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Though of different sports focused these anime have very similar leads. You'll feel the strong connection to both anime. Fun and entertaining!
report Recommended by MaeShareaza
Different sports yet both series have high spirits when it comes to teamplay. The main male characters are part of a team in the perspective sport they are involved in. But with that also comes adversaries and obstacles they must overcome. Considering to be an underdog, both series highlights their growth. At the same time, other characters on their team also get insight on their roles in the story. I recommend both series for sports fan interested in teamwork and a competitive atmosphere.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both main characters, Onoda and Hinata strive to become better at their respective sport. Also, Imaizumi and Kageyama are both simiilar since they are already considered high tier players when the show starts. Both shows have intense cliffhangers, and an urge to keep watching the show, hoping that the main characters will find success and be victorious in their battles.
report Recommended by jordowag
Both are sports anime Both main characters are very persistent and work very hard to succeed Both main characters are surrounded by a group of supporting teammates
report Recommended by salujas
Both sports anime. Main characters are untrained in their sport, but still amazing at it. Both have very lovable main characters with friendly teammates.
report Recommended by gaysuke
Team sports anime with great characters. Both with weak (yet strong) main characters that grow over time. If you liked haikyuu you'll definitely like yowamushi pedal (or the other way around).
report Recommended by thomasfms
Hinata - Onoda Both of them joins the club as amateurs. Both of them have the potential in the sport but they do not realise it, and has other people around him to teach him how to play it Kageyama - Imaizumi Both of them are good in the sports they do when they were in middle school. However, both of them faced problems in their area because of that. Kageyama - No one wanted his toss. Imaizumi - Midousuji cheated him. Also, both of them help the protagonist of the story improve their skills Overall, other than similar traits and background of the main characters (Both 1st   read more
report Recommended by njr345
Resolve to win in both anime is amazing In both anime there is a lot of obstacles to overcome but mc never give up At the start both mc are understimated by others but they prove them worng Both mc grow stronger over time
report Recommended by Animere1