Nichijou, Yuru Yuri Recommendations

If you liked
Yuru Yuri
...then you might like
Yuru Yuri
Both have an amazing cast and use some abnormalities for comedy, though Nichijou takes it to a new level.
report Recommended by TheStubbsMan
A few girls doing wacky stuff together. Both comedies are very similar, i.e. slapstick. If you liked the comedy in one, you will like the other.
report Recommended by Smileeyface
Both anime feature comedies that are somewhat similar, but the difference is that Yuru Yuri is more on friendship while Nichijou is more on parody.
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
(Yuru Yuri - gay)³ = Nichijou
report Recommended by LukakoDesu
both are cute and episodic if you liked yuru yuri you would definitely enjoy nichijou
report Recommended by Baaaaaaaaaaaaaka
If you liked the pure-hearted comedy aspect of Nichijou, then you might like Yuru Yuri, they're similar in many aspects, though one thing to note is this anime is less slice of life and more comedy than Nichijou, I would argue that it is still equally as entertaining with its own sort of charm.
report Recommended by Loli_Desutroyer
Both are Slice of Life anime consisting of mainly female characters (all female in Yuru Yuru) where their daily lives are shown. Though the premise sounds boring, they're funny as hell.
report Recommended by YogaFire69