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SunlitSonata 4 hours ago
“You say there was nothing to it, but I felt it was perfectly functional. The characters, the story, the presentation, it was all more-or-less passable to me.”

Then you must have extremely low standards for that kind of thing.

As Stark said in his review, just about anyone could’ve made Mahou Shoujo Site. I called it “barely functional” because it feels like no effort was placed into it. The studio even only adapted this shameless trash because they wanted to promote their idol group i⭐️Ris rather than because they thought the material was actually worthy of being honored. It moves along, but everything about it felt like the laziest, blandest, most repetitive, tone deaf and plagiarized thing you can do with the idea. Even the presentation of the show features ugly character designs occupying a flat and lifeless world, colored in with only hideous shades of grays and browns and sickly reds. Fight scenes don’t have any flow. I don't like when a creation renounces the concepts and ideologies of creativity and art. For the record I do admire trying, even if a show is not perfect.

I don’t know if you remember back in Summer 2015 but there was a series called Rokka no Yuusha. If you haven’t seen it yet (I can’t tell) it had a typical setup, but approached it in a unique way, combining mystery/suspense with a fantasy adventure in a Mesoamerican setting. The characters, while not amazing, were all distinctive in design, appearance, and even speaking mannerisms. Despite having some horrendous CGI and being a prologue to an incomplete story, it was a show I admired because it felt like it put effort in, using a setup no other light novel show attempted to assess the idea of true companions. It bombed in sales for being different but convinced me to continue on. If you haven’t seen the show I’d recommend it but note that it is an incomplete story, just like MSS. The point being that shows that feel like they are trying to be something unique in spite of flaws will earn points in my eyes, but Mahou Shoujo Site comes as nothing more than a passionless product of interchangeable characters, no sense of tone and a ripped off setup.

“Do note that I don't think Mahou Site is an amazing show by any means, but it was one that got the job done for me. My ratings don't really make a lot of sense--I'd probably give it a 5 or a 6 if I were more honest, but since a lot of people only look at the number beside the review, I need to make it stand out more.”

I don’t mind that you liked it, I mind that you’re speaking out to oppose anyone who dislikes it. I’m not sure what job it did that shows like Princess Tutu or Revolutionary Girl Utena couldn’t have done way, way, way, WAY better. Because they actually RESPECT the audience, understand tone, have focus, pour depth in their characters and style to their artistry. MSS is below average at the VERY best and insulting bad otherwise. I brought up The Room and The Happening because they are very entertaining, but are still 1-2/10 films for being fundamentally broken.

“I wouldn't even say you're wrong about things like edge being more of a result than a thing that just exists, how it can be better incorporated into the story, but part of that makes Mahou Site funnier to me. It's so unnecessary. The point that Aya Asagiri has a shit life could've been made in about two minutes with just a couple brief examples, but instead we have to sit through like twelve minutes of one abusive moment after another. It's like it was trying to show off, and like I said, it's a cute attempt.”

Why should I reward an author who did nothing but write out a checklist of every edgy awful thing that could happen? At least The Room and The Happening were misguided passion. Nothing about Mahou Shoujo Site feels earnest even when it desperately, DESPERATELY wants to be. And it’s too earnest, trying to sell the leads’ relationship and pulling a moral at the end for standing up in spite of injustices LIKE that bullying from Episode 1. Laziness is most deserving of contempt for me.

“The original manga's author previously made something similar, called Mahou Shoujo of the End, and what little I know seems to imply that it has all of the good 'ol family fun that Mahou Site offers, which makes me continue to believe that it was all just for kicks rather than a calculated attempt at writing a good story.”

I’m not going to judge an anime story based on another lazy ripoff that hasn’t even been adapted yet. I won’t instantly forgive all faults of Golden Time because it and Toradora were by the same author. I wouldn’t give Mayoiga a high score just because the director for it directed on one of my all time favorites Shirobako. A work needs to be good on its own and judged as its own story. It’s way too cloyingly sincere about the main characters and willing to indulge in fetish fueled repulsive comedy for me to say it is entirely a joke. It’s not smart enough to wink self awareness, and hell, is lazy enough to have at least 6 different girls of the group have Yandere moments while having enemies because friends way quickly than ever should be. Hellsing Ultimate is a “just for kicks” show, but one where EFFORT was placed. MSS has no effort.

“Though, the one thing I would still disagree on is the Madoka comparisons. I feel that it's just so easy to see a dark Mahou Shoujo anime and immediately scream "MADOKA RIPOFF!!" I heard it a lot back when Magical Girl Raising Project was a thing and I still don't get it. The point of Madoka was the tonal slap in the face, that being a magical girl is not as flowery and fun as it's appeared to be. Madoka worked because it presented both sides very well, whereas Mahou Site is just constant suffering. Does it pay homage? Sure, I can see the comparisons. But I don't get how everything that even slightly references Madoka is a ripoff now.”

The similar elements are painfully obvious. As I said in my previous comment,

“The #2 Girl controls time JUST LIKE HOMURA, and forms a lesbian-ish relationship with the shy lead who gains confidence through seeing horrible violence. The fights try their damndest to be like Madoka, the Site Administrators are a poorly conceived dead ringer for the Incubators, the Tempest is just like Walpurgisnaught, and they pull the “ones we fighting were like us all along” twist the same way. It’s a dead ringer for a braindead Madoka cash in”

There are way too many similarities to not see it as a Madoka ripoff series. It’s not like everything compared is entirely a ripoff of each other. Log Horizon is often compared to Sword Art Online, but aside from the basic premise, their ambitions and focus are completely different. And a show like DanMachi is basically just Sword Art Online but not an Isekai, Greek god themed and with a dense blandly nice guy compared to the more confrontative Kirito. It has different window dressing but is the same type of show.

