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10/10 comedies. Don't miss these.
report Recommended by waldy713
Un buen monólogo. Ver a alguien caerse. El mejor chiste de la historia. Y ninguno me ha hecho reír tanto como este anime. Hace de las situaciones cotidianas lo más hilarante y absurdo que he visto en mucho tiempo. Si ver al director luchando a muerte contra una cabra no te hace reír, nada lo hará. ------- A good monologue. See someone fall. The best joke in history. And none made me laugh as much as this anime. Makes everyday situations the most hilarious and absurd thing I've seen in a long time. If wtching the principal fighting to the death against a goat does not make   read more
report Recommended by senjox
Both series centre around 3 girls doing absolutely hilarious things. The humour is very fast paced in both series and are also very slapstick. Both are also incredibly funny and are DEFINITELY worth your time! Difference is that Plastic Nee-san is a lot shorter than Nichijou in terms of episode length.
report Recommended by Noodleboy3000
Nichijou is like a cuter, slightly calmer version of Plastic Neesan; Plastic Neesan is like Nichijou on crack. Both anime use a school setting for a lot of their scenes, and both anime are hilarious. Also, both have girls as their main characters.
report Recommended by Tension-Tenshi
Plastic is also a bunch of very random schoolgirl skits. Nichijo's actually a full anime though, so Plastic will be the length of one Nichijo episode. Worth a quick watch.
report Recommended by Little_Red_Rogue
They both have very complicated humor, although Nichijou is a bit more innocent. The style they go about their humor is similar, and conducted well.
report Recommended by honodesu
Over the top randomness with some slapstick.
report Recommended by DJShy
Both series depend on over the top dramatic humor in an everyday life setting. Plastic Neesan has more of a fanservice vibe and is shorter than Nichijou.
report Recommended by fridaychinatown