Nichijou - My Ordinary Life

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Alternative Titles

English: Nichijou - My Ordinary Life
Synonyms: Everyday
Japanese: 日常


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to Sep 25, 2011
Premiered: Spring 2011
Broadcast: Sundays at 02:20 (JST)
Studios: Kyoto Animation
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.461 (scored by 280072280,072 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1302
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #163
Members: 738,072
Favorites: 19,399

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Both are slice-of-life anime dealing with the everyday high school lives of boys/girls. Both can be rather hit or miss in the comedy department, though Nichijou tends to takes its jokes to whole new extremes. 
report Recommended by Master10K
The situational humor in both of these are incredibly similar. They are both so quirky. I watch Azumanga first and it's one of the few anime I'll rewatch. I'm so glad to find Nichijou. It was like finding out Parks and Rec was an option after rewatching The Office.  
report Recommended by Lycan
Very similar to Nichijou. A School comedy with absurd gags that will definitely make you laugh. 
report Recommended by Novastar12
Two major qualities are fitted into both shows. First, they are the exemplary Japanese "high-tension" comedy, meaning characters in it got ADHD and turn the comedy into something fast-paced, fast-forward Mr.Bean video if you fail to understand. Second, both feature mild sex sale, the real identity of what they call moe. The comedy part, both are considered fast-paced-high-tension comedy because you know why. They play jokes fast, get it fast, and move on to the next joke fast. Difficult to follow but considered funny if you have some mental rewind ability, or get yourself a remote and a easy-to-read fansub. If you feel a serious need  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Very similar moods. Lots of very in-depth discussion about very pointless things. The comedy is both very well written. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Do you like the skit based, character centered comedy of Nichijou, especially its strong main core of Tsukomi-Boke-Weirdo characters, but just wished that instead of being cute and wholesome, it was cynical and mean spirited? In that case, this is the show for you! 
report Recommended by Snowmanne
Soft, personable to some, the series leaves the audience with a warmhearted feeling, but the plots are simple to follow. The one difference between the two is Nichijou leans more towards the crackfic genre than Acchi Kocchi does, as the latter takes a more realistic take. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
A look into an ordinary day of some extraordinary people's lives. As soon as they get up in the morning, absolutely anything goes. 
report Recommended by Keirik
10/10 comedies. Don't miss these. 
report Recommended by waldy713
Both shows entertain with frivolous and random comedy. Nichijou has full episodes and more characters while Seki is shorter and, so far, focuses on only two people. 
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
Both have an amazing cast and use some abnormalities for comedy, though Nichijou takes it to a new level. 
report Recommended by TheStubbsMan
Nichijou and Kobayashi are both shows that give you a similar vibe in comedy. Nichijou is comedy focused where Kobayashi has some fantasy and more serious moments as well. Both shows are lighthearted and give you the same feeling and are animated by Kyoto Animation. If you have seen one or the other I would highly recommend the other to you. You'll be in for a very comedic and character driven story. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
The show has a similar type of humor that completely ignores Western viewer's taste, but rather relies on Japanese viewer's fondness of unpredictable humors. They both have a talking animal (Sakamoto-san and Mesousa), a chibikko sensei in a lab coat (Hakase and Becky), and a dumb energetic girl (Yuuko and Himeko). Both shows also have a very stylish OP theme with plenty of movement. 
report Recommended by stevewiess01
both anime focusing on comedy which is quite funny.(worth to watch)  
report Recommended by juju20x5
-A very simple animation. -A lot of funny and random scenes. -Crazy facial expressions and reactions. 
report Recommended by dahfydd
Both are comedies with odd-ball characters and minimal storylines. 
report Recommended by Miharu-Kun
Childlike anime about normal young kids and their daily lives. One is smarter than the others. The characters get into ridiculous yet embarrassing hijinks. 
