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The show has a similar type of humor that completely ignores Western viewer's taste, but rather relies on Japanese viewer's fondness of unpredictable humors. They both have a talking animal (Sakamoto-san and Mesousa), a chibikko sensei in a lab coat (Hakase and Becky), and a dumb energetic girl (Yuuko and Himeko). Both shows also have a very stylish OP theme with plenty of movement.
report Recommended by stevewiess01
Very similar style of humor. Both have a little girl genius among other similar character personalities. Both have a very cutesy art style. Both have great opening and ending songs.
report Recommended by VoidMaw
They're both about school, there's a genius little girl, and both animes get really (and I mean really) random at times. Same type of humor is also used.
report Recommended by Kawaiimikichan2
Comedy. These anime are comedy-based, with the most random jokes that the creators could think of. They both have that school, slice of life element. There's lots of energy, and no drama, so if you just want to relax after a hard day of work, then these are for you.
report Recommended by iAmTheCheese
Along with the parallels other users have mentioned, both Pani Poni Dash and Nichijou have broad casts and each character is given a chance to shine over the course of the show. By the time you've completed each series, you'll feel like the cast is your family.
report Recommended by senpainotes
both are funny as FiretrUCK
report Recommended by zudtz