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Free!: Dive to the Future
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uni Aug 7, 10:39 PM
Thank you! And I totally agree!! I'm going to miss summer commute times a lot.

Oh no! Is it like a humid rain? That doesn't sound very pleasant :( hopefully it stops raining over there soon. And it really is!! This week has been especially hot, but it looks like next week will finally start cooling down a bit. Hopefully it'll stay that way!

I hope so too! Speaking of the rankings, did you see the most recent ones?! Including yesterday's midweek rankings? I'm honestly so shocked and speechless by the last two results, this season's rankings have been very volatile and no one is safe :o Juri is such a charming performer and a Blackpink fan too! And oh gosh I know, the decision to use a punk rock arrangement for DDDD really was not the best idea haha. I wish they went for more of an acoustic version like they did with Playing with Fire last season. Sakura is an interesting case because she's a bit lacking skills-wise, but she's very aware of it and constantly tries to challenge herself! I've heard a couple people compare Sakura to a shonen protagonist, which sounded kinda funny at first but makes a lot of sense the more I think about it.

Asahi is great and I love how spirited he is! Now that you mention it, I can definitely hear Miyu Irino in his voice haha. I'm sure Hiyori will realize the error of his ways in due time, but I really hope that happens sooner rather than later :'( it's a shame that Ikuya puts up with his behavior, although he still does seem quite traumatized by his past.

Me too!! And ooh that sounds really cool! It's funny how 10 spots for favorites feels like a lot yet not quite enough at the same time.

Wonderful new username and profile picture, btw! And I love how you included Loona's new single too :)
Remix Aug 3, 3:48 AM
I've only opened the anime discussion once or twice and I remember seeing very similar things from browsing new on r/anime i.e. Overrated shows, what do you like that everyone hates, judge taste etc. Yeah health science is my basic field of study but I hope to branch into the likes of say Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Bio-medicine etc. I'll spare you my life story, but Uni and I used to mix like oil and water back in the day haha. But things are looking up now.

I'm replying after finishing ep 4 and holy shit I hate Ikuya's friend Hioryi SO MUCH. What a fucking prick, haha. It makes it even worse for me that this is a college setting now.

I see you've been reading One Piece, have you been liking it as much as the anime? I'm guessing you watched the anime first and went back to read? You might have noticed I'm doing the opposite. I'm actually caught up on the manga but I'm currently enjoying the anime from the beginning. I'm already aware of the issues with the adaptation later on so it's no biggie.

uni Aug 1, 8:16 PM
It really is! Our director has the final say about everything that happens in our program, but she has tons of experience and knowledge (I think she started working here a few years after I was born, actually!) so it seems like she really knows what she's doing haha. And aw, it's great that you have more of chance to get to know the remaining coworkers now that the others are on vacation! I like how work over the summer can feel a little quieter/slower, and even though our office has been a bit busy, it's nice to see the campus emptier than usual.

That sounds good!! And that's a shame about the novel's ending :( it's a good thing the prose was kind of a saving grace, at least. I also heard from your sister that it was thundering and raining in the evening recently! Hopefully it cools down over there soon ;___; and here as well haha, it seems like the heat has been rather unrelenting over the past month or so.

She really is! And I actually think Sakura and Kaeun will drop sadly, and they've both technically already fallen from their original 1st place rankings :( Sakura has a strong individual fanbase though, so I don't think she'll ever fall outside of the 4-6 range and she'll probably even rise once one-pick voting begins. I'm especially worried about Kaeun though, and I feel like she might experience what happened to Jonghyun last season (which breaks my heart because he was my favorite!). She's a solid all-around performer and very kind, mature, and professional, but at the same time, she doesn't really seem to have the distinct charms that tend to draw people in ;__; hopefully I'm proven wrong though. Oh, and the DDDD performance came out! Did you have a chance to watch it? I know some people enjoyed it, but I was quite disappointed, personally :( the styling, stage design, and song arrangement didn't help either, and Seoyoung wasn't able to pull her weight as a leader and even forgot her lines, despite being an ex-YG trainee. Sakura was a little awkward in the eye contact cam, but I feel like that's almost a part of her charm at this point haha. She's very likable and it's hard not to want to root for her!