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
Slice of life that focuses on a small group of characters (mainly female) at their school. Humorous and dialogue-driven, both of these series contain many random moments. Yuyushiki has a bit more fluidity to its pacing and conversations. Nichijou is a bit more 'out there' in terms of everything. 
report Recommended by Numi
Did you like the school life senario with rather imaginitive twist to the storyline that either one of these stories have? The other happens to have very simular effects on people. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are hilarious comedies with lots of random moments, sometimes not even making sense but still laughtable. While Gintama is more shounen, Nichijou is more slice of life. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
How can Nichijou not be on the recommendations for this. It posses a similar tone with short "stories" around random topics related to the main cast. Even the top notch quality on animation and originality that Poputepipikku has is similar to that of Nichijou. (Even tough I've noticed that Poputepipikku uses mostly CG on their action shots, or to add more detail to the action made. In Nichijou's case it is mostly traditional animation with use of CG for emphasis on backgrounds and keep a consistent scale of said background while blending it with 2D painted backgrounds in close shots). Also on both shows the characters have defined  read more 
report Recommended by Deadlyfork
Very much the same simplistic, minimalist animation style. Girls sitting at the back of the classroom, living their own ordinary or not so ordinary life. Packed with quirky humour and adorable characters. If you liked one of them you should like the other.  
report Recommended by theowest
Very similar anime, where little girls go through their everyday life in school and at home. Very nice, both of them. 
report Recommended by jkalyana
Both are slice-of-life stories that focus on the antics of high school girls. K-on is a more realistic tone than Nichijou's slapstick humor, but both shows are lighthearted and fun to watch.  
report Recommended by Zogger568
The anime is set in a school environment just like Nichijou and also has crazy things that happen at the school.  
report Recommended by Rance-sama
Both series use absurd and random jokes and humor. There is very few things that are shown seriously (well In Nichijou there are none I suppose). Difference: more parodies based on TV or mass-media in Seto, but in both case it simply works. 
report Recommended by Dalek-baka
Although GSNK has a stronger shoujo/romance feel than Nichijou, it is definitely more focused on comedy than actual romance. I wouldn't put it on the same level as Nichijou in regards to "randomness" but it has the same sort of "wtf?!" sense of humor without being crude or crass. It is a fun, somewhat simple anime. If Nichjou made you laugh, I would highly recommend GSNK. 
report Recommended by Karudima
Just like Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, Nichijou features a blue-haired heroine who is very sick and delusional. For example, Rikka Takanashi is convinced that she has magical powers, whereas high schooler Mio Naganohara believes she has a chance at winning the love of her life, Sasahara. Mio also draws sickening fanfiction of Sasahara in her school notebooks, much like how Rikka's friend Dekomori put together the fan-made magical compendium, Mabinogion. 
report Recommended by Zetsubowl
Wordy, yes. Daily life, yes. Trying to do stuff in a Mr. Bean way, yes times ten. Both show share the ways of being funny, if you can really overlook the art style people normally can't. Uh, sure, when you watch SZS it's feel like New Zealand All Blacks somehow dominate the monitor, but the real promise of SZS is just the wacky daily life of a very stereotypical cast of characters. Art style simply do the trick of differentiating the show from other school life. If I like Nichijou I will like SZS, you kidding? No. Darker atmosphere in SZS is not real, it is  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
They both have laugh-out-loud moments that are strange or over the top. All the characters have their own quirks. The episodes have a similar format, with each episode consisting of a couple short segments that begin with their own 'title screen' 
report Recommended by tplusent
The characters are exactly the same; one bookworm/otaku girl, one energetic dopey girl and one headstrong, glutonous girl; all very different young schoolgirls. Considering both are comedy seriese's, character type is the most importiant element, as it is sutiable the character who is thrown into comical scenario; both are series's were the comic element can take you anywhere, depending on the writers taste. 
report Recommended by Gleam_Queen
Both have interesting characters and are extremely random and hilarious. 
report Recommended by React775
Even if Nichijou is kind of more exaggerated, Tanaka-kun has a similiar atmosphere thanks to its color palette, simple character designs and the fact that it consists on comedic sketches, which tend to revolve around a particular theme or thing happening.  
