pretty standard formula of introduction, practice matches, training, a tournament arc, and repeating the process. The characters are also largely drawn from the typical mould - a cool, highly talented loner, a solid and experienced captain, a kind senpai with wisdom read more
Aug 2, 2015
crimson-oath (All reviews)
I had my reservations going into this one. I was just getting into sports anime at the time, and I came across this one looking for another great one to watch. The only image I saw of it beforehand was Hinata and Kageyama doing their setter and spiker poses in front of an orange and black backdrop. For some reason, my instincts were telling me that I really needed to watch this one, whilst the rest of me was questioning what was so good about volleyball anyway.

I am really glad I have such great instincts, because this anime is a gem.

First of all, you read more
Mar 13, 2016
themegamancave (All reviews)
“I may be small, but I can jump!” - Shouyou Hinata

Oh no, Japan has gone and done it again. I honestly didn't think it was possible to make an equivalent impact as Ping Pong the Animation in terms of intensity and inspiration within a sports anime, but Haikyuu! came awfully damn close. Debuting in 2014, the same year as Ping Pong, this anime initially gave off the “typical sports” aura to me, and I actually avoided it. There's so many out there these days, it can be hard to distinguish yourself, but for relatively rookie director Susumu Mitsunaka, he nailed it. read more
Sep 1, 2015
KuroHekireki (All reviews)

First off, when i started watching this anime, I didn't expect much. Well i expected something but not really that much. I have a fondness for sports anime but i was quite hesitant to start this anime. I mean it's just volleyball, i don't even have the slightest interest in it how can i really relish it. Well, it turns out that i was erroneous. SO so wrong. It seems that i was watching a contender for Anime of the year. This anime is the type of anime to make you want to play the sport no matter how much you suck read more