I started a few jdramas, but the one I enjoyed the most is a josei manga adaptation abbreviated as Nigehaji, starring Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino! I'm not sure if you've heard of it before, but it aired a couple years ago and featured a viral "Koi Dance" in its ED haha. I've also been seeing a lot of Taishi Nakagawa lately (he kind of looks like Fukushi Sota sometimes), but not as much Yamaken, surprisingly! I actually ended up watching the Free movie, and it definitely seems like you're right that the new season is gradually recapping it as it goes along. The movie helped me appreciate Natsuya more though, and he's probably my favorite among the newer characters so far haha. I like him quite a bit already. I'm sad that Rei and Nagisa have more of a supporting role this season, although it makes sense ;__; Rei's tiny scene in the High Speed movie was probably the highlight of it for me haha. And I really hope Hiyori mellows out soon, because he's probably the weakest part of the season to me so far and he's starting to affect my overall enjoyment :'(

YES it was such a gripping read from start to finish!! And it's funny you mention that, because I've actually been deliberating over my favorite characters list for a while! When I start listing out either male or female characters, I feel bad for not listing out the rest, and there are even a few more I wanted to include but couldn't haha. But I started watching Daiya S2 last weekend and it reminded me how much I love Miyuki and his cheekiness, so I'm pretty sure I'll go ahead and add him and maybe a couple others c: there are more I want to include too, so I might make some kind of extended list later on!

Also, I'm sorry about the late reply!! I got quite sick this weekend and took a few days off to recover, but I'm feeling much better now thankfully. Hopefully you've been having a nice week so far! :)
Remix Jul 29, 10:26 AM
Yeah I was happy once comments started working again. I could care less about the forums returning, lol. Oh and images too! Images being gone was a tad frustrating. Ah yeah I'm a Health Science major and plan to do something in medicine although I'm not quite sure exactly, but I'm a bit of a later bloomer when it comes to Uni :)

I haven't seen the movies yet, I have High Speed downloaded collecting dust, but I was going to save it until the other movies had decent to good releases/subs available so I can watch them all in one go. I havent heard many great things about the movies in general, although the recap ones I didn't expect much from. Still interested for the new footage. You basically hit the nail on the head and once again I was bringing up the same thing to some friends of mine and that was college and how that similar type of drama was going to mesh knowing they're in that part of their life again. Seems like they're going for a bit of a mirrored character dynamic: Ikuya being a rip-off rin and carries a bit of the same angst that early S1 Rin did in the way he approaches swimming and shuts other people out. Now Rin in Australia meets a guy who happens to swim "free" and doesn't give in to competition standards, just does it for the fun and the thrill. So now it's kind like a 4 split dynamic of what we had prior. Idk we'll see what they do now that we're almost 1/3 of the way through. I think you described it well as a cash grab. I'd say the only character who could use that closure was Sousuke but it doesn't look like they're going to do much with him.

Sounds good! I'll be sure to shoot you a message when I can, I'd love to catch up sometime! Uni is starting back up for me so sorry if I'm slow as well.
Remix Jul 23, 6:35 AM
At long last, indeed. Still not 100% but it's close enough, I don't need the forums. I'm doing fine, I've just been enjoying my break until I go back to Uni again in a week.

Omg I was feeling the same about Free so far. It's not a season I was super hyped about because S2 had a really nice ending to it.

I really think Ikuya is some Walmart Rin

I was actually just talking to a friend about this on discord before:

It sort of feels like the concept of a jealous childhood rival is being recycled again, but I hope it turns out to be something much different. Too early to tell, but I'm staying cautiously optimistic. At least the ED is super fun like the previous seasons!

Honestly, it's nice to see you watching stuff again! Speaking of discord, I know I still have you added on there so I hope you don't mind if I shoot you a DM sometime to catch up.
uni Jul 16, 7:26 PM
I still work at the same school I've been at the past couple of years, doing counseling :') our program is expanding a lot this year and our director is quite forward-thinking and likes to pilot many new initiatives, so our office has been pretty busy this summer haha. It makes the work days pass by quickly though, so I can't complain! And I'm glad to hear that your summer has been on the calmer side!! It's also a great thing that you're working things out. Are you still working at the same place? Hopefully the rest of your summer will be just as relaxing and it hasn't gotten too warm on your end!