report Recommended by MohitVermillion
It's obvious in my eyes, both are parodies, one parodies the fantasy genre, and one our daily life.They are the best examples of their categories, and they do a fantastic job at that.So if you want to fill the void left by KonoSuba and didn't watch Nichijou, go and watch it now 
report Recommended by AwesomeAlfie27
While the settings are quite different, I can't help noticing the similarity in the deadpan humor and comedic timing between Nichijou and Hinamatsuri. The animation also feels similar in the way extreme facial expressions are used to highlight the jokes. Both shows deliver a lot of laugh out loud moments that are not too common these days. 
report Recommended by Kortfattat
There is some similar humor and some similar use of abrupt changes in animation style to show changes in characters' emotions. Both are not particularly plot-based, although Nisemonogatari has some plot, while Nichijou has no plot whatsoever. Both are pretty strange in general.  
report Recommended by ataraxial
Bizarre humor and a lot of completely ridiculous situations and characters with a school setting. Nichijou is a bit more PG-rated in its content, while Katte ni Kaizou is like a hard PG-13 in contrast, but it's quite likely that a fan of one will enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Numi
Both are great comedies that rely on rather random stories to provide humor. Characters drive both shows with magnificent displays of stupidity at the most unfortunate times. If you feel like getting away from all the overly perverted jokes that are now saturating the air waves, check these out. 
report Recommended by DarkZar
Both stories depict the not-so-boring everyday of a small community with a good bunch of random elements and comedy. Yet Hare+Guu is set in a strange Jungle and Nichijou in a quite abnormal modern Japan, both share silly characters beyond stereotypes and a strong sense of humor and expression, that eventually drives the series on surprisingly serious situations. At last but not at least, the art direction in both is simple and refreshing with chubby charadesign and minimalistic sceneries, yet Kyoto Animation goes on a far higher level of animation with Nichijou. 
report Recommended by GenSeiren
Both anime are slow-paced and are very amusing. Nichijou is a little on the more random and funnier side, whereas A Channel has a more definite theme to each episode. Both are very good, if you enjoyed A-Channel, you will most likely enjoy Nichijou as well. 
report Recommended by MladyJane
Yamada-kun actually has much more of the 'nichjou' feel than Nichijou. Tonari no Yamada-kun tells the story of the very normal Yamada family and the humorous going-ons as the traditional Japanese family unit encounters various very ordinary events. Nichijou is Tonari no Yamada-kun seen through Dadaist goggles; absurd reactions and outrageous events that are definitely not every-day in the real world. Both uses a similar sense of core humour; deadpan and full of irony. There are also quite a few famous Haiku poems featured/referenced in both. 
report Recommended by Lemon
If you were to combine Nichijou and Seitokai Yakuindomo, you would get this show. How it is similar to Nichijou: - Everyday life, with exaggerated reactions to pretty normal things happening. - Most budget goes in to those reactions - It isn't a flowing story, but consists of multiple chapters How it is similar to Seitokai Yakuindomo: - Perverted jokes - Mc's are 1 guy and multiple girls (for now atleast) - Same kind of humour How they are similar in both: - The story takes place mostly in school 
report Recommended by jelbre
A bunch of girls just being silly in both shows. Nichijou is far superior though. Actually, if you've enjoyed either season of YY you must watch Nichijou. It is a masterpiece, quite possibly the Azumanga Daioh of this decade.  
report Recommended by RazingPhoenix
That a wonder of Japanese daily life to you. Full of stereotypical characters doing anything that would not bore you to the turn-off button. Daily life that is all fun and extraordinarily epic is what the anime trying to offer you. If you like Aria because it offers you tranquility in an out of ordinary setting, then these two shows are doing the complete different by giving you epic joy in a relatively normal human environments. Unique selling points of Aria is about where they do stuffs, this two shows cares more about what they do. 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both series are able to turn the daily school lives into hilarious moments, in absolutely crazy ways! Also the supporting roles also contribute greatly to the general enjoyment of tue series. 
report Recommended by xxbluebirdxx
they are both funny little clips 
report Recommended by rashidsrq
Chi's Sweet Home and Nichijou are anime's that have the same feel. Both are slice of life anime's and both have a similar art style. They are great comedies that everyone should give a try. 
