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The situational humor in both of these are incredibly similar. They are both so quirky. I watch Azumanga first and it's one of the few anime I'll rewatch. I'm so glad to find Nichijou. It was like finding out Parks and Rec was an option after rewatching The Office.
report Recommended by Lycan
Similar humour and episode layout/development. However, Azumanga has a stronger storyline than Nichijou, which is literally just clips from the character's obscure lives.
report Recommended by Kuromii
Flagship comedy of Japanese animation. These names are pretty-much Mr.Bean of anime world at its time. High-profile, funny, not plotless but whogivesashit, feature stereotypical moe girl of its era, and appeal to majority male anime audiences (a.k.a. freaky otaku.)
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both looks at the daily lives of high school girls that often display very mundane conversations/activities into hilarious outcomes. I do have to mention, however, that Norio Wakamoto had a larger role in Azumanga Daioh than Nichijou. Just sayin'.
report Recommended by Tachii
Nichijou is based on a similar idea as Azumanga - it shows everyday life of a selected group of schoolgirls. But where Azumanga drops the laughing parts and gets on a more mellow and heartcatching atmosphere Nichijou keeps its pace. Personally I consider Nichijou to be a much more wonderful, memorable, emotional experience. It made me laugh so many times and also cry so many times. And it is the first anime I truly and sincerely wanted to continue forever.
report Recommended by timecage
At the first look Nichijou looks like an imitation of Azumanga, the humor and characters are very similar but Nichijou have his own value too, both are really funny and may convert your worst day into a happy one.
report Recommended by DC_Fulano
Both of them revolve around the everyday life of several school girls and the weird happenings that they get into. They have similar humor, so I think you'd definitely like one if you liked the other. Nichijou is a little more weird and it has more characters, while Azumanga Daioh spends more time focusing on one group of characters.
report Recommended by supersloth
Simillar art, except that Nichijou uses a more colorful art than Azumanga Daioh. A lot of randomness here. Slice of Life randomness as well. If you enjoyed Azumanga Daioh, you won't be disappointed with Nichijou.
report Recommended by Snow
Nichijou and Azumanga Daioh are both high school comedies that follow a segmented format (where each episode is divided into a number of "mini-episodes"). Both rely more on physical comedy and non-sequitur or absurdness than wit as the base of their humor. Neither of the two pay very dedicated attention to realism, with Nichijou in particular being quite surreal for certain segments.
report Recommended by Kuiper
A cast of female characters in a school setting. Both contain very little, if any, storyline, but rather focus on pure comedy. Nichijou is much more random in comparison, but both pull off jokes extremely well.
report Recommended by coolwolf
Both have very silly, nearly nonsensical humor that doesn't rely on pop-references to deliver. While Nichijou is more over-the-top and dramatic in its reality-defying antics and Azumanga Daioh has a more dream-like quality to it, the pacing across each is very similar.
report Recommended by IgnisArtificis
Both are extremly funny, randomness, the character staffs are really similar, main characters are girls, crazy teachers and moe :33
report Recommended by _dEleteD_
I feel that Nichijou is the spiritual successor to Azumanga Daioh in that Nichijou is like Azumanga Daioh on crack. Some of the character designs are reminiscent of Azumanga Daioh, and it has a similar short-skit kind of feel to it, but Nichijou's art, cast of characters, and jokes are more fast-paced and crazy, showing how the genre has progressed over the 9 years difference between the two.
report Recommended by zelduck
The anime also centers around the daily life of school girls and has many humor elements, some characters are also similar (thick headed type, burning-spirit type, gullible type). Nichijou has more twists and fantasy related content
report Recommended by ZoromE
Both have chibi art styles. Both are school-based slice of life, with bizarre comedic gold. Both mainly focus on school-girls. Both are happy/uplifting and sure to put a smile on your face.
report Recommended by Deliriant
Both are about everyday life of a very likeable group of high school girls dealing with their everyday life. Azumanga Daioh is the more grounded one, focusing more on character growth as the friendship between the girls develops. Nichijou mostly focuses on making the ordinary extraordinary, both literally and figuratively. While extremely similiar at first glance, they have their very distinct identities, but they're absolute must see.
