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Wonder why noone recommended this yet xD Similar joke-making style, both are labelled as "ordinary" with some epic plot twists.
report Recommended by Naeshi
Both are really crazy and parodic silce of life shows with its studios going all-out to portray its comedic scenes. Though after four episodes Joshiraku slows a bit and kinda gets boring, but if you are into this kinda shows you will like them both, I guess.
report Recommended by MohitVermillion
Same type of gag humour, except references to popular anime and movies
report Recommended by nemutanuki
Joshiraku and Nichijou are comic series with opposite themes, but with similar plots. A group of girls discuss Japanese culture, trivial things in life and even anime issues. Both usually perform satires of the aforementioned, showing the various conclusions of these, taken from a different point of view, with a humor that can be childish and sometimes very intelligent. Even one can not fully understand.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both are over the top skit based comedies featuring a group of cute and relateable girls. One of the bigger differences between the two is the type of humor they use. Neither anime is a stranger to exaggerated and over the top comedy, but Joshiraku definitely uses more dialogue driven comedy than Nichijou does. There are way more pop culture references as well as political comedy and japanese word play in Joshiraku as well. All the same, I do believe that if you enjoyed Nichijou, you'll enjoy this series as well.
report Recommended by Aidyr
They have a very similar sense of humour and the feel of the anime is the same, both are a mix of cuteness, randomness and hilariousness. Next to this the animes star almost only girls and don't follow any big story lines or set subjects. I would say the intended audience for Joshiraku is a bit older and there is more knowledge of Japanese culture, Japanese language and general pop culture needed to fully enjoy the anime. As for the humour Nichijou has more of a focus on visual aspects and Joshiraku more on puns.
report Recommended by Ellssm
Both have very similar styles of absurd comedy and they also have extremely cute girls!
report Recommended by badvillainy