report Recommended by Maple_Anime
They both have a very similar feel to them. Fast pace and you don't always know what the heck is going on? The comedy is similar by making jokes by having the most random thing happen or something as different as you would have expected. 
report Recommended by ssssfire52
Both of them have a similar form of zany, off-the-wall comedy. 
report Recommended by BLOODYRAIN10001
Slice of life comedies that usevignettes to tell witty stories which are often very random in nature.Lashings of moe and general endearment abound in each. If you liked one you'll probably like the other, although the characters are very different in comparison. 
report Recommended by Monjoex
Seitokai Yakuindomo (SYD) is basically the Nichijou of sex jokes. Each contain short-ish clips that add together to make a bigger story. SYD has more of a plot, but still doesn't have that much conflict. 
report Recommended by ja_jjkm
Nichijou and Amagi Brilliant Park are both in my top 5 favourites list, and for the same reason - the similar, crazy humour, hilarious characters and the light, positive mood and atmopshere. While Amagi is definetily a bit more vulgar than Nichijou, I'm sure that if one of the animes made you laugh, the other one will too. 
report Recommended by Jcherry
Sketchbook is basically a slower-paced Nichijou. Both are set mostly at a school, are full of jokes, and are sure to make you smile. They both also have talking cats. 
report Recommended by ccorn
They are both comedies focused on ridiculous situations,Bobobo is more ridiculous but Nichijou is more unexpected. 
report Recommended by KaxyOP
Barakamon and Nichijou are similar shows in terms of what genre each show are a part of, both being slice of life and comedy. Both have amazing art, Nichijou being a completely unique art style and Barakamon just having "Those scenes"; the ones that make you sit in awe. However aside from both having the effect of putting a smile on your face from how cozy and humorous their story can be at times, that is where the similarities end. Barakamon was produced during the summer season of 2014 with 12 episodes, animated by Kinema Citrus (A fairly new studio). Where as Nichijou was produced  read more 
report Recommended by ChickenBlocker
Loli inventor scientist creates her own robot elder sister. 
report Recommended by Piromysl
Top ridiculous comedy. Over the top exaggerated and lovable characters. Both are great anime to see if you just want to laugh. The main difference is that Nichijou's comedy is more heavily animated to create even more chaos out of the situations and D-Frag! has a harem-type approach but it is not main point of the series.  
report Recommended by EDCH
Top class high school humor with everlastingly recurrent moments (which are always, paradoxically, the elements of surprise). Some surrealist elements. Similar moe characters (dumb one, kind one, shy one, cheeky one, etc.). Endless mines for reaction images and memes. 
report Recommended by EdgyEcchiSenpai
slice of life & comedy! the two things you do not own. these shows will get you some of that but headsup! they will never cure your depression! just make it bit more tolerable :) hope ya have 𝓕𝓾𝓝 anyways!  
report Recommended by AC23
yeah idk why either, but you'll found out when you take a look at how much fun they can get from such a somehow normal life. you might even carve out some unique aspect to yourself. hope ya have 𝓕𝓾𝓝 anyways! 
report Recommended by AC23
you know the drill. three main characters go on their MisAdventures and either wreck havoc or fix *almost* everything along the way. the side characters are fun & sometimes they take the spotlight because how well written they are! hope ya have 𝓕𝓾𝓝 anyways! 
report Recommended by AC23
Both series have wacky humor and over the top animation. both take place in a quirky city  
report Recommended by Katishere
Something in the style they show me the similarity, such as the inserting comedy during transition between parts of an episode, or the chain of hits and misses of a Slice of Life Comedy. 
report Recommended by SgtBaitMan
There are a lot of short funny sketches placed in a big unified plot. There are also two story lines in each anime connected to each other (loli doctor and robotthree school friends and their class for Nichijou and KakushiHime for Kakushigoto). In Kakushigoto they are more connected and closer, but I consider them two separate (in meaning independent and whole) story lines. Except in Kakushigoto different points of view help to understand characters, while Nichijou's story lines rarely unite. 