Ahh a couple of my friends are really into Westworld, so I'm a little familiar with it! It sounds really interesting and since you love it too, maybe I'll check it out sometime c: I've heard about Little Fires Everywhere but didn't actually know much about it, so I looked up the summary just now and it seems like quite a gripping story! Hopefully it'll all come together more cohesively by the end. I think I've only heard a song or two from Years & Years a long time ago, but I listened to the song you have linked on your profile, and it has very nice vibes and the lyrics are so interesting too! I'll try to check out more songs from the album. It's great that you've been into so many interesting things lately :)

Haha, I feel you!! The episodes can get really long, and many of them are even 2.5 hours long. And me too! I was so sad when Jurina's departure was announced, but she should definitely do what's best for her health and well-being. I was a bit taken aback because they announced her ranking during the first elimination last Friday, and I wonder if they could've saved the girl in 59th place, Ikumi, instead because I really liked her :( Jurina is such a scene stealer, even if she's just on the side/in the background, you can usually spot her being physically affectionate with one or some of the girls, which is always endearing to see haha. I wonder how much the rankings will change now that the votes have been reset :o I liked D4 a lot too, and I think it was the right song to choose as their title track, but I liked their whole mini so much that it was hard for me to pick a favorite. And speaking of D4, there's a rumor going around that it's going to be one of the P48 position evaluation songs that Sakura participates in! It'll be interesting to see her perform a song like that. Soyou even said it was unexpected in the episode preview.

I totally agree! It warms my heart to see Apink charting so well after all these years. I'm also excited for Chungha's comeback! All of the different dance breakdowns for love4eva have been such a treat to see. I wonder how the repackage will be, I actually hope they go with a more mature concept this time around (although I absolutely loved their debut) so that Yves and Olivia have more of a chance to shine. And I can't believe we're a month away from OT12!

I don't think I've heard of Planet With before, but let me know how you like it if you decide to watch it! I'll keep it on my radar when I get properly started on summer anime. I haven't had much of a chance to start seasonals yet because I've been preoccupied with jdramas instead, but I'm going to try catching up this week! And yes, I'm definitely looking forward to Free!! I remember we first met a couple weeks before ES started airing, so I have many fond memories of that time and it makes me very happy to see Free back again c: I totally forgot about the movie though, so I'm going to try squeezing that in sometime this week! Maybe even tonight, if time allows for it. Did you have a chance to watch Free yet?

Oh! I forgot to mention this earlier, but I read Solanin a couple months ago! I enjoyed it so much that I actually ended up reading it twice in a row in one sitting. I can definitely see why it's one of your favorites, it's such a wonderful manga with many meaningful themes :')
Remix Jul 13, 9:56 AM
Lofti! Ellie! How have you been? MAL is finally (semi) working again

Hope you've been well. I remember you lost a bit of interest in anime, will you be checking out anything this season? Just finished the first ep and Free S3 and it was nice to see my boys again
Objective Jul 10, 12:17 AM
Objective Jul 9, 7:57 AM
hi i miss you

what's your disc btw?
uni Jul 9, 1:01 AM
Oh my gosh! It's so nice to hear from you again ♥ seeing your comment made my day :)

I've been doing pretty well! I finished classes a little under a month ago so I'm just on break now and working part-time, which has been really nice. How are you? How have life and work been treating you? And are you watching/reading/listening to anything interesting lately? :)

