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Two major qualities are fitted into both shows. First, they are the exemplary Japanese "high-tension" comedy, meaning characters in it got ADHD and turn the comedy into something fast-paced, fast-forward Mr.Bean video if you fail to understand. Second, both feature mild sex sale, the real identity of what they call moe. The comedy part, both are considered fast-paced-high-tension comedy because you know why. They play jokes fast, get it fast, and move on to the next joke fast. Difficult to follow but considered funny if you have some mental rewind ability, or get yourself a remote and a easy-to-read fansub. If you feel a serious need   read more
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both anime series revolve around the every day life in a comical way. They each have the "cute school girls" who do funny, yet common things we can relate to.
report Recommended by Ox
If you like random humour and cute and simple animation you'd probably like these :3
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both school life anime about high school girls with a very light-hearted, comedic tone.
report Recommended by Karudima
They're both funny and slice of life, the animation style seems similar, even some of the characters seem similar. If you liked one you should definitely like the other.
report Recommended by DearTraveler
-occasional references to pop-culture -form: short scenes, sometimes very short -characters are mostly females -child-looking characters -lots of humor, sometimes irrational jokes
report Recommended by Snake4fun
Both made by the same people. Both are moe high school girl slice-of-life comedies, where the main characters deal with everyday things: school, boys, food, family, friends... whatever. They are extremely similar in almost every way, except a few: 1. The main character archetypes are radically different. 2. The humor in Nichijou is more random, silly, and dumb. The humor in Lucky Star is more intelligent, and is almost entirely embedded in conversations. 3. The main characters in Lucky Star receive 99.9% of the focus, whereas the side characters in Nichijou get a good chunk of attention by themselves.
report Recommended by DraconisMarch
I don't know, I know I was supposed to recommend Azumanga Daioh first to Nichijou watchers because how similar their plot styles and characters. But actually I wrote this recommendation at the time I feel abstractly the similar feeling of Nichijou and Lucky Star. Maybe because the same level of tempo and craziness ( I know Lucky Star looks far more realistic from the outside ).
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Both of these shows center around a light-hearted, comedic, slife-of-life, and school type of genre, while also containing a similar type of art style and targeted audience.
report Recommended by Curlies
First, both share the same 3 genres, comedy, slice of life and school life. They both revolve around a group of girls that go through their regular everyday lives with moments that may just put a smile on your face or give you a chuckle. Both have simple light-hearted humor and random scenes.
report Recommended by TanookiTail
Daily life of some girls in a really cute artstyle with plenty of funny moments and parodies. If you like to laugh at real-life situations don't miss them!
report Recommended by EdenRage
Slice of life, just high school girls going about their daily and often whimsical lives. Random humor on both ends, with each anime featuring a unique art style and an eccentric cast of characters.
report Recommended by Protaku
Both cartoons are part of the 'slice of life' genre, with the same kind of humour and kind of parody for the most part. However, Lucky Star seems to be a more relaxed show, while Nichijou is little more crazy. Main characters have that distinctive and characteristic cuteness from this kind of shows. Whatever the case, these are two classic 'slice of life' animes and if you liked Lucky Star, then you can't miss Nichijou. Most importantly, THEY BOTH SUCK ASS lol seriously wtf
report Recommended by Naanchos
-both anime are about random stuff in their everyday life -both anime have got many comedy parts -the characters of these two anime look childish -they have got the genre comedy,school and slice of life -the humor are similar
report Recommended by jiatsa
Both slice of life with no overall plot. Made by KyotoAni. Catchy OP. Both had me laughing to the point where my face turned purple.
report Recommended by TheOpinionMan6
if you like lucky star you'll Sour like Nichijou ^^ ~Both have colorful art. ~Both have a very comedy theme. ~Both have great main characters that still in a school. ~Both have many episodes.. (24+ova for lucky star) And (26 for Nichijou) ~Both are about school life with no superpowers or any Romance (i like this part) Actuary i like Nichijou more that lucky star. so please gave it a chance ^^
report Recommended by Kirein
Hilarious take on high school life in over dramatic methods.
report Recommended by Sajou_San
both are feel good funny shows with a main female cast in high school.
report Recommended by Sugaminny
*Both are hilarious comedies about the daily lives of high school girls
report Recommended by Nashi_Nashi
Both anime show the female cast live out their bizarre, "normal" lives
report Recommended by Bygyas
Both shows are made by the same studio. Both shows focus on slice of life and comedy. Both shows use relatable sketches as a source of humor.
report Recommended by aliquae
Basically, both shows mainly focuses on a girl who is one of the most relatable anime characters ever. They also have their own quirks that makes them some of the best slice of life anime yet.
report Recommended by TheKawaiiToon