report Recommended by oazuz
Both Gal & Dino and Nichijiou - My Ordinary Life are both slice of life & comedy anime & are pretty random but interesting & entertaining to watch. 
report Recommended by VampireLord1024
both are fun anime with amazing animation to watch when you're just bored and want something to watch, they're consisted with comedy and cuteness, if you're into cute stuff and humour, these are for you ;D 
report Recommended by Rulz4ever
Both comedy, slice of life, Nichijou's style is making the mundane parts of life exciting 
report Recommended by nienai
They're both slices of life anime that make you happy. 
report Recommended by Gamer912
Both shows start with two girls finding a talking animal that ends up becoming their companion (Both shows have five main girls overall). In both shows, there is a blue haired girl who's in love with a guy in her class, but he ends up with another girl instead. Also, both shows have this girl who can pull guns out of thin air. BOTH SHOWS ARE GREAT! 
report Recommended by YangLi
Of course Nichijou and Space Dandy aren't much alike, however. The way these anime handle their comedy struck me as awfully similar, There's a lot of randomness involved. Having two totally different settings it's hard to compare the two but I still find myself trying. Have you ever laughed at something but didn't know exactly what was going on, not grasping the situation? Do you like the element of surprise in comedy? Then you might want to give Space Dandy a shot! (Please do not be turned off by the fanservice, it's hilarious) 
report Recommended by Caplays
If you took all of the comedic/romantic bits from Nichijou and toned down the craziness a bit, it would feel a lot like this. It's both cute and repeatedly hilarious. 
report Recommended by JigsawStitches
Both series are cute little series with short and sweet scenes of an adorable cast. Both have little quirks and catches to the scenes, that surely will make you at least crack a smile. The only difference would be that Tales of Gekijou revolves around Protagonists from different Tales of games, and Nichijou revolves around an original cast for the series.  
report Recommended by Marshmewwos
- Similar character design - Animes with absurd comedy 
report Recommended by Snaelro
Both very light-hearted, slice-of-life shows sure to be a pleasant way to pass the time. While on the surface, Nichijou might not be as outlandish as NV to feature an alien, both shows explore the lives and feelings of many different characters, from the ordinary human being to the robot fitting into society. 
report Recommended by ranuruma
Both series have a humor based on the absurd. In addition, both present a world where extremely abnormal occurrences (such as seeing a girl with horns and tail walking down the street or a tsundere attacking her lover with a BAZUKA) are taken as something of everyday. 
report Recommended by CL372
Slice of Life Random gags among friends Hilarious to say the least 
report Recommended by MetalZ1
Both shows have a large cast of 'mob characters' that all have their individual designs, quirks, and personalities.  
report Recommended by Lemon
although shirokuma cafe is at a much slower, toned-down pace compared to nichijou's extreme high-tempo comedy, they're both very slice-of-life and both have similar absurd humor with a lot of puns and fun unique characters to boot 
report Recommended by Satochu
Both shows are focused on comedy of the nonsensical, reality breaking, crazy situations type. They also follow more or less the same format of episodic happenings, since both don't have an overall main plot, as their main attraction are the comedic situations that happen between the characters. The art style is also very similar and both have great voice work. 
report Recommended by Laek
If you liked the pure-hearted comedy and slice of life aspect of Nichijou, you might like this as well. Some might think the art style is a bit peculiar, but if you can get past it, this is a highly enjoyable anime. 
report Recommended by CB3GD
Both are episodic comedies who focus mainly on character interactions, rather than having an actual plot. All Saints Street is less random than Nichijou, but it is just as humorous and endearing! Both also have really good consistent animation and banger openings! 
report Recommended by howardlink
The characters embarrass themselves, they cry, and they get into lots of mischief. 
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
These shows are about lonely children who are a bit introverted but as the series goes on, they make friends. They have a light-hearted atmosphere but are not without their emotional parts. 
