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truisms Oct 1, 2017 3:24 PM
also this has nothing to do with you but you might want to let them know the current links go to shoujohearts.com/... and not the correct page
truisms Oct 1, 2017 3:21 PM
the only CS class I'm taking currently is ethics in computer science (and technically linear algebra and discrete stats are required for it). all the core classes filled up a week after opening so i'm taking them in the winter semester ;(. also doing the preparations so i can get a co-op position in summer 2018... i'm excited but nervous as well.

i'll definitely check out reiraku when i have free time. i'm working about 15-20 hours a week while taking 5 classes so i'm pretty busy rn haha. and same... i used to use google translate and ms paint to translate hentai when i was 15 year old, lmao. i think i'd rather proofread.

i'm a little surprised about that but it makes sense... his drawing are so photorealistic in their backgrounds. i'd like to see the original photos he took though! i bet he's a great photographer haha. i think he gets a lot out of that realism no matter what type of story he's writing. his less weird stuff like girl by the sea or solanin work because the characters feel so real in their attitudes towards life and his work with faces and bodies is really on point too. and then you have the fucked up surreal stuff like in punpun that also look so crisp... the contrast works so well. obviously from a 'could this happen in real life' metric his stuff is often unrealistic but tonally it always hits a real emotional note for me that feels VERY real even when the content of the story is crazy

i started all you need is kill which is pretty shit and i might drop it. i read majo which had cool art but was also really didactic which i hate in manga... (only 7 chapters though ;)) everything i read lately i end up dropping (not reiraku which i'm sure ill love). i've been rewatching tatami galaxy on crunchyroll and i'm also really enjoying boku no hero academia lol... (i know i know). i'd rec bnh academia if you were ever in the mood for that type of thing but everything else has been pretty blah

lawlmartz Sep 25, 2017 10:08 PM
Normie life was really, really good until about two months ago. Now it really, really sucks. I graduated college, looking for a job full time now my mang. Trying to make my way out of the ghetto, as it were.
Dr_Tokami Sep 18, 2017 5:59 PM
I really like your name
truisms Sep 3, 2017 4:45 PM
yeah ode to kirihito is good adolf is p good etc mw i didn't like. it's a weird story which makes me wonder if it meant anything to tezuka personally. honestly tho tezuka had a huge influence with his panels and imo he got a lot of that from tatsumi, not to mention tatsumi's tone and style... which is why i loved gekiga hyoryuu and finding out this guy who writes depressing grim stories about hopeless deviant working class dudes in the city who have no options for happiness and are totally trapped and passive is such a normal pleasant person hahaha. reminds me of kakukaku shikajiku (is that how you spell it??), both of them make you feel closer to the artist and the introspection brings out a side of them you don't always get to see in their other works. very pleasant and breezy and likeable.

asano is honestly one of the greats... maybe im buying the hype but even looking back to older classics i really think he has something special and unique. hes obviously a crazy talented artist and his art is beautiful... it's so dense and he draws such a variety of things, characters, buildings, the sea... with such a high level of fidelity. i love how crisp the stuff he draws in his weirder works is... like all of punpun's designs are so well done. he makes weird decisions that other artists i think would trip on but just handles them so well.

whats funny to me is that he's already a way better writer/storyteller than his peers and his dialogue alone is touching but then he compliments it with one of the most distinct modern styles, crazy ambition... its amazing he's so good at short stories but then still has the ambition and scope to write something like punpun... or nijigahara hologram...

he's still underrated imo... i think his star is only gonna continue to rise and i hope it does

what do you do in the scanlation group? sounds interesting

on another note i start school this week so i'm excited for that
truisms Aug 28, 2017 1:38 PM
i looove gekiga hyoryuu and the other manga by that author (push man and other stories, abandon the old in tokyo) which are mostly short stories are excellent, they're both composed of stuff he would have been working on during the period gekiga hyoryuu mostly focuses on. they're extremely dark cynical stories about this barely drawn underdeveloped silent and passive male working class characters in industrial sectors, lots of stuff about deviance, anger, jealousy, conflict between old and new ways of life. super intense if not a little grimdark.

the 70s is also when tezuka went on an absolute tear and wrote a lot of his best manga, ode to kirihito, buddha, adolf etc which are all worth checking out and use the same techniques as gekiga hyoryuu (cinematic camera angles and exciting use of unconventional panel usage and positioning in a way that's still basically untouched today). honestly a lot of his work from that period is also pretty edgy but it's ambitious and readable anyways. and lone wolf and cub if you haven't read it.

