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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Both are slice-of-life anime dealing with the everyday high school lives of boys/girls. Both can be rather hit or miss in the comedy department, though Nichijou tends to takes its jokes to whole new extremes.
report Recommended by Master10K
Slife-of-life series that set themselves apart from the rest with their ridiculous humour and random high-tension moments. They call themselves 'everyday' series, and sure enough, even their absolute weirdest moments can be strangely relatable.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Despite the fact that Nichijou focuses on the daily lives of high school girls, and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou focuses on the daily lives of high school boys, there are three elements that shine very brightly and show a certain correlation in both series. The first is the underlying concept: these shows tackle some of the common aspects of being a high school girl or boy, respective to the title, as well as some of the stranger aspects of it. Second is the execution of this idea. Both are comedies, and, therefore, exaggerate certain scenarios, but both do so in a similar manner, and typically   read more
report Recommended by survivingphoenix
Daily life of high school students with a lot of comedy, and both is so RANDOM!
report Recommended by Passionate-kun
Both series' episodes contain a few sketches which rarely correspond to other and they have similar humor style.
report Recommended by basbas
Both are school comedies with the same type of random humor. One is just mainly about girls, and the other one is mainly about boys.
report Recommended by T_LOWE
The female version of Danshi No Nichijou is "Nichijou" itself. While the comedy of the male version is a bit funky and teen-oriented, Nichijou offers a comedy that fits all the ages. Yet, the comedy seen in both of anime is actually enjoyable to anyone who wants to break free from boredom.
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
Even the title is similar. DKNN presents the daily life of high school boys. Nichijou does the same, but with girls. Both series are very funny, have the same sense of humor and hilarious/wierd characters. Yukko is a little bit similar to Tadakuni IMO. And Mio reminds me of Hidenori and Yoshitake. I think that every Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou fan should try Nichijou. It's worth it.
report Recommended by Pompon-nee
Very similar comedy styles. Both set in a "normal" slice-of-life school setting, with random cutscenes of hilariousness. The only difference is Nichijou treats truly impossible events (robots, cats talking, etc.) as completely average. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou focuses more on regular high school boys.
report Recommended by chocolatefishies
A series of comedic sketches from everyday life of a group of high-schoolers without any big plot.
report Recommended by Kanaev
A story about their everyday life, the random things they do. They are really similar to each other only except that Nichijou has female main characters.
report Recommended by Tsubaki13
Both series adapt a slice of life approach with exaggerated scenes of humor, comedy, and absurd dialogues. In fact, some of the moments in both series are so random that it almost makes little to no sense. Both series take place at a high school life setting where there is drama involving the main characters. Both series also feature main cute scenes and just in general, nonsense revolving around the characters' lives.
report Recommended by Stark700
A group of three school friends with varied personalities involve others in their weird, but entertaining lives.
report Recommended by Corneria
Well, the name says almost everything, is about the daily lives of the characters. Both anime have random sense comedy so, for those who like comedy, this is it.
report Recommended by Thatios
Those two animes are so similar, it's about school-comedy life, where all the characters face funny situations that leaves them in a weird position, and many supernatural accidents happen in both of these anime series.
report Recommended by MikaKitsune
Both are very funny except for nichijou,the comedy began o shallow but fun to watch
report Recommended by b0177
If you liked Nichijou, then you'll love Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. The two share a style of doing skits and random humor. The characters are quite enjoyable and the skits are unique. Although Nichijou is a bit more clean when it comes to the humor. Both still have got me laughing until I cried.
report Recommended by Allykatkay
You will smile with this anime a lot. The jokes are very good and it's very original. I love this anime too, I smiled and enjoyed a lot with this anime. For me, is the best anime of comedy. I really recommend it.
report Recommended by KasumiSayuki
Danshi and nichijou are both slice of life/comedy/randomness anime. They are really funny and interesting, but i think danshi is a bit funnier than nichijou. These shows don't have a story, so don't watch them if you expect story, these are just a bunch of random and hilarious jokes. While in danshi mc are male, in nichijou mc are female.
report Recommended by Raito-senpai
Both of them are Slice of Life series about highschool girls and boys. They've got similar humour and jokes as well as funny characters. I guarantee you that you won't stop laughing when watching both of them.
report Recommended by Yamirei
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou = "Daily Lives of High School Boys". Nichijou = "My Ordinary Life"; See the resemblances already? Both anime take place primarily in a high school setting with a colorful, dank cast of characters with dank humor. Skits are taken to a whole new level of extremes and even the most ordinary of situations become something extraordinary.
report Recommended by Protaku
Both are aboout funny everyday situations gone awkward and hilarious
report Recommended by Snajsmaster
Both shows take place in high school and the episodes are made in the same way with different skits. They both mainly follow three friends but have a lot of side characters as well. If you liked the comedy of one then you'll surely like the other.