report Recommended by CardNFoRcE
Both have a very similar plot, are "slice-of-life", and share the same over-the-top randomness.
report Recommended by teddybeddybye
Both Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou are about a group of high school girls experiencing the exaggerated events of everyday life. Both are stylized as a "sitcom" with no overarching plot however this doesn't take away from the quality of writing since each series' episodes are gems on their own.
report Recommended by Rhodes13
The comedy may be a bit more abstract in Nichijou but it uses this to its advantage making it even better at some points. Both shows have the same presentation—short stories clips—(Azumanga's is definitely more relevant to itself as time progresses).
report Recommended by Ninjapiratehobo
Both series have quirky and cute characters in a simple, slice-of-life setting with no added romance and just focusing on pure friendship.
report Recommended by wolved
Azumanga Daioh has a more story driven plot with humour thrown into it (great humour at that), whereas Nichijou is entirely just there for the laughs, where there is no real main story line but, rather scenes from character's day to day life that are very... peculiar. If you've just come off Azumanga Daioh and are looking for more comedy of the same style, Nichijou is a good recommendation.
report Recommended by M0k0cch1_13
Both are slice of life comedy series about high school girls.
report Recommended by Accelerator10
Good comedic slice of life. It is not dubbed.
report Recommended by theregularmaster
The "normal" high school life of a group of high school girls. A lot more wtf things happen in Nichijou and its rythm is faster, but the 2 are still very cute and will make you smile, laugh ( and maybe cry at the end if you love the series too much ). If you loved one, you'll surely love the other
report Recommended by AyXiit
Both are slice-of-life, and both are done well. Where Azumanga Daioh is better in characters, Nichijou is better in complete insanity and animation.
report Recommended by LaughinOtaku
Both anime series are school life comedy with the humor based on randomness and exaggeration. In that sense they are maybe too similar. So, if you really want to watch something light and enjoyed either of the series, give the other one a try!
report Recommended by KorNk
Both anime focus on a group of slightly insane high school girls and their (mis)adventures. The group dynamics are similar and both shows go into absurd comedy every now and then. Both anime show that despite how wacky and mean the girls seem to be, they like and care for each other.
report Recommended by TrashDax
Both are very funny and enjoyable,and the characters are lovable,not to mention the humor is absolulety amazing
report Recommended by VanVeleca
Cute girls doing funny things
report Recommended by Waitripah
Imagine if Azumanga Daioh was somehow even better. You're imagining Nichijou.
report Recommended by GadgetTR
It's basically the second coming of Azumanga Daioh via Kyoto Animation. While it's paced very differently from AzuDai and follows a sketch show format without a three act structure, it has all kinds of wacky and relatable humor but still has a lot of heart and great characters.
report Recommended by Gman8r
Both tells about "Slice of Life" & "Comedy. And the same focus to female characters.
report Recommended by Crack-san
Nichijou undeniably pulls a lot from Azumanga Daioh, but it changes around some things for the better. If you liked Azumanga Daioh, Nichijou is definitely worth a watch, and the humor is similar.
report Recommended by Aikokazu
Azumanga and Nichijou both not only share a similar high school setting, but also have a very distinct surrealist sense of humor.
report Recommended by Deimler
Both amines focus on everyday lives of a group of high school girls with eccentric and sometimes over the top humor. In many cases, both also have skits involving separate characters outside of our main cast, although its more prevalent in Nichijou . It's no secret that Azumanga Daioh started the trend of slice of life comedies for Kyoto Animation in which Nichijou is largely inspired by.
report Recommended by MusicalKittens
They're both top-tier skit comedies, and both will use absurdity to sell their jokes (though Nichijou takes it to an extreme, whereas Azumanga will only use it at times).
report Recommended by Aliulo
Both these shows are comedies set in a high school. More then that. They're the same style of comedy, and they have a similar feel. They both have a colorful cast of characters, and they both have a teacher obsessing over a student. (One of which just wants to study said student, for she knows she's a robot. The other is a pervert.)
report Recommended by Ameonna93