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
Althought Kill la Kill and Nichijou don't have anything in common in terms of the plot or genre, the fast paced and over the top humor is present in both of them. Kill la Kill focuses more on the action while Nichijou is a full-blown comedy, but if you appreciate exaggerated things for the sake of hilarity, you'll enjoy both of the series. 
report Recommended by Vokoca
Slice of life/comedy, set round a group of girls who attend a high school and get into hilarious situations. 
report Recommended by caccolangrifata
Ridiculous sense of humor and good times all around. Unfortunately Carnival Phantasm losses most of it's charm if you aren't already familiar with Fate Stay Night and/or Tsukihime. 
report Recommended by Melanon
Both have absurd moments and exaggerations at times. Although Nichijou does not follow a coherent storyline, many elements remain the same. The main character is very similar to Tenma: both are childish and naive.  
report Recommended by zanarkind
Both are really silly shows. Hayate has more story parts compared to Nichijou (which has 0?). But in both Animes the gags are exaggerating everything that can come to ones mind. 
report Recommended by Androth
Similar humor, some of the character interactions are also quite similar (specifically the way that the princess and "professor" shinonome both only care about their own interests, leading to very funny misunderstandings and means of accomplishing things). They have a similar feel, despite the obvious differences in aesthetics and setting. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
These shows will probably be enjoyable for fans of either, because they both have a group of cute girls with varying personalities and temperaments, comedy (more-so with Nichjou) and daily life. Both do not have ecchi fanservice, so they can be enjoyed by anyone, including those who don't like perverted girly anime series. 
report Recommended by Pikangie
Both are colorful, beautiful animated, random humor comedies. Panty & Stocking has a lot more of crude humor, but I'm sure if you enjoyed one you will like the other. 
report Recommended by HammockChi
What do you get when you put together, "slice-of-life", well written "crack-fic comedy" and school. Well, you might get Nichijou, or you might get SKET Dance. Both take simular subject matter and take different spins on it. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both of these stories are about school lives that are out there, in some way or another. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Anyone can run a production system for bullets since they are made to be exactly the same. However, only gifted script writers can produce infinite amount of conversation that always do a clean shot at your laughing nervous system. Nichijou and Minami-Ke make jokes with words. This two shows are wordy I can't deny that, but they are still pretty funny even after translation. That make a potential comedy that can air anywhere in the world. While Japanese comedy anime have a lot of overacting used to deliver jokes (even the prestigious Gintama go overacting very often,) Nichijou doesn't rely much on them (there are still  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Abstract humour at it's best. Not your typical run-of-the-mill comedies. 
report Recommended by Mojetitak
There's something about the deadpan humour and slice of life situations that makes me think about Nichijou when I watched Kimi To Boku. It might also be the art-style, it has soft colours and nice and simple character design. 
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Comedy is best enjoyed in little spurts of punchlines so as to not bore the audience. Each episode should contain mini-episodes that bring home the point in a joke and quickly move on to the next one so as to not linger. I believe Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku and Nichijou nailed this on the head and provided us with great comedies. This element garners both a laugh and a fondness for the characters. And even if some jokes are dry, the characters from both shows win our "aw that's cute" moment we sometimes think of while watching. I recommend this pair just for those reasons.  read more 
report Recommended by jamoe
Both shows carry that permanent comical and upbeat tone of absurd situations and fanciful, imaginative circumstances that let jokes flowing out of each episode. They almost never take themselves seriously while carrying a blatant, frontal, and absolutely NOT subtle sense of humor. If heavy comedy priding itself in being silly is what you're looking for, you probably should be watching it. 
report Recommended by Suimega
Both anime have cute characters and mix otherwise normal slice-of-life comedy with strange and fantastic events and beings to spice things up a bit. Potemayo has somewhat more subtle humor, but that's more down to how over the top Nichijou is with its humor than Potemayo being "normal". 
report Recommended by Rosa_FOEtida
Both are about everyday life situations that end up becoming skewed due to the odd circumstances the characters are in. They both focus on light humor and use simple animation. 
report Recommended by abstrxct
Both anime are about daily life with friends, going out and do stupid things with friends.. In the other side their bond get stronger time to time and they almost share everything.. 
