Nov 15, 2014
Lydiia (All reviews)
OMG! I loved Haikyuu sooo much!! AMAZING is the only way to describe this anime! I had watched Kuroko no Basket before this anime, and loved that too, so I decided to watch Haikyuu... Going into the anime I didn't know what to expect from an anime about volleyball, but wow was I impressed! Really impressed.

Story: It's a story about a volleyball team in a high school, Karasuno, and their journey into winning a championship (I think?). Obviously, they have their struggles and obstacles that they have to overcome in order to win. The main 2 characters, Shouyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama are freshmen at Karasuno, and have a middle-school rivalry, so they try to surpass eachother ('s different and work as teammates). The volleyball matches were simply amazing, and fun to watch, but that wasn't all. Haikyuu!! wasn't 100% about volleyball, but it also incorporated the develop of friendship, teamwork, and lots and LOTS of really funny comedy! Karasuno, FIGHT! ♥♥♥

Art: The art for the anime was magnificent as well! Colorful! Like I always say, I don't really know how to grade art. Most anime have same, good art.

Sound: I really liked the first opening, I don't really like the second one though. During the volleyball matches, there were little music because there was a lot of dialogue, but whenever there was some sort of soundtrack playing, it did elevate the intensity of the game. I didn't really get to pay attention to the music though, because the volleyball matches took up all my attention! Everytime the volleyball was hit and a BAM sound was made, my heart skips a beat. Loved it!

Character: Best part of the anime, and maybe my favorite cast of characters in anime alongside other anime like Kuroko no Basket, and Clannad. All the characters, on both the team of Karasuno and all the other volleyball teams, are unique in their own way. The characters are so funny, and fun to watch. I loved every single one, although I wish there were some meaningful female characters too... But nonetheless, seriously maybe most favorite characters in 1 series is Haikyuu!!

Enjoyable: I enjoyed it so much, I never knew that volleyball could be so fun to watch! I could drag on and on about how awesome this anime is, but since it's boring to just read reviews, I'll stop. But if you are even a little bit of a sports anime fan, or even want to see an anime that is superb, then watch Haikyuu!! It's Amazing!!