I'm not sure if you're following/watching Produce 48 at all, but it's completely taken over my life ;___; I think I'm even more invested this time around than I was the first two seasons, so I'm going to be very very heartbroken when the eliminations roll around haha. Blackpink's recent comeback also got me onboard their fandom and I even watched their variety show Blackpink House, although I do think this is one of their weaker title tracks so far. It's nice to see Apink back too and with a different sound/concept than usual! I would love to hear your thoughts on any of their releases if you've had a chance to listen to them yet :) oh! And what did you think of yyxy's debut? I've been watching some j-drama adaptations of shoujo/josei romance manga, and reading some manga too, but I've been struggling a bit to watch anime lately :c hopefully the summer anime will help get me back into an anime watching mood!
uni Apr 14, 2:49 PM
Oh no :( I'm so sorry to hear that. I feel like periods always strike at the worst times! I'm glad you were able to focus on the silver living at least, and hopefully your next birthday will go much more smoothly and be free of cramps ;___; and that sounds like a great idea! Shiki gets quite a bit of flak, and while it had its fair share of flaws, I found it to be pretty fun and enjoyable for the most part c: the later seasons of Haikyuu get very exciting too. Hopefully you enjoy both of them!!

Aw, it's too bad that you didn't enjoy the ending of Ramens very much! I actually never got around to catching up on it :( I'm watching quite a few shows this season, I think almost 20 actually, so maybe a little too many! There have been some solid premieres so far, and I'm most excited about Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, which is adapted from a manga I've been following for a couple years and features working adults who are also otaku in different ways. Are you planning to watch BnHA S3 as it airs, or will you be holding off until afterwards, like you did with seasons 1 & 2?

That's true!! Ohh I had only heard about Gen Hoshino being in Night is Short - I had no idea Kamiyan was in it too! I probably won't have a chance to check out both movies until my summer break, but I'm definitely looking forward to watching them then :)

Oh my gosh! I actually had no idea that Taehyung even got a mullet because I've been so behind on BTS recently, but I just checked and you're right, he's definitely pulling it off at least! I really liked Euphoria, and all of them having dark hair was a very nice touch. I sure hope they have a cb soon! RV has had such a solid string of releases as of late. And I totally agree re: Taeyong! The MV for Boss reminded me yet again of just how strong his visuals are. Also, have you checked out Stray Kids' debut by any chance? I still don't even know all of the members' names yet, but they're already growing on me. It seems like I'll always have a soft spot for JYP groups!

Haha, awww! How cute. With those faves, OEC must've been like a dream come true for you :') they're all really wonderful. I've been watching more Loona TV and I think Gowon has comfortably settled into my 2nd favorite spot, at least for now! AND YES I totally agree, it's been such a treat to see her feel more at ease and open up in front of the camera c: I can't wait for the next subunit! I feel like I'm most into Loona and Idolish7 these days, so it's really 2D and 3D idols left, right, and center for me haha. I just can't seem to escape!
selthe4th Apr 2, 11:46 AM
yo gif is taking foreva to load
uni Mar 31, 4:49 PM
Sounds good! I'm looking forward to it :)

I agree!! Rosy is a lovely song and their voices all mesh together really nicely in it. Loona has very strong b-sides all around! And Kim Lip is such a blast to watch in Loona TV. I see :( ahhh as always, you're spot-on in predicting my faves!! I love all three of them (and their respective releases) so much! It's funny that you mention Gowon, because I've been in a One & Only mood lately and I must've listened to it at least 20 times in a row yesterday haha. I love her sweet-sounding voice and the way the lyrics promote self-love. I think my bias is Chuu though! She won me over in the Heart Attack MV, and she even reminded me of Tomoyo from CCS in it because of her cute outfits/hairstyles and the way she follows Yves around with her camera. Vivi is also one of my favorites, and Vivid is one of my favorite title tracks of theirs so far too!
uni Mar 30, 3:14 PM
Aw haha, it's okay! I'm just glad you were able to find my message eventually, that's what counts <3

YES it really does!! Egoist is such an impressive debut track as well. I wasn't expecting the beat drop, but it was quite powerful and gave the song a unique spin! Jinsoul's rap following right after that was great too. Is Olivia shaping up to be your bias? And I noticed you had Kim Lip in your profile earlier! It's impossible very difficult to pick a bias in the group ;___;
uni Mar 29, 8:29 PM
Ahhhh I love your new username and profile pic!! Olivia Hye is so pretty ♥

Such a lovely gif too! I've rewatched the MV for new many times, and the bit with Yves and Vivi at the end is still one of my favorites. How exciting that the group is finally complete now :')