i haven't read reiraku and only heard about it recently! his shit is so dark i don't know how he keeps it tasteful. he handles suffering really well in his work, most authors wouldn't be able to handle that type of shit imo. where are the scanlations your team's doing hosted?
truisms Jul 20, 2017 3:40 PM
haha yeah it sucked - i've gotten used to the job and am liking it more though. do you get paid for OT or is it just forced work with no reward? seems like the worst part of dealing with clients would be the dumb shit they don't know being forced on you lol.

taiyou matsumoto rules. shinsekai yori was p good too but matsumoto is awesome - tekkon kinkreet of course but he has some other great material too
tezuka is kinda hit or miss - his work is exciting because of the huge scale of ground he covers in theme and formal property but he has weird sensibilities about including very uncharacteristic humor in his darker period work. but he's very bold for somebody so famous in delving forward - his usage of panelling is top notch (again, he breaks a lot of rules about panelling and uses them in interesting ways, but also for really stupid humor purposes, which is weird. still, he's one of the masters of the visual component of manga imo. his art itself can be lackluster, but the ways he uses his art are very novel and still hold up today imo.) if you want any recs of his work just lemme know

or if you want manga recs in general - i have a lot of stuff i really like i think is underappreciated or underknown. indie manga is honestly so far beyond anything being done in anime recently bar maybe 1 or 2 directors, inio asano alone has a body of work better than the totality of anime released in the last 10 years. manga's the main thing still keeping me here

if you have any recs about the new stuff you read recently i'd love to hear them, always looking for new shit
truisms Jun 27, 2017 3:43 PM
I feel you. I log into mal to check my notifications once a day but beyond that basically nothing. IDK.

I did get a job... but I'm not enjoying it. It's in retail sales and I don't really feel comfortable or like I'm pulling my weight. It might be because I just started but I'm already considering looking for something else :p. Two steps forward, one step back I guess.

It's kind of sad when switching jobs like that is the only way to try to get better health insurance or 401ks but yeah, loyalty to the company is overrated. The company gets to keep paying you a subpar wage for work while your skills increase and string you along... what do you get out of it? They'd still fire you if you weren't performing :p. Have you had a mixed bag of jobs too or is that just what you've heard from other people?

yuh, I would probably be into it if there was stuff to be into... but at the same time getting into books, movies, other stuff instead feels good. Some of my other hobbies feel a lot more rewarding yknow? I imagine you and your music/other interests are probably similar :p
truisms May 22, 2017 6:19 PM
haha no not next year. technically i have 3 years under my belt but I switched majors after my second year (to comp sci) so it'll probably be 2-3 years before I graduate esp. if i do co-op. So right now I'm just looking for like... a summer job. There's a fuckload of poor or underemployed people here so it gets really competitive even for basic shit. Like a job at a recycling depot can get 200+ applications haha. My end goal is something like software development/engineering but I haven't taken many specialized classes like ones focusing on AI, etc, so hard to say overall. Definitely right about the interviews being less stressful than the thinking about interviews which is what always gets me!

Yeah "tech" salespeople are terrible, I feel like with any STEM profession you have the people who know what they're doing and the people who just sell to other people who know nothing about the work lol. From what I've read though, leaving a job is a great way to get a higher salary or a more advanced position and lots of people get in the rut you're in because they get pigeonholed or taken for granted. Plus with all your computer science money I'm sure you can afford to be a little demanding :)

haha yeah ikwym. There's like 5-10 manga authors I'm interested in and literally one director... I don't think I'm even really into it anymore but it feels weird letting go of something I've been following and really into for like, years (over a decade??). It's like breaking up from a long term relationship... it's kind of sad having really really cared about something for so long and then losing interest.
Plus every time I come back and try something new it ends up being terrible hahaha

truisms May 21, 2017 3:27 PM
if you've coded using bootstrap you're actually more of a twitter user than i am even without the account

it's going all right. just looking for jobs right now until school starts again in september, but my semester went really well despite a lot of obstacles and shit so i'm happy. nothing makes me more nervous than looking for jobs though, i'm like 50 percent of the way to just becoming a homeless person for the rest of my life out of resentment for the application process lol. i haven't been using mal much because everything i've tried to watch or read lately japan-wise has been awful

how have you been? been a long time since i talked to you
truisms May 19, 2017 10:07 AM
if you made it to 2017 without a twitter does that mean you have a twitter now
lawlmartz Jan 7, 2017 12:05 PM
Well yeah, they left the whole "pimping yourself out to survive" aspect of it. She caught a couple STDs I think, and also AIDS, which finally killed her in the mango- but that was what put her in the hospital for Tosaki to find... so it was kinda important, but not really I guess.