report Recommended by Chikaby
Both are over the top school anime focusing on a small group of friends. Both share small impressive bouts of animation when most comedic, (more so in Nichijou) both shows place the characters in almost any circumstance and all characters are very distinct in personality and appearance within there respective shows. Nichijou longer episodes are good for continuous laughs and binging on a day off, while Ani ni is great for when you have less time and want a great laugh or something Nijijou-esque. 
report Recommended by Flameling
Both shows are heavily based in surreal comedy Both are super over-the-top Both throw jokes and gags at a very quick pace (Teekyuu is much faster paced) Both center around a group of girls who are friends Both slice of life/school centered 
report Recommended by eliumi
If you enjoy a gag anime that consists of cute girls duing weird/random things, chances are high you might enjoy those two series. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
I'm surprised no one recommended Nichijou. Very similar slice of life and comedy style. Regarded as one of the best comedy anime. Both explores ecchi humors without being an ecchi anime (only people who watched on of them would understand what I mean). If you like Denki-gai no Honya-san you would definitely like Nichijou too. 
report Recommended by Okarus
You can basically watch from any episode but there is still progression. They are both light-hearted and barely anything serious happens. Both have quite a big cast and are shows that are extremely enjoyable to watch and a good way to pass the time. Motto is a 100x focused more on ecchi—meaning lots of oppai. Nichijou focuses a lot more on over-the-top comedy and situations. In Motto, the cast all know each other, whilst in Nichijou it's just the "daily life" of random high schoolers. The art is much "fluffier" in Nichijou than anything else. Motto contains aliens, strange medicines, Rito's life, while Nichijou is  read more 
report Recommended by EveryGenre
- Set in a classroom - Absurdist humour - Large cast of regular characters all with different designs - Lots of puns - Everyday occurrences exaggerated to the extremes  
report Recommended by Lemon
- Set in a classroom - Absurdist humour - Large cast of regular characters all with different designs - Lots of puns - Everyday occurrences exaggerated to the extremes  
report Recommended by Lemon
- Set in a classroom - Absurdist humour - Large cast of regular characters all with different designs - Lots of puns - Everyday occurrences exaggerated to the extremes  
report Recommended by Lemon
Wonderfully chaotic comedies with fast-paced gags that are sometimes out of this world with weirdness, but still greatly hilarious. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are slice of life comedies following daily lifes of group of people involving random moments and hilarious gags. Strage+ has shorter episodes.  
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both have a very well done comedy style which focuses on over-exaggeration. Both have a largely female cast both of which are super cute and enjoyable to watch. Nisekoi has a romantic plot where Nichijou has none.  
report Recommended by vvvortic
Nichijou and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki are quite similar; they are both quite crazy, and include lots of slapstick comedy. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki includes a slightly more in-depth story line, but I enjoyed both series for the same reasons. 
report Recommended by loop_the_loop
Nichijou and FLCL are both slice-of-life comedies that rely on randomness for much of the humor. FLCL has robots that fight, Nichijou has robots that go to school. They'er both also pretty good.  
report Recommended by Fujaku
They both have a really cute, everyday life plot. They all focus on normal schoolgirls living normal lives, having their good, bad, ugly, and fun times. 
report Recommended by ecimer
- both are about odd occurrences in daily life - similar humor and pacing - quirky and lighthearted  
report Recommended by weeb_next_door
Both are slice of life comedies following daily lifes of group of people involving random moments and hilarious gags. Strage+ has shorter episodes. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Might be a bit of an unusual recommendation since Nichijou is a comedy anime and PriTutu is a magical girl anime of sorts. However, I found the comedy elements to be very similar between both anime. They both have a sort of surrealist, strange humour. Weird talking animals and impossible physics are present in both, and you'll find yourself being like 'what the hell' a lot, while all the characters find these things unremarkable, or don't even react to them at all. 
report Recommended by usotsuki-pyon
Slice of life comedies featuring three girls that have similar personalities. The difference there is that Nichijou is much weirder and slapstick. 
report Recommended by Markdoka
Both shows have a large cast of 'mob characters' that all have their individual designs, quirks, and personalities. 
report Recommended by Lemon