report Recommended by sodaman28
both of them have a mild comedy-life story, but sometimes excessive they also have a little weird character this anime are comfortable to watch when you've spare time
report Recommended by Wildan_ns
Nichijou was about similar to Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.. In Nichijou, the story goes with female casts and some male supporting.. But in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, it was backward.. The story was casted by male actors and some female actors supporting the story.. Funny and laugh was the similarity of these anime series..
report Recommended by Hapiz
If you watched Nichijou I highly recommend to watch this too. Well if you already watched and loved Nichijou watching another "Everyday life" anime wouldn't hurt. The Comedy is on equal or IMO slightly better than Nichijou's. Also you don't need to remember the character's names to have fun (as stated in the anime) :D
report Recommended by Ahao
Both are stories of "daily life of some students", but more comical and exaggerated form, and also use mini-histories. The protagonists are the same gender in majority.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both series follow a school of weirdos doing silly things in very short skits.
report Recommended by Little_Red_Rogue
these are both slice of life comedies. Both are very funny and deliver the comedy in a similar fashion
report Recommended by -Everlasting-
Both have exactly the same format of endless comedic skits. As such there is no overall story but some skits do link together over time. Each has a wide cast of characters that appear during scenes. Both are much funnier than the average comedy. Nichijou focuses on the lives of 3 highschool girls while Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou focuses on the lives of 3 highschool boys.
report Recommended by trigger_death
It Nichijou male version
report Recommended by A-yaBokukakkoi
Both are hilarious, random, super funny and both shows are about teens and they daily lives C:
report Recommended by freizel
Nichijou depicts the daily lives of three high school girls. But in Danishi Koukousei no Nichijou it's rather the opposite. 3 highschool boys will be living their daily lives. Both shows doesn't have a main story rather tells seperate story.
report Recommended by Show_Man
-Both anime tell about everyday life (especially students) with many hillarious comedy. -Both anime's episode consist of some parts that actually unrelated with each other.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Pretty much both of them are Comedy/Slice of life anime with lots of random jokes implemented in them. They also dont have a specific plot in which the story follows. However, Nichijou may have extreme events such as a talking cat, your school director fighting with a deer and even "destroying planets with laser beams " while DKNN shows the life of Highschool boys and their "boring" lives. Nichijou shows all the characters and their traits while DKNN mostly shows "boys" acting like "boys". If you are a fan of Slice of life/Comedy anime, you should definitely try them out!
report Recommended by FPOWERF
If you liked the high school comedy aspect of Nichijou then you might like this, though one thing to note is that is anime is more of a crude type of comedy in contrast to the pure-hearted comedy and slice of life aspect of Nichijou.
report Recommended by Loli_Desutroyer
Similar sketch comedy.
report Recommended by Avid_Fan
Instead of funny show with female main cast in highschool you have a funny show with male main cast in highschool. :D
report Recommended by Sugaminny
Both are focused in life of students. The comedy ae alike and the art style are almost similar to each other
report Recommended by Puspithe
Similar Comedy School Setting Hilarious
report Recommended by StealthyHipo
Pretty much the same but with girls instead of boys. Both hilarious!
report Recommended by Oranvdk
Hilarious, disjointed and sometimes nonsensical, both shows are a carefree laughing spree in the context of everyday life.
report Recommended by bhijml
They both are slice-of-life high school gag anime with a tremendous amount of humor. They are more or less the same thing except the MCs are guys in Danshi and girls in Nichijou. Both devotes a fair amout of screen time to side characters and subgroups.
report Recommended by pikachiu24
both had slice of life , highschool background , had a great comedy but nichijou was more extreme...
report Recommended by Fortescue
Both shows focus on daily lives of students, with both following similar episodic formats. They also both have a very chaotic style of humour
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Silliness and over-the-top humor. If you're looking for a good laugh, both of these series could satisfy you.
report Recommended by Aliulo
A group of three friends go about their normal school lives, in an episodic, hilarious take on teenage years.
report Recommended by ADrunksock
Very similar in comedic style, with pretty much the same sketch format that makes both shows unique. Highly rewatchable, too.
report Recommended by Endothermia
Same concept of mundane daily highschool life made funny by witty humor. Very similar to Nichijou in setting/characters (both have 3 highschool friends, except Nichijou is of course girls and Danshi Koukoussi no Nichijou is the exact opposite.) Although, DKnN isn’t as over the top at Nichijou by any means.
report Recommended by AkiraHashimoto
Comedies with high school studens. Both contains short sketches.
report Recommended by Firegrenn
Totally recommended, just like you and everyone, we went through High school and spent our time and happiness by the amazing people we met.
report Recommended by Johnpauldima