Yeah, I was hoping it would address the societal conflict it teased more of in the first season, but oh well. At least it was better than Tokyo Ghoul! That's not saying much... It was a solid series, especially for a non sequel. While I hated the ending, i know why they do it, because that's just Japan.

Well I said "FLCL is getting more now..." and I don't want this. I think they need to let sleeping classics lie, but this is Japan we're talking about. They're gonna milk everything until there's nothing left!
Ergo Proxy is safe though. Manglobe is closed, there was never a manga, and it came from a book! NO STUPID SEQUELS
>_> watch, tomorrow one is going to be announced.

Ghost in the Shell should have stopped after SSS. The hierarchy is thus: SSS> SAC2 > SAC 1 > 1995 Movie > Ghost 2. Arise isn't bad, but it isn't great either, and the 2015 movie is straight up terrible.

I watched an avant garde 1931 Austrian film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0022100/?ref_=nv_sr_7
precursor to film noir. It's kinda terrible in a lot of ways, but I see the influence it had on the film noir that I like.
lawlmartz Jan 5, 2017 8:33 PM
Yep, ex military. He's also AMERICAN! OMG! But one thing that's annoyed me about the show and people using the name... his WHYTE name is Samuel T Owen, which is where SaTO comes from. The u is actually not there. Sato is an extremely common surname in Japan as well, but it's not a long O. The subtitle translators just messed it up and everyone started calling him the wrong thing. not that it really matters, but I'm a #grammarnazi.

They also glossed over Shimomura/Izumi's past quickly too. More manga spoilers: she runs away from abusive home like a good anime character, and she turns to being a prostitute to support herself, and she gets sick like they showed. She gets scooped up off the street and actually DIES of AIDS in the hospital (the scene where Tosaki comes to her in the hospital) and that's how she finds out she's an Ajin- then Tosaki takes her under his wing and changes her name in exchange for her not getting experimented on. I didn't think that was very clear either, but i guess it's minor in the scheme of things.

Yeah, I agree that the point of "are ajins deserving of human rights" part of it wasn't addressed well, but I think we can reasonably surmise that after ajin were responsible for stopping the Sato menace, that they were given some kind of pardon/immunity, even if they have the stigma still. #readingtoomuchintothings

I don't think there's really anything left for a season 3. It's Japan, come on. You've seen enough anime to know that they can NEVER just leave something alone and let it end. There always has to be a possibility of it picking up again. OMG ERGO PROXY, I LOVE YOU. YOU ENDED. I can't even say that about NGE, one of the absolute best anime ever created. Because Anno keeps MUCKING with it with these rebuild movies. Ghost in the Shell, same thing. FLCL is getting more now... I guess I can still love Kill La Kill. It won't be messed with anytime soon. Gurren Lagann too, i suppose. The movies didn't alter anything about it.
Golden Boy. Golden Boy will never be altered! it's perfect like it is!!!

No, doubt I'm watching anything. All I added was Blue Exorcist 2 because I've seen all the rest of it, LWA TV, because Trigger, and Onihei, because it looks somewhat interesting, but tbh the only anime I think I'll watch from now on are classics, movies, and stuff I was really interested in/ some rewatches, like Steins Gate now that the MOVIE DUB IS FINALLY BEING RELEASED HOLY CRAP
lawlmartz Jan 4, 2017 7:12 PM
I'm glad you didn't put yourself through that. It SUCKED https://myanimelist.net/reviews.php?id=236127
maybe that'll be funny though

The pacing is probably the worst part about Ajin, yeah. Felt like the second season had some filler, and the way they wrapped up the "best friend and angel wings guy" plot was... not much, but I enjoyed that it didn't really pull any punches- it's a pretty gritty show in all honesty, and it tackles "how do you kill literally unkillable things" nicely, imo. I liked the scare tactic of "cutting off the head" and the protagonists imagining it, only to find out that it doesn't actually work. Sato has some backstory that they didn't get into that I read in manga spoilers, which I'll detail to you here- he was a special forces soldier in vietnam (which is why he's an old fudger) that got shot up, didn't actually die, did kinda a Colonel Kurtz thing and went insane, enjoyed killing. I liked that about him though- he played his cards like he wanted something, but in reality, he just wanted to murder people. Sorta like the Joker.

The ending was complete crap though. I thought they were going to shoot him into space or something... but no, of course they're going to leave it open ended on the 0.001% chance this pulls a Code Geass and gets a sequel in 10 years... Only Japan.
lawlmartz Jan 4, 2017 4:55 PM
did you actually finish keijo?

also, I see you gave Ajin a 6. That must mean you liked it okay. I hated the ending, but the rest of the show was solid, in all honesty.