The entire IDEA of Madoka is that a fun concept like being a Magical Girl can be dark, depressing, and full of hard choices for how consequences in life are dealt with. MSS also rolls with the seen as a fun concept thing of Magical Girls and tries to make it dark. But also goes Team Force Friendship with everyone, and tries to be SINCERE with the two leads’ relationship. As I said, it is DiC Sailor Moon wearing the mask of Elfen Lied and Mirai Nikki to appeal to the edgelords.
SunlitSonata Yesterday, 5:27 PM
No offense to you personally, at all. Your Hand Shakers review is incredibly funny and others are solid too. I just want to clear up a misconception that people are “wrong” to despise Mahou Shoujo Site
SunlitSonata Yesterday, 3:55 PM
Interesting way to tackle the show. But you know, it’s not JUST the edge checklist that makes people despise Mahou Shoujo Site.
Edge ridden shows like Akame ga Kill, Mirai Nikki, Another, Tokyo Ghoul, Elfen Lied, God Eater, Deadman Wonderland, Overlord and Ousama Game aren’t only bad because of their edginess but because of shoddy quality in other areas. Whereas shows like Parasyte, Psycho Pass, Devilman Crybaby, Higurashi and Hellsing Ultimate are loved more as glorious spectacles with edge because they deliver on other levels. Mahou Shoujo Site doesn’t even consistently edge with the repulsive fetish comedy and barely functional heart. Edge should come from fault and human drama, not because a lazy writer used a checklist.

It’s the tonal homicide, the barely developed relationships, the poor pacing, characters definable only by fetishs or stock traits and an incredible tendency to rip off Madoka. Yes it does rip off Madoka lazily. The other Magical Girl shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena or Princess Tutu are nowhere near as similar. The #2 Girl controls time JUST LIKE HOMURA, forms a lesbian-ish relationship with the lead. The fights try their damndest to be like Madoka, the Site Administrators are a poorly conceived dead ringer for the Incubators, the Tempest is just like Walpurgisnaught, and they pull the “ones we fighting were like us all along” twist the same way. It’s a dead ringer for a braindead Madoka cash in minus artistry, effort, focus, or tonal cohesion.

A 7/10 “good” feels wrong on every conceivable level for a series that had no effort, no passion, and no creativity on any level. I never got the intention that the show was meant to be a joke. It’s too genuine about trying to sell the relationship between the leads and the death of the apple butter idol girl. Even the animation is dull and flavorless, with dull character designs, overuse of awful black and greys, and no fight scene flow. The Room and The Happening are shitty, shitty movies that happen to be fun to watch because of their straight face to stupid characters. However, they are still 1-2/10 when judging them as art. MSS isn’t as straightfaced as Ousama Game, while the awful comedy with cliche setup combined with how much it pushes heart and dramatic stakes prevent me from viewing the whole show as a joke. Enjoyment is subjective, but being a guilty pleasure doesn’t make something a good show, in my opinion.
bmoore07 Jun 21, 12:16 PM
Swear to God, if this site has another screw-up like this one, I'm going to leave MAL for good.

Anywho, welcome back, man. I saw your Spring 2018 impressions video and I really enjoyed it. I'll be looking forward to seeing more from you.
SadMadoka May 27, 5:17 AM
My favorite web browser combined with my favorite Pokemon...who but you (whoever you are...I don't even remember how I got here...lmao) would have thought to do that!? :D

Due to the comment below, I took a quick look at your reviews. The funniest part from what little I saw was the hand-holding thing. :D
fullmetalmasify May 20, 9:15 PM
Your Spring 2018 anime impressions video is hilarious. Hopefully you make more videos like this in the future.
freecaio May 6, 12:00 PM
oh no it doesn't suck studio 3hz is OP oh no my elitism is cracking ohhhh noooooooooooooooooooo
klipol May 5, 8:30 AM
Your reviews are the best seriously xD
Z-Dante May 4, 6:29 AM
Ericonator May 4, 12:20 AM
Thank you for writing a Last Period review so I don't have to ;^)
Jorbeany May 2, 1:02 AM
Yes yes yes girl
Jorbeany May 1, 5:55 PM
Hahahahah you're ridiculous, did you know that? Ridiculously cute and ridiculously mine
Tronitus May 1, 5:30 PM
I see where you're getting at but I can't tell what makes Aki 'unlikable' for you. I understand we might have different impressions for a character. I can't blame her if she had a hatred for boys especially if the one she liked from her childhood broke her heart severely that would also cause her to be a glutton. There were probably errors in how the anime presented the scenes that caused some people's misinterpretations to Aki but those errors were so little that the story still made sense if further analyzed. Well, aside from the ending that would have been understandable if they were planning a sequel.

Having said that Aki's heart was broken, I believe that part was subtly shown in the anime where Aki was seen holding the flowers Masamune brought and Yoshino was in the background, I must also point out that *spoiler* Aki wasn't the silhouette who rejected Masamune in the beginning. More or less, the events weren't abrupt but more like some things weren't really explained well in the anime during its early episodes. That was why I said I was disappointed they ended the anime at the part it was about to get good.
bmoore07 Apr 30, 10:31 PM
I just finished watching Hinamatsuri and I can definitely see why it's a favorite of yours from this season. For me, Hinamatsuri isn't just a heartwarming story with CGDCT antics; it's also a really sincere and heartful show that I want to see more from. Also, Anzu is best girl.

I scrolled through your Watching list and I saw that you don't happen to think very highly of Golden Kamuy. If you don't mind, I'd like to know what has turned you off about this anime?
freecaio Apr 27, 11:41 AM
your re: zero review is hilarious dude